So Many “May” Favorites To Share, Including A Few Surprises!

Oh my goodness, I am all over the place with my shopping finds this past month! But that’s kinda how my life is right now during this big transition period. So I have quite a variety of goodies to share for my monthly favorites. After I arrived here in Ohio for the closing on the new house that I have affectionately dubbed the “Dollhouse” because of all its whimsical “dollhouse-like” features, I realized I had forgotten to bring a nail file with me on this trip. I purchased this set and they are excellent. I love how one side is rougher, but the other side is so nice and soft—great for a nice smooth finish when filing your nails. Very happy with this set! You’ll find them available here: Awesome Nail Files.




When I purchased this breakfast table and chairs around 25+ years ago, I remember they had it on display with cute throw pillows in each of the chairs. The dining set was pretty expensive, so I passed on the pillows thinking I’d find some for less later on. I never got around to finding any that I liked and the chairs really do need that since they are quite deep.


Only took me 25+ years but I have found pillows for it that I like! I don’t have a photo right now of how these look with the chairs, but they do look great! I’ll share a photo once I’m back home. I love how the green looks with the green in the fabric of the chair cushions. You’ll find these pretty pillow covers available in 14 different colors here: Soft Chenille Pillows in 14 Colors.


I like to wear headband, but I often find my glasses annoyingly bump into the part of the headband that goes behind the ear. I especially have that problem with my sunglasses. I spotted these headbands online recently and ordered a set to try. They are specifically designed for us glass wearers and they work! Even though they are thin in size, they still do a great job at holding my thick hair back and there’s zero interference with my glasses. Love that! If you enjoy wearing headbands occasionally but find they won’t work with your eyeglasses or sunglasses, you’ll find these headbands available in a set of two, here: Headband That Won’t Interfere with Glasses.


Normally when I’m visiting family and I need a hair dryer, I will borrow the one my daughter-in-law has available for visiting guests. But since I’m moving out of the guest bedroom (possibly today since there’s currently a moving van in front of the new house as I type this—yay!) I will need a blow dryer. My current hair dryer at home is quite old and I’ve been curious to try some of the newer “negative ionic” dryers that are supposed to be so much more gentle for hair. This is the one I purchased below after reading the reviews. I haven’t used it just yet but will be doing that soon. If you could use a new hair dryer, check out the reviews for this one here: Hair Dryer.



When I stayed in an Airbnb in the Georgia mountains a few months ago…

Big Canoe Georgia, Long Range Views


…they had these cute, dark-colored, washcloths in the bathroom that were specially designed for using when removing makeup. I love that idea so when I spotted these recently online, I ordered a set. They are nice and plush so I’m looking forward to using them. You’ll find them available here: Wash Cloths for Removing Makeup.


Several years back I purchased a cute desk to use whenever I visit family here in Ohio. My grandsons use it for homework whenever I’m not here.

Desk for working at home


My DIL has the same desk in her home office area and loves it, too!

Cozy Desk Space for Working at Home


I have a much larger desk in mind (since I prefer using three monitors) that I may purchase for the room that will be my office in the Dollhouse, but in the meantime, I need something affordable. This desk is extremely well-priced, so it was a no-brainer for me to purchase it again to use until I find/purchase a larger desk after I move in. If you could use a great desk at home, I very much recommend this one. I love all the drawers and storage it offers—it’s just a great desk! You’ll find it available here: Great Desk for Home.


Just purchased this ratcheting screwdriver for all the furniture I will soon be assembling. Haven’t used it yet, but it has great reviews here: Ratcheting Screwdriver Set.



Just noticed today that DeWalt makes a Ratching screwdriver, too. I love DeWalt tools, they are my fave, so I purchased this set today. You’ll find it available here: DeWalt Ratcheting Screwdriver Set.



This is the chair I’m currently sitting in as I type this, only the one I’m sitting in right now is black. It will stay with the desk here in the guest room of my son’s home since my grandchildren use this desk/chair a lot, but I repurchased it in this gray color for the Dollhouse. Again, it was super affordable ($45) so once I move all my office furniture (including my desk chair) up from Georgia to the new house, I won’t feel bad if I end up donating it. You’ll find this comfortable, affordable desk chair available here: Desk Chair.




A while back I purchased a cordless Dyson vacuum and have found it to be amazing! I can now vacuum my entire house in Georgia in about half an hour because of how fast and maneuverable it is. Not having a cord getting in the way is a game changer! Also, the head on the wand can squeeze into the most narrow spaces because of how it swivels. I love that and it saves so much time not having to change to a different tool to get into those tight spaces. I like this vacuum so much, I’ve been thinking of buying a second one for a while now so I’d have one on the main floor of the house and another one for upstairs. I have found that the easier it is to access a vacuum, i.e. having it on the same floor that I’m currently on, the more I will use it.

Dyson, Mounted on Laundry Room Wall


Since I’m moving into the new house either today or tomorrow, I figured this would be a great time to go ahead and get that second vacuum. I chose this model below this time since it has a larger bin/capacity. I tested it here in my son/DIL’s home when it arrived and I LOVE it! If I were buying a cordless vacuum all over again, I would for sure go with this model because the bin holds so much. I can vacuum so many more rooms without having to stop to empty it. Definitely recommend this vacuum if you’ve been thinking of going with a cordless one! You’ll find it available here: Dyson Vacuum, Larger Capacity, and Strong Suction.



I have so many favorites to share for last month because I have been ordering a lot of things for the new house. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more for Met Monday when I hope to share how/where I’m sleeping in the Dollhouse, but for now, I’ll end this post with a nightstand I recently purchased to go beside my bed. I always love it when something can be both functional and pretty at the same time. Recently I spotted this cute nightstand at Pottery Barn, but the price was more than I wanted to spend since I may not be using this bedside table once I officially move everything up from my home in Georgia. (Nightstand is available here: Nightstand.)


