Top 10 Faves On My Winter Survival List, 2013

Last winter I put together a list of a few of my favorite things that help get me through the cold winter months.  I ask in that post what helps you survive the winter and your comments were filled with wonderful ideas and suggestions.  Thanks so much for sharing your fave winter survival tips.

Since we’re well into the throes of another winter, with at least two months ahead of us, I thought it would be fun to once again share some of  my tips for surviving the cold weather months.

Please be sure to leave a comment with your winter survival tips.  I want to know how you get through the winter in comfort and style.  Your suggestions last year were amazing so I can’t wait to learn from you again this year!

Here’s my list, in no any particular order.  I’m not linking to any of the products below, so if you see a product you want to try, just Google it and  you’ll find it online.  (All the pics in this post that aren’t watermarked are from either Amazon or the website for the product.)

1. Downton Abbey

Though I’m not a big TV watcher, I’m enjoying watching this season of Downton Abbey.  Definitely a fun way to pass the time on those days when staying inside is preferable to venturing out into the cold or rain.  There’s enough drama and heat in this show to keep anyone warm!



2.  Heated Car Seats

I didn’t mention these last year but I’ve been a huge fan of heated car seats for many years.  When I used to work away from home in an office, I was in my car by 6:45 each morn and it was C.O.L.D!   My seat warmers always got warm long before the engine itself warmed up enough to send heat out through the vents.  If your current car doesn’t have heated seats, put those babies on your “my-next-car-will-have” list.   They are also wonderful when you have an achy back…very soothing.

Heated Car Seats

3. Honey House Naturals Lip Butter

I bought a little tin of the Honey House Naturals lip butter several months ago because I couldn’t resist the cute raised bee design on the tin.  Yep, I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.  I’m glad that little bee lured me in because I love the lip butter I found inside.  This is the best my lips have ever been in the winter.  One thing I really like about the HHN lip butter is it doesn’t have menthol in it.  I really dislike how menthol feels on the lips.  This lip butter is silky smooth and protects without making your lips tingle/burn with menthol.

Honey House Natural Lip Butter


4. Lands End Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets made my list last year.   Even though I’m trying hard to not repeat last year’s list, I put them back on the list again because my old sheets (after many winters use) wore completely out and I was forced to shop for new flannel sheets.  When I say my old ones wore worn out, I’m not kidding!  I got them out of the dryer and they had literally shredded in places.  I remembered having seen flannel sheets at Lands End and I’ve always loved the quality of their products so I ordered their “best seller” flannel sheets.   They are amazing!  They are unbelievably thick and soft and WOW, are they warm.  My other flannel sheets were never this warm.   They are so toasty, I don’t even sleep with a comforter on the bed, now.   They were more expensive that what I normally spend for flannel sheets but the quality is so nice, I’m sure I’ll be using them for many winters.

Lands End Flannel Sheets


5. A cozy fire…

A cozy fire warms the body and the spirit.  Hot tea or cocoa doesn’t hurt either.  (Teascape can be viewed here: Cozy Fireside Tea)

Fireside Tea with Chocolate Covered Peppermint Sticks_wm


6.  Gardening Books

Books are always a part of my winter survival kit but those that remind us spring will return again are truly comforting.  It’s fun to dream and plan for another gardening season.

The Garden Room


I just added these two to my office bookshelves recently.

Garden Room Style

7.  A Tablet Computer

I’m definitely enjoying having a tablet this winter.   I can stay snuggled up under a warm throw, reading…but still answer e-mails or moderate comments.



8. Beautiful Birds Visiting My Feeders

Bird watching and feeding the birds brings so much joy.  When things are gray and bleak outside, a beautiful Eastern Blue Bird or a gorgeous red Cardinal is all the view you need.  They add so much life to the winter landscape. (For more sweet birdie pics, visit this post: Birdwatching: Cardinals, Bluebirds and Woodpeckers Came Calling)



 9. Good Friends

Laughs shared with good friends, especially good friends who happily don furry muffs and deer antlers, πŸ˜‰ make winter way more bearable.



10. A Snuggly Furry Face

If you have one of these, you may not need the flannel sheets. πŸ™‚

Snuggly Cat


You can check out my winter survival list for last year here: 10 Must-Haves on My Winter Survival List

Your turn!  

Please share!  Tell me what’s on your winter survival list.  Your suggestions last  year were awesome!  Any changes for 2013?  Any additions?  What’s helping you survive the cold temps this winter?

For my Australian readers who are basking in sunshine right now, what gets you through the winter months?

