A New Bookcase (and Bookcase/Picture Light) for the Guest Room

Books for Hermes Lovers

And just when you thought there wasn't room for one more thing in my guest room... A few weeks back I mentioned in a post about a sagging/bowing issue I've had with the Ikea Billy Bookcases here in my home office.   In the comments of that post, a few BNOTP readers mentioned that Ikea had come out with an all-wood bookcase that was quite similar to the Billy. Thanks, Magdy and Kim for sharing about the Hemnes--I had no … [Continue Reading...]

A Dinner Party in the Garden with Friends

Dining Outside for Summer

Welcome to the 676th Tablescape Thursday! What would you do if you lost your phone and internet connection for 3-1/2 months?! I just recently heard from my friend, Norma, who lives in France. Norma wrote, " Well, you will not believe this but we have only just got reconnected after three and a half months of being cut off from the outside world! What happened was that a car went off the road at the top of our lane and crashed into a field, taking with it a … [Continue Reading...]

The Painting Arrived & I Found the Perfect Place for It!

Hermes Birkin Canvas Art

I can't quit playing in this room. lol Recently I added some cabinets down the left wall of this guest bedroom that's quickly become my "woman cave." lol   I love handbags and have been really wishing for a long time to gather them all together in one spot where I could see and access them more easily. This wall in the guest room was the only wall big enough and the guest room is very rarely ever used since my son & dil prefer sleeping in the … [Continue Reading...]

The Other Lamp Finally Arrived & Starting a New Mini-Project

Large Lamps for Bedroom

Welcome to the 658th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Labor Day! Did you have a great weekend? Do any grilling out? I had a relaxing one, just played around the house and started plotting another small project. It's dangerous for me to have too much alone time, the wheels get turning and that usually means another project. lol Update: Today is the last day for the 70% off Talbots sale. See what I picked up at the sale in this post: This End of Sale is Killin' It! … [Continue Reading...]

This End of Season Sale is Killin’ It! Autumn is on Sale, Too!

I love this time of year when all the end-of-season sales are in full swing while the autumn sales are just kicking off! The end of summer sales are the best right now so this is my favorite time to pick up some great deals for next year. Or, if you live in the south as I do, you can still wear them for another couple of months! I just ordered these earrings. They are normally 29.50 and I got them for $6 with free shipping! Whoo Hoo! That's my kind of sale! If … [Continue Reading...]

A Gorgeous Tablecloth Was the Inspiration for this Beautiful Table Setting

Monogrammed Linen Napkins

Welcome to the 675th Tablescape Thursday! I am often asked where I get inspiration for the table settings I create for dinner parties, family gatherings, and Tablescape Thursday. Sometimes inspiration will come from the season we're in or a holiday that's coming up. Or, inspiration may come from a new set of salad plates, or even something as simple as new napkin rings. It's so fun and exciting when that happens--when a single element sparks joy and get those … [Continue Reading...]

How I Work a 1,000 Piece Puzzle & Answering Your Puzzle Board Questions

Lately, I have gotten quite a few questions about the puzzle board that I always use whenever I work a puzzle. We will soon be moving into the autumn and winter seasons when we tend to spend more time inside, so I thought this might be a good time to answer some of those questions since puzzles are such a great cold-weather pastime. This is the puzzle board I use.  I love doing puzzles on it so much, I've purchased it twice: once for my home and another one to … [Continue Reading...]

Musical Lamps

Lamp for a Paneled Living Room

Welcome to the 657th Metamorphosis Monday! Did you ever play the game, Musical Chairs, when you were little? Well, it's been like musical lamps around here lately. lol I may end up with one odd lamp out in the end, not sure at this point. Last week I shared a new lamp I had purchased to use in my home office. It turned out to be much larger than I had expected so not a good fit for the office. Lesson learned--pay closer attention to size/dimensions before … [Continue Reading...]

Going Waaay Outside My Comfort Zone

So I did something a little crazy today. See that white shelf on the right wall of the guest room? I ordered a new picture for that spot.   I also moved the trunk out of this room that had gotten shoved over onto that wall when I added cabinets down the opposite wall. I moved my vintage dress form from the office back to that spot, although it's not visible in this photo except for a small part of the stand.   Since I've turned the … [Continue Reading...]

A Special Book Inspired This Post, Starting My Holiday Shopping Now

Recently I was scoping out books on Amazon and I came across a book that looked amazing and was available to be pre-ordered. Extraordinary Voyages combines our love of fashion, particularly Lous Vuitton fashion, as well as our love for travel. That makes a lot of sense since Louis got his start in 1854 making beautiful trunks designed for travel. How wonderful it would be to own a vintage or antique LV trunk!   Extraordinary Voyages is a big, big … [Continue Reading...]