Found! Adorable Red Christmas Truck & Station Wagon with Tree & Wreath

What a crazy day yesterday, can you believe that on December 2nd, 23 days before Christmas, there’s no garland to be found in any of the Home Depots or Lowe’s garden centers near my home! It’s all sold out except for a couple of strands that were all withered looking and dry.

After visiting three stores without any luck (one Lowe’s and two Home Depots) I decided to try Pike Nursery, the same place I purchased all my boxwood shrubs this past summer. I held my breath, expecting high prices. Pike had both fresh garland and wreaths and I was surprised to see the price of their wreaths was right in line with Home Depot and Lowe’s. I’m pretty sure they have always been a good bit higher in previous years.

I picked out a beautiful wreath, but their cedar garland was priced at around $2 a foot, more than I wanted to spend. I like to go around my front door a couple of times for a nice, full look and just going around the door once would have cost $48 since it takes around 24 feet of  of garland, including draping it a bit over the center over the door.

Pike gives you points when you shop with them. I thought I had used up all my “Play in the Dirt” club points but surprisingly, I still had $25 left. So my wreath was only around $6 after I redeemed my points. Happy girl!



I tucked my wreath into the back of my SUV and as I headed home, I got an idea. I headed to Rick’s Farmers Market which is just a stone’s throw from my home. There I found fresh, pine, garland for a reasonable price. They had just sold out of the last of their cedar garland, after all it’s ALREADY December 2nd, ya know! (my sarcasm, not their’s) That was okay, I like pine garland a lot, too.

While there, I shared the saga of my garland and wreath hunt with the owners who are really nice. I asked how it was that they still had fresh garland at this late hour of December 2nd when all the Lowe’s and Home Depot stores near us are sold out. She told me it was because they make their own. She said the garland I was purchasing was just put together yesterday. Guess I know where I’ll be buying my garland each year!

By the time I got home, it was too late to put up the garland, but I did get the wreath hung. Not sure I’ll embellish it, some years I do, and some I don’t.



The Christmas Truck!

So, after my garland and wreath adventure yesterday, I sat down at the computer to catch up on email and do a bit more holiday shopping. I liked the little red truck with the Christmas tree in back and the wreath in front (available HERE) that I used in my centerpiece for yesterday’s Tablescape Thursday so much, I Googled to see if I could find one in a larger size. I’m not sure why, but we all seem to have fallen in love with these old nostalgic red trucks and woody cars this year!



I found one and it was perfect, but unfortunately very much sold out. Story of my life lately! It’s 18 inches long, a foot tall and has a lit tree in the back. Sooo dang cute!

Apparently it was $34.98 originally at Sam’s Club, but actually went on sale for just $25.91. Whaaaat! I’m not a member right now, but have been in the past. If I had seen this earlier, I probably would have rejoined just to buy this cute truck.


I decided to check eBay on a miracle chance someone had listed one there. Oh boy, yes they had and just look at that price! This is where all the good deals go, people! Ebay buyers scoop them up in the retail stores, then list them on eBay for a whole lot more. If this one sells, that will be one tidy profit.


I Googled a bit more and also found them on Amazon HERE for $110, still a bit pricey, but way better than $174 on eBay!



The rusty wheels in my brain started turning: a Sam’s membership right now is $45. The truck was originally $34.98. Add those together and you get $79.98. So, $110 on Amazon wasn’t looking so terrible, especially for a truck this size. A membership is totally wasted on me anyway since I don’t like long lines and buying in bulk. And I rarely shop in person these days, prefer to buy online and avoid the crazy Atlanta traffic.


So, I caved. Yes, I did! If you’ve been looking for one of these in a bigger size, you’ll find it here: Red Christmas Truck.

I noticed they’ve dropped the price from $110 to $104.90, but raised the shipping cost. I was surprised that the shipping was just $8.49 when I purchased mine since it weighs a good bit. I guess they realized they were pricing the shipping too low and raised it up, but then tried to make up for it by dropping the cost of the truck a bit.


They also had this cute thing. GAH! Killing me here! Green is my favorite color and this is just sooo cute! It’s available here: Green Christmas Wagon.

The only thing that would have made it even more perfect was if it were a woody car! Since this green wagon is a “Prime” item and shipping is free, I went ahead and ordered it today, so I can see it and compare it to the truck. If I don’t think it’s worth the cost once it arrives, I can return it easily since it’s an Amazon Prime item. Knowing my luck, I will love it and want to keep it, too. Ack!