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  1. I am wearing one of my winter survival things: my boot slippers with faux fur trim! They keep my feet nice and wrm. My other must have is my sweatshirt hoodie, that I am also wearing right now. I also love hot chocolate since I don’t drink coffee and VERY rarely, hot tea either. I wear boots whenever I go out, I can’t seem to find warm shoes and won’t wear sneakers:):) have a beautiful weekend, my friend, XO, pinky

    • Pinky, I’m so with you on that. The only thing I’ve found that really keeps my feet warm when I leave the house are warm socks and boots. My feet stay cold if I wear regular shoes. It took me a while to realize that but now I pretty much live in boots when I go out shopping, errands, etc… Where did you get your boot slippers?

  2. Heated car seats are definitely on my list for my next car. My daughter has them and they are wonderful.

  3. Dear Susan: I have 2 furry face friends that keep me company all night to the point of almost kicking me out of my own bed!!!lol I would add Hot Chocolate to the survival guide, in my case for every season, can’t live without the darn thing! Thank You for posting! A big Hug from your grateful follower, Lizy :0)

  4. Such a great list Susan! Our winters here are so long, so I can completely relate to your must-haves! Especially the heated seats and gardening books! Oh and the flannel sheets…must have the flannel sheets!

  5. They are Dearfoams and I think I got them at Boscov’s dept. store. You might not have Boscov’s down south but I’m sure you have Dearfoams!!! They are even machine washable!!!

  6. How about heated mattress pads?? A friend recommended them a few years ago, and they are WONDERFUL. My first experience with one was at our lakeside cottage, where the nights are damp and chilly into May. What’s great is that they gently warm your mattress and bedding, so when you settle in for the night your joints and muscles are
    gently warmed and relax, thus enabling a more comfortable deeper sleep. You can control the level of warmth. The queen and king size have dual controls. Yes, the brand I have can be machine washed on gentle and hung to dry. No, an electric blanket doesn’t give you the same results. These are almost therapeutic. I have mild arthritis in my hips and feet. When I use my heated mattress pads, I awake in great form.
    I also have become a fan of Cuddle Duds to wear under my clothes, once the temps fall to the 20s and below. I am a retired teacher who still works as a substitute teacher. With districts monitoring the thermostats, the classroom temps drop in the afternoon. Cuddle Duds are thin, so you don’t feel bulky and overdressed. The second layer makes a big difference in maintaining body heat. They come in several neutral shades; the tops come in a variety of styles so they don’t show under your neckline. Definitely a worthy investment if you live in a snowbelt.

    • I’m definitely checking out the cuddle duds…haven’t heard of those. I had some “silks” I wore under clothes for years but I finally wore them out, so I need a replacement. Thanks for the tip. Heated mattress pad sounds like a winner, too!

      • Susan from GA says

        It is about time at Macy’s and Belk’s for their sale on Cuddle Duds. Couldn’t live w/0 them when it gets cold!

  7. Donna Aller says

    I love to light candles, watch my fave realityshow, snuggle with my furry puppy, and do facebook with my laptop on my lap. The heat from it keeps me warm! I also love decorating the house for Valentine’s Day, St.Patty’s Day, and so on. It keeps me focused on keeping the nest clean and cozy!

  8. Definitely heated car seats. They are the best!
    Our sweet Sadie girl snuggled up beside me on the sofa or in bed.
    Coffee with hot steamed chocolate milk.
    Needlepoint projects and good books.
    Snuggled in by a cozy fire.
    Garden book, books on interiors, and wonderful blogs like Between Naps on the Porch!

  9. Susan, I too look forward to and every one of your posts. I may not respond to all of them, but I guarantee you I read and enjoy them. Since I live in So. California, we have pretty mild winters. But I do love the fireplace lit and sipping something warm, hot cider, hot chocolate. I do snow ski, so sometimes it gets pretty cold up in the mountains. I am definitely putting seat warmers on the must have list of my next car. I also enjoy a nice hot bath or a glass of wine to relax. Of course comfort food is great in the winter too, I love a bowl of chili or potato soup with fresh warm corn bread.

