Planning a Bee-Themed Table Setting & This Is What I Purchased

Welcome to the 751st Tablescape Thursday! Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on yesterday’s post! I love that so many of us have held onto our older traditional decorating magazines and I loved reading which ones were your favorite. I wasn’t surprised to see some great cooking/recipe magazines mentioned, as well! So happy to hear so many of you have held onto those older publications and still enjoy looking through them even today!

This morning I awoke with spring and spring tables on my mind. Ever since I posted this beautiful table by Brenda, a lovely BNOTP reader, I’ve been itching to pick up some cute bee dinnerware. (See more of this table here: 10 Beehives at Peaceful Valley Farm Inspired This Delightful Bee-Themed Table.)

Yellow Tulips in Bee Themed Table Setting, Bee Sweet Dinnerware


I went shopping this morning online to see what is currently available and came across this set below. I think it may be the same set Brenda has, it was the one that I kept seeing so much online. It must be a very popular pattern! It was my favorite out of all the ones I found online this morning, as well. It is available and super reasonably priced here: Bee Dinnerware on Sale.


Bee Dinnerware on Sale


I was very tempted to order the full set but I decided to start by just ordering the salad plates which are available here: Bee Salad Plates.

Bee Salad Plates


If not ordering the full set, the dinner plates can be found separately here: Bee Dinner Plates. I love this pattern!




My everyday glassware for the past 10 or so years has been this bee glassware, so I have the perfect glassware to go with this dinnerware pattern. (Bee glassware is available here in many styles and sizes: Bee Glassware.)


I also came across these. They look like wine glasses but the photos showed them being used in several ways, including for iced tea. I absolutely love the pattern! I may end up buying a few of these–they are just so cute! You’ll find these Bee Wine Glasses here: Bee Wine Glasses. Update: I found these glasses on sale here: Bee Glasses.




I really love these cute bee napkins and they are super reasonably priced. I also love how big they are! I ordered 1 set (a dozen) here: 12 Large Bee Napkins.

Bee Napkins, Great Price


These embroidered bee napkins are really beautiful and they can be ordered with a monogram! This is an example of the “I” monogram below. I think they would be gorgeous in a slightly more formal table setting. They are available here: Beautiful Linen Embroidered Bee Napkins. Also, check out the many styles of Bee Napkins here: Bee Napkins.

Linen Bee Napkins, Embroidered


These bee napkins (and napkin ring) are also really cute and are available here: Bee Napkins AND Bee Napkin Rings.

Bee Napkins and Bee Napkin Rings



In shopping for bee-themed napkin rings, these were probably my favorite, but they were a bit more than I wanted to spend. I do really like them, though! You’ll find these available here: Bee Napkin Ring.


I ended up buying these, the price was just too good to pass up! They are available here: Bee Napkin Ring.


These bee napkin rings are also really cute and they look to be a good size. I love how the wings are done! They were also priced reasonably here: Bee Napkin Ring.



I already have this bee flatware so I will probably stick with what I already have for my bee table. This bee flatware is currently on sale here: Bee Flatware.


This gold-accented bee flatware is super tempting because the yellow accent would look great with the other pieces I plan to use in my bee table! You’ll find this bee flatware on sale here: Bee Flatware and here: Bee Flatware.


Then I spotted this flatware–oh, my gosh! Sooo perfect for spring and summer!

Bee Flatware, Adorable


I love this pattern and it would be perfect in a bee-themed table setting! You’ll find it available here: Bee Flatware.


Bee Flatware, So cute


I can’t wait to put this table together to share with you for next week! In the meantime, I’m looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! Pssst: Like to know when a new blog post is up and available to read? Subscribe for email updates, it’s free and your email will never be shared. Subscribe for post updates via email here: Subscribe for Post Updates. Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. i love my bee flatware from liberty!! it is so cute and the grands notice and comment on it!!

  2. I love this bee theme table. I have a lot of Bee things, including a wondering set of vintage bee cups and saucers, but I have no bee linens. Thanks for all of this. I need to do some shopping.

  3. Who knew that there are so many cute bee items! Thanks for gathering them all together!

  4. Love this post! I too collect bee themed decor. Most are vintage, but I am always on the lookout for new stuff. The linens are so tempting, as well as the glassware. Where to stop… is good, two is a pair, three starts the collection! Thank you for the spring inspiration.

