My February Favorites and A Couple of Things I Have My Eye On

Winter decided to return to Georgia for a period of 2-3 days. It’s blustery and cold this weekend but fortunately, our warmer weather is coming back on Monday. In the meantime, the birds are loving the dried mealworms I’ve been putting out this winter. That’s a fluffy bluebird with his back to us atop the mealworm dish–which is really just a flower pot saucer.


A sassy Robin came down for some worms a few minutes later.


If you love feeding your birds, I can’t recommend these dried mealworms enough. You get a humongous bag for the best price I’ve found and the birds love them year-round! I buy them here: Dried Mealworms.


Natural Dried Mealworms


You know how I love using Cutemol during the wintertime to keep my fingertips from cracking. Recently I came across this Cutemol for sensitive skin and decided to give it a try. It’s more expensive than the regular Cutemol, but if you have super sensitive skin, you may want to give it a try. I found it here: Cutemol.


The regular Cutemol works fine for me so it’s what I’ll probably continue to buy since it’s less expensive. I can not live without this lotion during the wintertime. I haven’t had a single cracked finger this winter and I think that’s due to using Cutemol a couple of times a day. Regular Cutemole is available here: Cutemol.




Do you ever have small amounts of salad dressing or dips left over? I do from time to time and I can’t stand wasting food so I purchased these little cups (with lids) and find I use them a lot. I keep finding new ways to use them. I purchased them here: Little Cups for Sauces, Salad Dressings, Etc… with Lids.


I’ve been using a name-brand manual can opener for a while but it has gotten really hard to use. Maybe the blade is dull–not sure. I decided to go back to an electric can opener and I’m so glad I did. I love this one and it works great! Also, because it cuts the can around the side of the top, there are no sharp-edged lids to deal with–much safer, I feel. It also comes with a small pair of scissors tucked into the back which is super handy. You’ll find it here: Can Opener.




For a while, I have been curious to try a cordless stick vacuum. I’ve been eyeing the Dyson vacuums but I didn’t want to spend that much not knowing if I would enjoy using a cordless vacuum. A few weeks ago I ordered this inexpensive, lightweight Bissell stick vacuum because the reviews online were so great. It came quickly and I have loved using it. I am amazed by how fast I can vacuum my entire home using a cordless vac! It’s so effortless compared to vacuuming with a heavy, corded vacuum. The first time I used it, I did not want to stop and almost got the entire house vacuumed, upstairs and down, before the battery died. I don’t think I can ever go back to a corded vacuum again now after using a cordless one. It takes out so much of the dreaded part of vacuuming because it makes it so easy!


I have enjoyed the Bissell vacuum so much, I went ahead and purchased a Dyson V8 Absolute Stick Vacuum. The Bissell works great on my hardwood floors and short rugs, but I don’t think it does as good a job on thick, dense carpet, so it’s perfect for my downstairs. I keep the Bissell downstairs for vacuuming that level and I’m using the Dyson upstairs where I still have one room of dense, thick carpet. If you’ve been curious to try a cordless vacuum without spending a fortune, check out the reviews on the Bissell vacuum. I’ve really enjoyed using mine. Oh, almost forgot to mention, it has a detachable hand-vacuum that I love using on my stairs. The hand vac would probably be good for vacuuming drapes, too. I purchased mine here: Bissell Featherweight Cordless Stick Vacuum.


I have a couple of goodies I want to share that I have not purchased yet, but am seriously eyeing. I’m in love with this adorable kitty-shaped basket. Is this not the cutest thing?! It would be cute for storing magazines, needlework or really almost anything. It’s available here: Cat Storage Basket.


One more item I would love, love, love to add to my home is a runner down my front staircase using these adorable Acorn stair rods. I know rods are probably not necessary to hold a runner onto steps, but I sure do love how they look! You’ll find these pretty Acorn stair rods available here: Acorn Stair Rods.


Happy Weekend!

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  1. The picture on the website shows the Bissel plugged in.‍♀️ But best feature is the detachable built-in hand vacuum. That’s so smart!

    • I think what you’re seeing is it being charged because it’s definitely cordless. That’s just the battery being charged back up. It will run for 20 minutes before it has to be charged again. I know, I love the hand-held for doing my steps!

