6 Table Settings to Inspire & Add Warmth To Your Winter Dining

Welcome to the 434th Tablescape Thursday!

This past week I’ve been focused on getting a lot of things done that I’ve been putting off, like fixing broken network extenders, solving phone storage issues, repairing gates, repairing a collapsed shelf in my master bedroom closet, organizing, clearing out the office closet and attempting to solve an electrical problem.

Electricity scares me, which is probably a good thing. The light in the master bedroom closet quit working about a month ago. I turned off all the power and took a look at the wiring for the electrical switch. It looked fine, no loose wires, so I think the problem is with the light itself or the wiring where the light connects.

I’ve purchased a new light and I have an electrician coming today to install it. I also have an outlet in my office that decided to stop working this week, so he’ll be taking a look at that, too.

So, though I didn’t get a chance to set a table for this week’s Tablescape Thursday, I thought I’d share a few fun winter tables from the past.  Hope you enjoy!

Click on the title of the post below to see additional photos of that particular table.

Winter Table Setting, Tablecloth by Mother Nature


Snowy Winter Table Setting


Cozy Fireside Tea


Cabin Dining

Christmas Tablescape in Russian River Dacha Cabin 8_wm


A Cozy Mystery Dinner (On the porch on a rare, warm, winter’s day)


Hearty Farm Breakfast


Tablescape Thursday

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  1. So many tables you have shared and I’m always delighted by them. Here’s to many more.

  2. Susan, fun to look back at all these great tablescapes. I haven’t seen Julio’s blog in some time. I need to see if he still has a blog. Love his cozy cabin setting. I remember that post! Thanks for sharing these tables full of inspiration. Thanks for hosting TT.

  3. Love your round up of cozy winter tables Susan!

  4. All beautiful! Every time it snows, I think about you going out into the snow to set the snow tablescape. So clever. Thank you for hosting.

  5. When I heard there was snow in Atlanta last week I though about your snow tablescape. I think that has to be my favorite!

  6. Love the snow tablescape! Who would think of that??!! Only our beloved Susan. Thanks for sharing again.

  7. Your outdoor snow table will always be one of my favorites Susan! Thx for the party!

  8. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Your snow tablecloth setting is my second all-time favorite (first is the Christmas houses on the table). You really are talented, Susan.

  9. I love your mother nature tablecloth setting. The snowflakes and the lacy napkins make it very inviting. Also, I would love to have a cup of tea by your fireside.

  10. I have been inspired by your table settings. Last week I ordered pretty salad plates with snowflakes and today found really cute crystal snowflake napkin rings on etsy…as well as handpainted goblets with crystal centered snowflakes. We do not get nearly as much snow in Boulder as we used to, but still some, and I like the idea of a winter scene that is not christmas-y. Love your outdoor snow setting. Wish we got cardinals here. One time one came, hope he made it ok.

  11. Good luck with all of your fixups…I have a few I need to get around to asap. I have been slowed down with the stomach flu this week…so everything has come to a halt. ha.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed them! Have a fun weekend.

  13. Beautiful tables…where do you store all the wonderful china? Do you have multiple place settings for each pattern?

  14. The snowy winter tablescapes really stand out; they are so unusual. But it’s late afternoon now, so I’m kinda hungry especially seeing the tea and sweets by the fire. I’ve been having some issues with my laptop, so uninstalled unnecessay apps, so yes, said goodbye to the seaside calendar, sniff.

  15. I’m now in love with that Christmas Valley china. (I remember that snowstorm well). I just looked it up on ebay, and at the moment they have a darling tealight holder church that matches it, too. So tempting – and I so do not need any more Christmas “stuff”. I can still admire, though!

  16. Love the way the snowflakes are hanging in the centrepiece for the snowy table. Where did you find it. I have the snowflakes but no pretty way to display them.

    • Thanks, Barbara! I purchased the silverplate tree in Ross-Simons store in Atlanta around 20+ years ago. When it filled up, I went online and they still had them, so I purchased a second one.
      I haven’t seen them on there in a while, but I haven’t looked lately, so not sure if they still have them.
      Try googling for “silverplate ornament tree” or something like that. Hopefully someone still make them.

  17. bobbi duncan says

    Never tire of seeing all your beautiful tablescapes! I didn’t have a nice set of white china with which to add many different top plates, just cream colored ones, so I just got Lenox’s Opal Innocence Carved–I love it and can’t wait to set a nice table with it! I am going out of town tomorrow, so Happy Birthday in advance–couldn’t forget such a sweetie. Hope your special day is perfect in every way, Susan. Hugs!

  18. Beautiful tablescapes each one. Thank you for the inspiration dear Susan.
    May you be amply blessed this 2017.

  19. Cyndi Raines says

    Love all your hard work Susan, thank you. The winter scene is very lovely and I really like the “who done it table”. How fun to have a dinner party like the game Clue! Looking forward to a great 2017 and have a blessed tomorrow, may your Birthday be extra special!! (Hugs to you)

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