My July Favorites and a Garage Sneak Peek

Last month I ordered these sandals in the “beige” color and absolutely loved them. They are super comfortable for standing and walking but don’t have that overly squishy sole/base that I really don’t like. I’ve had sneakers and sandals that felt comfortable when you tried them on but walking in them felt so unstable, like walking on big, fat sponges. These sandals are very comfortable and cushy without that squishy, unstable feeling. I also like how they are adjustable allll over. Literally, everything is adjustable. They also have great arch support. I liked them so much, I ordered another pair in beige and a pair in gray. I returned the gray sandals because the color didn’t look great against my super pale feet. You may like the gray, it just wasn’t the best against my skin tone. I do think the gray would look great with blue denim jeans! You’ll find these sandals in quite a few colors here: Sandals.



I purchased this cart right at the end of June and used it a ton during the month of July. It was a lifesaver!

3-Tier Cart, Easy to Build


I used it so much during the time I was unloading all the cabinets in the garage for the garage makeover to begin. It worked beautifully and I wish I had purchased a utility cart like this many years ago. In addition to using it to move things around in the house and garage, I also like rolling it over to the back of my SUV when I get home from the grocery store and loading it up with bags of groceries that I can then push to the kitchen door. Love getting everything inside in one trip! You’ll find this cart available here: Heavy Duty 3-Tier Rolling Cart.


One of my most favorite purchases last month was these outdoor solar lights. They have exceeded my expectations! They were super easy to put together and install–no wiring needed.

Solar Lights for Paths and Walkways


I was amazed at how bright they were right out of the box and they burned the entire night through, something I never expected! They are sooo beautiful and make the walkway to my home feel so inviting and special. I just absolutely love them! I purchased two sets (they come in a set of 4) since my walkway is fairly long and curvy. Definitely recommend these–I purchased mine here: Solar Pathway Lights.

Beautiful Solar Lights for Pathways


During my garage makeover, while I was waiting for the painting to start, I made a few small purchases of items that I really needed. One was this awesome storage cabinet. I had a cabinet but it was way too small and I ended up with boxes of screws stacked on the top gathering dust. Now everything beautifully fits inside. It would also be handy for holding crafts supplies, like beads. You’ll find it available here: Storage Cabinet for Hardware or Crafts.


Another small purchase that I’ve already been using and loving was this DeWalt Screwdriver Set. I’ve never been disappointed with any of the DeWalt tools I’ve purchased so bought this set knowing it would be great, and it is! I love that the tips of the screwdrivers are magnetic so it holds the screw for you which is so handy! I really liked using them to remove and reattach the outlet covers here in the garage when the painting was starting and completed. You’ll find these here: DeWalt Screwdriver Set with Magnetic Tips.


I just purchased this surge protector recently and it’s perfectly meeting my needs here in my home office.


My desk has a built-in outlet but it’s very difficult to reach and doesn’t have offer any surge protection. I love all the USB ports and electrical outlets on this power strip. It’s perfect if you need to be able to plug in multiple devices. It’s available here: Surge Protector Power Strip.


The garage makeover is winding down now. The flooring has been installed and all that’s left is some touch-up painting and the rerouting of a wire that goes to my irrigation system. The irrigation guy couldn’t get out to do that before I left to go out of town, but he should take care of it this coming week. (The photo below was taken from the kitchen since I couldn’t walk on the floor for a few more hours.)

During this makeover, I changed out the 40-year-old builder-grade garage lighting for these beautiful flat-panel lights. I love them so, so much! They are designed with three available settings and I chose the “Bright White” setting for the garage and it’s perfect. I have so much more light in the garage than I have ever had before! I’m seriously thinking of changing out the light I currently have in my laundry room for one of these. I’m probably going to be having a whole house surge protector added to my two electrical panels in the basement and that would be the perfect time to have the light installed in the laundry room. I can’t recommend these lights enough if you’re in need of new lighting in a kitchen, laundry, closet, or garage! You’ll find them available here: LED Edge-Lit Flat Panel Lighting.

Best Lighting for Garage, Laundry or Kitchen


Had to give my Bose Noise-canceling earbuds a shout-out this month since I used them so much during the month of July. They are so incredibly comfortable to wear and no one does noise-canceling like Bose! I love wearing these when I vacuum or when I use my blower to clean off the decks and blow out the garage. I can listen to a book while I work and my hearing is completely protected from all the noise. These are another purchase I wish I had made long before now–love them! You’ll find them available here: Bose Noise Canceling Earbuds for Android and iPhones.

Bose Wireless Earbuds


Looking forward to sharing the new garage floor with you on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday! Spoiler Alert: I’m super happy with the color flooring I chose-that was the scariest part of the floor makeover. Can’t wait to share it all on Monday!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your finished garage! I purchased the solar lights after seeing how nice yours looked and love them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Don’t you just love your new garage floor? It is so clean looking and durable and the wall paint looks nice. Now it is another nice room in your house instead of an old garage. That’s what I think of ours anyway.

  3. The garage looks AWESOME! You’re not gonna want to park your car in there!

  4. When we put our house up for sale possibly next year, I want to do the floor of the garage like yours. Our garage hasn’t been touched in the 45 yrs we’ve lived here because it’s full of “stuff”!! I can park my car there but not hubs car. lol I want the light you chose for your garage put into our garage in the new house. Love how it’s all coming together and it looks really good.

  5. Gayle Kesinger says

    The solar lights are well worth the money. I have very positive comments from the neighbors. They are quite lovelynestled in amongst the caladiums. Great recommendation! Another recommendation you made years ago was a clock radio that reflects the time on the ceiling. I don’t use the radion but the time is reflected every single night. I hope it lasts a long time.

  6. Judy Hubbard says

    I bought the solar pathway lights and love them!

  7. It will be interesting to see how the solar lights are affected with the shorter days and weaker sunlight.

  8. Somehow I missed the post about your garage floor. What did you choose?

    • I went with the epoxy system that gets finished with an polyaspartic coating. The company that did it has been around for quite a few years and has great reviews, so hopefully it will last many years.

  9. Valerie Allen says

    I love the sneek peek of your garage! Can I move in? I have a cat. 🙂

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