Setting Up My New Office & Playing In The Dining Room

Welcome to the 802nd Metamorphosis Monday! So much has happened over the past week since the closing on May 30th. I wish now I had kept a diary of sorts, detailing each day. At the end of each day, I fall asleep the minute my head hits the pillow, but if you were to ask me what I did that day, I’m not sure I could remember half of it. I’ve been in almost constant motion since arriving in Ohio.

Things are going great, except I made one big goof. You may remember from my previous post, that this is the room that will be my office in the new home, aka, the Dollhouse. I love all the natural light coming in through the windows on both sides, just love the whole feel of this room!

Beautiful Room Over Garage


So, remember this desk that I ordered years ago to use whenever I visit my son’s home? It has been a helpful addition to their guest room since my oldest grandson uses it for doing homework when I’m not visiting.

Desk for working at home


I repurchased it (or at least I thought I did!) as a temporary desk for the Dollhouse office until the desk I really want is available again—more on that desk in a sec. To purchase it, I clicked on “Your Orders” on Amazon and ordered it again. It wasn’t until I had it fully put together last night that I realized they’ve started making it in two sizes and I had unfortunately ordered the newer, smaller version. Ugh. Apparently, that was what it defaulted to when I clicked to order. This desk is way too shallow to work as a computer desk, there would be no place to rest my arms as I type, and the monitors would be way too close to comfortably view.


Notice the measuring tape on the floor, that’s the width of the desk that I hope to order for this room, eventually.


This is the desk I would like to order and it’s available in several places online, but the price varies drastically depending on where it’s ordered. Plus, a lot of the places that claim to have it are places I’ve never purchased from with somewhat sketchy reviews. Amazon appeared to have had it in stock at one point, but it’s been showing out of stock for weeks. I love the design and think it would be great in this room.


I’ve reordered the temporary desk in the correct size, it should be here on Wednesday. There’s another room I’ve been playing in this weekend.


From my previous post earlier this week, you may remember that this is the dining room in the new house. (Photo from Katie, a previous owner of this home.) I have plans to have glass doors added to the built-in cabinetry in this room sometime in the future.


My car was packed to the brim when I drove up a couple of weeks ago, but I still managed to fit in three boxes of random china I pulled from the china cabinet in my dining room. I brought those up because I wanted to see if the shelves here in the dining room were deep enough to stack full-size dinner plates. I unboxed them yesterday and played around with various arrangements and was so happy to find that the shelves are deep enough. I have a lot more dishes to bring up from the dining room, but with the three sections of shelving here in the dining room, I should be able to store everything that’s currently stored in my sideboard and china cabinet.

Built in Cabinetry for Dining Room


You’ll notice that the shelves are not evenly spaced out. I’m virtually positive this is how the original owner of this 86-year-old home used these shelves because the taller shelves are going to be great for platters and taller pieces.

Built in Cabinetry for Dining Room


This isn’t a final arrangement, just me playing around to test how things fit.Ideas for storing china


I was excited to discover the top shelf even has a little piece of molding to hold platters in place. Yay!


The shelves could use a new coat of paint, —hopefully, I can have that done before moving in. I probably won’t have time on this trip up, but I want to get quotes from the local mirror/glass stores about having custom doors made (that will fit around the vent) so the dishes will stay nice and clean inside. Plus, pretty glass doors should elevate this whole room. Super excited about getting those added!

Built in Cabinetry for Dining Room


Last Christmas, one of my gifts from my son was a book I had been wanting to purchase. I accidentally left it when I headed back home after New Year’s. I couldn’t resist putting it on the shelves here in the living room. The sweet kitty belongs to the couple from whom I purchased the house and they are coming for her on Wednesday. She is super affectionate so I’ve enjoyed having her around as I’ve been working inside.


Again, the shelves in the living room were designed in varying heights, which should be great for taller books. And this time the shelves shouldn’t sag as the Billy Bookcase shelves have in my office in Georgia. Billy Bookcases really don’t work well for hardback books, they just can’t support the weight. (Book, Timeless, Classic American Architecture for Contemporary Living is available here: Timeless, Classic American Architecture for Contemporary Living.


AT&T is at the new house, hooking up their fiber internet, so I’ll end this post here. It’s time to take the computer to the new house! With any luck, the next post will be coming from the Dollhouse!

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  1. Oh this is so exciting! I’m sure there must be some nerves on your end, moving from Georgia to Ohio, but your family being there makes all the difference. I will enjoy watching you transform this beauty.

  2. Susan, I am so excited for you and your move to this beautiful dollhouse. I can’t wait to see what you do with each room. I know it will be fabulous and best of all, you are near to your son, DIL, and your grandsons!

  3. It’s fun watching you make your new house your home, love the dining room shelves, you will really enjoy those! Thanks Susan~

  4. I really like the look of the desk that you are considering purchasing but I wonder if you have considered getting an antique desk. It would look so good in your Dollhouse. I recently purchased a solid wood antique desk that is about that size and I love it. They are made so much better than anything you could buy today. Just a thought! I love your new home. Congratulations!!

  5. Love your new home! Are you planning on selling your home in Marietta?
    Would still love to get together for coffee some time when we visit our son if you’re still in Marietta

  6. While I have loved your Georgia home, this one makes my heart sing! I am having so much fun watching you share this new home and talk about how you’re going to decorate it!

  7. Your office room truly looks like a dollhouse. What a great place for your desk! Thanks for hosting, Susan. I know you’re having fun.

  8. Exciting days for you. Are you having movers move you to the new home? I hope so! That’s a large home to pack and move yourself! This will be a fun visual journey to take with you as you settle in your new home! Love the desk you hope to purchase! I wondered how you would hide cords from the computer stuff and monitors….hopefully there is a hole for them all to go through. Have fun getting settled.