  5. Loving the bees. Last year or the year before Williams Sonoma had bee items. I picked up the salad.plates and napkins. Usee the napkins often but still have used the plates. I have no idea why I haven’t used them. I was hoping to add a couple of pics but at this moment not sure if I can.
    Thank you for the bees. Lovely

    • Oh, I remember seeing those plates in WS last year. They were really cute! I think I may have shared some photos of them in a post when I shared a shopping trip there. Definitely pull those out this spring, Peg!

  6. Kathie Posner says

    Hi Susan,
    The piece of mail I opened after yours was from Mackenzie Childs, more bee things for you to see and enjoy.

  7. My cousin is a beekeeper here in the State of Virginia. His bee-keeping stories are absolutely fascinating. When I see bee-themed products, I always think of my cousin who goes to the farmer’s market every Saturday with his bee products.

    • I would love to go out and gear up and see a real bee-keeping operation! I’m always fascinated by bee keepers and some just handle the bees with no protection at all!

  8. All the bee things are so cute, but I just love those salad plates, and the gold trimmed flatware! Such a fun theme – I can’t wait to see your table! Thanks so much for hosting, and Happy Mid-February! 🙂

  9. Oh my, I love all these pieces you’ve linked. I have the glassware, and a couple sets of salads I’ve bought in the past. Seriously, more dishes than I can possibly ever host guests with, and thats why I love just picking up salad plates now. It’s so fun to mix things up. Looking forward to your upcoming table, Susan!
    Oh, and magazines? I used to save mine too, but downsizing made it easy for me to chuck them all. I even purged the tear out sheets I saved previously in notebooks (and donated the notebooks to ReStore). It was little feats like that that made me feel so accomplished in creating space when downsizing. I’ve tried really hard to maintain that sense of minimalism, but dishes are definitely my downfall!!

    • Tina W Reynolds says

      I could have written your post! I just wanted to say, “Me too!” when it comes to sets of dishes. As for the magazines, I held onto so many for so many years. I kept them all organized, in order! I know that my super-downsizing is coming so I tried and tried to find someone young who would love to spend happy hours looking through them. Once upon a time, our library took such collections and sold them for 10 cents or 25 cents each to raise little discretionary funds for the librarians. Covid ended that! Here we are 3 years in and they still think germs will be transmitted on magazines! I donated a few to a nursing home. I cried the day I dumped many at the recycling facility. They represented many happy, relaxing hours. But…no way will I part with any of my china/dishes/napkins! Ha!

      • I think I would have cried, too Tina. I remember taking a ton of magazines to the recycling dumpster at my son’s middle school many years ago. I found myself struggling to toss them in. It was hard parting with all those magazines. It made me want to stop and read them all again. But I held onto the Traditional Home and Colonial Homes–couldn’t let those go. And, yes! No parting with the dishes! lol

    • I do that a lot, too…just go with the salad plates if I have dinner plates that I know will work with those. I know it’s so hard downsizing or as some people say, right-sizing. Don’t part with anything you really love, Rita! It does feel good to donate/sell those things were are using and don’t fit our lifestyle anymore, though.

  10. Susan, your collection of bee items is wonderful and I love it all! I have those bee dishes by Certified International – I just haven’t set a table with them yet. I think you will love them too with their pretty soft colors. I found mine at Home Depot a couple of years ago – of all places. Who knew? I am so so tempted by the Liberty bee flatware – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for gathering all these delectable items in one post. Wishing you a lovely evening!

  11. Susan, it must have been hard to resist not buying the whole bee place setting 🙂

  12. This looks to “bee” a grand idea for a theme! I particularly love the napkin rings with flowers.

  13. Elinda Turner says

    Susan, I have been thinking of getting the gold bee flatware also. Overstock has it on sale now for $163.34 with free shipping. It is the 45 piece set.

  14. franki parde says

    So tempting…but…”BEEUTIFUL!!!” franki

  15. Enjoyed reading the BEE theme ideas! Love the the tablescapes especially the gold/silver flatware.
    Thanks for the ideas.

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