Paint Your Front Door Heritage Red or Peacock Blue

Recently, I had my front door freshened up with a new coat of paint.  The final coat of paint went on day before yesterday.  We ran into a little problem but finally found the solution…more on that in a sec. I stayed with my beloved, Benjamin Moore “Heritage Red.”  I still love that color for a front door.

Since the front door was being repainted, I decided to make a few changes.  I decided to remove the brass kick plate visible in the picture below. I love brass and have it all throughout my home, but I felt like the kickplate shortened the look of the door and the door just isn’t that tall to start with since it’s a standard height front door. While you’re checking out the pic below, also note the white outlet cover on brick wall to the right…more on that in a sec.

Front door painted in Benjamin Moore, Heritage Red

Here’s how the door looks today. I do like it without the kickplate, now the focus is more on the door and not the so much on the kickplate.  Also, the door feels more streamlined, maybe a tad taller.

Outside Outlet Hidden

I still love my Baldwin Brass doorknob, love how the brass looks with the black lanterns I chose when I had the porch built. The brass adds interest and keeps it all from feeling too matchy, matchy. I’m going to add back a door knocker, just haven’t had time to shop for one. My old one isn’t in the greatest shape and I’m ready for something different. I’ve been told to not hang any wreaths or baskets on the door for a while…paint needs time to cure. I so want to dress it up, barely restraining myself!

Oh, the issue we ran into when the kickplate was removed had to do with the tiny holes that had to be patched where the screws held the kickplate in place. The stuff my painter used to patch the holes didn’t take the paint quite the same way as the rest of the door because the patched areas were really smooth.

The trick that finally worked was painting over the patched spots very lightly with a brush witch gave the patched places a consistent finish with the rest of the door. Even though the door was being sprayed, at some point over the years it had been brush painted. So by lightly brush painting the lower area where the kickplate had been, it gave that area a consistent look with the rest of the door. Hope that makes sense and is helpful if you run into a similar situation down the road.

Red Door Painted Benjamin Moore Heritage Red

A while back I posted about changing out this white outlet near the door. I never liked how the white color stood out against the brick. One of the little lids broke off at Christmastime when I was trying to plug in a big honking extension cord. That gave me the impetus I needed to go ahead and change out the cover.

Broken Outdoor Outlet_wm

In a previous post, I shared changing it for this cover. The new cover will actually expand outward to accommodate large plugs. But those beady white eyes staring out were super annoying. Ha!

Brown Outdoor Outlet

So I painted them a dark brown! I mixed some brown and black paint I already had to get a color that was pretty close to the color of the cover.

Hiding Outside Outlet 1_wm

To further camouflage it, I moved the Kimberly Queen fern back over to this side of the porch. Someone mentioned that in the comments last time I posted about this outlet.  In the past the planter had been on this side but on a wild hair I had moved it to the other side thinking it would be less in the way of entering the front door. Honestly, I think it looks a lot better on this side than it does on the other side, so thanks for suggesting that.  See, I do listen to you guys! Sometimes. πŸ™‚ It also helps hide the ugly outlet, the outlet that’s a little less ugly now that it’s brown.

Outside Outlet Hidden (2)

Around the time I had the door painted, I came across this stunning door online. Wow! Wow! Wow!  Doesn’t it just knock your socks off? The color is another fabulous Benjamin Moore color called Peacock Blue. If I ever decide to change my door color from red, this color would be a leading contender!

Door Painted in Benjamin Moore Peacock Blue


Yesterday I shared a little about the mischievous chipmunks with whom I share my yard. I had accidentally gotten a little mulch down inside the doorway to one of their homes and Mr. Chipmunk had shown his disapproval by tossing it out onto the grass.

Chipmunk Bunker_wm

This morning while talking on the phone, I looked out a front sidelight window and there he was! I grabbed the camera with my zoom lens and tried to take a pic while holding the phone up under my ear.  It’s not the clearest pic since I had the phone crammed up under my ear, but I thought you might like seeing this cutie.


Remember the mess he was making in my potted geranium until I mulched it around the top with mulch I had bought for the islands?

Chipmunk Creates Mess Playing in Potted Plant_wm

Mr. Chipmunk came back this morning to see if the mulch was still there.

