I’m An Airbus Beluga, Awaiting Clearance To Land!

Welcome to the 819th Tablescape Thursday, and welcome to my holding pattern. I’m a big ole 747 Freighter circling around and around the airport. Or, maybe I’m an Airbus Beluga XL (love how those look!) circling and circling patiently (or, not so patiently) for clearance to land.


Well, at least that’s how it feels. Everywhere I look here in my son/DIL’s guest bedroom, I’m surrounded by boxes, really big boxes. I’ve been buying a few things—things like a scalloped-shade lamp and floral bedding (reflected in the mirror below) so when the sellers move out this Saturday, I can spend my very first night in the home I just purchased, a home I’ve affectionately dubbed, the Dollhouse. If you’ve read my previous posts HERE and HERE where I gave a little tour of the house, that reference will make sense.


So setting a table for Tablescape Thursday is out of the question this week. I do, however, have three large boxes of dishes waiting in the back of my SUV. On this trip, I brought up some things for family—it’s birthday week here—the week that 3 out of 4 family members celebrate their birthdays, so there wasn’t a lot of room for other things on this trip. I did manage to bring up a bunch of cleaning supplies (red bag) in case I need to do a little cleaning once I move in. And you know my favorite Super Cleaner is in that bag!


So, what all have I purchased so far during this trip? I’ve bought an inexpensive (but hopefully, pretty) bed and two small bedside tables. Originally I had thought I’d sleep on an air mattress, but the more I thought about that, the more I realized that was a terrible idea since I’m not sure how long it will be before I move my “real” bed here. I’ve purchased a mattress that had great reviews, bedding, a small desk and chair, a vacuum, shower curtain, bath mat, bath towels, and liquid hand soap for the bathrooms. If the mattress arrives in time, and I think it will, I’ll share a bedroom update for Metamorphosis Monday.

On Saturday, I’ll probably make a grocery store run since I just realized this past week that the sellers are leaving their refrigerator behind. Yay! What have I left off? Can you think of anything I’ll need to make staying here more comfortable until I officially move in?

I’ll be spending the weekend, starting on Saturday night, putting the bed, bedside table, desk, and chair together. I may do a bit of cleaning/vacuuming, but it’s my understanding the sellers have someone coming to clean the house on Tuesday since they won’t have time to do that after moving.

I spent this past week setting up to have the various utilities placed in my name, along with choosing a gas and power provider. In Georgia, I only had to choose a gas provider. It’s so different depending on where you live these days. Internet will be connected on Monday (hopefully) and I have an electrician coming by that afternoon to give me an estimate for installing a few outlets, removing the chandelier in the dining room to take back home with me, installing a ring doorbell (I’m not even sure if the house has a doorbell right now) and burying a big electrical wire that supplies electricity to the house. That one may have to wait since I have a feeling it will be pretty expensive.

The rest of the week will be busy with estimates for maintaining the yard, cleaning out the gutters, pressure washing the driveway, walkways, the circular patio in the back yard, and soft washing the roof, something I just did a year or so back in Georgia. (See that previous post here: Had My Roof Cleaned, Here’s How It Looks Now.) Oh, and I need to go buy raccoon-proof trashcans! So far, the ones my son/DIL have found that work the best are the old-fashioned, silver metal ones, like the one I have in my garage back home alongside my potting bench.

Garage Before and After, Garage Makeover



Since I don’t have plans to bring my dining room furniture to this house, maybe once I’m back home I’ll go ahead and purchase the dining set that I’ve been thinking of buying and rent a U-haul to bring that set here to the Dollhouse. That would at least give me a place to set tables when I’m here in Ohio, plus a place to eat! Ha! I think I’m more interested in having a spot to set tables than I am in worrying about where I’ll eat. I can’t wait to get inside this weekend and measure the dining room so I can decide which of the following two dining sets will work best.



And I need to get an estimate for having custom glass doors made for the shelving here in the dining room. I may have to wait and do that on my next trip back since I need to get back to Georgia for the exterior painting that will be starting there in just a few weeks.


The next few months are going to be crazy, so many updates coming for both houses. Once I’m back home, I’ll set a table in the dining room, although there will be so much going on in the kitchen and the whole downstairs, that may not be possible. I’ll explain more about that once that work gets underway.


