So…How Do You Feel About Purple?

Welcome to the 748th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had a restful Memorial Day weekend and are enjoying some additional time off today. When I last shared the basement storage/work room, the painting was mostly finished except for the windows and some areas that needed a bit of touch-up. Before I share how it looks now, here’s a photo of where we started. This side of the basement was functional for storage but not very pleasant to be in.


I started trying to improve this area by doing a search for the best paint for basement foundation walls and found several articles recommending a paint called DryLok. I painted this concrete wall and another wall behind me (not visible) with DryLok, the product I most saw recommended for basement walls. DryLok is thick, much thicker than regular paint, so it’s a workout to apply, plus they recommend you do at least two coats. I did apply two coats and went back and applied a third coat in areas I felt needed it. It definitely lightened up the room some.


Each time I made one improvement here in the unfinished side of the basement, it made me want to keep going! I decided the visible insulation on the other two walls of the basement definitely needed hiding.


Prior to hiding the insulation with drywall, I had additional lighting added to the staircase leading down to the basement since I knew it would be much easier to reach the electrical stuff while the walls were still open. Two overhead recessed lights and stairstep lighting were added at that time. I also had a whole house surge protector and an additional 4-gang outlet added to the storage room. Later, when the electrician came back to add additional lighting to the storage room, he commented how thankful he was that he was able to add the lighting to the staircase before the walls were completed.

Basement Stair Lighting


Covering up all that insulation with drywall was a huge step in this renovation. I thought adding walls would make the space feel smaller but it had the opposite effect and actually ended up making the room feel bigger. After the drywall was added, I could not wait to get something done with the flooring.

Updates for unfinished basement


I went with the same flooring I chose for the garage a few months back. Granite Garage did another awesome job installing the flooring here in this storage room. I learned during that time that in addition to garages, they do a lot of basements and patios, so it’s pretty common to have this type of epoxy flooring installed in basements. After it was installed, I noticed the flooring looked darker here than it does in the garage. That’s when I realized the two, sad-looking, bare light bulbs lighting this space had to go.

Epoxy Flooring for an Unfinished Basement Storage Room


The electrician came back and added 10 recessed lights and what a difference it made! Now the floor looked the same as it did in the garage–so much lighter. Okay, how about a reveal now that all the painting is finally complete!

New Flooring, New Lighting, Basement Storage Room


Here’s how this room looks today. I took this photo with a wide-angle lens so that’s why the room looks extra long. This room is pretty long, though. I was curious about its dimensions so I measured it today. It’s 11-1/2 feet wide by 31 feet long.

Storage Room Makeover


You may remember I had thought about having open shelving in this space, but ultimately I chose closed storage cabinets.

Storage Room Renovation


When I first finished the garage renovation, I had plans to store lanterns atop the shelves. After seeing how that looked, I ended up removing them because I loved the clean, uncluttered look of the garage.

Complete Garage Makeover


That’s kinda what happened here. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted closed storage for this room. I know several of you recommended open storage since open shelving lets you store larger items, especially in large storage bins. See that open door there at the end?

Storage Room Renovation


That door leads to this storage room where I have a good bit of open storage space already. So that’s one of the reasons I decided to go with closed storage cabinets in the main storage room.

Basement Storage, New Lighting


Here’s how this room looks from the other end.

Storage Room Updates, Epoxy Flooring, Painting, Lighting


I’ll be adding one more storage cabinet once they are back in stock.

Storage Area Updates, Lighting, Painting, Flooring


The Workbench: Do you remember my old workbench that used to be along this wall?


I couldn’t resist spiffing it up a bit for its newly upgraded surroundings. lol

Storage Work Room Updates


After running every color of the rainbow through my head, trying to decide what color to paint the workbench, I decided to go with the same color I chose for the potting bench here in the garage. I was surprised to find I still had plenty of paint left over from when I painted the potting bench.

Potting Bench for the Garage


The color is a Sherwin-Williams color called, Dahlia.


I really like how this color looks with the flooring in the garage, so I thought it would work great for the workbench, too.

Granite Garage Flooring


I think it turned out really cute! It adds a bit of whimsy to this mostly black, gray, and white space. I didn’t paint the top work surface or the top of the shelf below, just the frame. I like how Dahlia looks with the stainless steel Simple Human trash can on the left, and the stainless paper towel dispenser that’s attached to the workbench on the right.

Work bench painted purple


I’ve never mentioned this before, but the reason I chose this style of trash can for this room is so it would always be open, thus making it easy to throw things away. Also, I knew I’d never place food items in this trash can, so I really didn’t see the need for a can with a lid. I like its “industrial” look and the shape was perfect for the end of the workbench. (Trash can is available here: Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Trash Can. Paper Towel dispenser is available here: Stainless Steel Towel Dispenser.)