  10. Curel Itch Defense Fragrance-Free Lotion. The combination of cold temperatures and menopause has made my skin very dry and itchy. So far this is the only lotion that has helped me. It’s good for eczema-prone skin too. My skin feels so soft and smooth now. It’s also gentle enough to use on the face. Even though it is fragrance-free I still detect an indefinable scent, but it quickly dissipates.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Briana, THANK YOU for posting about this lotion. I just went straight to Amazon to order it. I was reading Susan’s 2013 Winter Survival Post and decided to read every years post to make notes about lotions, creams, etc. lol. Yours stood out because of your mention of eczema prone skin. I’ve got at least half a dozen lotions and a lip butter I’m ordering, TODAY! Thanks again. πŸ˜€

  11. Love my boot slippers too, they are the best!!! Don’t have a fireplace, but will light numerous candles on the tea table and they give a nice glow to the room. Electric blanket, old movies, good books, homemade soup, body lotion, sugar oil scrub for the shower, light weight undershirts and leggings, good gloves and this year I made my own ‘draft dodgers’ for the drafty windows and wow, what a difference!!! All in all….I really love winter, it restores my soul…….hugs….cleo

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Cleo, I love your list! Please share how you made the draft dodgers. Winter used to always be my favorite season (contrary to popular opinion πŸ˜› ) so it’s nice to see someone else who waxes poetic about those crisp mornings where you can see your breath and just feel all renewed and cozy inside. πŸ˜€ Oh, and tell us your favorite old movies, too. πŸ˜‰

  12. I sure do agree that seat warmers are a must in the car! Up here in the Midwest, the cold takes a toll on my skin, (to the point of splitting fingers) but since I started using No7 Intense Overnight Hand Treatment, my hands are SO much better! No more split, bleeding fingers, or cracked cuticles! I also love Olay Quench Body Lotion after showering to avoid dry, winter skin.

  13. Tombstone Livestock says

    Hot cocoa, tea, microfleece blanket, fuzzy blankets, quilts, a Great Pyreenes and a Border Collie, and a wood stove. Making a set of needle felted intersoles for my shoes. Need to add flannel sheets, to my wish list. Don’t plan on buying another truck anytime soon so there goes heated seats.

  14. fuzzy gloves that are slightly too big and have a special hiding place so my kids can’t steal them, a knitting project, and hot chocolate made with real chocolate chips! Oh, and a good book or 5…

  15. Fleece sheets. They are light but incredibly warm, yes, warmer than flannel sheets. Hot coffee is another must have. For those really cold days/nights my Lands End Squall parka. I love it! Oh and I guess I better mention my 7 fur kids. πŸ™‚

  16. Snuggly PJs, a walk in the fresh air every day, the furry faces that are always so happy to see me, the lip balm I make from natural beeswax and oil, my own body lotion, Netflix, and endless cups of deep dark coffee (along with everything you listed, which I all agree with!). πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Susan,
    Couldn’t resist joining in on the ‘winter warmers’ topic. I am a garden designer up here on a little island just off Vancouver. BC and we have a pretty mild climate during the winter compared to the rest of Canada. I work outside all year, except for those few days when there is actually snow (horrors) on the ground, or when, like for the last week or so, the ground is frozen solid. Consequently, I really do appreciate things that make my day cosy. Fleece pants, fleece tops, fleece jacket, fleece vest, winter grade gloves with thermal lining, big wind – around scarves and good boots with Thinsulate lining. Once back home for the day, its off with all my layers and on with the woodstove, warm pj’s and lashings of tea. Naturally, the day is at its cosiest once I am on the couch with a microfleece blankie, tucked under my two tabby cats, Spidlet and Sibylle, tablet in hand, reading BNOTP.

  18. Susan, I am one of those strange creatures who is mostly always hot (not bragging here!!) πŸ™‚ I am always throwing bedclothes off even in Winter, so as much as I would love flannelette sheets, electric blankets etc to warm my aching body, they are not for me.
    I do love however, sitting by the fire with tea on a cold and snowy afternoon, watching the great movies out there and the best time is now for me, as I am an Ice Skating and Hockey fan….yeah the Canucks team. We have missed half a season with the lockout but hockey begins tomorrow and today I watched the Canadian Figure Skating Championship. Life is good in the slow lane!! πŸ™‚
    The one thing I am missing, is a warm, purring, face licking furry companion, so am afraid I may steal Mr. Max!!! πŸ™‚

  19. Oh Susan, I hope you never get tired of writing or run out of ideas (omg! we would all help you!), ’cause it sounds like I’m joining the group of “can’t wait for my next chapter of BNOTP! I’ve always loved winter also, but do love to snuggle it away! I love my tablet also, using it while under an afghan snuggled in the recliner! Comfort foods, yum! I told my daughter the other day, that I thought we were like bears getting ready to hibernate as we couldn’t stop craving the chili, bean soup, etc! I too love to peruse my garden books, and actually like to look over my garden journal from last spring and summer to see when things started to bloom…gets me so hopeful! Now we have computers, its so easy to pull up pictures of the garden…it almost makes me weak with longing! LOL I love projects in the wintertime, and am deep into some genealogy reseach that is puzzling and addictive! I am a red hatter, and even though we meet only once a month, getting together with these wonderful, wise and wacky women gives me memories that make me giggle all winter! Thanks for letting us meander through our thoughts! Helen

  20. I use my cat as a hot bottle at night. I mix a new “Beauty Sleep” oil for my face. An lots, lots of cup of tea!

  21. Give me a scarf with a pair of boots during the winter. We have short winters and I enjoy wearing them for both warmth and style. Just purchased another pair of boots at Belks for the 1″ inch of snow on Thursday. Only lasted for a very hours but enjoyed the wintery scene.
    Enjoy my laptop posting and reading other posts. Giving back to the community brightens my winter days.

