New Screen Doors with a Whimsical Dragonfly & Moon-Stars Design

Welcome to the 690th Metamorphosis Monday!

These screened doors have been tucked away in my garage, patiently waiting to be installed for two years now.


They were built to replace the doors you see on either side of the screened porch below.

Build a Screened Porch


Naughty mice (rats?) made their own door one cold winter when they decided to homestead inside my large gas grill. Argggh!

Screen door damaged by a mouse


I had rarely used the grill, so I gave it away to a guy who has done work here in my home from time to time. He was thrilled to get it and I was happy to see it go because I didn’t want a mice highway through the doors and across my porch leading out to the grill. lol

Old Damaged Screened Door


It took a while but I finally found someone to install the new doors.


I chose a dragonfly motif for the screened door that leads out to the deck that has a pergola overhead.

Dragonfly Screened Door



Screened Door, Whimsical Dragonfly Cut-Out



There’s so much “stuff” currently falling from the trees and occasionally small things get stuff behind the motif part of the door. It’s easy to remove though, I just loosen 4 of the little metal thingies that hold the screen in and pull the screen out a small amount and the debris falls out. I think once spring gets past, that will probably stop.


Here’s how it looks from the outside. Initially, I ordered all brass hardware from the company that made the doors but when it was time for the installation, I decided to go with white hinges because I wanted the hinges to just disappear. I love the brass knob, though, and decided to use it.

Screened Door with Dragonfly Cut-out


What about the door leading out to the other deck?

Screened Porch Moon Door


You got a quick glimpse of it when I shared it during a recent post.

Screened Door with Moon, Stars Design


Here’s how it looks from the outside.

Whimsical Moon & Stars Door for a Screen Porch


These mahogany doors were handcrafted by the Wooden Screen Door Company. They are located in Maine. I hope they never go out of business because if I ever move and have another screened porch, I’m definitely going to want another one of their doors. They add so much personality to the porch!

Screen Door, Wooden Screened Door Company


Excuse the dirt on the outside of the porch, I took this photo before I gave it a good washing yesterday. I need to have the whole exterior cleaned–the high-up parts that I can’t reach. It’s the price I pay for having so many trees in the backyard.  They do offer glorious shade in the summer, though. The porch is always around 5 degrees cooler than the forecast temperature.

Screen Door with Moon and Stars Design


I need to add some more bottles to my bottle tree this summer. Have any suggestions for products that come in colored bottles–bottles that are actually dyed all the way through and not just on the surface? Otherwise, the sun bleaches them right out.

Whimsical Moon & Stars Door for a Screen Porch


Happy spring to you! Are you starting to enjoy some porch or deck time in your area? It’s raining out this morning but we will have 80-degree weather and lots of sunshine by mid-week, and I am so ready for it! Bring on the sun!

Build a Screened Porch


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Thanks for hosting as always. The doors look lovely!

  2. Love the doors, so glad you finally got them installed, what a cute addition to your wonderful screened porch! Thanks Susan~

  3. Gayle Kesinger says

    Those doors look fabulous. So unique, perfect designs. Glad you found the right installer.

  4. I bet you are so happy to finally have these beautiful doors installed Susan! I can’t hardly believe it has been two years already. Where does time go?! The doors look amazing and give a fun whimsical feel to the porch. Yes, I’m sure once all the “debris” has stopped you won’t have that issue of it getting stuck behind the cute cut outs. The doors sure do look great and I love that you went with white hinges because I never even noticed them. Love the brass handle though. I also love the moon and dragonfly you chose! I wish I knew of some bottles you could get but the only one I know of is blue and you have blue for your bottle tree. Hugs, Brenda

    • I just looked at the invoice and they actually shipped them in October 2020 and they were ordered a few months before that. Hard to believe it’s been that long but a lot has happened the last few years.
      Thanks, Brenda! I do like the sparkle of the brass for the door knob. I’m guessing it will age with time, will have to see.

  5. Those doors are so special. So beautiful.

  6. The door designs do have such personality! I’m partial to the dragonfly!!

    • Thanks, Sandra! I had the hardest time choosing when I first ordered them, they have so many wonderful designs. They especially have some great coastal/nautical designs…made me wish I had a house at the beach just so I would have an excuse to order them. lol I love the dragonfly, too. I chose the moon and the stars for the star (and moon) gazing that can be done from the porch.

  7. I Love those doors! Moons and Dragonflies! Perfect. We are redoing the bar cabinets in our lower level and I have Dragonfly knobs on the uppers.

  8. Your doors are so fun and whimsical, but sturdy looking too. Love all your porches. We lived in Marietta many years ago and the pollen was horrendous as we lived with the back of the house next to a forest. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    • They do feel really sturdy. I hope they last a long time! Yup, this time of year, the pollen is rough, although this spring we are getting regular rains and that has helped tremendously.
      Thanks, Debra! Hope your Easter was beautiful and peaceful!

  9. Susan,
    The doors are stunning!!
    Happy Easter!!
    Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  10. They turned out perfect and look wonderful. I love the Moon & Stars especially. Enjoy them!

  11. Tina W Reynolds says

    The doors are so wonderful! I am green with envy. I know that if I had such a porch I would live there 24/7! As far as the trees go—I think the trees are worth the work they bring. The shade, privacy and sense of peace they bring out weighs the time spent clearing up. I have old trees and with our recent windy, stormy days, I have been “picking up sticks” each and every day. Ugh!

