My Favorite Summer Bags and Many Are Currently On Sale or Clearance

I’ve always had a big love for handbags in woven natural materials like wicker, rattan, straw, and bamboo. Growing up in the south, I saw a lot of those bags being carried throughout my childhood into adulthood. Even today, wicker bags are still so popular, a classic style that I don’t ever see going away.

I have a small collection of wicker/rattan/bamboo bags and I’m always tempted to add another one when summer comes around.

Wicker, Rattan, Bamboo Handbags


My collection at this point consists of 4 bags: a pink wicker “basket” bag, a whimsical, round wicker bag, a wicker and leather bag with a bamboo handle that always gives me Gucci vibes and an arc bag that’s similar in style to the ever-popular Cult Gaia arc bag. I actually prefer this bag over the Cult Gaia bag because it comes with a great insert that hides your things and keeps keys and such from sticking through.

Cute Wicker, Rattan, Bamboo Bags for Summer


I was surprised to see that some of the bags I’ve had for years are still available. I’ll link the ones I can find in this post. Also, at the end of this post, I’ll include picture links to more of my favorite wicker/rattan/bamboo bags. Since we’re pretty far into summer now, it’s a great time to add one of these bags to your summer bag collection since so many are currently on sale.

I was surprised to see my fave wicker and leather bag is still available since I’ve had mine for a few years. I guess it’s been a popular one since they keep bringing it back.

Wicker Bag with Bamboo Handle, Summer Fashion


It’s quite roomy and holds a lot…


…with room to spare.

Wicker Bag with Pinstripe Interior


If you love the look of this bag, you’ll find it available here: Wicker Bag with Bamboo Handle.

It’s bamboo handle always makes me think of iconic Gucci bags.

Perfect Wicker Bag for Summer


Every time I wear this bag, I get, or rather “it” gets, tons of compliments. I love its unique shape!

J. Mclaughlin Circular Round Wicker Bag


Again, it holds more than you would expect, although sometimes I have to shift an item over to close it. Not a big deal though.

Spacious Round Wicker Bag


It’s available with a pretty, navy stripe update to the design here: Round Wicker Bag.


I love carrying my arc bamboo bag when I’m headed to the nail salon since it’s so worry-free. I never worry about anything being spilled on it, especially since it’s so reasonably priced.

Bamboo Arc Bag with Insert


I just noticed they’ve slightly updated the design adding cute beads to camouflage how it’s made. I love that! You’ll find the current version with the pretty beads here: Small Arc Bag with Insert.


It doesn’t appear my pink wicker bag is currently available in this rose-pink color, but I did find it in a natural color with black handles. If you like black, that’s actually a bit more practical than the pink since it would hide any discoloration of the canvas handles. I’ve linked the black-handle version in the picture links at the end of this post.

Prada Wicker Basket Bag with Matching Leather Wallet


Hope you enjoy browsing through all these great summer wicker, rattan, straw and bamboo bags below! As mentioned, many are currently on sale and I’ve linked them in all price points below so there’s something for everyone’s budget.

Click any picture link below to access that bag for more information.

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  1. franki parde says

    So cute!!! franki

  2. I so love wicker bags too. In fact, I love wicker period. I would love to have one of Mark Cross’s wicker bags, but it’s just not on my budget right now.

  3. What an adorable post — love the pictures and the bags. I LOVE your pink wicker. I’m raising two Lamborghini so a gorgeous wicker is not in my immediate future, but awesome post.

    You could give a master class.

    Oh, and very cool: I made a friend on Naps who lives in Portland (and has a blog: Barbara: if you’re reading hello!

    Thanks, Susan, you are one skilled person!


  4. Love these bags but I have to have a shoulder strap. Do you have a Nantucket bag with the scrimshaw?

  5. I love so many of these bags. I have two wicker bags that were popular in the 1950’s. I guess they could be used now but they open with lids and their shapes lend themselves to storage so I have been using them to store various items we use from time to time. The items are handy and if it is left on the counter it looks like it belongs there. Ha Ha!

  6. Susan: Love your collection of straw summer bags. I am thinking a beautiful Nantucket basket might be one you could consider to add next. Surprised I didn’t see one already .

  7. Super collection of options at the end. Adding beads to the arc bag is brilliant. Someone should get a huge bonus.

  8. These are all so darling! I love your pink wicker bag – and I like the black and natural one too. Might have to add that to my list for Santa! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to get summer things while they’re on sale! Happy Sunday!

  9. I have a round wicker bag very similar to the one carried by the woman in the blue dress (photo#30?) I did not pay $138!! More like $30. Probably a knock off, but for the few times I use it in the summers I’m good with that. I (it) always gets compliments!

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Love all these summer purses! I just found a really cute one at Kohl’s on sale which was better yet. But can’t quite get my head around the fact that this is August! Yikes! Summer is flying way too fast.

  11. I so love all of your handbags…I love that seaside painting too…reminds me of the movie..Something’s Gotta Give…have a great week Susan!

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