  22. Great list, Susan! Here’s a few of mine: fur-lined Crocs while I’m puttering around the house, Lipton Green Tea Orange and Jasmine flavor, a good book or three (right now it’s Kate Morton’s “The House at Riverton”), HGTV, a cozy throw for the couch.
    I’m actually enjoying our cold weather after so many balmy days — good chance to snuggle up and CATCH up. πŸ™‚
    xo Heidi

  23. Barbara Moore says

    Susan – A MUST HAVE for winter for us is lots and lots of well seasoned firewood. You just can’t beat a real fire in the fireplace. We love them so much we have to resist the urge here in Atlanta to have the first October fire too soon (yes we’ve been known to open the doors so we can have a fire)! Love, love, love your site and hope to see you at Haven.

  24. Everything here – from your post to all of the comments are my favorite things. But. topping the list was the (finally) decision I made to paint my bedroom a wonderfully warm “peachy orange” color to fight the long grey days of the year that are typical of what we experience in Rochester, NY. I banished black from almost all of my wardrobe and decided to stop fighting our cold winters …. which set the conditions for our breath-taking summers.

  25. Love all things on your list. Heated car seats are wonderful and I just recently bought a Tahoe with heated steering wheel, which I love! Love my Uggs, a good warm blanket to snuggle under with my tablet and reading your blog every day.

  26. Susan, I am from Northeastern PA in the anthracite coal region and the most important survival thing for me is our coal heat. After coming inside from the blustery winter it’s a true blessing to feel the warmth of the Alaska stoker stove in our basement radiating those btu’s and warming our entire house, here it’s the most economical heat and our coal industry provides so many local jobs. I can empathize with Megan (above post) I’m also usually in a state of “hot flash” but when I do get chilled, I enjoy sitting in the living room with our fireplace (flame only) and I cover myself with a nice faux leopard throw I received as a gift. It’s the perfect weight for me, not too heavy but so soft and warming. I’ll go for a good cup of hot chocolate or tea and even sometimes add a nice bit of Boilo to my tea. Boilo is also a regional thing (wikipedia), its the most delicious tasting homemade spiced cocktail that can unfortunately be addicting in the winter! I am forced to sleep with flannel sheets, which I admit are the best in winter (because my husband is always cold), but I can kick off the covers anytime. Thank you for such engaging posts, I love this blog! Sandi

  27. My list would be Cuddle duds, candles, my Keurig with my favorite Butter Toffee coffee and heated car seats. My current car is the first to have them and I would NEVER buy a car w/o them again. You are right about them being warm instantly. LOVE them!! We recently had our bare backyard landscaped and I now have a tree outside my living room window. I think I need to add a bird feeder like yours–so beautiful!!

  28. Love the list…can’t beat cozy sheets, a fire,crockpot stew or soup or something warm cooking for supper, tea, and I have an “antique” quilt (I call it that, got it as a wedding gift 36 years ago!) that is perfect to snuggle into and read. My suggestion for the garden book to read…The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett. Old, copyright 1911…but if you love Downton Abbey you have to read it. Cozy, wind on the moors, tea…a mystery…and the magic of a secret garden ! I read it every year in late January/February…it is a promise that spring DOES come, and we should enjoy each season. My copy sits on my self next to an old key I found in an antique shop… MY key to The Secret Garden. “Where you tend a rose, a thistle may not grow” ! Happy Winter !

  29. Dear Susan, Love all of your survival list favorites. Same at our house, first day of winter the flannel sheets come out of the linen closet. Thank you for the lip balm recommendation.
    I like to spend hours planning our next European trip. New and beautiful places to visit and new and old favorite Hotels and Inns. Best air fares, best car rentals and on and on. It is all part of the excitement, computeres have made it possible.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Gina, I wish you would post some of your favorite hotels, inns and places to see in Europe. I’ve yet to go, but I like to dream and plan. πŸ˜€

  30. Kristy Hansen says

    Seat warmers for sure. Hoodie-check. Cuddle duds are great too. A fleece blanket-one I made with the tied edges. My new Keurig with all the choices you make with it. Many good books. And I love my down blanket on my bed. As long as there is sunshine it doesn’t seem so bad–it’s the gray days that seem so long so a few candles to make the house smell wonderful. And some wonderful soup or stew in the crockpot!