Paint a workbench purple


When the painter was here, he called someone he knows to come out and measure for the door I’d like to have installed for the storage room at the far end of the room. Unfortunately, the person he called never came by. So I still need to find someone to help with that. I also need to purchase new faux wood blinds for the two windows at the end of the room. The old ones were a dark beige color and didn’t look good with the white walls and white trim. They’ve been donated to Goodwill. I love how the windows look wide open but since this is the basement, for safety reasons I think it would be best to have them covered. I can always raise the blinds if I want to see the windows open again.

Storage Room Renovation


We’ve come a long way since this room looked like this!


I had a couple of questions asking why I don’t have a ceiling installed. Well, there are quite a few reasons for that. If I put a ceiling in, it would require moving that big, sewer line from where it currently runs down the center of the basement, over to the far side.

Storage Room Makeover


You can see where it connects to an outside wall there at the end of the room. Also, all the ductwork would have to be moved/rearranged. I have no idea what all that would cost but I don’t think the benefit of a closed-in ceiling would probably make it worth the cost for this storage workroom. The next owner after me can do that if they decide to make this area into a bedroom, office, exercise room, etc…

Storage Room Updates, Epoxy Flooring, Painting, Lighting


Also, the other side of the basement is already finished except for the flooring–which I will probably do sometime later this year or next year. I’m itching to do some bathroom renovations next, so the flooring may have to wait a bit.

Basement After Painting


I don’t mind leaving the ceiling open on this side since this space is just being used as a work/storage/freezer room. Plus, the open ceiling really makes it easy when plumbing, electrical, etc… needs to be accessed since so much of that stuff is located here on this side of the basement.

Storage Room Renovation


If you have any questions about this renovation, please let me know. Thanks so much for coming along on this project! It has definitely been a journey and I’m looking forward to a bit of downtime before the next renovation gets underway.


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  1. Susan, you’ve done an amazing job with your vision for this space! It looks fabulous. Our previous owners did a few things to lighten up our basement, and I really appreciate it, most notably the lighting. It makes being in the basement feel like you’re in a living space. Never mind those who comment on finishing the ceiling. Leaving it as is is best. On to other projects you want to do! The table is a nice touch of whimsy, and I like how it connects to the other garage space. Have a great new week. I’m still into landscaping, but have just about finished making changes for this year. My May progress was tiring, but worth it, just like your basement efforts were.

    • Thanks, Rita! I know what you mean, lighting really makes such a huge difference! I know your gardens are looking amazing! ♥

  2. Hi,
    Love the purple! The entire renovation looks awesome.

    Did you purchase or make the tiered potholder on your potting bench? So cute!!

  3. Wow, if we had a storage space, I’d be all over these ideas! That flooring is the perfect choice: functional and beautiful.

  4. Mary Anne says

    It looks amazing! What a transformation to your already-beautiful home! Having just sold my home, I know your storage areas will be so impressive when the time comes to sell yours! Well done Susan (like everything you do!)

    • Thanks, Mary Anne! I really hope so. I remember how happy I was to see so much storage when I first moved here. People didn’t expect that much out of basements back then (33 years ago) but it’s nice when they feel more like the rest of the house and not too dungeony as mine did before. lol

  5. I LOVE your garage and basement! Both look so neat, clean and tidy! The color of your workbench is beautiful, I know you enjoy working there along with the potting bench. In my garage, next to my potting bench, I put a galvanized trash can with lid to dump the big bags of potting soil into. I found it easier to scoop potting soil when potting up plants as I always seemed to get dirt on the floor when I scooped from the big bag. No more dirt to clean up on the garage floor. I love your blog and all the great ideas and photos!

    • Thanks so much, Lorelei! I love that idea! I used to keep potting soil in the little floral can you see on the right…just dumped it right into the can. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how much moisture is in potting soil and that little can started to rust a little on the inside. I cleaned it all out and now I just store trash bags inside. If I do that again, I’ll definitely go with a can that’s not going to do that…or at least line it with a trash bag to protect the can. That’s so handy when you can just reach in and scoop out the dirt! How big is the can that you store your potting soil in? I know they make smaller ones because I purchased one to keep bird seed in at my son’s home and once when it was empty, he “appropriated” it to keep by his grill. lol

  6. How did I miss the ‘ante room’ door being a step up? Yet another unique feature in this wonderful space. The purple is perfect. If you could only match it on your blinds!

