New Additions to My Summer Wardrobe and Big Changes at Lilly Pulitzer

Since I left Georgia with only cold-weather clothing in my suitcase, I’ve been gradually building a small summer wardrobe. It’s given me a good excuse to do some spring/summer clothes shopping, so I’m not complaining.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve purchased quite a few casual summer dresses. I love casual dresses for hot summer days! While shopping online, I was thrilled to discover that Lilly Pulitzer has started carrying a lot more styles better suited to women of all ages and body types. In the past when I shopped on their site, the majority of the clothes seemed to be designed for teens and young adults with “model” figures.

Well, that’s all changed! Now there are quite a few things that would work for those of us who like to wear our dresses a little longer and a bit looser fitting. Also, they are offering a line of dresses that are about 1/2 the cost of your typical Lilly Pulitzer dress. They have an easy return process, so I decided to order a couple of dresses to see how I like them.

This is one of the dresses I ordered, can’t wait until it arrives! I love the casual, easy design with the ruffle along the bottom.


I especially love how the back is designed. This one is available here: Floral Dress for Summer.


This is the other dress I ordered, again an easy, casual design, perfect for summer. This one is available here: Casual Summer Dress.


The two shirts I ordered have come and I LOVE them! I like them so much, I ordered another one today. They are available in 15 different patterns!

These shirts are all cotton, which I love! They are sooo light and airy, yet not at all see-thru, so they should be perfect for hot summer days. I really like the V-neck style, that’s always a more flattering look on me.

I had a hard time choosing the design I wanted, there are so many cute ones! This design is named, Palm Beach. It’s been ages since I visited Palm Beach, would love to go there again one day! This style is available here: Palm Beach Shirt.


I love how they designed the shirts to be longer in the back for a bit more coverage. I plan to wear these shirts with both pants and shorts. I predict these are going to be a huge hit and sell out quickly this summer. One style I purchased is already showing close to sold out.


This was the other design I purchased in my first order of shirts. I love the bright colors! This shirt will look so great with my white shorts this summer! Again, this shirt is cut longer in the back…love that! You’ll find it available here: Paradise Found.

The hat in this picture is a fairly recent purchase here: Sunhat.


After the first two shirts arrived and I liked them so much, I immediately went online and ordered this one below. Some of the sizes for this one are already selling out. This pattern is available here: Coral Bay.

I purchased all the shirts in my usual size Small and they fit great! So if you order any of these shirts, I would go with your normal size. They are generously cut, so very comfortable.


This is the latest dress I added to my summer wardrobe and it is sooo comfortable! The reviews indicated it ran a bit large so I ordered an XS and that fit perfectly. It’s available in two colors and you’ll find it here: Pink Gingham Dress and here: Pink Gingham Dress. I may end up ordering it in the blue and white gingham, too.


I just ordered this beautiful dress this evening. I love blue and white together and I love how light and airy this looks! I think it will look really cute with some Talbots wedges I purchased a couple of years back. It’s available here: Blue and White Dress AND here: Blue and White Dress.


Have you done any shopping for summer? It’s about to get really warm here and I can’t wait!

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  1. Donna Nance says

    Beautiful additions to your summer wardrobe!

  2. Katherine says

    About 22 years ago I started shopping at Lilly Pulitzer. Back then they catered to adult women of all sizes. Not teens. About 10 years ago they changed their sizing. Then about 5 years ago they changed their quality. I’m no longer a big fan but my wardrobe is full of Lilly! Nowadays I prefer Talbots. I might need that blue and white dress. Thanks for sharing as always!

    • I remember when they did cater to all ages/sizes. I haven’t noticed a change in quality with the one dress and shirts that I already have. I’m interested to see how the dresses I ordered look and feel since they are about half the price of most Lilly P dresses on the site. But then they are a simpler style, too. I love the shirts that I just received. Hopefully they will last well…time will tell.

  3. linda c Burwell says

    Susan, l just love those darling tops. I’m a fan of cool summer scenes on my summer tops and dresses. The dresses you chose are so cute. Love, love the blue one! So wispy like a little girls dress! I really hope Lilly hasn’t skimped on their fabric quality as so many others have now. Have you heard that Nordstrom is planning on closing some of their under achieving stores? I live in So. Ca. and our store is the only one in my part of of city and gets good business or so l thought . They are planning on shutting it down!

  4. Susan, you’re going to have a whole second wardrobe. 😀 But don’t you know you DO have a model figure, silly?! You’re tiny!

    Love that blue and white dress! Wear that somewhere special. And the soft patterns in those other shifts and blouses remind me of pastel water colors. So pretty and perfect for summer. Enjoy!

  5. Oh I love that last blue and white dress Susan! It’s absolutely beautiful! I think I’m going to order it – just let me know when you’re going to wear yours so we don’t look alike if we ever meet up at a party! 😉 Thanks as always for the great ideas and inspiration!

  6. Franki Parde says

    Q-Ut!! bring on the warm!! franki

  7. Looks like the last cute blue and white dress wins ! Cotton dresses work well in summer. The only thing I don’t is the uneven hem. Longer in the back shirts are perfect however. Those tops are really cute.
    Side note: the new “swing” dress is the old A-line. I like the hang from the shoulders and doesn’t show any imperfections.

  8. Georgette says

    It’s funny, in some ways Lilly is coming full circle. The dress you ordered, the one with the ruffle, is almost identical to one I had in the 60s when I was a teenager. The current back is much more beautiful than the dress I had and it looks much lighter which is perfect for the summer. Beautiful dress. Enjoy it and your time with your grandsons!

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