  31. Dorinda Selke says

    Hello Susan – I will continue the Lands End winter experience with my New England winter must-haves – my Lands End red flannel robe, pima cotton nightgown and slippers. Sooo warm and cozy, and the red makes them not only nice for the holidays, but they just seem even “warmer” in this color! The pima cotton nightgown is warm, but since we sleep in LE flannel sheets, the pima cotton is not overly warm , expecially since I have a warm, furry face usually under the covers on my side of the bed! I love winter, and as soon as I start to tire of it, along comes spring… Hugs, Dorinda

  32. I’m going to check the stores for some of the Honey House Lip Butter as my lips stay dry all winter. Thanks for sharing. My Must-Haves for winter would be a cozy fire in our fireplace, a good movie, some coffee and maybe a few home made cookies, chocolate chip of course.

  33. Colleen Scott says

    Love your Winter Survival list!
    I could not survive Winter here in Michigan without Neutragena Hand Creme, it is found everywhere for about $ 5.00 or less. It is a THICK creme in a tube, and just a little goes along way! You’ll love it!

  34. A nice cup of hot tea and my warm socks have been my daily ritual to keep warm this month!

  35. Everyone seems to be talking about that Downton Abbey show. I haven’t seen it yet but maybe I should check it out! I have to have warm socks to wear around the house, especially since we decided to save a little money and keep our house at a cooler temperature! I also have to snuggle my big, furry golden retriever!

  36. They are ugly to look at but my favorite winter snuggly is my pink polk-a-dot pajama bottoms! They are so soft and warm, I even daydream at times of getting home and putting these things on! (I have them on as I’m writing this!) I wanted to ask this on your last post about the bird seed – where did you get your cute birdfeeder? I really like the cut-out designs on the metal. Thanks! P.s…..always love seeing pictures of your cute kitty!

  37. you forgot indoor decor projects! These get me though winter and I just redid my kitchen and dining room.

  38. I love your list! If I were to compile a list like this, mine would be very similar….but I don’t own a tablet computer…..yet! Can’t wait to get my iPad later this year!

  39. I want to start with I HATE cold weather! As soon as it starts to get cold I go into hibernation mode. I get in my chair with my electric throw (on high), my books, magazines and IPad on one side and quilting on the other. I would love flannel sheets but my husband hates them so I have resorted to sleeping in a flannel jacket and leggings. It looks awful but keeps me warm! Heated seets are a must. Gloves in the pocket of every jacket/coat I own, about 20 scarfs and hats. I don’t usually drink hot/warm drinks but by the end of winter I usually am drinking tea. Can’t wait till 80 degrees!

  40. I agree with your entire list with one exception. Since I discovered the fleece sheets from The Company Store website I am never going back to flannel again! So much softer and warmer and luxurious!

  41. Definitely Downton Abbey here, too. Although our local PBS station started showing Larkrise to Candleford on Thursday nights. Everyone I know has seen it but me so I’ve enjoyed watching it. The library has the DVDs but for some reason, I do love watching it once night a week. πŸ™‚

    Both me and my Maine Coon kitty love my red flannel housecoat. My daughter bought it for me long ago and it is the first item out of my closet just as soon as the temperature turns cold.

    While I LOVE tea and coffee (my own blog title suggests it), I am smitten with Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider K-cups. They don’t have chemicals but are made with real fruit (dried apples I assume). They are wonderful on a cold evening and they don’t have caffeine. I only have the small red Keurig, which can clog easily with hot chocolate and such but these have never clogged the machine.

  42. Oh, I do miss my heated seats. My old car had them, but our current car, unfortunately does not. My other two favorites from your list is flannel sheets (just couldn’t survive without those) and gardening books. I am not a winter person and really the only thing that gets me through the cold winter days is looking ahead to spring and planning what I want to do with the yard. That and my nice warm fleece throw. In the evenings I walk around the house with it around my shoulders and snuggle up under it on the couch. But this time of the year, I’m just counting the days until spring.

  43. Hi Susan,

    I received the season 1 and season 2 of Downton Abbey for Christmas from my wonderful husband and we just finished watching the last one of season 2 late last night………..and sending off the two boxed set to my MIL who hasn’t yet seen it. I know she will love it as much as we.

    I like your list. But we have both kitty and flannel sheets……but keep all the bedrooms as Kitty Free Zones, so he only gets snuggle warmth time when we’re in the main parts of the house.