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  1. How exciting!! Looking forward to all your posts about the move and updating the Dollhouse!

  2. Susan, First of all thanks so much for your posts and link parties each week. (even while in the process of moving – which is very impressive. Love the new house, patio, gardens, exterior, built-ins, – just everything! I spent the first 32 years of my life in Ohio, and I think you will love living there! You mentioned some concern about missing some of your flowers. Our neighbor had gorgeous lg. round blooms of Rhododendron in pinks and purples, which we used on the tables for my sisters pink and purple themed wedding and they were gorgeous and very cheerful. You might find this link useful, https://www.rhododendron.org/alphalist.asp?Hardy=-25&Genus=R
    Also, we grew Clematis, iris, crocus, daffodils and geraniums to name a few. While visiting Springfield Illinois this summer we saw tons of beautiful hibiscus, but not the tropical we usually plant in Texas. I will try to find the name for you. On your pile of things for immediate use in the new house – toilet paper, heavy duty landscape garbage bags for all your packing materials in the boxes you unpack, sharpies, ziplock or hefty zipping bags in all sizes (because I always need them for something wherever I am) charging cords for phone, etc.; at least a few lawn chairs if you have no furniture yet, and the most needed thing – tools, I would splurge and get a big tool box with a starter set of Kobalt tools or other brand. You can later move it to the basement. Tool were things we needed day 1 when we moved to Texas. Hope everything goes smoothly. Enjoy!! – Patty

    • Thanks so much for all this wonderful information, Patty! I am so happy to hear that some azaleas and rhododendrons do grow here…love that! Thanks for that list, I’m adding some of those items to my future shopping trip! Lawn chairs are a great idea since I didn’t bring any with me, and I can use those for both my grandson’s baseball games. We are still in baseball season here and headed for the all-star tournaments and those bleachers get hard! lol

  3. It’s so exciting to plan living in this adorable house! I wonder if you will add any of the recent features you installed in the Georgia house, like those great garage ceiling lights, stair lights, and the garage floor?

    • Yes, for sure! I haven’t really gotten a good look at the garage yet since sellers had a lot stored there, but I’m sure I’ll want to do the flooring again. I’ve already been doing research on who to use for that I think I’ve found a company here. I know I’ll want to do a some updated lighting, too. I wish I could get it all done immediately, but I’m trying to pace myself. Ha! I’m so impatient! I also want to do some plantation shutters in the new home, but I may want to have the windows replaced first with true divided light windows more in keeping with what the home probably had originally. So many things planned!

  4. Barbara Edwards Armacost says

    How exciting for you!! I love when people move so I can see all the new decorating they do to the house. And I get so many great ideas. I’m sure your new house will be beautiful. I’m familiar with the Oakwood area. My husbands aunt and uncle lived on Shroyer Road for many years.

    • It will take me a while to figure it all out, but I’m looking forward to getting to know the house and settling in. Oh yeah, Shroyer is a road we often go down.
      Thanks, Barbara!

  5. Yaay! That’s so exciting! I love this stage – it’s so full of possibilities. I see that Patty mentioned taking toilet paper with you. I second that, and know from personal experience that if you forget, it’s no fun! Sounds like you’ve got everything under control though. (And that plane is the cutest!!) Thanks for another wonderful party, and good luck with your moving prep!

    • That’s so true!
      Yes, def need that. I will add that to my shopping list for when I make my grocery run. Thanks, Barbara!

  6. Franceil Parde says

    Again, I am so excited for you…giddy with delight!!! franki

  7. I’d much rather look at house updates than table settings

  8. I know you are very organized. Do you typically keep a “TO DO LIST”? I do not keep a written list, just a mental list. It sounds like you have great plans for the Doll House and your Georgia house. I look forward to watching from the sidelines.

    • I do, I’m a big list maker and I like having it on paper where I can easily add and subtract and make additional notes, as opposed to keeping in all on my phone. I jot important dates on my desk agenda, but I like having a daily written list that I usually create the night before. It feels good checking things off as I make my way down the list. Thanks, Lin! I’m looking forward to sharing it all over the upcoming weeks and months.

