Planning for More Storage in the Basement, Do You Recognize This Ikea Cabinet?

Welcome to the 725th Metamorphosis Monday! A couple of months ago I shared this photo of the semi-finished side of my basement prior to having it painted. Everything seen in the photo below was moved over to the unfinished side during the painting process.


In January, the walls on the unfinished side will be dry-walled/sheetrocked.


After talking with several drywall companies, the general consensus was to leave the two concrete walls with the pretty brick pattern, as is. I liked that idea since I do like how the painted brick pattern looks on those two walls.


Once the drywall is finished, Granite Garage will be installing the same flooring I had installed when I completed the garage makeover. I can’t wait to see this installed on the unfinished side of the basement!

Granite Garage Flooring, Garage Makeover


Once the drywall is done and the flooring is installed, I’d really like to do something about the storage along this wall. Currently, I’m using two, 5-tiered, open-shelving units that used to be in the garage. They’re okay, but I’d prefer 3-5 cabinets with doors for a neater appearance, even if this is just the “unfinished” side of the basement. I’d like the cabinets to be a couple of inches deeper than my current shelving which is 18 inches deep.


I saw this photo on Ikea’s website in an inspiration photo collage, but I’ve been unable to find these cabinets on their website. I’m not sure what they’re called, they may be part of the Pax System since they are shown in a bedroom. I would prefer them to be all one color though–not two-toned.


This Besta cabinet looks similar, but it’s only 16-1/2 inches deep which is definitely too shallow. I like how it looks, though!


I’ve found the search feature of the Ikea website super frustrating. It pulls up hundreds and sometimes thousands of results no matter what term I type in. Arggh. So I’ve ended up using Google which isn’t much better. I found something called Platsa, but it doesn’t appear to be available on the US website. It doesn’t look deep enough either. Again, I’d like the cabinets to be at least 18 inches deep and preferably 20-22 inches deep.


Do you recognize these cabinets or know what they are called? I may just have to visit the Atlanta store in person in January or February to find out what these are. If they are Pax, that may not work since Pax is designed to use for wardrobe storage, I think.


Can’t wait to get these basement updates going in January! Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Just curious why you don’t have your handyman build them for you? Should be an easy job, even if you buy cabinet fronts that look more “polished”. I had a pantry built in and could customize the size of the shelves to exactly accomodate the items I wanted to store, both in depth and height. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

    • I think it would be a lot more expensive to have custom-built shelves, especially with wood prices these days. Also, I may take them with me if I ever move, so I like that option. Janet, do you remember how much it was when you had your cabinets built…and what year was that? Also, did they have doors? I really want doors to hide stuff away. In the past when I’ve gotten quotes for shelving, even in the garage, it was thousands of dollars.

      • I’m sorry, I really don’t remember because it was in conjunction with a number of other projects and was at least 12 years ago. I was extremely pleased with the outcome however. I have moved ikea cabinets and bookshelves in the past with varying success. The pressed board doesn’t hold well when torqued and frequently will come undone by breaking at the corner joints where the cam bolts are. It is often cheaper to replace them than pay to move when risk of breakage is high. Just one opinion. I’m sure you’ll decide based on your circumstances. We are also considering one last move to be closer to grandkids. Life’s too short to miss out on their milestones.

  2. It’s the Pax wardrobe with Meraker doors. See here:

    Those doors aren’t available in the US, but Ikea is known for being hackable, search for the product you like + “ikea hack.”

    The website is meh, but you do know you can set the depth choices under the dropdown menu “Size” (scroll down). At least it’s not Target’s website, that place is a poorly coded nightmare.

    • Thanks for finding that, Rachel! Ummm, yup it’s got a hanging rod, which I def don’t need. Also, pretty pricey. I need to keep searching, I guess.
      Thanks again for finding it on their website!

  3. I’ve never been to an Ikea store; I know I’d get lost in there for hours. Thanks so much for hosting each week and have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. franki Parde says

    I can see why you like that cabinet!! Really NICE!!! franki

    • Kitchen cabinets and shelving in general are getting more shallow too. We have some that are 11 inches and some newer ones that are 10.5.

  5. I bought unfinished kitchen pantry cabinets from Lowe’s. 80 inches tall, either 24 or 36 wide and 24 inches deep. You could buy finished but I preferred to paint them. You can screw them to wall and unscrew them if you leave. They were delivered assembled.