Chipmunk on Deck

I had placed the camera down, so I didn’t capture it, but he quickly climbed up into the pot, saw the mulch was still there and climbed back out. The mulch is really working well to keep him from scattering dirt everywhere.  You can tell in the pic below, he has spotted the crazy lady creeping ever closer with the zoom lens. πŸ™‚

Chipmunk on Chair
Please forgive if you’re seeing some misspelled words in my posts lately. The spell check for wordpress has vanished from my Dashboard and about half the time it doesn’t underline words when they are misspelled. I may have a plugin that’s causing interference. So, please try to overlook the occasional typo while I work to figure out what’s going on or add in another spell-check plugin.

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  1. Love the door color, looks great! I just finished decorating my front porch and freshened up paint and had the same experience. I had a squirrel I believe, left potting soil all over my bench. Have a great week!

  2. I love your front door, and porch area. I’m a bit of a colonial-aholic. When I’m not busy stalking Seattle Craftsmans πŸ™‚ I wish our HOA would let us paint our front door. My house is tan/sand colored and they painted the front door a dark green. It looks, in my opinion, stupid! I did paint the inside of the front door though!

  3. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I’ve been writing in OpenOffice today and it was underlining EVERY word in red. It was making me crazy! lol. Technology, eh?

    Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for the picture of your little chip munk friend. Or should I call him foe? πŸ˜‰ The little bum has really set himself at odds with you, what with throwing your mulch out of his little door way, lol. That is so funny and so cute. Awww, I love little animals like that. It’s absolutely hilarious that he came back hoping for another dirt bath. Heehee. I think I’d be crazy enough to remove the mulch and let him have at it. πŸ˜€ But only because I find chipmunks so elusive and so particularly cute with their little striped backs.

    For some reason, this reminds me of a teensy little sand crab I once saw at a beach in Florida. I was just sitting there, enjoying the ocean when I noticed a couple of grains of sand go flying down low, by my feet. I didn’t think too much about it and it happened again, so I looked more closely. There was a teensy tiny little sand crab, the very color of the sand and probably only about 1/8 of an inch in width digging a little hole in the sand. He was working so hard and I’m sure he thought he was making great progress, but I was amused that with every dig and subsequent fling of the sand he was actually only moving about 7-8 grains. πŸ˜€ It was a good reminder about perspective. I was so fascinated I watched him (or her) for a while until I could no longer spot him.

    And yes, that peacock blue is gorgeous! I can’t decide which way I prefer your door, with or without the kick plate. Both versions look great to me, but a bit of change is nice once in a while. Your front porch, like your napping porch is so pretty and welcoming. πŸ™‚

    • I’m even crazier — I would have given him his own bowl of dirt! I really do things like that for critters/animals. πŸ™‚

  4. I say “Be Brave and Unpredictable” and go with the Peacock color…get that paintbrush out and it wouldn’t take any time at all if you did it yourself! I’ve painted my door many times over…easy, peasy!

  5. Yesterday you mentioned you were looking for a possible replacement to plant where you had the Leyland Cypress. Might I suggest you consider the Japanese Blueberry tree (Elaeocarpus decipiens)? This beautiful evergreen is a fast grower and spreads wide and well as grows tall (I’ve read it can get up to 20 ft wide and 40 ft tall). It makes a dark blue-black ornamental berry and some of it’s leaves turn a great reddish color at various times of the seasons. The only problem is that is prefers more than less sun. My friend planted them in her shaded back yard, and she fights fungus on the leaves. Mine are on the south side of my house and have more than doubled in size over the past 5 years. If your weather and sun exposure can support it, I highly recommend this gorgeous tree.

  6. He’s so freakin cute! I would name him. That’s what we do. We have a rabbit who likes to visit and his name is Ralph. Of course, he could be a she but it is what it is! πŸ™‚

    I like the door without the plate too. Painting the outlets is what I would have done also. In fact I did just that with some outlets at the cabin, and I’ll have to do it again soon for the deck. BTW, I came up to the cabin early this week and am here now and the deck is almost finished! Just a couple more days assuming it doesn’t rain and we are good to go!

  7. Susan I agree with you the door looks much livelier without the brass at the bottom and adds height as you had hoped. One small suggestion as I viewed this post and you explained about moving the pot to the side with the plug outlet…look at the picture of the pot and view with your mind’s eye this plant in a lovely brass pot instead of the multicolored one! It would also go better with the brass door handle, n’est ce pas?
    With joy,

    • I had planned to put two tall urns on the porch, one on either side of the door with Kimberly Ferns. I saw that look somewhere last summer and loved it, but could never find two black urns that I liked. I found one but not two. Then this summer with Max sick and then sodding, haven’t had time to go look. I will do that definitely before next year…may get a chance to look this fall. Thanks for the suggestion, Sylvia…I’ll move the multi-colored one to the back porch when I find the right pot(s).