  9. HA! I think if you did a table setting with paper plates and red solo cups, everyone would understand! 🙂 Exciting times ahead for sure! When we moved in early and had to split time between houses, I missed little things like tape, screwdrivers, slippers!! Weird things that we take for granted…foil, plastic wrap, broom….my list is certainly eclectic. Have fun!

    • That would be about my speed right now. lol I just bought a set of screwdrivers today and I miss my drill, so I bought a new one of those. I will add those to my list for my grocery run. Thanks, Rose!

  10. Love your new house in Ohio. Haven’t seen anything about the 2 screen doors you had made for your screened porch. Surely you’re taking them! Even if you don’t know where they would go, you could take them and figure it out later.

    • I do hate to leave those behind, maybe I should take them for a possible future garden/summer house in the backyard. Thanks for mentioning those Luanne!

  11. I love your new house but I have to say whoever buys your Georgia house will not have to change a thing. Your upkeep to that house was amazing!

  12. Irene Zak says

    Congratulations, Susan! I am so happy to hear that you found your dream home and that it is close to your son and his family! What a blessing for you and for them! I am very excited for all the updates you will be sharing with your readers. It is such an exciting time. I wish you all the very best in your move; may it be a seamless and smooth transition.

    • Thanks so much, Irene! So far it’s going great, but still have so much to do. Just taking it a day at a time right now.

  13. I LOVE the round table. Could you get it with extensions that would make it a larger oval table? Or maybe it even comes in a larger size that would still fit the room?

    Wishing you blessings in your gorgeous new home!

    • I would love that but I don’t think it comes in that style. When I get access to the home on Sunday, I’ll be able to measure and see which table would work best. I really like the look of this French Market set, just wish the round table came with a leaf. I may end up going with their rectangle version of this table that does come with a leaf. I can’t wait to get in there and measure and see what will fit best. Thanks, Janet!

  14. Elena M. says

    I hate to say this, but if you like quality, durability, and longevity (we all know you do), please re-think the dining room set you’re looking at. I purchased furniture from that particular store (in Miami) and even though it looks pretty, the quality is horrible, the customer service leaves a lot to be desired, and if you are going to have to have it delivered out of state, I would be nervous. If you can use your current furniture, which is probably 100 times better quality than their stuff and probably not made somewhere outside of the U.S., I would certainly rethink it. Your furniture would probably outlast anything you can buy now. You could always paint it if you want to go lighter, but the good bones cannot be duplicated in today’s stuff. I know you have a lot of stuff going on, but I thought I’d warn you about that store, so you don’t regret selling or donating your current furniture. Good luck!!

    • I saw some questionable reviews about them, so I know what you mean. The reviews on those two tables are pretty good, as I recall. I don’t think I can have them delivered here in Ohio. Before I purchase that set, I will visit one of the stores in ATL that I know has it in stock so I can see it in person. I really like how it looks but I would like for it to last at least a few years. Thanks, Elena!

    • Sandra D, Jol says

      I agree. Be very very careful and take what you can, it’s all so lovely. The furniture I bought in the last 10 to 15 years leaves a lot to be desired and I bought them from a high end family owned store. Unfortunately the oldest of the clan is near 90 years old and I don’t think he’s involved with the business anymore. The younger generation that runs it now only think about buying cheaper quality but still charging like they’re high quality so they can profit more. I think the stores ( I think they have 2, maybe 3) will eventually go out of business because they’re not thinking about the future generations they could pull in….they didn’t build up the business like their father and grandfather did….just handed a business with a good reputation and they’re thinking of the here and now. Same thing happened with a family farm that had the best produce and very little competition. I miss that farm.

  15. Reading all you’re planning to do made me exhausted! We did much the same 3 yrs ago when we downsized from our home of 26 yrs to a townhouse. We are diy-ers, so we rehabbed 2 of 3 baths, demo to finished, floor to ceiling. We hired only plumbing. Then we moved into the townhouse & hired an architect & contractor, to make our dream master suite, because we were too tired to do any of it! Last year, we did diy the bath in our lake cottage, after a year off.
    I’m excited for you—as tiring as it all is, it’s a fun adventure! Enjoy!

