Most Comfortable Jeggings Ever & What I Bought Shopping the Sale

I’m working on a fun post for tomorrow but I wanted to pop in today to share with you the awesome sale I just caught on some of my favorite jeans. Currently, Talbots has a ton of things marked 50% off. In addition to that, the sale includes another 20% off! Ridiculously awesome sale!


I ended up purchasing 4 pairs of jeggings. I always buy the “curvy” style in their regular jeans to avoid a gap in the back at the waist, but I’ve found in their jeggings, I can buy the regular style or the curvy style and both fit great.


Remember the jeggings I shared recently with the tiny, velvet, black, bows sprinkled all over them? I have two pairs but the sale is so amazing, I purchased two more pairs for later.  I mean, when do you ever see jeggings at Talbots for $29 a pair?! One thing that helped a little is this is my birthday month so I had a discount code for an additional 15% off, but even without that, the sale is outstanding!


Here’s what I ended up buying in the sale…you can see the original sale price on the left (some of the jeggings were already on sale/reduced) and the sale price I paid on the right. I had originally planned to just get one more pair of the jeggings with the tiny velvet bows, but at $29, I decided to go ahead and get two. That way, I’ll have new ones when the two I have now finally start to show wear, which probably won’t be for a couple of years.

These are the most comfortable jeggings I’ve ever owned, so I’m glad I’ll have backups. The little, black, velvet bows are small, so don’t feel overdone. I love looking down and seeing them and I love how they feel when I run my hands over them. If you love these Velvet-Bow Jeggings, you’ll find them on sale here: Bow Jeggings. (See all the jeans that are currently on sale here: Jeans/Jeggings on Sale 50% + 20% Off!)


I also purchased these jeggings with a jewel button detail on the leg.


I love how they look! You’ll find them also in the sale here: Jewel Button Detail Jeggings.


The other pair of jeggings I purchased is a bit bolder. I couldn’t resist these cute heart-covered jeggings. They are new to the site, so weren’t as discounted as the bow jeggings. I thought these would be so cut to wear each year around Valentine’s Day. I’ll probably pair them with a red sweater. The red, velvet-heart jeggings are currently on sale here: Heart Jeggings.


I’ve been admiring this beautiful sweater…super tempted to get it before the sale ends. Most of the colors have sold out but this beautiful ivory color (my favorite) is still available in most sizes here: Ivory Sweater.   Update: If you see a “New Arrival” item you love for spring, the sale includes 30% off those items. I’m still kinda focused on winter but wanted to mention that if you’re thinking ahead to spring.


If you see something awesome at the sale, please let me know because I want to pick up a few more items before the sale ends.

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  1. Jane Clary says

    Check out their Fair Isle sweaters!

  2. I love what you chose. I especially love the jewel button jeggings and the ones with the little black bows. Not sure of my size so will get myself over to Talbots soon. Maybe even tomorrow, weather permitting…..

  3. Susan, I have been buying Talbot’s jeggings since you mentioned them a few years ago. They are so comfortable and are great to travel in. I just bought some of the crops for spring and summer.

    • They really are comfortable! It was a BNOTP reader who first convinced me to try jeggings and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m eager to see what they get in for spring.

  4. Ruth Kranendonk says

    I really enjoy the promotional things which are included in your BNOTP. I live in Canada, so I’m hoping that Talbots will ship to me. I just love the Jeggings with the cute little red hearts. Fingers crossed. Ruth from Canada

    • I hope they do, too! Let me know what you find out, Ruth. Hopefully they will ship there. There are quite a few shops in the UK that I have wished I could order from so I know how annoying that can be when you can’t order from out of the country.

  5. Cyndi Raines says

    Great bargains! Happy Birthday Susan! Hope you had a great day and pray this year is one filled with lots of joy, peace and good health! Thanks for all that you do for us and sharing all the great bargains.

  6. So yesterday I only made it to the first photo of the black bow jeggings and immediately went shopping online. This morning as a winter storm rages outside, I returned to finish reading your post. Now I’m looking at sweaters! LOL
    Good luck with your shopping (and availability).

    • I’ve been doing the same today. It snowed here today so I’ve been cozied up drooling over the sweaters online. Happy shopping, Gail!

  7. Jill from Southern New Hampshire says

    I bought the jewel button jeggings late last week too, along with some red snowflake and reindeer socks to keep or give as gifts next season. Also the pretty jacquard dot crewneck top in ivory. Thanks for pointing out the velvet bow jeans – so my style + the perfect price – I will order them too! I shop the Talbots site so much that I know what I want to spend for each type of item. Though I absolutely love the red plaid shawl, since I know I would only wear it in the few weeks before Christmas, I would like to get it for $35, and it’s more than that now, so I’ll wait a bit longer for a future flash sale, etc. Also the red plaid pants – great with a black t-neck, but holding off on those too in case I lose weight by next year. I do love their jeggings because they’re not super tight – I bought a pair last year in medium blue denim with a black velvet stripe down the side that are adorable, flattering and forgiving!

  8. Susan, Happy Birthday month! My birthday is January 7th. I got online and purchased the Double Faced Wool Blend Blazer, a T-neck
    and regular priced jeans with the 30 % off. I used a classic reward, the birthday discount, 50% plus 20% on the sale items and free shipping . Happy birthday to me. I really hope the blazer fits because I have never been able to try it on in one of the local stores. It sounds like a lot of your viewers are taking advantage of the sale.

    • Happy birthday a little late, iris! I hope it was a great one! Yeah, these end of the season sales are always amazing. They are getting in the new spring stuff and they want to clear out and make way for the new, I guess. Your blazer sounds amazing! I hope it fits perfectly!

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