  8. So glad you didn’t change the color of the door–I think of it as your trademark! We are going with a sunny yellow (not terribly bright) on our doors. Our siding is pale gray, so it really pops!

  9. Hey Susan,

    My house is dark brown with white trim, my door is currently blah white, what color would you paint it if it were your house?


    • Susa since your colors are so neutral, sounds like you could go with almost any color. Since it’s a dark brown, I’m not sure I’d go with a light color, I think I’d go pretty saturated/bold. Do you have an ipad? I was just thinking, you could pull up some colorful doors on Pinterest on an ipad and hold those up against the brown to get an idea how that would look. I guess the door would be right up against the white trim but pretty much anything will go with the white. I’ve started a board on Pinterest, so you can see some colors on there. If I’m trying to decide on a color, I usually buy the smallest amount I can, like a sample can or a quart and then I paint a white poster board with the paint and tape it to the wall or door. That way you can see a big chunk of the color before you commit and paint the door or wall. You can find the poster board at Walmart.

  10. Love your red door Susan. I also took off the brass kickplate on my door a while back. My cats go outdoors during the day and sometimes make big messes trying to flush the voles or other critters out of their holes. That chipmunk is cute, but he sure makes a mess!

  11. One of the best changes we made to our home was to install a Dutch door and paint it red. I L O V E driving up to our house and seeing the red door. Everyone knows that when the Dutch door is open, they are welcome to drop by and with out southern California weather, the top of the door is open most of the time during the day.

    Your door is beautiful.

  12. The color peacock blue is absolutely gorgeous. The chipmunk photos are priceless.

  13. Hi Susan,
    I am interested in your color suggestion for Susa’s front door as my house has similar colors. My house has a dark brown brick on the first floor with white siding on the second floor. There is a lot of greenery in the front with shrubs and an ivy growing over the brick. The door is white – what color would you suggest for it?
    P.S. I do understand that your blog is about your home, and I don’t want you to feel obligated to answer my question. However, if you do have advice it would be greatly appreciated! Your blog really inspires me and I enjoy reading it!

  14. Hmmm… I’ve had a red front door for 15 years and have been pondering a change… that peacock color is amazing! Love how those simple touches totally perked up your lovely porch! Thanks for sharing, Susan –
    xo Heidi

  15. Dear Mulch Queen, The door looks great, the lawn is down, the chipmunk is cute….aren’t you tired???
    Doesn’t your back hurt? Mine does, just from reading about you hauling all those bags of mulch everywhere! I do hope you took time out to go to Haven, but since you have not mentioned it, I’m being nosey and suggesting you take a play day…..or mental health day, as I call them!

    Call Marie and go to lunch! The chipmunk will still be there, the lawn will grow and the door will still be red, plus you will enjoy them more after relaxing a bit. Keep mulching, and hugs from Vicki in KY.

    • Ha! I did go to Haven…just haven’t had time to post about it. It was fun, but exhausting, too. πŸ™‚ Marie and I are long over due for a luncheon…thanks for reminding me to stop and smell the roses…or is it the mulch? πŸ˜‰

  16. I prefer the door without the kick plate too…I think it makes it look cleaner too for some reason.?? “Alvin” is a cute little bugger…I use to catch them when I was a kid..we kept one as pet..he was great..then one day my stupid oldest brother take him out while the cat as inside and yep…he got him and he didn’t make it..he loved cabbage I must say we ate a lot for cabbage while he was with us…I also have memories of getting bit quite often too…nothing like being a kid in the country.!!

  17. Love the photos you got of Mr. Chipmunk! If you would like some black urns, I would like to suggest buying concrete ones and painting them black. That’s what we did and they look fine. A negative is that there are no drainage holes and they are extremely heavy. You’d probably have to pay for someone to deliver them!

  18. WHAT, Susan?!
    There are typos and misspelled words in your posts, lately?
    Hey, I’m trying to learn English, here! LOLOL
    Love yur red dor and thet Mista Chippmunk! (See, what I mean?!) πŸ˜‰
    ~Hugs to you~

  19. Your front door was my inspiration ( and I’m still loving it. Love your new tweaks.

  20. Mary from Virginia says

    LOVE That Peacock Blue. I can totally see it on your door with your beautiful white trim and black shutters. It would be lovely if you ever tire of your trademark Red.

