Spring Wardrobe Updates and How I’m Coping with the Pollen

The pollen has arrived here in full force! I knew something was up when I came down with a headache two days in a row. I almost never get headaches, so I figured it had to be the pollen. Yup, the screened porch is fairly covered with it right now, as are the benches on the front porch.

Something funny: last night I took an Advil Sinus and Congestion pill because my head was hurting so much, I couldn’t go to sleep. I hate taking those things since Advil and my tummy don’t like each other. This morning I awoke fine, but as the day wore on, the headache returned. I knew it had to be the pollen because everyone is talking about it on the local radio stations right now.

So here’s the funny thing–I happened to eat Mexican food for lunch today, and guess what! My headache went away! lol I guess the spices opened up my sinuses and cured the pollen headache. Too funny! I’d rather eat Mexican food than take more medicine, so that works for me! Wouldn’t you love to have me as your doctor! You would come for help with your pollen/sinus headache and I would prescribe eating more Mexican food. 😉

It will be 77 degrees here tomorrow and in the upper 60s and 70s for the foreseeable future! So happy! This warm weather has me in the mood to do some spring shopping. Here are a few of the goodies I’m eyeing for updating my spring wardrobe.

Love this nautical-style, denim bag! It would be so cute with jeans, crop pants or casual summer dresses. Perfect for a beach trip, too! It’s currently on sale here: Denim Bag.


Love navy and green together and love the whimsical design of this cute flower tote. It’s also available in red and is on sale here: Flower Bag.


These ladybug and daisies gingham sandals would be sooo cute with white or black slacks, or even shorts for a summer outing.  Such a cute, whimsical summer design! They are on sale here: Ladybug & Daisy Sandals.


The super cute driving mocassin I shared recently is on sale again. I love the sailboat design and the way it’s designed to protect the back of the shoe when driving, especially on longer trips. I’m so ready for a beach trip! You’ll find it on sale here: Driving Moccasin.

Driving Moccasin


This cute sandal would be great dressed up or worn with a casual outfit. I love kitten heels, they are so comfortable, yet give you the looks of heels without the hurting feet.


They come in 6 different colors including navy, which just might be my fave. They are available on sale here: Sandals with Kitten Heels.


You can see how they look with this adorable summer dress below. Love this dress with its scalloped neckline, white embroidery and vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are great for creating a more slimming effect, something we all love. The white embroidery is so pretty! I like the navy sweater with it, great way to transition this dress from spring to summer. It’s available here: Embroidered Dress.


This cute dress is currently on sale, also. Love the fringe around the neck, pockets and hem. So fun! It’s available here: Fringe Dress.


Seriously drooling over this beautiful Prada wicker bag! I love it in both the soft pink color and the white. Argggg! It’s available here: Prada Wicker Bag for Summer. It’s also available here: Prada Wicker Bag.


Happy shopping the spring sales!

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  1. Love everything Talbots has. That anchor bag is a must since I live in Fla and love the coast.

    • Me, too! I don’t know who chooses what they will carry each year, but I hope they keep doing it! Their clothes just always feel so happy and cheerful, even the winter ones! I’m seriously eyeing that denim bag, too. Such a cute style and I noticed the reviews online were really good.

  2. Hi, Susan!
    I have lived in Houston 52 years, and the pollen this year is the heaviest it has ever been; sweeping won’t do, it takes a rake and blower almost every day to get rid of it.
    I start my day drinking a strong cup of French coffee and reading Between Naps on the Porch. So glad I discovered it.

    • Thanks so much, Lydia!
      lol about needing a rake! Too funny, though not so fun to experience! I feel like I need to wear a mask when I go outside right now!

  3. donna a zoltanski says

    Spring shopping spree sounds perfect to me. Love Talbots, so funny I love all your choices — and love shopping with you! Hoping your pollen is not too bad and you enjoy mexican food. Whatever it takes to keep that headache away. Feel better!

  4. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh I love good Mexican food and will use your “prescription” as a reason to eat more, lol. Your shopping spree has all darling items, enjoy!

  5. With regard to the navy blue and green color combination, you must remember Mary Quant popularized it in the Swinging London days. I recall seeing a photo spread in Seventeen with Patti Boyd and Tom Courtenay on Waterloo Bridge in London. Patti was wearing a Navy Blue with “Stinging Acid Green” embellishments mini by Mary Quant.

  6. Love Talbots…just there yesterday. A dear friend sent me a lovely sweater top for my birthday but it was a bit too small. Went in to exchange for size, had a 15% off because of my birthday month and a $20 voucher/coupon. The sales associate could not have been nicer…found the correct size in the top I was returning, said she would return it, credit it to my account, use the coupon to buy the new one, so I walked out with two new items ( a great red strip top that will be great for summer) for 10 dollars!!!! I still am not sure how she managed that, but it works for me!
    Good luck with the pollen…it falls later here in PA. I would always get the screen porch set and ready for the season and then BAM everything had a green, yucky dust. We were surrounded by trees there but in our new home we have a screen patio…almost the same size as our old porch. Behind us are some small trees, BIG trees in the distance, and a farmers field that right now is graced with deer scrounging for some food. I am hoping that the pollen here will not be too bad. Have you tried saline spray at night before bed…it seems to help me. Good luck, LOVE all the shoes you featured, and keep sharing your great posts with us !

  7. Since the temperature in my neck of the woods refuses to rise above 40 degrees, I don’t share your pollen issues………yet. When sinus headaches get me down I take Tylenol Sinus. It works well for me and is easy on my stomach. As always, I really enjoy your shopping trips!

  8. Again, a very nice collection of items you love/we love–like the kitten heels in pink and navy. Will have to check into those!

  9. Be careful cleaning up pollen, ladies! Five years ago I was washing pollen off my screen porch and fell off a ladder, shattering my heel bone into 7 pieces. Two surgeries, a metal plate and 7 screws later it is still the gift that keeps on giving. Now I keep both feet planted firmly on the ground and use long handled cleaning tools!

  10. Good morning Susan, the black & white check shoes caught my eye. I love a lady who knows what works for her. This style pops of Spring with the ladybug and daisies.
    We spent Sunday following the bluebonnets. It was on my bucketlist after living in Houston for 5 years. Only had to drive an hour to find a lovely field and take the iconic pics.
    Always interesting reading your reader’s comments and learning little tidbits. Happy Spring
    PS – Add a little margarita with that Mexican food – you won’t feel your allergies at all after a few…:)

  11. Lori Hojnicki MacKenzie says

    While you Southern gals are dealing with pollen, here in the northeast we shall have crusted piles of snow not melting. Ugh! Flurries in the forecast for Easter Sunday. Daffodils about 2″ up but a bunny or deer nibbled my tulips to the ground. No! I enjoy your blog, Susan. Happy Easter!

  12. Linda Nixon says

    Three years ago knowing we were going to Cape Cod, an annual summer visit, I ran into a couple of shirts with tiny anchors, a purse with a big anchor and a navy crew neck with a big anchor on the front and a t shirt anchor Anchor clothes were hard to find and I like pieces that not every one has. Now that is all one sees. It seems every time I get onto something it catches on and I see it every where. But I still love and wear them.

  13. We’re STILL scraping frost…shoulda stayed longer in Florida. The Spring fashions helped!! 🙂 franki

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