    • Yup, it used to be a crawl space, and every year when my termite guy came out to do his yearly inspection, he would open the wooden door near the top of the wall to peer into that creepy, earth-floor, crawl space. (Here in the south, all homes are supposed to be treated to prevent termites and then there’s a yearly inspection to make sure all is well.)
      Anyway, it always gave me the heebie-jeebies when he opened that door into the abyss. lol One day I asked a contractor about turning that area into storage since I was toying with turning the part of the basement I just redid into an exercise room with a bathroom. He said it could definitely be done. So they cut the opening into the crawl space and had concrete poured to create a floor. That room is directly underneath the laundry room so it was always a real space except for needing a floor. Then I had shelving built inside. So that’s why it’s a step up to go inside.

  7. It looks so pretty, love the purple painted pieces! Thanks Susan, Happy Memorial Day!

  8. Bravo, Susan! Your new basement space is perfect. I so admire your ability to plan, tackle and successfully complete your house projects. I know it’s definitely not, but you sure do make the process look easy. I’d be going up and downstairs repeatedly just to admire my efforts! Well done! You are indeed an inspiration to us all.

    • Thanks, Rosie! I keep going down to see if there’s something else I need to do down there–gotta get that third cabinet! lol

  9. Wonderful renovation. Everything looks so organized, light, bright and functional. Love the touch of whimsy purple! Enjoy your new space.
    Many blessings on Memorial Day.

  10. Love purple and you are reusing paint you already had. Why spend more money?Paint is not cheap! You did a great job on the basement!

    • You are not kidding! I was shocked by how much the Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace paint was that we used on the walls! When did paint get to be so pricy?!
      Thanks, Maureen!

  11. You have such a great space down there in the basement. It looks incredible and adds such value to your home. LOVE the purple, such a fun color! Have a great week!

  12. I guess you will start on the attic and roof next….can’t

    • lol How did you know?! I just had the roof cleaned this past week and will be blogging about that. I’m waiting for it to rain because that’s when you see the results.
      I would LOVE to turn the attic into multiple rooms, adding dormers all across the front. Wonder how much that would cost? 😉
      Next up: Bathrooms!

  13. Susan, your basement is a thing of beauty! Thank you for hosting! Have a lovely week ahead! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  14. Wow. I’m so glad you showed the progression of each step to remind us where you started. What a difference! It’s amazing and it’s gone from a dreary, hate-to-go-there room to a cheery, organized space that’s fun to visit! I’m so impressed. And I love the open window with the green peeking in. But I agree it would be wise to cover that up, unfortunately. You did such an awesome job, Susan. I like every one of the choices you made. What a great metamorphosis. I hope you do get a break before the next big project. You certainly deserve it.

    • Thanks so much, Pam! I know, I wish I could leave that window just as it is. Yup, time for a little mini-break, then on to something else. lol

  15. I love how clean and neat the storage area is now. I would not worry about closing up the ceiling. I love the color of your workbench. Is that a Christmas tree with the sheet over it in the corner? I think I would hang something on the walls to add a bit more wimsy, maybe the wreaths you had stored there before? Just a thought.

    • Thanks, Lin! It is. I have two trees, the other one is still over on the finished side. I should probably move it to the unfinished side, too. Both trees are covered with a bag designed for Christmas trees. I always placed bags over my trees when I used to store them in the garage so I just kept doing that when I moved them down here to the basement. I was going to share about the bag/covers in a post but they went out of stock shortly after I purchased mine. You can see them here though:
      They may get them back in stock as we get closer to Christmas again.

      That’s a good idea about adding something pretty to the walls. It’s always so hard to put holes in freshly painted walls. I have my corkboard above the workbench just leaning on the wall right now since I couldn’t bring myself to hang it just yet. lol

  16. Tina W Reynolds says

    I love everything about it! The ‘Dahlia’ paint is just perfect. I have a philosophy about paint colors: if it worked very well and you loved it a lot in one place…it just might be the right choice in another place, too!
    I have actually put that theory into practice with happy outcomes.
    Enjoy your new rooms! They really seem totally new!

  17. How i envy all of you who have basements. I was raised in northern Michigan and the basement was such an asset! But, alas! I moved to Louisiana as a bride….no basements here!!! I am wondering where you got the closed storage for your garage and basement? I probably overlooked it but did see where you said you would buy another when they were ‘back in stock’. Beautiful job on your basement! Nobody ever said utilitarian had to LOOK utilitarian!!!

