Garden Nursery Visit

Yesterday a friend and I visited two garden nurseries in Atlanta: The Family Tree Garden Center and Grower’s Outlet. I didn’t buy any flowers but I came very close to purchasing some hydrangeas at Grower’s Outlet. If I didn’t already have a gazillion boxwood shrubs to plant (and I just bought 5 more yesterday!) I would have purchased some hydrangeas.

I took a few photos while inside The Family Tree Garden Center. Loved this planter they have hanging on their outside wall. It was huge! I meant to look for it once inside, but then forgot because there was so much else to see.

Plant Wall Hanger in Window Box Style


They had a beautiful display of Botanic Garden dishware, a beautiful pattern by Portmeirion.

Botanic Garden China by Portmeirion


I would love to collect this pattern. I found it available here: Botanic Garden and here: Portmeirion Botanic Garden. Notice the lamp at the very top. They had some cute lamps!

Portmeirion Botanic Garden, by Susan Williams-Ellis


Remember the basket I created for my front door one fall? (See that post here: Fall Basket for Front Door)I found the basket while out antiquing one day.

Autumn Basket For The Front Door 4


They had some that were very similar…see them there on the right.

Basket for Front Door


Shopping in The Family Tree Garden Center


They had so many funny signs all around the store. Loved this one! hee, hee

Funny Chanel Sign


The only thing I purchased that day was this Garden/Vegetable Tiller. It was so beautifully well made and it will be perfect for planting annuals. I love the sharp blade on one side for slicing through pesky roots and digging out rocks that are in the way.

Update: I just discovered all their tools (including the one I purchased) are available online here: Garden Tools. I’m so glad they are available online because I saw several others I’d like to add to my garden arsenal.

Flower & Vegetable Tiller


Okay, I’m off to dig a few more holes. I’m so looking forward to sharing the finished landscape once I have everything in! πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful looong weekend! See you tomorrow for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. I love that hanging planter! Have you seen anything similar online? Thanks.

  2. Linda Page says

    I have been thinking about hydrangeas, too. I planted one two years ago and it promptly died. But there are lots of them in yards where I live so I know they will grow….but just not for me, I guess. But I think I will give it one more try. I love the wall planter from the Family Tree Garden Center. I have a couple of pieces of Botanical Garden but wish I had more. Let me know if you decide to invest and I might send you what I have. I know I won’t get any more. A major dept store in Dallas went out of business years ago and I got a few pieces of Botanical Garden for 50% off but it sold out quickly and I never added to what I have. I am staying away from the Memorial Day sales tomorrow. I spent all my spare change on garden decor at Hobby Lobby last week!!!

    • It’s beautiful but I just don’t have room for it. I love it, though. Your garden is so beautiful, Linda! I’ve been working in the yard all day and I’m whipped!

  3. Jill from Southern NH says

    What a gorgeous display of Botanic Garden dishware! I’ve been collecting it since I was single and received a beautiful oversized bowl, teapot and dinner plates for our wedding shower years ago. My secret whenever I want to add a new piece is to go to TJ Maxx. They usually have a great selection and the dinner plates are at least half off the department store prices!

    • Patricia says

      I love Botanic Garden dishware too and have found some great pieces at TJ’s and Homegoods. Over the years, I have kept the shards from broken dishes and finally used them to create a Botanic Garden Birdbath. I just cemented the broken pieces to a regular cement bird bath that I had and grouted with white grout. I love how it turned out and that it withstands our crazy North Carolina winters- we do get snow from time to time. It’s easy to keep clean so my feathered friends get fresh water too. My husband says I training a whole crew a snooty fallooty birds that need to drink out of english bone china. haha.

    • Oh, I think I do remember seeing it in one of the TJ Max before. It’s a gorgeous pattern! I know you must love using it, Jill!

  4. Oooh, thanks for the field trip, Susan. What fun and so much to look at and so much to buy! I like those white lanterns that are wider than tall–a bit different. Could use one or two small battery candles, then add other “fixins” πŸ™‚

  5. Linda S. in NE says

    Susan, Thanks for the tour of your shopping trip, and also for the sale alerts. I always love it when you pass along info. such as this because it exposes me to so many sites and products I never knew existed!! As a bonus, I love the fact that I never have to question or second guess your recommendations. I can trust your judgement to the core!! Thanks again.

  6. That shop is charming. Love the birdhouse lamp and I too have always coveted those dishes. I see them in a lot of places, but I have reached the point where I am getting rid of stuff, not adding (well maybe a few things)! I just bought another two sets of iron cradle soap dishes from DΓ©cor Steals or their partner Antique something. They are very reasonable and I have been watching for them since I bought my first set a year ago. I love hand crafted soaps, but they have to have air circulation all around them or they will stick to the dish. These cradles are perfect. Very rustic, but I plan to spray some of them white for the upstairs bathrooms.

    • Oh, so that’s the trick. I always have that issue when I buy soaps like that, too. That makes sense about the air circulation, let’s it dry out, I guess.

  7. I have seen people make their own birdhouse lamps! It is a great idea.

  8. Susan,
    Went to A Classy Flea on Friday. Great store full of really neat things! Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit some of the other stores you suggested as our son had planned to take us on a tour of the Lockheed plant in the afternoon. Next visit I will make sure to see some of the other shops.
    All your re-decorating looks wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Glad you got to visit A Classy Flea. It changes all the time so you never know what you’ll find there. You’ll just have to come back again real soon, Susan. Did you see/pass by the Big Chicken? πŸ™‚

      • We did! And, I took a picture of it from the car window. In Kirklands, I found just the thing I was looking for to complete my Nantucket themed party next month.

        Michael and Jamie adopted two dogs from Atlanta Pet Rescue while we were visiting…what a weekend!!

  9. Happy weekend to you, Susan. Good luck with the planting. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I tell ya, I’m so tired, I hardly know my name. lol But I got a lot done so that’s good! Hope you guys are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  10. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan for the shopping trip! Just may have to splurge on those anchor napkin rings! Love the long door basket too!

  11. C. Thorpe says

    Love the benches and the black planters. Have not seen them at the Lowe’s in my area. Can’t believe you are able to do all that digging by yourself. You need to ask hubby for help!

    • Thanks! It’s good exercise and I really need it. I sit way too much so it feels good to be using my muscles again. πŸ™‚

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