  6. Basement is looking great. I am not familiar with those cabinets. Sorry, I know I’m no help. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Have a joyous time with your family. XO- MaryJh

  7. A Restore store may have cabinets in the size you want. Also, goodwill or other thrift stores oftentimes have very cheap cabinets. I used a $100 dining room buffet and hutch in my bedroom closet for years. It provided great storage.

  8. Susan, I’ve followed you for years, admiring your changes to your home, as well as your organization. I hope those Lowes cabinets work out for you. I found IKEA’s website unusable and the one store I went in disorganized. You mentioned taking the cabinets with you if you move closer to family. I’m curious if you would buy a large, gorgeous home like your current one or downsize. We were forced to downsize by illness and disability. We too love very far from family and it’s far too frigid for us to move. Our solution is a smaller size Class C RV that fits in state and national parks as well as more permanent parks. It also gives our children the opportunity to travel with their children by borrowing our RV. Sometimes we house sit for them, keeping pets happy and allowing them to travel worry free. The smaller RVs are easy to drive, especially with all the cameras and safety features of cars. As independent and adventurous as you are, I thought I would tell you about this unique solution to spending more time with grandchildren while benefiting the whole family. I love the flooring you chose for your garage and basement. It’s beautiful and practical. Can’t beat that! Keep inspiring us, Susan with your innovative and beautiful design ideas, clothing and gift recommendations. I often find gifts and new clothes from your recommendations.

  9. Tina W Reynolds says

    I am with you on replacing open shelves with cabinets that have doors. As I get older, and weirdly seem to be even more busy, I am frustrated by dust and dirt. I think that doors really help. I live in an urban setting and our city/state allowed our street and the street one block over to become the lanes of a four-lane state highway! This is an old neighborhood with many homes that were lovely family homes with large shade trees. Now, after 3 decades as a highway, we have numerous semi-trucks and a great deal of traffic. I have noticed that we get a special “brand” of dust! LOL! Anyway, it is discernable as pollution residue from a lot of those trucks. Plus, in two areas of the house, I suffer from kitty litter dust! Those lovable little fur people are fastidious litter excavators! So, this explains why I am ALWAYS dusting, indoors, and outdoors in the garage! Cabinets, and cabinets with pretty good doors, too…yes, please!

  10. Tina W Reynolds says

    Also, I forgot to mention, if anyone out there is thinking about cabinets, do measure all of the stuff you want to put in. I have wondered if any cabinet makers will ever design a special place for platters, chargers, big bowls, etc! Sometimes they defy geometry and just will not fit no matter how you contrive to place them. It is safer and easier to access things like that if they can lay flat. It would be a dream to have such a cabinet. My current solution is to dedicate a shelf in a closet adjacent to my dining room. I am so lucky to have an old house with big closets. But this solution is not ideal and usually not available to most people.

  11. Merry Christmas!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party!! I truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into it! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  12. I have a Pax storage system and it was very flexible in terms of its “innards.” You do -not- have to have a clothes rod (I don’t). I have a combination of drawers, racks and shelves. I couldn’t use the website (terrible), so I went to the store, where a designer stood with me and helped me until we had a great design. It was far cheaper (as in thousands) than custom made, and it was all delivered for $99. We have been super satisfied with it. It’s sturdy, and if not gorgeous, looks good. You have lots and lots of door options, including a very simple white lacquer, which is what we went with, thinking to just let the beast blend in with the decor :). You do not have to buy your hardware there; get some nice handles and that improves it a lot,

  13. Ana Barnett says

    Found on the following cabinet on
    It’s the right dimensions, not sure if it’s as polished as you may like.
    Ready-To-Assemble Jumbo GearBox
    by Gladiator®

  14. I found that cabinet with Google lens. It’s the Pax/Meraker wardrobe. This link popped up but I don’t see the US one.

  15. Try Lowes for these storage cabinet. They hold a lot of stuff and more shelves can be added. They are also very deep…and not expensive! Love your blog.

    Estate 38.5-in W x 70.375-in H Wood Composite White Wall-mount Utility Storage Cabinet
    Item #348193

    Model #ESM3970SW

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