    • Thanks, Tina! I’m sure you’re right. I wish they were a tad further out from the house but then they would give the same shade if they were.
      I need to do the same thing. We’ve had some good storms come through and I need to pick up all the sticks…and some are pretty big!
      Good luck with your clean-up Tina. I think I’ll get outside in the next day or two and do the same.

  12. I love your screen doors, they add such a decorative touch. We have 36° here, rainy and predicting snow but supposed to start warming up Wed and 79 by Saturday. Yay! Your back yard looks so beautiful. I can’t wait! We have lots of messy trees too, actually a woods but I love it. Even so everyone else loves to picnic here, it’s always cool.

    • Wow, what a drastic change, from snow to 79°! That snow will melt quickly with those temps. You woods sound beautiful, Mary Lou! I love that, the idea of a picnic in the woods!

  13. The doors are so much fun! But it doesn’t seem possible that it’s been two years in the waiting. Do the installers do other work? Since it seems that you had such a time finding quality workers.

    • It’s actually closer to about 1-1/2 years since they shipped, but about 2 years since I first ordered them. They do but they are pretty booked up. I think I’m going to postpone the bath renovations until next year, things are so weird right now with inflated costs and availability of resources. I may change my mind. I am going to start getting a lot of estimates though, that will tell me if I should do it now or wait a bit.

  14. The doors look fantastic. Worth the wait! Enjoy!

  15. Susan, I think your screen porch may be my favorite “room” in your house! It was already beautiful, but your new screen doors are like “the cherry on top”. I think if that was my porch (after the pollen clears) I would find ways to spend LOTS of time out there. 🙂

    • Thanks, Dianne! I do love being out there and listening to the birds, especially this time of year when they are singing up a storm.

  16. The doors are every bit as charming as I imagined—they are so perfect for your beautiful porch! When you initially purchased them, I was smitten at first site! Our summer cottage in the WI north woods has dragonflies galore, & while the Maine doors are beyond my budget, I’m scheming & dreaming of a way to just add the dragonfly adornment to our screen porch door! If you have 1 of your brilliant ideas,,please let me know!. The celestial door is perfect with the bottle tree! Just gorgeous craftsmanship!

    • Thanks so much, MerriJo! I bet you’ll be able to find something to add to the door. I love dragonflies and have added dragonfly hooks to both of my potting benches for holding gardening tools. You can see those here:
      If they make hooks, I bet someone makes something you could add to your door. Be sure to check Etsy, too. I always find really cute things on Etsy.

  17. Love the doors!! When I need colored wine bottles I go to a wine/beer making supply store. (I’m in Kentucky, not Napa) They are very reasonable. I also have a bottle tree outside I have green, blue, red, amber and clear bottles on it.

    • Interesting! I didn’t know there were such things…beer/wine supply stores. I wonder if we have any here. I think my tree will have to always be mostly blue and green since those are the only bottles that seemed to actually be that color all the way through.

  18. Your doors are just darling Susan – so worth the wait! They’re perfect on your lovely porch. I can’t think of a colored bottle recommendation off the top of my head, but I’m happy to sample pink wines for you and report back as to whether or not any of the bottles are actually colored!

    Thanks as always for hosting, and Happy Monday!

  19. Yay! Finally! I love them. They look beautiful and really fit the mood of the porch so well. Was it your new friend David (of the tiny library fame) who installed them for you? I know you were having a hard time finding a good installer who was willing to do it.

    You know, things really ARE weird right now, but I do think it’s wise to go ahead and get bids because, who knows what the future will bring? I was trying to wait out the insane price increases in wood and finally gave up because .. well, I’ve been waiting and waiting and they haven’t gone down. And who knows, maybe a lot of people will put things off for the same reason and you might be able to find a really great contractor who has more time on his hands for that very reason. By the time things get normal again, they’ll probably all be booked up for 3 years!

    • Yay, I just don’t think I want to start two major projects with all that’s going on. Prices are extremely high from what I’ve been told and it just feels like the wrong time to do it, so I’ll probably put it off and just spend this year planning and figuring out exactly what I want to do in the master bath.

  20. I love the doors. Doesn’t the lamp on your table get wet when it rains?

  21. Hi
    I added a link back to your blog.

  22. Susan, those doors are lovely and look so great on your porch! I love both the designs but am partial to the dragonfly. So happy for you that they are finally installed! Hope you had a great Easter!

  23. Bobbi Duncan says

    I just love your whimsical, beautiful screen doors! Know you’re thrilled to finally have them installed. Your porch always looks so cozy in lamp light. Spring arrived a couple of weeks ago, but the last two days have been on the cool side w/ some rain. Everything here looks so lovely all in bloom–a grand awakening. Hugs!

  24. I love. love, love your doors! I could hardly wait to see them. They really dress up the porch. Kay

  25. Hi Susan,
    Love your new screen doors, they are charming. I have always admired your wonderful back porch, such a pretty place to enjoy.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter, and thanks for hosting as always!

  26. Absolutely love these doors and so happy to see you were finally able to get them installed. They look fabulous! I too am looking forward to some warmer weather. We had a little bit of light snow over the last couple of days and windy, damp cold weather. I hope it is winter’s last gasp here in the mid-atlantic. Happy Spring!

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