Shopping for Spring Dinnerware + A Big Winter Clearance Sale

Welcome to the 694th Tablescape Thursday!

It’s only mid-January and I’m already focused on spring. To semi-satisfy my spring craving, I decided to check out the spring-summer dinnerware that’s hitting the stores right now. I wasn’t sure what I would find since we are currently in that in-between period where the winter stuff is being cleared out and spring goodies are just starting to arrive.

Pottery Barn didn’t have anything in stock except 2-3 tables of all white dishes. I was not inspired to take any photos in PB. Williams-Sonoma filled that gap though and didn’t disappoint! I have seen this cute “Bee” dinnerware on display before–today it seemed like they had a lot more of the different pieces in stock.

Springtime Bee Dinnerware, Honeycomb Dinnerware


Have you ever seen a napkin folded this way? Cute!

Bee Plates Dinnerware, Gold and Black


I really liked the napkin rings with the pretty gold bee on top. I was very tempted by those! (Bee napkin rings are available here: Bee Napkin Rings.)


The white, black, and gold design is so striking and even elegant! I love the honeycomb background. View everything in this collection here: Bee Dinnerware.


This was the appetizer plate for this collection, again with the honeycomb background.


Online, they show this pattern paired with this awesome Rochere Bee glass. This has been my everyday glassware for about 8+ years now. I love it so much! I hope it’s never discontinued! The best price that I’ve been able to find it online was here: Rochere Bee Glasses. I like the 12 oz size seen here: Rochere 12-oz Glasses.


I fell in love with this pattern! It really had me longing for spring!

Springtime Dinnerware, Famille Rose


Just look at these gorgeous colors! The pattern is filled with birds and butterflies! ♥

Spring Dinnerware, Famille Rose


Do you see the birds in the design around the rim and in the center of the plate? Beautiful pattern and beautiful colors! This pattern does appear to be fully in stock online yet but you can see what they do have in stock so far here: Spring Dinnerware Collection.

Beautiful Famille Rose Dinnerware, Spring Colors


This pattern even included bunny appetizer plates! Cuteness overload! These would be great for a spring/Easter brunch!  (See all 4 plates in this set here: Spring/Easter Appetizer Plates.)

Pink and Green Easter Plates


I purchased a tartan mug that matches my bedding that was currently on sale. I had one that I like to keep my bed to hold bits and bobs but I wanted a backup in case something happens to that one. It was part of a big clearance sale that’s going on right now.


I came really, really close to buying some of their Peppermint Bark that’s also included in the sale. You’ll find it on sale here: Peppermint Bark.


You’ll find everything that’s currently included in the clearance here: Clearance Sale.


Stay warm this week! They are predicting some snow for us this weekend. Thankfully the temps warm back up pretty quickly so I don’t think it last long.


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Love the bee things! Thank you Susan!

  2. Love those bird & floral dishes! They look so old-fashioned, like early 20thC. We are huge fans of that peppermint bark too. Good thing we don’t have a WS nearby. I am so ready for spring. We had a big snowfall last weekend, and it looks like we’re right in the path for another one this weekend. Yuck. Thanks for the inspiration for spring!

    • Yuck, is right. lol I wish I liked snow but it’s not my fave. Hope it melts quickly, Rita! I know, I barely resisted the peppermint bark but it would be dangerous to have in this house, It would be calling my name way too often. lol

  3. DawneMarie Anderson says


    Love all the bee stuff! I too have the 12 ounce bee glasses. You inspired me to get them years ago. I use as everyday glasses also.
    The bee salad plates are very tempting!

  4. I may have to add to my bee collection since we are in the “Beehive State” here in Utah. I haven’t shopped for plates in forever. I need to get out.

    • Jacqueline, it really does you good to get out. I’ve been mostly staying home and it felt so nice to walk through the shops, reminded me how much I missed doing that.

  5. Gayle Kesinger says

    I was struck by the napkin fold and was just trying to figure the fold out. Any idea how it is done, Susan?

  6. The bees are the best!

  7. I have always loved your choice in china, this is one time I can’t agree! It looks as if I have a bug or bee on my plate, not appetizing to me!

    • Ha! Well, you would def not like Herend Rothschild Bird, one of my favorite dinnerware pattern ever. I especially love the green border Rothschild Bird!

  8. Hi Susan. I’ve been covering that bee | honeycomb dinnerware for awhile now. I think those appetizer plates are calling my name! I love all the linens too. Thanks for hosting. XO- MaryJo

  9. Susan, I love all things bee, so these plates have been tempting. I’m trying to adhere to not adding more dishes. The Chinoiserie designs have appealed to me as well.

    • I fight that battle every spring, so many beautiful patterns come out in the springtime. Hard to resist!
      Happy New Year to you, Sarah!

  10. Such pretty springy china – so fun to see what’s new out there! Thanks for being our personal shopper! 🙂 And thanks for being such a lovely and gracious host! Happy Mid-January!

  11. Hi Susan,
    I have to agree with Jackie. I do not like the bee dishes and napkin rings at WS.
    Pottery Barn has gone really bland with their dishes. I bought grey dishes with scalloped edge about four years ago from PB and since then they have had nothing good available.

  12. Unfortunately, the tartan mug is neither available to ship nor pick up from my local Williams Sonoma.

  13. Always love this link party!!

  14. Michele M. says

    Oh I adore that bee dinnerware – and totally love your bee glassware, Susan.

    And I am not usually one for much color – but wow was that some breathtaking china. Wow. And birds. ♥ And butterflies and start dreamin of spring. Though I do love winter as you may recall, but by golly it’s not the same without snow! We’ve hardly had any. My grand girl was given a sled by St. Nick not this Christmas recently passed…..but in Christmas of 2020 and she has yet to be able to use it. Sigh.

    Anyway – awesome post and I am just popping in to say hi.

  15. The bee dinnerware is adorable. I purchased a tablecloth this summer from Home Goods that is white with gold bees all over it. These dishes would be so cute on that tablecloth. I’m lusting after the napkins and matching napkin ring. Enjoy your weekend Susan.

  16. Oh the first set of bee dishware is so beautiful! Love it! The second set is so cute and colorful, whimsical. Love the little bunny plates, so cute. I also love your tartan mug, definitely matches your bedroom! Those boxes of peppermint bark look really big! Lots of candy. lol You should have treated yourself Susan, or maybe not. lol Stay warm, these storms are not going to be fun! Thankfully, I’m at the Mason Dixon line, so we are only to get 2 to 5 inches, but it’s brutally cold, the counties above me will get lots of snow. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings, I just hope the ice won’t be bad. So hopefully you won’t get it real bad, but I think SC and VA are going to get hit pretty hard. Hugs, Brenda

  17. Cyndi Raines says

    Your matching mug to compliment your bedding, would be perfect for sipping hot cocoa in bed with a good decorating book! (Along with a few pieces of the peppermint bark, hehe!)

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