  44. i’ll have to 2nd the above comment about Cuddle Duds…i’ve worn them for years and now I think you can find them at Target and Wal Mart…if not try Dillards or Belks. They really keep you warm while not making you feel bulky underneath your regular clothes….I even used to sleep in them! I used to have an electric mattress pad but when I remarried my husband is so “hot natured” (in a good way) he couldn’t sleep with it on…it didn’t have dual controls but now that I have achy joints I might have to get one that is dual controlled for my side of the bed.

  45. 1. Big Bang Theory 2. wool socks 3. long fuzzy housecoat 4. 2 chihuahuas 5. sweatshirts 6. quilts 7. car starter 8. FaceBook 9. green smoothies 10. Pinterest

  46. I LOVED this post…Here in So. Cal we don’t really get a Winter which actually kind of depresses me. I love the seasons. But, my favorite thing to do on cold days is take a hot bath with Penhaligon’s Bluebell fragrance. It’s out of this world. I also have two feline furbabies which always keep me warm, on cold or hot days.

  47. Thanks for sharing about the flannel sheets! We are at the point where we need to buy some and I didn’t know what was out there….I will check out Land’s End! I have 3 fur babies that keep me warm…Thanks for posting a picture of Max…it is always good do see his cuteness!

  48. Love your list but in So CA our weather doesn’t get that cold although we did have about 1-1/2 weeks of really cold weather in 30’s at night. I have two dogs and when it’s cold there is a race to see who gets in bed first and they are great little heating pads. I do wear a vest which helps on chilly days and all ways sock s in winter.
    Love your blog and have been reading it for years now that I blog will be leaving lots of comments.
    You got me started on the village in the center of the table at Xmas and Phyllis (aroundthehouse) did a blog on my table many years ago – thank you very much for your wonderful ideas.

  49. I love your ideas and use many myself. I LOVE my heated car seats and hope to NEVER own another car without them. And I live in the south which is relatively warm even in the winter. The fire, the kitties, oh yes! I wear silk long john pants anytime the weather is below 50 degrees. This is probably weird, but my work pants are just not that warm and the silk doesn’t add bulk or bind like panty hose (which was my go to years ago). A warm snuggle buddy like my husband doesn’t hurt on cold nights either. I just started watching Downton Abbey, saw what I think was the first episode of the new season maybe 2 hours? I liked it and am excited to watch again (by the fire, with a cat, a blanket and a hot drink).

  50. vivian of Texas says

    I’m in shorts, heat is off and fans on! What are ya’ll talking about? My son has heated car seats and he almost scorched me the first time I rode in it. Haven’t seen Downton Abbey yet, but saw the movie THE SECRET GARDEN with Margaret O’Brien. (I was very little) Can’t use flannel sheets here, silk sheets only with the fans blowing. I drink coffee but only in the early mornings, (I love it, my mother said I use to drink it in my bottle) right now its iced soda or tea. Susan I love your blog, everything about it and get a lot of tips from you. Thank you

  51. Love your survival list. Iam currently putting one together for my car and am going to Blog about it next week. I was stuck in the car In a snowstorm several hours last week, so no time like the present.

  52. hi susan,
    I love your list! My list includes fleece sheets, hot chocolate with homemade Ameretto whip cream, my two Westies and Elvis our Yorkie, a cozy fire and books bursting with Spring Ideas! Easter will soon be here! But living in northeast Pennsylvania could mean July! Stay warm everyone!

  53. Hi Susan, I don’t have anything to add, but wanted to say thanks for the heads up on the garden books. I was able to request one from my library, and will look forward to perusing it. Thanks!

  54. Millebourne says

    Soup, soup, and more soup. Winter is soup season!

    Love deciding what to order from garden catalogs…in winter with a good catalog, everyone has good dirt & the greenest of thumbs.

  55. Vicki Patton says

    I just loved your post and enjoyed all the other comments. For me…my fur baby Tanner, a shih tzu…all seasons! My red, Easy Spirit suede, fur lined and trimmed boots/slippers. Flannel PJs. Hot chocolate. Laptop to inhale my favorite blogs. Soups and chilis. Candles. Down Blankets and quilts. Northern Nights (QVC) flannel sheets. Garden Books and Decorating books and magazines. Playing with my dishes. Sisters on the Fly club. Dreaming of owning my own Camper trailer and new truck to pull it. Downton Abbey. Music on my Bose.