Again, you’ll find both the truck and wagon here: Christmas Truck and Wagon.



I’m off on a Christmas Home Tour today, hope to snag some pictures to share with you! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Friends!

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  1. Susan, I ordered my garlands from this place. Sounded like a good deal plus they deliver!

    • Thanks, Becky! I just remembered somewhere else I should have checked. Trader Joe’s had pine garland in year’s past for reasonable prices. Definitely should have checked there. Thanks for the online place…will check them out, too!

  2. Hobby Lobby usually sells cars like the smaller size for about $20 if you use a coupon.

  3. Julie Williams says

    Our Christmas decor store in Atkinson, Neb. has the cutest blown glass red trucks and also Woodies with trees on top.

  4. LUV your vehicles!! I got the “little one” from Target that you showed…it arrives Monday…now to find an “empty” niche…about as easy as finding garland… πŸ™‚ franki


    Please check out this car with the tree on top at Pier One. I hope the link I copied works. If it doesn’t, it was a little red car with a tree tied on top, but it is a photo holder and is in the Christmas decor on sale. It might be too big for a place card, but I thought of your table when I saw it in their catalog. I just love all your decorations! Can’t wait to see them finished. Merry Christmas

    • Thanks so much, Mary! Love that little truck with the tree. πŸ™‚ It would make a cute place card holder if it were small enough. Cute, cute! What a great gift idea, tucked into a box along with a few photos of past Christmases.

  6. Love that red truck! And your greens are awesome.

    If you have a Menards – youmay want to try there – their greens are give-away cheap and very fresh too. : – )

    Happy Advent Season to you, Susan!

  7. Cricket Duran says

    I was at my Sam’s last week and they had oodles of both the truck and camper, I however did not pick either one up! It pains me to know you spent so much knowing how much they initially were. I have to say, I was quite surprised to see the size of them so I don’t think you will be disappointed. Picture the size of Barbie’s camper or one of the larger Tonka trucks. Definitely a steal!

  8. Well, the good news for you buying all these vehicles is that you have a grandson – as if you needed an excuse! Do you know what sometimes really holds me back from shopping more Christmas? I don’t want to add another storage bin! But I somehow still keep buying the dishes and don’t seem to have a problem, now do I? Go figure.
    Glad you found your greens. I went to Lowe’s to pick up freebie scraps, and they were out completely! I bought one small bunch of cedar (they don’t give it out for free), and I’ll go back again for the pine freebies. Need to catch them on a weekend….
    Speaking of, have a good one!

    • Rita, try some of your local tree lots. I used to go around 8 or 9 or Friday and Saturday nights to our local small tree lots, like the ones in church parking lots, etc.. and they were happy to get rid of the scraps so they didn’t have to burn them. Loved decorating the mantel with those.

  9. Maggie Amis says

    Truck and Wagon = Adorable…
    and I am right there with you…. if I can get it on line – rather than go shopping…. I hate “errand day” (because there are still just some things I have to go and GET… ) Thankfully, many Christmas items get shipped right to me!
    Happy Holidays!

  10. Renee Cook says

    I’m glad you finally found your greenery! Your wreath looks so fresh and full on the door. I love the red trucks, too. I have found that many people on the HGTV Fixer Upper Show Followers Facebook page have been using them. That’s where I first saw them displayed. I found a cute little metal truck at Tractor Supply for about $7. I put a little tree in the back and have it in my china cabinet. They look so warm and nostalgic. Merry Christmas, Susan!

  11. Looks good Susan.
    Haven’t been to Joann’s lately, but they usually have a red metal truck.
    Listening to your hunt for a fresh wreath and garland, I am reminded why I don’t have any. Every year at Christmas I was sick-really sick with bronchitis. It seems that even though I never bought a fresh tree, I would gather the fresh clippings to make the house smell good. So allergic and such a slow learner. LOL

    • Wow, definitely not worth getting bronchitis. Glad you were able to figure what was causing it. I do love the smell throughout my home when I decorate my mantel. Stay well this Christmas, Myr!

  12. Susan, you are being a naughty girl with only days til Santa comes!!! You know you’re not sending anything back! Happy weekend.

  13. Love your ideas, you are my favorite blogger. Here is my truck and thanks to you it’s been reinvented! No place for a picture, dang.