    We are getting new shutters and I am once again looking at paint for the house. My brick has a lot of orange-red undertones, but presents itself as a light brown brick from far away. The roof color is called weathered and looks grey-brown. The trim is wrapped in a Clay color-which I love. If anyone wants to offer ideas I am all ears! I think a couple of us are hijacking your blog for decorating assistance!

    You may keep Alvin, Theodore, and Simon all to yourself. I’m dealing with Rocky the flying squirrel in my back yard.

    Go rest!

  21. Peggy Thal says

    Love your door Susan! I have a red on too. Never get tired of it. Last time I had a deep purple one. I loved it for a while but red is my favorite. I would like 2 urns by your front door- one on each side. I like everything balanced. I think it would look very elegant and maybe larger pots. Now with your trees gone your front porch really shows off. I too adore chipmunks. They are the cutest. I once left the front door open and one ran in my home. Luckily when I opened the back door he ran right out. My poor dog kind of freaked out. The craziest animal I have had in my house was a mongoose. In Hawaii it ran in when the door was left open a second. Luckily got him out without a big deal.

    • Peggy, that’s a riot! I had a squirrel get in the house once…he tried to chew his way out through my breakfast window. I wasn’t home at the time and the dog had him cornered, I guess. He ended up leaping out an upstairs bedroom window! He was fine and scampered off. I’ve also had a bird in the house…came in via the chimney. We got him out without incident, too. Thanks for the vote for red! πŸ™‚ Yep, I’m thinking two urns, too…maybe tall ones. Couldn’t find what I wanted last year and didn’t have time to look this year. Maybe I’ll find some in time for next summer.

  22. Susan, it was great seeing you at Haven, even if only in passing. I love your front door and wish we could paint ours a beautiful color. Shh, don’t tell our HOA, but I did change it from dark brown to black. Yeah, exciting, huh? Your little chipmunk friend is adorable- it’s so funny that the mulch would keep him out of your geranium- I would have never imagined that would work.

    • Sheila, sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk more…glad I saw you, though! Those HOAs can be a pain, I know. Black is stately and elegant so I bet it’s pretty! Yea, I feel kind of bad ruining his dirt bath party. lol

  23. Toni Fleischmann says

    I work as a Personal Assistant for a lady who LOVES turquoise and has varying shades of it through out her home. She has a stately front porch with columns and this very Peacock Blue is one I suggested shehave painted on her front door…..when she gets up the courage! :o) I think it will be stunning and perfect for her! I love a red front door though….great job Susan.

    • Oh, she should def go for it! Show her that picture…maybe that will get her to try it. It’s just paint, right? Can always go back to another color if it doesn’t work. I may just do it one day myself! πŸ™‚

      • Toni Fleischmann says

        Actually I’m almost 100% positive it was this picture that inspired us…..found it online. Thanks for the encouragement.

  24. What a cute little chipmunk! My English Setter would love to have him over for lunch. πŸ˜‰

    Instead of chipmunks, we have spoiled squirrels in our backyard. I used to feed them on an old feeder attached to the giant Chinese elm in the back, but since the tree expert told us the elm was 3/4 dead and would need to go soon, I put a new squirrel feeder up on one of the locust trees today. Apparently, the squirrels didn’t like the fact that they had to work for their food now. Unlike the old, open design feeder, the new one looks like a little house with round holes for squirrels to enter on two sides and a jar filled with food attached to the third free side. To get to the food, a squirrel needs to enter the “house” and grab the goodies from the jar. My squirrels apparently thought that was too much work – they were sitting on top of the feeder most of the evening and complaining. I haven’t heard that much squirrel chatter in a long while.

    • Jelena, that is too funny! Who makes that feeder?

      • I got it from Drs. Foster & Smith, Susan. I am not sure that I can post a link here (usually, blog sites automatically block comments with links in them as “spam”), but if you go to drsfostersmith-dot-com and look under the heading Wild Birds, you’ll find “squirrel under glass” feeder.

        By the way, my squirrels finally decided this morning to take advantage of the new feeder since the old one was not getting filled any more. πŸ™‚

  25. I love your door without the kickplate it does make it seem shorter with it on. I think I’ve seen the paint color for my front door when I get tired of the black that’s there, so far I’m still liking it!

    • I think so, too. What color are you thinking about…the red or the blue? πŸ™‚ Black is always in style and always classic. I think that’s the color of Mary Carol Garrity’s front door, if I’m remembering correctly.

