A Much Wanted Shirt Is Found, Plus Some Spring Wardrobe Updates

Welcome to 420th Metamorphosis Monday! Did you hear a crazy woman screaming on February 5th? If you did, that was me having a happy fit when Elaine, a reader of BNOTP, e-mailed to say she had seen the birding shirt I've been trying to find forever for sale on Etsy. I leapt over to Etsy and couldn't believe my eyes!  The ad stated that it was brand new and had never been worn. I think it will fit based on the sizing listed and the photo the seller provided of her … [Continue Reading...]

Valentine’s Day Table with Vintage Copeland Spode, Tower

Valentine's Table, Eyelet Napkins, Pierced Chargers, Copeland Spode Tower

Welcome to the 438th Tablescape Thursday! Please Note: I'm using the latest version of InLinkz for today's Tablescape Thursday party. If you have trouble seeing the links (or the button to link up to the party) please check to make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. You may have trouble seeing the links or linking up if your browser is an older version. Thanks so much for all your caring comments on yesterday's post! I had been planning on … [Continue Reading...]

A Very Weird, Very Strange Day

Blue and White Buffalo Check Duvet and Bedding

Thanks so much for all the amazing suggestions, ideas and input on yesterday's post. So much great information, things I would never have thought about. I will be referring back to your comments again and again when I am closer to beginning my master bath renovation. Your comments have also tremendously helped others who are facing a bath renovation, as well. There's nothing like hearing from folks who have been through it! So thank-you for that!   A Very … [Continue Reading...]

No Tub for the Master Bath: Good Idea or Regrettable Trend?

Bathroom with Sleek Tub Design

Welcome to the 419th Metamorphosis Monday! A few weeks ago when I was replacing all my surge protectors around the house for new ones, I discovered an outlet in my office wasn't working. I called in an electrician to fix it and while he was here, we started talking master bathroom renovations. During our discussion, he told me something that I was really surprised to hear. Did you know that some folks who are renovating master bathrooms these days, are … [Continue Reading...]

Hunter Royal Horticultural Society Garden Boots & Other Fabulous Finds

Hunter Royal Holticultural Society Floral Boots

A few years ago I discovered Hunter boots and it's been a serious love affair ever since. This obsession started off innocently with a pair of their Classic Tall Gloss Rain Boots in the color red. You may have noticed them in some of the photos I've shared here on the blog, like this porch scene from this past fall.     I have this uncanny talent of discovering something I really love about a year after it has been discontinued. Remember … [Continue Reading...]

Spring Table Setting Ideas…Hurry Up Spring!

Bunnys climbing out of bowl

Welcome to the 437th Tablescape Thursday! I'm so sorry Tablescape Thursday is late going up. I thought today was Wednesday, I kid you not! I think my mix up started with having a doctor's appointment yesterday (just a check up, nothing serious) and for some reason I had it in my head all last week that the appointment was on Tuesday of this week. So this morning when I awoke, I was thinking it was Wednesday. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself … [Continue Reading...]

Let’s Go Antiquing at A Classy Flea!

I stopped by A Classy Flea today, hadn't been there in ages. Ready to do a little antiquing? This would be great for a bit of 4th of July decorating? $42.95   If you would like to make your own flag, check out this tutorial I posted a while back: Make a Wood Flag for 4th of July.   A pretty set of dishes, I had never seen this pattern before. It was labeled, "American Atelier Porcelain, Rose Toile" and was $59 for the … [Continue Reading...]

Organize and Keep Your Entry Tidy with a Stylish Boot Tray

Welcome to the 418th Metamorphosis Monday! This past summer when I was out digging and planting shrubs every day, I was coming in and out of my front door a lot.   The front door is normally the door I go out when I'm checking the mail or doing any gardening in the front yard, including vacuuming up acorns. :)   During all that gardening this past summer, I began to notice a lot more dirt around the house and realized pretty quickly … [Continue Reading...]