Two New Dresses I Loved Wearing During My Time in England

I was only gone 10 days, but it feels like I was away for months! It’s such a strange feeling, returning home and driving down the old familiar streets. One minute you’re in London and just beginning to adapt to where everything is and finding your way around, then that very same afternoon you find yourself back home, and it feels like you’ve been away for ages. I’m always overjoyed to see home again. No matter where you go, home is where your heart longs to return, at least that’s how it always feels for me.

I have so much I’d like to share with you from this trip, but as always I’m not even sure where to start. It will take me a few days to go through my photos and pull out those I think you’ll find interesting. There were many adventures on this trip through England–ranging from a visit to Stonehenge, seeing the Rosetta Stone in person, a scary seagull attack at Lyme Regis shared with Nicole, a BNOTP reader-now friend, visits to several English country homes including the homes of Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen, taking in Henry IV, Part I at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, then later, Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap at St. Martin’s Theater, enjoying English Tea in The Pump Room at Bath and so much more. Hope you were able to follow along at the Between Naps On The Porch Instagram where I shared quite a few photos along the way.

Yesterday, I finally got around to updating the Travel Map here in my office. Scraping off the coating over the country of England, hidden underneath I found Stonehenge, Big Ben, racehorses (perhaps representing Royal Ascot) and the iconic red phone “boxes” you see dotting the landscape of England.

Bucket List Travel Map, Scratch Off the Places You've Traveled


If you would like a Bucket List Travel Map to document your adventures, you’ll find the one I have here: Bucket List Travel Map.

Reading Corner with Hat Storage, Travel List Bucket Map


I didn’t buy a lot of souvenirs on this trip but I’ll share the ones I purchased in a future post. As always, I packed quite a few of my favorite outfits for this trip. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the weather and packed a variety of clothing including one light-weight cashmere sweater and a single pair of shorts in case we ended up around a pool at some point.

Fortunately, I never needed the cashmere sweater, but I did wear jeans/pants and long-sleeve shirts for the first few days of our trip since the mornings were a bit chilly. I love wearing dresses in the summer and had packed quite a few. Light summer dresses take up almost no space in a suitcase so it was easy to take several along.

I was glad I had them the last 3-4 days of the trip when the temps rose into the 80s and the mornings were no longer so chilly. I bought a few new things just prior to leaving including this adorable blue and white gingham dress. As you know, I have this thing for blue and white and this dress was much cuter on than I had expected when I first saw it online.

Blue and White Gingham Dress, Lemon Motif


Here’s a view of how the dress looks on.


The cut-out design in back is so pretty and feminine. You’ll find it currently still on sale here: Gingham Dress.

I loved it and loved wearing it! I was tempted to buy another one today while they are still on sale, but unfortunately, they are now out of my size. If you love it, don’t wait too long to purchase it because they are going fast.


Another last-minute purchase for the trip was this pretty feminine dress with a travel/Rome motif. It’s funny because I’ve never really considered buying a dress like this but the minute I tried it on in the store, I was sold! It just makes you feel pretty and when you get to my age that doesn’t happen very often! lol

Blue and White Dress


I paired it with this little shrug/sweater for an evening out at the theater on my last night in London. I got so many compliments on this dress from my fellow travelers as I was waiting in the hotel lobby for my Uber to arrive.

This dress is currently on sale from $169 all the way down to $64.99 with additional discounts available when purchasing additional items. Be sure and read the reviews…it’s a hit! You’ll find it on sale here: Dress.

I don’t see the shrug online in navy but they do have it available in other colors here: Shrug Sweater. It’s an open weave design so not at all hot…just gives a bit of coverage that’s perfect for a summer day or evening.

Blue and White Dress with Short Sweater


I noticed the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going strong and is now open to all…not just cardholders. If you missed the Nordstrom sale, you’ll find it here: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I plan to check it out this afternoon before it’s gone for another year.

Is there some way we can slow down the passing of summer? I love this time of year so, so much! As soon as this post goes up, I’m going to head down to the porch with a glass of tea and just sit and watch the birds. It’s so good to be home! I missed you!

I’ll leave you with this wonderful storybook cottage I passed in Kent as we made our way to Goodnestone Park House and Gardens for a visit.

English Cottage and Garden, 2019


Have a wonderful weekend, dear Friend!

Update: My daughter-in-law and I are planning a big update for my two grandson’s bedroom. I noticed this evening that Pottery Barn Kids has a big sale going on: 25% Off for their Back-to-School Event. I’m pretty sure it’s good on bedding, too.

I love this adorable dinosaur-themed bedding available here: Dinosaur Bedding. So many cute sets from which to choose! Just passing this along in case you have little ones or grandkids who could use some new bedding or back-to-school goodies like a new backpack.

Dinosaur Bedding

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  1. Welcome home! I want to hear about your flight over in business.

    • That has to be one of my first posts because I totally screwed that up. lol I’ll create a post explaining what NOT to do when flying First Class/Delta One. I definitely learned a lot this time around!

