What’s Inside All Those Storage Cabinets? I’m Throwing Back the Doors!

Dishware Storage Ideas

Welcome to the 727th Tablescape Thursday! For this week's Tablescape Thursday, we're taking a peek inside the nine storage cabinets I have here in my garage to see what's stored inside and how it's all organized. I hope this little storage tour offers up a few ideas for your storage needs.   Let's start with the cabinets here on this side wall of the garage. Before we throw back the doors and peek inside the drawers, I want to answer one question I … [Continue Reading...]

Is it True? Will LED Light Fixtures Cause Your Garage Door Opener to Malfunction?

Best Lights for Garage Door Openers, Shouldn't Interfere with LED Lights

Over the past few weeks as I've shared the updates I've been making here in the garage, one question I've been asked in the comments a couple of times was if the new LED lighting I had installed would create any issue with my garage door opener.   During the renovation process, one of the things I had done was the replacement of the original seal on the garage door. Sometime over the past 40 years, a critter had chewed on the rubber part of the old … [Continue Reading...]

It’s Done! The Cabinets are Back and All Systems are GO!

Potting Bench for the Garage

Welcome to the 709th Metamorphosis Monday! It was a long time coming but I finally have all the cabinets back in the garage and filled back up. Before I share the "After" here's a little reminder of where we started. The garage walls were in need of a fresh coat of paint and much better lighting than the builder-grade lights that had been here for 40 years.   Previously, I had 6 dish storage cabinets down one of the side walls of the garage. This … [Continue Reading...]

A Unique Birthday/Holiday Gift Idea + 2 Awesome Sales from Two Favorite Stores

Fortnum & Mason Birthday Hamper

Thanks so much to Gail for letting me know about a sale I would have surely missed. Gail knows how much I love Fair Isle sweaters, especially the beautiful ones L.L. Bean carries every winter. This one below was one I purchased a few fall seasons back and I still wear it often during the winter months. It' sooo warm!   They have some really pretty ones on sale right now. This one has been a popular seller and is almost sold … [Continue Reading...]

Soft Aqua Blues Mixed with Treasures and Gifts from the Sea

Aqua Blue Shell Napkin Rings, Aqua Buffalo Plaid Napkins

Welcome to the 726th Tablescape Thursday! The painter is almost finished in the garage--hopefully, he'll be done by today or tomorrow. He and I rolled back the plastic covering the cabinets before he left last night so I could get to my charger plates and glassware to set a table for this week's TT.   It was the end of the day and super cloudy and rainy out, so I decided to just go with a candlelight table for this week's Tablescape … [Continue Reading...]

20 Favorites That I Buy Over and Over Again–Can’t Do Without Them!

I've been wanting to put this post together for ages. Sometimes I'll be in the middle of using something and I'll think, I need to share how awesome this is! It took a while and I'm sure I'm leaving some things off that I'll remember later (so this list/post may grow today) but these are some of my favorite things, from clothes to household items, that I find myself purchasing again and again. Since fall is just around the corner, I have to mention this soft, … [Continue Reading...]

Garage Storage Cabinets, Progress Has Been Made But There’s Been a Few Glitches

Beachy China Dinnerware

Welcome to the 708th Metamorphosis Monday! As I type this, I'm waiting for the second garage door repairman to arrive. Hopefully, I can get this post up before he arrives. I will have to create a post sharing all the things that have had to be done and redone multiple times so you'll know life isn't all rainbows and unicorns up in here. Ha! Seems like every project I embark on has had a major glitch (or ten) along the way--well, except for the garage flooring. … [Continue Reading...]

Digging for the Hidden Gems and I Found Them!

I love shopping during the end-of-season sales because that's when you find the hidden gems--the absolute best deals! Talbots has a "sale- on-sale" going right now so the deals are extra good for this sale. This jacket I fell in love with earlier this spring is currently on sale, plus there's an additional 60% off of the sale price. You'll find it on sale here: Gingham Hooded Jacket.   Love this embroidered tunic! The combination of the blue and aqua … [Continue Reading...]

Not Again! Unfortunately, yes! Again! Plus, Sharing a Handy DIY Hack

So remember when the garage looked like this?   Well, it looks like this again. Arggh! :( I'll explain more on Monday but basically, the original painter the company sent out did a terrible job of fixing a couple of places on the ceiling where the sheetrock tape that was used 40 years ago was starting to loosen in places. He really botched it. So the painting company has sent out a much more experienced painter who is fixing what the original painter … [Continue Reading...]

A Colorful, Festive Moroccan-Themed Dinner with Friends

Colorful Moroccan themed table setting

Welcome to the 725th Tablescape Thursday! Whew! I've been moving stuff around in the garage this morning since the painters are coming back today to do a lot of touch-up work. Hopefully, after tomorrow, the painting will finally be complete and I can move all my dishes back into the cabinets this weekend. In the meantime, I have a festive, Moroccan-themed table to share, created by Norma who lives in the beautiful French countryside. Recently Norma had friends … [Continue Reading...]