  26. Great idea moving the fern. Helps a lot. I actually painted my outlet cover to match the brick. Helps even more. Love the pictures of the chipmunk. I’d say he has found a new home!! lol..xo marlis

    • That’s a great idea, too! Really, really make it disappear that way. What is it about us wanting to make those things totally disappear? I used to always wallpaper my outlet covers inside when I wallpapered a room.

  27. I love your red door without the kick plate. It makes your home so warm and welcoming from the curb. I also love the whimsical mosaic pot with your fern. I am a new follower of your blog so I must ask: Did you make or purchase the mosaic pot on your porch? Thanks for your inspiration!

  28. Hi Susan, Your front yard and porch transformation is coming along so nicely! If you are seriously thinking of changing your front door color so drastically may I suggest that you first purchase either a roll of wrapping paper in that color or plain white craft paper, paint it with the new color, then hang it on your door for a day or two to see what you think of the new effect. A front door has such impact on the entire house! Also, I saw a new brass door knocker (gorgeous) on the Monticello website and thought of you immediately!! It’s rainy and very dark here in CT today, but I hope you are having a wonderful day. Linda

    • Thanks, Linda for reminding me of that. I do that with poster board when I’m thinking of painting walls inside. That’s a great idea for a door, too because doors can be a pain to paint. Thanks for that reminder…great advice. I’ll check out the Monticello site, I really do need a door knocker, looks so empty without it.XO Hope the sun comes your way,soon. It’s dreary here too but the sod needs the rain so I’m not complaining. lol

  29. Since you can’t decorate the freshly painted front door, what about putting something on the sidelights? Three mini-wreaths on each one, or mini-flower baskets.
    Love the peacock blue door!!!

  30. Great post. The door looks great. I recently read another blog so similar to this but she chose a blue called Behr’s Harbor, similar to the blue you showed. I thought it appropriate to read her blog and see how you like the color she chose and the way she describes the process. from “Jen at”

  31. Susan, your front porch is beautiful! I love your red door and I love your black lanterns and your brass hardware. The box is well hidden now, you are so cleaver painting the sockets brown to match the box! Your fern is so pretty, I love that pot! We don’t have chipmunks but we have lots of squirrels! I wonder if your chipmunk has a friend? We have a blackbird that has adopted our backyard and hangs out with our 2 geese pets and today we have a flock of pigeons on our feeders! I thought pigeons were town birds but apparently these have expanded their territory to include us. They must be tired of fast food πŸ™‚ Reading your posts and seeing your redo updates is always a treat!

    • Nancy, do you think your birds are mourning doves? They look a little like pigeons. When they fly away, their wings make a funny whistle-like noise. You can see and hear them here:

      • What a cool bird website! I will have to visit it again, thank you! Ya, sure they are pigeons. The first time we saw one on our feeder we thought it was a giant dove! We were amazed and took pictures, but after watching it and seeing more come we realized they were pigeons. They have visited only a few times, we haven’t seen them in a while. I love doves, they are so sweet. I love their coo πŸ™‚ Not smart nesters though. I always tell the pigeons to follow us home for a good meal .. guess I will have to stop with the invitations, they are bringing their friends now!

  32. We painted our door Heritage Red a few years ago, and I LOVE it! So, of course I love yours, too. I’m always partial to black or red doors, but that peacock blue door is stunning! Great pics of Mr. Chipmunk!

  33. Susan…I love that color on the door!!!….I wish we could have a receptacle cover like the one that you just installed…however, due to our “code” here, we have to have this large clear box over ours and it really gets in the way, not to mention not very attractive…I am going to re-check that “code” to see if we can install the ones you purchased!..and a great idea about the mulch in the pot…he is a cutie…but those cuties can make a mess!…Have a wonderful weekend Susan…

  34. I love your red door, too. I have had a red (more of a BAMA crimson) door for over 20 years on more than one house. Do you remember Lynette Jennings? Well, she suggested painting your front door yellow when placing it on the market. So, I did that for our last home. It did sell quickly, but I have no idea if the door had any thing to do with it. Currently, I am thinking about changing the door color. But, what if I jinx my team:-)? I’m joking about the jinx (don’t believe that stuff) but serious about going with a yellow. That Peacock Blue sure is pretty, though.

  35. Susan… Loving the cheery red on your front door. I love it w/out the Brass plate tho. I agree that the eye ‘doesn’t stop to rest’ since the color continues from top to bottom ( or vise-versa). I’ve just gone to a Black Stain on my front door (took us several weeks w/a Family loss) from a ‘weathered-brown’ stain that was “crying out for a face lift”. We love it; that Teal door is STUNNING, but our HOA would have run us out of the neighborhood INSTANTLY!!! Our next house, before yr.’s end, we hope, somewhere around the ATL ( closer to the Grands than the 1,000+miles now ) will get a beautiful new color like the Teal of the Peacock Feathers.