  2. Brenda Lawrence says

    Welcome back home Susan! Your trip looked like lots of fun. I agree, when away and come back home, it feels like you have been gone a lifetime. lol There’s no place like home, even if it is a shack, which of course your home isn’t! I love the dresses you wore, so pretty and I’m sure you looked very pretty in them! Loved seeing all your photo’s on instagram. Hugs, Brenda

  3. Welcome home, Susan! Looking forward to all your posts about your trip… glad you’re back, safe and sound!

  4. Snowflake281 says

    My husband & I, along with another couple, rented a car and toured around Great Britain, Scotland & Wales for a little over 2 weeks & we loved it. We loved touring through probably too many castles set against lush green countryside scenes and we mostly spent our overnight stays in some very lovely B&B’s. I could definitely relate when you posted the traditional English breakfast. We were served that for breakfast all the time. And, like you, we ended up in London at the end of our trip and also went to see The Mousetrap. What an ending, right? It was a great experience and I know you now have more wonderful memories to tuck away, just like us!

  5. Mary Beth says

    When it got really, really hot towards the end of our trip, you looked so cool in your pretty dresses while the rest of us were broiling!

    • Aww, thanks Mary Beth! I was surprised just how hot it got. I think we came home at just the right time because the temps have been in the extreme in Europe. I couldn’t believe it when I read Paris hit 108 degrees!

  6. Dawne Marie says

    Good you’re home safe! Can’t wait to hear about the trip. Pretty dresses!

  7. Hello Susan!
    This is my first official email to your Wonderful and sometimes whimsical Blog! I hope this will be the start of more. Thank you for all your checking to make sure I was on the list, just like The Mikado!
    Cashmere is always a travel must.
    It’s all in the details and how thoughtful you are to share your travel ideas and the details.
    Happy Everything,

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! So glad the post updates are finally coming to your Inbox. I really appreciate you letting me know they had stopped. Hopefully, that won’t happen again.
      I was really hoping I wouldn’t need that sweater but sure as I hadn’t pack it, we would have had a freak cold spell. lol

  8. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I’ll probably never travel much and definitely not overseas so I look forward to the photos and descriptions. Today I received the “Our Hearts are in England” book I pre-ordered! The photos are breathtakingly beautiful. Tonight I shall commence reading it. Glad your back safely.

    • Ohh, that sounds lovely! I’m going to search for that one and check it out! Thanks, Sandra! Feels great to be back home and getting settled back in.

  9. Oh, I do so enjoy “happily ever after!” Enjoy your lovely porch!! franki

  10. Susan, check again on the Talbot’s dress you said they were out of your size in. I just looked at it and see lots of sizes that appear to be available. Maybe I’m wrong. Hope not. You got to do some wonderful things on your trip. Sounds perfect to me. Taking an Uber in a foreign country? Woman, as I always say about you, you’re an adventurer.

    • Daphne, thanks for your comment about the sizing. They must have added more. I ended up not buying a second one, but I was so tempted because I love that dress!
      Ahh, I really felt safe taking an Uber. Everyone does it there, especially tourist/travelers.

  11. Cyndi Raines says

    You are so right, it is always fun to travel and see new places, but there really is no place like home! Welcome back, glad no issues and I’m eager to see ictures and read all about this great trip!

  12. Welcome back to the States–so glad you had a good trip. I am a history buff and an English major, so I am particularly envious of that trip to the Globe. The whole trips sounds wonderful, glad you could travel with your blogging pals. Must have added a special plus to your peregrinations.
    PS bought the Medella Naturals Insect repellent–you are right, it is excellent! The vanilla smell is wonderful and the mosquitoes stay away. I usually can’t wait to wash off other gunky sprays, but I kept this on after being outside and it smelled delicious and was not sticky–good advice, Susan!

    • Thanks, Sheila! So glad it worked for you, that’s awesome! I know, I normally can’t wait to get repellent off. I guess being all-natural, this one just smells a lot better…and I love that it isn’t sticky, too.

  13. Good to have you back! Can’t wait to hear more about the trip; it sounds like so much fun. I’m always surprised by the adjustment period when returning home. Why? It’s all very familiar!
    Will we see a before/after of the boys’ bedroom? It sounds like a fun project.

  14. Welcome home, Susan. Looking forward to all the photos of your English adventure!

  15. So glad you’re back home safe and sound, Susan!
    Your dresses look so pretty and feminine, of course I especially love the Rome motif very much! 🙂 Lately, I’m wearing only bikinis (at home and/or in the garden) and beach dresses (outdoors) because all of a sudden we’re having very hot temperatures here, and I’m melting like a snow cone in Phoenix (quoting Mrs Doubtfire here!) lol

    • Thanks, Cecilia! I wish I had the body for bikinis! I can’t believe the temps they’ve been having in your area!
      lol Love that quote from the movie!

  16. Welcome home ! Your dresses are beautiful – glad you had a great time. I love London…and I know what you mean about the Rosetta Stone. You learn about it as a kid in school and then…there it is !!!

  17. MaryEllen says

    It seems like the time passed so quickly! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Please let us know how you liked your upgraded seat choices.

    • Thanks, MaryEllen! Hopefully you’ve seen the Delta post I wrote a few days later. I will know what to do if I ever fly Delta One again now…skip the food and go straight to sleep!

  18. Morning Susan, pleased you are home after visiting my lovely country!! We were in the Cotswolds in June and going back there again for a few days next week. There is always so much to see. We are National Trust and Historic House members so get free admission to lots of wonderful places.
    I have never seen ‘The Mousetrap’ although have been to lots of shows in London and in the suburbs.

  19. So glad we survived those crazy seagulls haha. It was such an incredible trip.

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