  16. Sheryl R says

    Susan, I love the Dollhouse! I’m envious of how organized you are! I know it will be adorable when you finish moving and decorating. I do want to give you some food for thought about the dining room chandelier. I LOVE your current chandelier in your current dining room. However, I think it looks a bit formal for the more casual dining room furniture you’re considering. Also, since the new space is not a separate, formal room, but a connection to your kitchen – more of a breakfast room, I’d think more about bringing your formal chandelier in there. That’s just a personal opinion, of course. But I know whatever you do, you will make it all work beautifully as always! Love all these updates!!


    • I know it’s a very dressy for that room but there’s no way I’m leaving it. It’s too special to me to leave it behind. I think it will look better once there are glass door across all the shelves in that space. That will help dress that space up a bit. Leaving it just isn’t an option, I love it too much.

    • Sandra D, Jol says

      You have a good point Sheryl but I was looking at a magazine about a year ago. This family made a “shed” and put a daybed, small round table and chairs in it. Then they put a crystal chandelier in it. It was adorable and I wouldn’t think it would work but I’ll be dang if it didn’t. As creative as Susan is, I think she’ll make it work. It will be interesting to see this all take place. Coupled with some pretty Waterford accents, etc…it just might work.

  17. Terri Solomon says

    Didn’t see any mention of a coffee pot/ maker. That would be a first thing necessity for me. Best of luck to you!

  18. Susan, I know you are excited, and we in the grandstand are too, but we can’t have you crash and burn! I see you have some free boxes to take back. Don’t make too many decisions until you move in and get a different prospective about daylight, measurements etc. I think the same about the table and chandelier but the table you picked out seems right for the cottage. Don’t be in a hurry. I think it was Ballard Designs that used to sell those big round fiberboard tables with tablecloths.
    As a former insurance agent, letting someone stay in a home after closing can be a real problem. The owners seem like really nice people that you trust, but if they or a mover gets hurt, it’s on your insurance, the owner. They aren’t even renters.
    In this state, I would never do that because there are too many instances of previous owners not leaving. In fact, the previous owner of this house wanted to stay a day after closing. Her new home wasn’t finished. One day would have turned into months. I said “A prudent person would not do that. So no.” As a side note, she became upset because the realtor told her to clean the house after moving out. Lot
    of red flags. Just an FYI for anyone thinking of selling.

    • Well the couple who are there now are military and I have a soft spot in my heart for people in the military. I did discuss it with my realtor and he assured me that I would be okay, so hopefully everything will be fine. Initially they were going to be staying for a couple of weeks but they were able to shorten the time due to when the van is due to come and pick everything up. I remember when we were in the military, they come and box everything up for you and the date is hard set, not flexible. Thanks though for sharing that, that’s good to know!

  19. My friend, your life is making me dizzy….and tired. LOL!!! But I will be cheering you on through it ALL. So happy you are happy!

  20. Margot C says

    Susan, I agree with Myrna about living in your beautiful new home awhile before buying any new furniture. You may be surprised that some of your beautiful, well made pieces of existing furniture will work there.
    Don’t be too quick to sell or give away things. Take them and see if they will work. I regret giving away some small pieces I could use now. Congratulations on your new home and I look forward to seeing how you turn it into your special dream come true!

    • Sandra D, Jol says

      I agree Margot. It’s exciting and new shiny things sound wonderful but I would try to find a nice climate controlled storage unit to store furniture and memorable or hard to find items. Sell them off later if need be.

  21. Sue Klingseis says

    I moved closer to my daughters a few years ago and I have been waiting to hear that you were moving to Ohio. It is great to be close and not have a long drive!
    My suggestion is to get a coffee pot. Either that or a tea kettle for your morning drinks. I also think you should buy or borrow a card table and a folding chair or two. I am looking forward to all the posts to come about your houses.

  22. Robin Lambert says

    Toilet paper. Paper towels or rags. Door mats. Light bulbs. Extension cords. Soft drinks (we call it pop here in Ohio). A good water cup. Sweat bands. Basic tools. Garden tools? Laundry detergent. WD40. Ibuprofen. That’s all I can think of right now. Welcome to Ohio! I’m In Sharonville, right off 75 at 275.