  56. Susan, by all means, please get a heated mattress pad…there is nothing like it for comfort. And yes, it is much more comfortable than the old electric blankets. I absolutely can be in our pool in July and suddenly begin dreading winter! Guess we lived too many years in the Houston, TX area, where winter rarely, as in almost never, dropped to single digits. Things that help me fight the cold weather blues are calling friends I haven’t seen in a while…local or far away. Shopping..yeah, I said it! Love planning a winter trip to a warmer place. BTW, has anyone else tried keeping their take out pizza warm on the way home by turning on that wonderful heated seat? My husband told me about it and it really does work well. I’m off to check out L.L.’s flannel sheets as they sound great. Ones we have seem to crawl. Thanks for another great year, Susan!

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Haha, the idea of keeping your pizza warm with your heated car seat made me smile. πŸ˜€ Very practical!

  57. Love your list, Susan!
    As a neighbour to your ‘far north’ in the Winter Season a few of my favourite comforts are: A heating blanket to warm up the bed prior to retiring at night and Aveeno Body Lotion with Aloe Vera for chapped or dry skin.
    Healthwise to keep the influenza and flu at bay which is usually rampant in our climate during the Winter season; a serving of (unweetened) Pineapple Juice or fresh Pineapple alternating with at least a half a cup of ‘wild’ Blueberries every other day and as a beverage piping hot Green Tea sweetened with honey.
    Last but not least, a week or two vacation in a warmer climate and I don’t care where it is! πŸ™‚ -Brenda-
    P.S: Regardless that our Province offers free innoculations against the flu, the one time I opted for it I came down with a case of influenza that resulted in pneumonia. Coincidence maybe, but said ‘never again, thank you very much’.

  58. I, like you am also a fan of Downton Abbey. So sorry for Cybil. Along with that I take a winter lecture series on gardening topics with a friend at Green Springs Park in Alexandria. They really help motivate for the spring. And of course good books. Jut bought “The Casual Vacancy” by J .K . Rawlings and am reading “Poetry of the Home” collected by Charlotte Moss and “Quiet”, a book on Introversion and Extroversion. And of course, the seed and plant catalogs!

  59. Here in South Florida winter consists of “snow birds” – and temperatures in the 70’s – that’s about as cold as it gets. If we have a couple of days with temps in the 5o’s people are bundled up (in fact, kids can’t go outside for P.E. is the temperature falls below 50, I know because I’m a retired elementary school teacher and my hubs is a retired elementary school principal – LOL! Really it’s due to the humidity – 50 “feels like” the 30’s or colder and if the wind is blowing it just cuts to the bone!). I miss the seasons and loved it when we lived in NC – there I had heated car seats, a wonderful wood burning fireplace, heated mattress pad, home made soup, and two mini doxies to keep us warm – still have doxies.
    Hugs –

  60. Great lists, Susan! So many great ideas… going to check out Cuddleduds, the lip balm, and the Land’s End flannels. Two of my favorite winter must haves that haven’t already been listed are 1)anything Agatha Christie with hot tea and cheese and crackers and 2) a pot of homemade chicken and dumplings.
    Thanks for posting such great ideas…love your blog.

  61. I love your list. My old car had heated seats but they were broken for the last 6 of the 8 years that I drove it. I just got a new car this Fall and MAN!! do I LOVE those heated seats!!
    This winter – for me – it’s the cocoa coffee. I have never been a coffee drinker (never actually had a cup of coffee in my WHOLE life). But this year I have started having a cup of half hot chocolate and half coffee every morning. Wow! I can’t believe how much I look forward to it every day!!
    It’s working for me!!

  62. Susan,
    Of all these fabulous ideas…I would only need your #10…
    that furry face is precious!!!

  63. Hi Susan! Oh, love reading your winter survivals! I’ve just discovered Downton Abbey and I’m so enjoying it.
    Love the heated seats. I love blogging in my chair all toasty warm under my afghan! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

  64. Katherines Corner says

    I love this list of your favorite things!!! xo

  65. teresa halliday says

    Susan…so many wonderful things from your list I want on mine! First…Max has counterparts in our house (3 to be exact!) and Downton Abbey is my FAVORITE!!!! Just finished watching it with another favorite, a blazing fire. We are having snow and cold here in upstate NY (but I happen to love it). Flannel sheets are a must this time of year too! This is a perfect season to read and re-read my favorite magazines “English Home”, “Victoria”, and “Tea Time”. Your list is a treasure, as is your wonderful blog. Thank you in all seasons!

  66. Bright colors in decorating, singing, and going to see or be in some live theatre productions!

  67. Donna Bridges says

    Susan over here in Australia its been such a long hot summer . I am often found looking at snow pictures to cool me down we have had extreme heat and there is more on the way , not far from here got to 52C last Thursday and we were evacuated due to a bushfire for 2.5 hours. So please by all means send your Aussie friends snow pictures , we will send you eggs cooking on the pavement pictures and between us the weather will be perfect. I love to visit all the beautiful homes with you by the way. Kind of armchair traveling I guess and as we moved to a larger house I look with new found eyes at the rooms I view.