    Love your Chipmunk stories. There’s always a laugh, or just ‘Plain Fun’ reading your stories. Thank you!!

    Verne fj

  36. Can’t decide which I like better, the red door or the chipmunk!

  37. I thought when you spelled which as “witch” that your computer automatically changed whatever you had typed to witch like my phone does when I’m sending a text. Shhhhh. I won’t tell if you don’t tell. πŸ˜€

    • Lori, it may have. lol I just added something that is supposed to auto correct spelling and I’ve found a few places where it changed words I didn’t want changed. Where did I use that word in the post? πŸ™‚ I’ll see if I can find it.

      • It’s in this postr. It just made me smile because my phone does this to me all the time. It drives me crazy! How dare a phone or computer think they are smarter than we are! I find it pretty comical.

        • Exactly…drives me nuts! Do you remember which post it was? I just added the program to my computer about a week ago. I love when it auto corrects words but not when it changes the meaning! πŸ™‚

    • I added two programs…one is called Phrase Express Launch and I’ve forgotten the name of the other one. I may have to remove them, if they are changing words incorrectly. It works on your computer so wherever you’re typing (comments, posts, email, etc…) it does change the word, apparently not always for the correct word. πŸ™‚ I can’t find it in that post now…let me know where you saw it. Thanks!

  38. PEACOCK BLUE——–LOVEIT!!!!!!!

  39. Mary Lancaster says

    I love that Peacock Blue. However I looked on Benjamin Moore Paint chart and it doesn’t look that color at all. Is that the Name of it or does it have another name or number or something? It is beautiful. I want to use it. I love the red door on your house. I always enjoy your blog. Beautiful house and wonderful ideas:) Please let me know on paint.

    • Hi Mary, that’s what they called it where I found that picture. Click on the “source” of the door that I have linked right below the photo and it will take you to the page where I found the door. It does seem deeper/richer on the door than the colors I just found online. I wonder what it looks like in person? Here’s another site showing the color: It looks a little more like it on that site. Also, seeing it against all that white trim may intensify the color. Let me know if you go buy a sample, if it looks like the picture of the door.

  40. Madonna A says

    I am searching for the perfect white to paint our pinky-red brick house. I adore the chalky white in the pic with the amazing peacock blue BM door. Do you gave any record of that color? I tried to go to source but I seems to be on old Keller Williams listing. Thank you sooooo much!

    • Madonna, this was where the photo was found: It may be a Benjamin Moore color since the blue is a BM color. I’m sorry, the article doesn’t appear to say where the white color is from. Whenever I need paint advice, I ask the guys at my Benjamin Moore store because they work with so many decorators, they know exactly what to recommend. Hope you find that perfect white, I know how important it is to find the right one.

  41. maddie macneill says

    could you please tell me the name of your red paint color. I like the color you chose, Ill be painting my front door red cause my house is bayou blue. please tell me the name of the color you picked i really love it!!!!!!!!!! maddie Macneill

    • Thanks! It’s Benjamin Moore’s “Heritage Red.” It’s from their Aura line of paints. Last time I painted my door, not all Benjamin Moore stores carried the Aura line, so before you drive to a Benjamin Moore store to buy it, call to find out if they can mix it. One of their stores in your area should carry, maybe they all do by now.

  42. Not sure if this comment will get to you since it is from a really old post…
    Your post today (05/09/22) about changing out the Christmas scene art over your bed during warm weather reminded me of this post. I remember commenting on the door colors and naively suggesting that you have two doors, one of each color, and just “simply” change them with seasons: red during fall/winter and peacock blue during spring/summer, lol. You kindly said that it was a fun idea but too difficult to keep rehanging doors. I just checked but could not find my original comment. What was I thinking?!!

    • I don’t see the comment either. I tried to search for it to see if it was on a different post but still couldn’t find it. That does sound kinda familiar, though. πŸ™‚ I think I remember someone suggesting I repaint the door for different seasons…again more work than it’s worth. lol I dread every time it has to be repainted because the Heritage Red paint is fairly glossy and shows every little blip or mistake if it’s not perfect. It’s almost time to have it painted again; recently I noticed one tiny spot near the bottom is trying to peel up.

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