Since I need a nightstand to hold a lamp near my bed in the Dollhouse, I was so happy when I came across this adorable nightstand and was able to buy two for around 1/2 the price of just one nightstand from PB.  It should be arriving today. IF it arrives today, and IF I get to move in this weekend, I’ll be sure to share how it looks alongside the bed I chose, for this week’s Met Monday. If you could use a cute nightstand for your bedside, or would like a cute chairside chest, you’ll find this bedside/chairside stand available as a single or in a set of two here: Pretty Bedside or End Table.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Great finds. I added the headbands to my shopping list for my next Amazon order. Btw, the PB nightstand was a dead end link, but I wanted to say I just bought a very similar one for my extra room (eventual granddaughter’s room) at an estate sale for a great price.
    Good luck moving! Advil is your friend!

    • Thanks for letting me know, Rita. I just redid it so hopefully, it works now.
      Yup, have a feeling I will be getting to know Advil well!

  2. Mary from Virginia says

    Lots of good things to consider. All my best with the move today! I hope all goes well.

  3. Hello – I love your posts and your decor. I do have a thought about your beautiful “Dollhouse.” Instead of painting the master bedroom, have you considered buying new bedding? The color now is lovely and restful. I’m sure I’ll love whatever you decide. Just wanted to throw out this suggestion. Thank you.

    • That is a pretty color, but I still like my summer and winter bedding. Plus, the bedding I currently have has 2 custom-made bed skirts that were kinda expensive to have made, so I really don’t want to buy new bedding. My bed has a 25 in or something like that drop so the bed skirt always has to be custom made. I think that same blue color may be in the room I’ll make my office and I may end up leaving it there. I just need to move in and spend some time there to figure it all out. Thanks for that suggestion, Beth! You’re right, it is a really pretty blue. The temporary furniture I’ll be using in there should look nice with that color, I think.

  4. Cyndy Cook says

    Susan, If you don’t already have 1 of these, you won’t regret getting one! SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Pistol Grip Screwdriver with 42pcs Bit Set, USB Charger and Carrying Case – SD5618-03
    I use mine all the time. It’s light and the battery lasts a long time, recharges really fast, too!

    • Thanks, Cyndy! I have a DeWalt cordless drill/screwdriver with me. Sometimes I’m afraid to use it when putting furniture together since it is so powerful, but I may use it some. I have a lot to assemble!

      • Cyndy Cook says

        I know what you mean, but the torque on this one isn’t too crazy. If I try to use our bigger Ryobi cordless it often strips out the screws! ‍♀️

  5. Cyndy Cook says

    I envy you all the fun you can have searching on FB Marketplace for cool stuff! Here’s one I saw in your general area….yay or nay

  6. When I moved/downsized several years ago into a patio home, I also started calling it my “dollhouse”.

  7. Welcome to Ohio Susan! I live up north near Lake Erie and when we had our power line buried, the power company paid for it and did the work (Rural Electric, out here in farm country) because they prefer the lines to be underground, so you should definitely check with your power company about having that done…

    • That’s very interesting and good to know, Wendy. I’m glad you mentioned that. It could be helpful to a lot of people. Thanks.

  8. Moving this weekend? So much is happening, so fast! I would love to hear what the boys think of you living so close now. OMG, Christmas! How fun that is going to be. They will visit everyday to see what new gifts are under the tree. OK, now back to the present time…

  9. Franceil Parde says

    YOU ARE HAVING JUST “too much Fun!!” I am unbelievably pleased you are in Ohio close to family, found this truly charming home…well, you ARE MOST DESERVING!!! Looking forward to MUCH MORE in photos, etc. franki

  10. Congratulations on your new home! It is always so much fun. I have actually done the same thing, waited forever to find just the right decor item for an upholstered piece or wood chair. I cannot just buy whatever, to decorate the space. It has to be just right. I’m glad I am not alone. Lol

    Enjoy the setting up of your Dollhouse

  11. Hope everything goes smoothly with the movers…and you are in your new home soon! Yay!

  12. Congrats on your new home. Being closer to kids and grands is a absoute plus! Ours are in town and 2 hours away. So thankful! Look forward to seeing your dollhouse!

  13. Congratulations on the Dollhouse, and thanks for such nice, affordable recommendations in this post. Did you purchase the 20×20 throw pillows for your breakfast table chairs? I have a similar table and chairs and I’m always sitting on the edge of the chair because it’s so deep. These pillows should solve that problem!

  14. Just want to stop and give you a big thank you for all the products you share on your blog. I bought the negative ion hair dryer. I recommend purchasing the wall holder for it. It goes perfectly in my white and gold bathroom. There is a short learning curve in handling it. It has the nicest sound- like a strong breeze that is pleasant. It dries my hair very quickly.

    Also, you helped me to be the hero in our home when my husband accidentally put a very small dent in our new Samsung refrigerator. I placed a heart magnet over it and he is thrilled how it looks.

    Yes, we love Dewalt power tools too. We took your advice/suggestion and purchased the lightweight leaf blower by Dewalt. I love how easy it is use and it does the job in no time!

  15. Hi, Susan. You have made such progress and everything looks great. I hate to ask but I haven’t rec’d a post since the beluga one. I don’t think it is on my end but who knows. Cox has stopped supporting their email subscribers and everything has been transferred to YAHOO but I don’t think that is the problem since I initially had gotten your posts. I believe you are traveling today so “safe travels” to GA. Looking forward to getting a post soon!

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