  14. Love those teucks! Too cute! Just got email from Pikes today, garland on sale 1.47 per foot for cedar and .39 per foot for white pine, if you need any more! :). Its usually a little high for things there, but I find the life is longer too than the big box stores………..

  15. I spent my whole Saturday going from store to store to store to find a plain red pickup truck for my table to match my BHG plates with the woody wagon with the tree. On my way home from a fruitless search – I stopped at Rite Aid Drug Store. They had the EXACT match to the wagon featured on the plates, red with the gold trim on the windows and tree on top! Priced at 20.99, but all Christmas was 1/2 off today – so $10.70 with tax!!!!! It is metal and can be lighted with batteries.

    • Kelly Sanchez says

      Miss Merry, I got the same truck from Rite Aide. Love that is lights up inside too. 10 bucks!! Susan, check out this car at Rite Aide. It has also has some yellow paint on the sides to make it look like the woodsy car.

    • I need to see if there’s a Rite Aid in my area. Thanks for the tip, Kelly!

  16. I had to have that Sam’s club car too. Fortunately my daughter is a member so I got that great price. So stinking cute! If you have aWorld Market near you they have this cookie jar and this sign with the same motif.
    and also this

  17. So cute!!! A few tears ago while shopping my basement, I found one of my son’s old plastic pick up trucks…….suits me just fine!! I loaded it up with tiny trees and put a ‘sale’ sign on them. Love it!!

    I also found his tractor/wagon set that I bought at a farm supply store years ago when he was small……….they are red also and I use them year round filled with different things to suit the season. Pine cones, Easter eggs, trees, pumpkins, fruit…….you get the picture!!

    • Cleo, that sounds so cute! I’ve been pulling things out from my basement for my grandsons, wonder if there’s a cute truck down there. Haven’t seen one yet, though…just all his old Tonka Trucks that are bright yellow. Would be fun to fill one of those up with pine cones are something fun.

  18. I have such a soft spot for those old red trucks! I have a handblown glass Christmas ornament like that, and I’ve saved just about every Christmasy photo with a red truck that I’ve ever found. Maybe they were still around when I was a kid, but I don’t remember them – many things that I’m fond of have roots in things I saw when I was very little. I often don’t remember them, but my sister does. For example, I have a set of stoneware dishes that I just fell in love with. I didn’t know why it gave me goosebumps, but when my sister saw them, she said, “Grandma’s kitchen!”

  19. Linda Green says

    I love your blog and the fact you show us where the items are. You have got me in a lot of trouble. I love to shop.

  20. I can relate Susan! Last week I went to Michael’s and the isles were empty! I was looking for suction cups (only needed two) and luckily found a few left! I buy fresh wreaths at our local market but always find out ahead of time when the wreaths wil be arriving so I get what I need! I love your Christmas truck! It’s precious!

  21. Linda Nixon says

    Hobby lobby have the trucks and tractor and wagon. need to add your own little tree that can be bought at dollar tree.

  22. Adorable Susan! I just saw this cute Retro Pickup Truck wrapping paper at Target that matches:

  23. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    Susan, your wreath is beautiful and the reindeer table makes me smile! I live in New England and also had trouble finding fresh greenery last week. I went to two different supermarkets who always sell traditional plain Balsam wreaths for $6, and they were both out of stock, which never happens this early in the year so I asked an associate. It turns out a snowstorm in Maine caused a delivery delay. Not sure if your greenery comes from up here or somewhere closer like the Carolinas, but that might have been the culprit for the empty shelves you encountered! Anyway, I’m back on the hunt to find a balsam wreath today – I like to decorate them and enjoy the smell, especially since we have an artificial tree, though I sometimes buy an elegant boxwood for the front door.

    • Maybe that was it. I also wondered if the drought we had been having in this area of the country…or the fires north of us had caused some issues some how. Hope you can find your wreath today. I know how frustrating it is to drive around looking for greenery, especially in heavy traffic.

  24. My first thought when I read this last week was “wow, I’m glad I don’t live in a big city! I know our Lowe’s will have plenty of garland!” We’ll I went to buy my garland yesterday and boy was I surprised! They weren’t completely out, but they only had 2 left. I’m in Joplin, and I have no idea who supplies the greenery for this area, but I hope there’s not some sort of shortage this year! I’m looking forward to seeing your beautiful porch decorated for the season!