    • Thanks so much, Carolyn! I usually buy the cabinets via Amazon. For a while they were being delivered all banged up and damaged, but Amazon appears to have gotten their act together and now they are delivered by two Amazon employees (not one struggling UPS guy) so the last few I’ve ordered have arrived in great shape.
      Currently, they are showing out-of-stock in white, you can see them here: . Also, that price is inflated, normally they are around $220-230 when they are in stock. Walmart sometimes has them in stock although they appear to be out of stock there, too. I guess everyone is doing their spring cleaning and getting organized. They will come back in stock though…I’ve seen this happen many times and they always come back in stock, so just keep checking on Amazon.
      HomeDepot carries this cabinet, but it has a different name on their website, so I’ve been reluctant to order it from there, just in case it’s not exactly the same.
      LOL I agree! We can make utilitarian feel pretty, too! 🙂

  18. Hooray for purple whimsy!!
    Susan, is there a link for the (now purple) potting table?
    Was it in a kit?
    Thank you!

  19. Turned out fantastic Susan. Love the color of the workbench! We’ll done!

  20. Sandra D, Jol says

    Love it all and the purple is a great pop of color. I can understand wanting to get it completed. Do you have professional exterminators spray your basement and foundation to keep the termites, carpenter ants, etc from invading?

    • No, it’s a professional treatment that’s done outside into the ground around the house and was also done into the concrete in the garage and the basement. I have a lifetime warranty from where mine was done, so if/when I sell my home one day, I will be able to provide a termite letter/certificate to the new owners showing that I’ve kept my inspections up all these years and that the treatment was done. I do have a quarterly bug treatment on the exterior, but that’s to keep the HUGE Palmetto bugs/roaches that we have here in the south from getting inside. The quarterly treatments also keeps ants out, too.

  21. Teresa Pasquariello says

    Susan, your basement really came together! Truly an inspiration for all of use who still have messy storage spaces. The purple looks really nice too, my daughter’s favorite color. And reading your post I discovered some more of your clever craft projects. Thanks for posting and have a great week!

    • Thanks so much, Teresa! I know, clearing out storage spaces is both mentally and physically exhausting. My son laments every time I bring up another SUV full of HIS stuff on my visits. Ha! Thankfully, I only have a few more toys to go and it’s all at his house then. 😉

  22. I lost everything I wrote again trying to click off the ads. You need to have a YouTube video of this project ! I think wooden shutters would work on the windows. Love the purple bench. You decorated the potting bench so cute, I feel the urge to paint some whimsical flowers on the work bench or glue those wooden cut out strips on the legs. Michael’s use to sell them. I have one with leaves and acorns on it.
    Mostly, we want to know what kind of vitamins you take for all this energy. LOL Where are the cubbies you have for all of your electric tools?
    Well done. We are excited for you.

    • Sorry, Myrna. Are you using a phone or iPad? I know the ads are a bit trickier to get around on mobile devices but I appreciate you tolerating them since they pay for hosting, plugins, my CDN and several other services I use for the blog and blog parties.
      I would love to do shutters down there! I have them in other areas of my house so would be super tempted to add them there. Unfortunately, the company that did my other shutters is no longer in business.
      That sounds so cute…the flowers! Love that idea! All my tools are inside their cases right now…on the shelf below. 🙂

      • If those ads were the worst thing that happened today, it would be okay. Since my computer was hacked until it blew up, I use my phone.
        You tell us about such great products, then time goes by and I can’t remember later. You need a side bar list of Susan’s favorites ! Well, maybe after you rest up.LOL

        • That’s a great idea! I should do something like that. Thanks for the suggestion! I know, computers—we love them but they drive us crazy!

  23. Looks amazing Susan. I don’t know if I mentioned it last update but I love the lavender color. I loved it on your potting bench & now on your workbench. XO_ MaryJo

  24. Susan,

    What a great space! I love the closed cabinets. Such a clean look and I think the items do not get very dusty as with open shelves. Also, love the color of the work bench. It looks a space that you actually enjoy being in.

  25. Susan,
    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it! Thank You!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  26. franki Parde says

    That purple bench/potting desk are “da bomb!!” gosh they are pretty…what a pop of paint changes!!!! WELL DONE!! franki

  27. Love it…that color looks great and your whole basement is amazing!

  28. I grew up in a small one story home in Parma, Ohio, however, it had a basement underneath the whole house so it never felt small. As a child about 1/8 of the basement was my “playhouse” although it had no outer structure, other than the basement walls, I loved having my kitchen, doll beds, basinet, dining table, etc. all together and looking like a home. My sister had another end of the basement as her grocery store. What fun we had down there! Later, one end became my pets (hamster, fish, seahorses) section. I so miss that wonderful flexible space. I live now in an area with no basements (so sad) but I LOVE what you have done with yours, what a wonderful place you have made for storage, and projects. So cheery!!! Thanks so much for sharing! -Patty

    • Thanks so much, Patty! That sounds so cute–I can just picture your playhouse area with your sister’s grocery store just down the street. 😉 How fun to grow up that way! We need more of that these days and a lot less TV/video games.

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