  23. Elinda Turner says

    Susan, I am so excited for you. Your new home is just beautiful. I saw all of the photos from your two tours you posted. I completely understand about being impatient. I had mentioned to you a while back everything I have going on with our yard and patio. We also have got to have new windows installed. Again congratulations on your new home purchase. I rejoice with you. I will miss seeing the home in Georgia being decorated especially at Christmas. I know you will have the new home decorated pretty too.

  24. Susan, take time off! Post updates as you can but let the Monday and Thursday blog post schedule go for a bit. It’s summer! You can take some “vacation days” and everyone will still be here.

  25. Mary from Virginia says

    Very exciting! What is your goal
    Date to list your current home in GA?
    Lots to do! Love hearing the updates.

    • I really don’t have a goal date…just whenever I feel like I have everything ready there. There’s a part of me that wants to keep it and not sell it.

      • Linda Palmer says

        I hate to be a downer, but am I the only one who is nostalgic about your Georgia house even though it’s not mine and I’m not the one leaving it? I’ve admired that house for a lot of years and it’s hard for me to imagine you anywhere else. I’ve loved your screened porch, and you’ve shared so much of that home and taken us through so many of the changes and updates, no wonder we love it! You’ve even taken us on shopping and sightseeing trips in the area with you. I’m sure you will love living near your son and his family, so I understand your reasoning. I wish you all the happiness in the world in your new home. I’m sure I’ll enjoy your journey, too, and it will be good for an older lady like me to have a new distraction!

  26. You continue to amaze me- how organized you are and how you are dealing with this big change in your life. I know you have had some sleepless nights, but you aren’t letting us see you sweat. Well done. Made me remember back in the day, when the last thing you put in the moving van was your phone so it was the first thing you took out and plugged in! How things have changed. Best of luck. Glad you aren’t leaving your on-line neighborhood friends.

  27. I love your excitement and that you are sharing with us! We have flipped real estate (houses and commercial) in the past and the best advice our realtor gave up is to not ‘overdue’ changes when it comes to selling, it doesn’t reflect on the price. Ex: the new owners will most probably repaint to suit their tastes etc. I think your GA home is spotless and that’s the best selling point. Also….I didn’t see scissors on your list of must have’s….seems like I’m always needing a pair!! I even keep a pair in my car!! Enjoy your weekend….I’m sure you’ll be jumping out of bed a dozen times!!!

  28. Sandra D, Jol says

    How far is the commute to your son and dil’s house? It will be great to see your grandson’s grow up and be more involved in their life. I’m in the Midwest and for the first time I had seasonal disorder last winter. My garden is just beginning to look beautiful (it’s slow going in zone 5) and I hate the thought of winter coming. I wish I could move further south now. I’ve read all the comments and you have wonderful suggestions from your readers. I would pack a tool box with items like box cutters, hammers, maybe a battery op drill with screwdriver bits, tape, flashlight, etc. It will be quit the adventure and I’ll be along for the ride. Have fun and pace yourself.

  29. I love your progress. You already have taken care of so much. It’ll be hard to keep up with the blog and both move in/move out, but I know if anyone can do it, it’s you!

  30. Kathleen says

    Susan, I’m curious about whether you’re planning to take that gorgeous mirror in your Atlanta house’s formal dining room with you to the Doll House? I totally support your taking your special chandelier. It’s one of a kind. I’m thinking the mirror would look lovely with the chandelier and new glass fronted cabinets in your new formal dining room.

    • I am definitely going to take it with me—it was a special find and I still really like it. It would be great if it would fit in the dining room, just not sure yet. Going to be interesting hanging it on a plaster wall! May have to have that professionally done so I know it stays put.

  31. Michele M. says

    It’s all happening!!! I am so excited for you, Susan.

    Don’t forget FB Marketplace and Craigslist for possibilities, too.

  32. Susan I love your energy and enthusiasm. I can’t wait as you take us with changes and updates on both homes. I believe the best part is being close to your son, dil and especially watching those precious grandsons grown up. I wouldn’t leave that beautiful chandelier either.

  33. Alrighty Miss Susan, it’s Sunday and we all want to know if you moved in !

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