  9. So exciting Susan! I love that you have the kitty to keep you company, and that the shelves have that interior plate stop – very cool! So many great details. Thanks for sharing them all with us – I love following along. And thanks as always for hosting the party. Happy Monday!

  10. Franceil Parde says

    This is going to look SO COOL!!! I die!! ❤️ glass doors…you w/b so happy. It’s a job setting up, though…your progress is commendable!!! franki

  11. Susan,
    How exciting all of this is for you but I am sure a bit nerve wracking at the same time!
    Thanks so much for hosting!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  12. Jane Kelly says

    So I see the vent in the shelves in your new “dollhouse” dining room – but I’m curious as to what the little cupboard is in the same shelf as the vent – just above it.

    • It where the mail is accessed. There’s a little slot in the wall of the front porch, so when the mailman delivers the mail, I can access it via that little door. Sometimes, it falls through at my son’s house and lands on the foyer, but here it will land on the shelf if that happens.

  13. You have been really busy ! Funny about the cat. I was thinking the dollhouse needed a cat to complete the look. Are you painting the walls? If their cleaning crew is coming, not sure I would leave china out. LOL
    Thank fir the update.

  14. I have always liked everything about the Georgia home; blue and yellow upstairs sitting room is my favorite. I’m guessing I will like the new home too since you have such a knack for making things look good. I really like the big white desk you are considering. Love the idea of the glass doors on the shelves. Everything looks good!

  15. Kathleen says

    I love the kitty story. At least she didn’t run off and hide! I was wondering how you are going to hook up your desk with electric since it is in the middle of the alcove. I guess making an L-shape off the bookcase would look off? That’s sad you put the desk together and it was the wrong size. Great that Amazon makes returns so easy. As you decide where things are going to go, it’s fun to find surprises like the plate holder. Also, since your mail comes to an inside box, what does the mailman do with large packages? Do you need to make a trip to the post office for pickup? I remember having the mail slot growing up in LA! Thanks for sharing your adventure as I look forward to what you have been up to.

  16. Mary from Virginia says

    This is getting too exciting! So happy for you. I love all the shelving! And that sweet kitty is a reminder for you to get a kitty or two for this house.

  17. Esmé Slabbert says

    Amazing, love the office, gorgeous.

  18. Aww, how sweet that you have some company while playing in the dollhouse. Sweet kitty. Heehee. So far, everything is going swimmingly. I am amazed at the condition of those 86-year-old shelves! They look great. No bowing.

    If you’re planning to return that desk, I hope you’ll get amazon to pay for the return shipping. Since you hit, ‘buy again,’ you really should have gotten exactly what you ordered before. No excuses from them!

    I can just imagine how much fun you’re having playing in the dollhouse. I wish I were there too! So much fun stuff to do and look forward to. I sincerely hope you enjoy each step and don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed or stressed out. This is such a fantastic opportunity to do what you love and what you’ve been doing for decades – all over again. With a fresh start. I think we’d all love that! Have fun. <3

  19. It’s so fun seeing you play house in your pretty new home! Those posts can’t come any quicker. 🙂

  20. Susan, your Doll house is gorgeous and you’ll have to take us with you for each step in making it your own. Love the desk you’ve selected for your office. But perhaps you can retrieve your larger desk that your grandchildren use and let them use this smaller version; Unless they also need multiple monitors? That would alleviate the need to disassemble, pack and return the smaller version…

  21. My head, too, is spinning from all that has happened in the last few weeks! There will be so many changes, you may have to post TWO Metamorphosis Mondays for while

  22. Linda Gurganus says

    I am so jealous!!! How much fun you are going to having dressing up this lovely house. I wish I could come help you! I know it’s going to be amazingly beautiful when finished!!

  23. Exciting to see the beginning of your new life at the Dollhouse! I had to chuckle, I did the same thing with Amazon. We wanted another exercise bike, and I loved the one I had. So, I ordered one for my husband….you guessed it, I just assumed the one ordered was the one I had. Nope, there were now 2 available and the different one came. It worked out ok, but a lesson learned! Hopefully, that will be the biggest problem that you encounter in your move! 🙂

  24. Do you have the Amazon link for the desk you hope to purchase, or the description? It is gorgeous. This is such an exciting adventure !

    • I can’t find it available anywhere on Amazon right now, but if you Google for “Acme Gustave Cream Executive Desk” you’ll see it advertised for sale at a bunch of places. I’m kinda reluctant to order from those online stores since I’m not familar with them. If you buy the desk from one of those places and have a positive experience, please let me know. I keep hoping it will come back in stock on Amazon, I trust ordering it from there since I know they will make it right if there’s an issue. Also, if you buy it, be sure and use a credit card that will back you if there are any issues, like Amex…something like that.

    • It was also available at The Home Depot at some point here:

    • One more way to find it is to do a search for “Acme Desk, Model 92482

    • Laura, I just spoke with someone at Acme, the makers of the desk and they said that they are showing that the desk should start being restocked around June 24th in some of the stores that sell the desk. She said that date can vary by a few weeks. I’ll be keeping my eye out for it online.

  25. How totally exciting, Susan! I can’t wait to see how you put your elegant stamp on your Dollhouse. And being a fellow cat lover, I know you have loved having your little feline lodger for a time. One of the first thing that attracted me to your blog was your lovely little Max. About a year after you lost him, I lost my beloved Bandit and we exchanged some emails re. our losses. Are you going to put your dish cabinets in this garage? I, too, am a dishaholic, and want to see how you house all yours in your new house. Congratulations!!

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