  68. Heated mattress pad… definitely my number one!!

  69. Tamara Lin says

    Oh my! Max is ready for his closeup!!!! I swoon. πŸ™‚ (and those pink toes … it just can’t get any cuter than that)

  70. What is cozier than a lovely, soft cashmere sweater in winter?! Or a beautiful table set to accompany a hearty hot meal? Add “Downtown Abbey”, and winter is bliss…

  71. Loved all your Winter favorites! I noticed on your tablet that you have BNOTP that looks like an App ~ is it? I would love to have your App on my iPad since I follow your blog faithfully.

    • Thanks Ellen! Unfortunately it’s not an app. I downloaded an app to my iPad called Touch Icon, then used my blog button to create the Icon you saw with the Touch Icon app so I’d have a quick link to BNOTP. Do you view BNOTP on the iPad or on a phone? It wasn’t the easiest app to use. I think I may look to see if someone has come out with a better one for creating the icons. If I find a better one, I’ll let you know. It does make it easy to access the sites you read on a regular basis.

  72. Great post! I love the idea of flannel sheets – getting into a cold bed is awful. My winter survival list includes two blankets for throwing over my legs when I’m on the sofa (one just isn’t enough!). Very thick socks. Lots and lots of cold water to help improve my skin, winter is very cruel to my face. And lots of colourful things around the home; wall art, photographs and treasures from my travels mostly.

  73. A cood bowl of hot home made soup! I made taco soup the other night and this weekend, creamy chicken and wild rice is on the menu. Also, a good pair of warm slipper socks are a must. And I can’t get through winter with out my “wubby”. My tied fleece blanket! Also a good book. I’m reading “Unbroken”. Scapbooking is also a good way to pass the time while too cold out side. Oh, it’s 11 above today in Iowa!

  74. We call our heated seats “bun warmers”!! I couldn’t live without them either. My husband bought me a down robe for Christmas this year and what a treat, but I’d be completely lost without gardening catalogs and books!!

  75. Hi Susan, I must have homemade soup in the winter. I especially like potato leek & broccoli cheese soup.
    Right up there is chicken corn chowder too. My daughter gave me slipper booties for Christmas and I’m loving them. My feet haven’t been this warm in winter in many years. Seat heaters are great. I also have a great little space heater right by my feet when I’m watching Downton Abbey… a little Sunbeam heater that I bought at Walmart. I have this little cocoon of heat flowing up and surrounding me. Ahhhh. Feels so good. It’s 18 degrees here I need all of the above tonight. I might even make hot chocolate with a little peppermint schnappes in it for good measure.

  76. LOVE love love your list. Downton Abbey is a must but I must admit I cheated and watched the entire 3rd season in one day on Simply June’s blog. I couldn’t help myself! But I still watch them on Sunday evening coz you can never have too much Downton. πŸ™‚ Love my heated seats too. I love my flannel sheets and they are worth the extra money. I STILL have a set from the old Eddie Bauer HOME store! I miss that store SO much. 10 years later and they are just now beginning to shred a little at the ends. πŸ™ But they are still AWESOME! One thing on the list for me is football and college basketball. The Supebowl is always a chance to throw a party and by the time March Madness rolls around – walah – the robins are back! Enjoy your winter – I love it! The more snow the better!

  77. Love your list! Don’t think I have much to add….except maybe sipping the perfect dry, slightly dirty, gin martini in front of a roaring fire πŸ˜‰

  78. Great ideas! I’ll add my vote for cuddle duds — make every day cozier! And a shrug. The shrug keeps my back and shoulders warm, and with short sleeves, it doesn’t get in the way for getting things done around the house — love them! A fuzzy throw, Downton Abbey and a good sodoku to make the evenings perfect.

  79. Pam Massey says

    i have a poodle that is a great snuggler- keeps your lap/feet warm and your heart too:) books- are great in the winter- a handmade throw or afghan- made by granny or mother- and coffee- always wanted to like hot tea- but havent found any flavor i like yet- and cuddle duds- a more feminine version of long handle under wear

  80. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas to brighten the woes of winter. Have heard about Downtown Abby, but haven’t watched it yet. It is now on my Christmas wish list after hearing all the comments about it. Hot chocolate and heated throws are also a big part of my winter survival, along with gardening magazines and flower and garden shows. Most of them in my area are in Feb/March, just when I need to see a little green to inspire me for spring. Love your blog, look forward to reading it always!

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