  2. Susan –
    Thank you so much for the electric can opener recommendation. I have been looking for a new one. My hand held one is really hard to use, so I will be ordering the Hamilton Beach one you profiled.
    Stay warm! It’s really cold here in Greenville, SC as well (although I love cold weather – I know, I’m crazy!).

    • Hope you like it, Susan–I’ve really enjoyed mine. My hand-held killed my hand to use so it’s been wonderful having an electric one again.

  3. Mandy Williams says

    I’m excited to read your take on the cordless stick vac. I’ve had two (a few years ago). They worked well for me but neither seemed to last very long and I have not replaced yet. I’m off to read up on the Bissell. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Mandy! I hope this one lasts a while. I read one tip is to charge the battery fully before using it the first time. Also, I read that it’s good to completely exhaust the battery every so often, in other words, don’t recharge it unless it really used up unless you just have to. I think that helps the battery to last a lot longer.

  4. You will love the Dyson! I liked seeing your little birds. They were especially nice to see since it was so cold in Atlanta today.

    • Thanks, Carolyn! I do like it so far.
      I refilled all three feeders today. They still had food in them but were starting to get low and the birds were really feeding heavily. I don’t know how they held onto the branches in the wind we had today! It was wild, wasn’t it?

  5. Bonnie Short says

    Hi Susan, I have a Bissell corded lightweight vacuum and love it. Super inexpensive and does a great job. But, now I’m intrigued with the cordless model you profiled… may have to get it too.
    Also, we’re feeding our birdies the block form of mealworms and berries and boy! They sure love it!

    • I’m sure a cordless probably isn’t as powerful as a corded vacuum, but you have a lot of hardwood or tile flooring, I think you would really enjoy it. You can move so quickly with a cordless, that really surprised me how fast I was moving! So I guess it’s not just the cord that can slow us down, I think it’s the actual weight of the machine, too.
      Where do you buy the block of mealworms, Bonnie? I would love to add that to one of the hangers, maybe the one I have the suet hanging from.

  6. Sabrina Holmes says

    I love, love my Dyson! You are right, once I start to vacuum the hallway my dogs come into from outside I keep going & going. Sometimes at 10pm, lol. Something I would never do with the full size vacuum! Worth every penny for me.

  7. ila Sheppard says

    I bought a robot Roomba a couple of years ago and that’s all I use. It goes under the beds; spot cleans then docks itself. They are not that expensive anymore.

    • I had a Roomba many years ago and it was self-docking, but it didn’t work well for my home. It could never get around or inside/under my three bar stools or under the chair legs of my breakfast table or the chairs under my dining room table, so I ended up having to vacuum anyway. Also, it could not handle the tassels on the end of my 8 x 10 living room rug or the tassels on the 4 x 6 ft rug in my entry, so I had to block off those rooms every time it ran, which meant I had to vacuum those myself. Plus, I found it a nightmare to clean–I had to completely take it apart after it ran 2-3 times to get pet fur and everything else out of the brushes. Taking it apart, cleaning it, and reassembling it took about 20 minutes each time. I’m sure by now, Roomba has improved that process–hopefully they have. I ended up donating it, it just didn’t work for my home.

  8. I have that Hamilton-Beach can opener, and it is my favorite. The only drawback is you to have to keep your hand on it while it is cutting the lid, at least I haven’t found a way to make it work without doing that.

    I’m interested in the cordless vac. I do not enjoy getting out the big one. I have decided the next one I buy with a cord will have a retractable cord. I’m so tired of tripping over the cord.

  9. Theresa M McDaniel says

    I love stair rods but I have never seen any other than photos. I am afraid I would trip on them. The acorn rods are very pretty

  10. Do you know if squirrels eat the mealworms. I have quite a few squirrels by my house. In order to feed the birds I have to use squirrel proof bird feeders.

  11. Do you have problems with squirrels eating the mealworms? I have so many squirrels by my house.

    • I do have a squirrel that occasionally comes to eat them, but the birds usually beat him/her to it. They eat their fill and he usually shows up later.

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