    • I wonder if the drought we’ve been experiencing here in the southeast caused the shortage? Not sure how far north the drought extended. I don’t ever remember them being out so early, either.

  25. Christina McCall says

    Susan, so glad you found the red truck at Target. Since I e-mailed you with those red truck items, our Targets have been out of them for weeks. So I am so glad I got to get the one that looked the best in person. I also got the Mr. Deer thinking I would put him in the back of the truck holding the Christmas tree and put a fun small size Santa in the drivers seat…well, still looking for the small Santa. I love the Mrs. Deer! That is a definite item to look for tomorrow. Together they look so cute!! I also picked up a red truck ornament at Target weeks ago for $5.00. I may add some fake snow and bottle brush trees on a rustic tray and have a cute little new decoration to set out. My daughter loved the glass blown red truck and tree that I found that at Trees and Trend when I went to Jackson TN. Since she and her husband are still newly married they were excited to be buying their Christmas Tree a few days after Thanksgiving. I gave them that ornament early to put on their tree so they could enjoy it this season. My mom has been mentioning going to Sams for weeks. I am so glad I read that they have them there. I would love to find the bigger one there tomorrow!! We have about 5 Walmarts here, so I knew it would be best to get the new BH&G Red Car plates early. It is always just a relief to find what you are looking for instead of having that one or two items just lingering on your mind trying to find it for weeks during the holiday season. Amazing how much they are selling the red trucks and BH&G plates for on Ebay and Amazon…I always wondered if people really paid that much for them. Anyway, thank you Susan. I love the added reindeer and the Sams truck. Hope to find both tomorrow!! Happy Holidays!!

    • I hope you find them, Christina…let me know if you see either the red or green truck. I checked the Sam’s nearest me and they didn’t have it. I didn’t check all the Sam’s, though. It was amazing how fast everything went in Target…they really created a popular line this year!

  26. Christina McCall says

    Susan, well you had me curious. I just checked on E-Bay and that truck that was priced for 173.99 was sold……There is another one listed for 124.99 (20.75 S&H) and the Target red truck is selling for 64.99. They had 5 and only had one left. Well, I guess people are pretty happy with their profits on these items. Again, amazing.

  27. Your wreath looks great just as it is! I was at Trader Joe’s in Woodstock yesterday and they had fresh pine garland and wreaths there too. And lots of yummy Christmas stuff in the store. I went to stock up on Candy Cane Lane green tea. Love that stuff!

    • That sound delicious! I know, I was so mad at myself that I forgot to check Trader Joes for garland. They always have such great prices on their garland. Thanks for the tip on the Candy Cane Lane tea…need to check that out!

  28. heritagehall says

    Susan dear ~ Thanks to you, dear heart, I did some digging and got
    2 at Target for $20.00 each. If the accessories are not prime I can
    always buy better miniatures to enhance them. I embroidered
    ornaments in that design for the Children and the trucks are
    a bonus….Many thanks for all your creative ideas.
    Blessed Christmas to you and yours.

  29. Susan, I called all of our Sam’s stores on Friday. Only one store had them. They were marked down to 16.81. I thought WOW!….but they were the green campers. So, I have missed out on the Red Truck from Sam’s. I did find Mrs. Reindeer. She is so cute!! I told my daughter that you honestly had to get these popular Red Truck items weeks ago, however I never thought of looking at a Tractor supply store. So, tomorrow, I will drop by Hobby Lobby and see if we have a Rite Aid in Germantown. I did order the Pottery Barn Woody car pillow cover a few days ago. With as many Christmas pillows that I bought this season, i felt like I broke the bank in that area and needed to put a halt on it. Then Pottery Barn They had a one day special on their Christmas pillows
    on sale at 40% off, then I had a
    coupon code for an additional 20%
    off. So, I caved!! That $69.50 pillow
    cover ended up only costing me about $35.00. So, it was just too goof of a sale to pass up. I did see where someone said the King Arthur Flour had the woody car cookie cutter in it. I have yet to find any, just curious as to which grocery store had them. Time to focus on shopping for my family. I believe I was a bit too self indulgent with the pillows and woody car trucks this year. I do love them!!! Thank you and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season :-)!!

  30. Susan, knowing your love for all the cars/trucks with trees on top, I wanted to let yu know about these adorable salt & pepper shakers. Found them while looking for post-Christmas bargains and of course I thought of you!

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