My Top 10 Amazon Purchases for 2021 + a Bonus

Blue and White Lamp, Denim Sofa

I meant to share this post in January, but I'm running a bit late. I thought it would be fun to share those items I purchased last year via Amazon that turned out to be my best or favorite purchases. I forced myself to limit it to just 10 items, which means I had to leave off the wool seat cover I added to my office chair that saved me from being "electrocuted" (only a slight exaggeration) every time I touched the handle of the mini-fridge in my office. Also missing … [Continue Reading...]

Spring Temptations & Should I Spray These Before Baking In Them?

Daffodils in Bunny Vase, Screened Porch

Welcome to the 681st Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope this Valentine's Day finds you feeling much loved and appreciated! I probably should have waited and shared the display case today instead of on Saturday, but I was too excited to share how it turned out to wait. lol So, I don't have a Before/After to share but I do have a few ideas for spring and Easter from a recent shopping excursion. So you know how there's always that period after … [Continue Reading...]

It Finally Arrived and I Love How It Looks and Works!

Lego Home Alone House in a Wicked Brick Display Case

Back just before Christmas, I succumbed to temptation and ordered this awesome Home Alone LEGO house. The house in the movie, Home Alone is one of my favorite movie houses of all time, so I just couldn't pass up on this fabulous LEGO build. (Take a tour of the home as seen in the movie in this previous post: Tour the Home Alone Movie House.)   It was a pretty big undertaking with 3,955 pieces but sooo much fun!   Here's how it looked … [Continue Reading...]

A Valentine’s Day Celebration with Friends

Chandelier decorated for Valentine's Day Table

Welcome to the 698th Tablescape Thursday! Valentine's Day is just a few days away. Jackie shared a table with me recently that would be perfect for inviting friends over for a Valentine's Day celebration and the first thing I noticed was her beautifully decorated chandelier!   So pretty! Love the beaded garland! It's a little hard to see since the chandelier is on in the photo below, but Jackie added heart-shaped fairy lights (from HERE) to her … [Continue Reading...]

Shopping the Spring Fashions & Everything’s on Sale!

It was 61 degrees here today and the birdies were singing their little hearts out. My daffodils are poking their heads up out of the ground and the first day of spring is just a little more than 5 weeks away! Can you believe it?! I'm getting so excited! I've been scoping out the spring fashions today and I came across an awesome sale. I love this sweater that's currently on sale. I especially love it in this gorgeous green color. Notice the split on the sides … [Continue Reading...]

My January Favorites, It was a Great Month!

Air Purifier for my Home Office

I'm super excited to share my January favorites with you because it was a great month! I have to start with this awesome garden cart that I purchased in hopes I could for once, keep my potted annuals alive through the winter. It has worked so well!   After I got the cart and put it together (minus the sides since I didn't want to use those) I placed my rather sad-looking plants on it and created an alarm on my phone to remind me to bring them in each … [Continue Reading...]

Changing All My A/C-Heating Ceiling Vents for Better Airflow

Cozy Winter Bedding, Tartan for a Winter Bed

Welcome to the 680th Metamorphosis Monday! Not the most exciting Before and After but I am currently in the process of changing out all the air vent covers throughout the upstairs part of my home. I've been meaning to do this for a while. My home is almost 40 years old and some of the original vent covers are looking very tired. I've started with these two here in my bedroom. It has always bugged me that the vents pointed downward and not out into the room. … [Continue Reading...]

They Mystery of the Bumpy Plates: Sarah Needs Your Help to Solve This Mystery!

A few days ago, Sarah, a lovely BNOTP reader, left a comment on a previous spring shopping post where I had shared some bunny plates I came across in Pottery Barn. She had a question about the plates due to something really odd she was seeing on Peter Rabbit bunny plates she had purchased both last year and this year. Sarah said, "Do you find the Pottery Barn Peter Rabbit stoneware to have bumps on them? Versus a smooth service? Mine are bumpy and can’t tell if … [Continue Reading...]

Emily in Paris Inspired Table Setting with Cheesecake for Dessert!

Valentine's Day Table, Emily in Paris Themed Table

Welcome to the 697th Tablescape Thursday! Are you an Emily in Paris fan? I do not subscribe to Netflix so had never heard of the series until I received an email from Brenda. Brenda said, "I was excited about this table setting as we are paying tribute to the show Emily in Paris. We were testing different cheesecakes for the bakery side of our business for Peaceful Valley Farm. We even make the candles that you see." After receiving Brenda's email, my … [Continue Reading...]

How I’m Protecting My Car Seats from Denim-Jean Transfer Stains

How I'm Protecting Car Seat from Jean Denim Dye Transfer

Welcome to the 679th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy Monday! Hope you are snuggled down inside somewhere this morning, keeping nice and warm. This morning I have a little update I've made that I hope you'll find helpful if you sometimes struggle with denim transfer on your car seats. A while back I shared this awesome cleaner that is pretty much a miracle cleaner in my eyes. When I got blue jean/denim stains on the leather seats of my previous car, the one I just … [Continue Reading...]