The Hunt for a Pretty Spring Wreath

Welcome to the 478th Metamorphosis Monday!

Recently I was watching a YouTube video where the vlogger had just purchased a large, floral wreath for her front door. It had huge hydrangea blossoms all around it, and I loved it. Update: It may have been peonies now that I think about it!  I checked to see if I could order one online for my front door, but was unable to locate the shop. The vlogger had indicated the wreath was a bit of splurge, plus I’m sure it would have been quite expensive to ship since she lives in the UK.

I had thought about buying large, faux hydrangea blooms and making my own, but sometimes that can end up costing more than just buying a wreath ready made. So I decided to look locally for a similar wreath, unsure what I’d find available.

I got frustrated in Michaels yesterday because even though they were having an awesome sale (50% off) the wreath I wanted to purchase was double the price of another one that looked exactly like it except for a slight color difference in some of the flowers. I was sure the wreath was priced incorrectly since they were identical except for the slight color difference, but the store manager said, nope, the price was right and the wreaths had come priced that way already.

Today I drove over to a local nursery that carries a lot of decorative accessories for the garden. Their prices are normally on the higher side, but I was hoping they would have a nice selection of wreaths. Unfortunately, the selection was quite meager, and I didn’t find anything.

Discouraged, I headed for home which took me right by a Marshall’s where I often shop but hadn’t visited in a while. I decided to stop to see what goodies they had in for spring. At this point I wasn’t even thinking about a wreath anymore, so imagine how surprised I was to see they had several spring wreaths in stock. Though not covered in hydrangea blossoms, one particular wreath stole my heart.

Red Front Door with Spring Tulip Wreath


Tulips don’t grow that well in Georgia, failing to come back after their first year, but at least I can have them on a wreath! lol

Tulip Wreath for Spring, 2018


Are you ready for a bit of spring gardening? My Limelight Hydrangeas are just starting to send out little green leaves. Can’t wait until they are in full bloom again!

Decorate Your Porch for Spring, Spring Tulip Wreath


I added a few spring touches to the porch for this post. Do you remember the floral Hunter boots I bought a few years back?

Front Porch Bench, Garden Hat, Hunter Garden Boots


Here’s a close up of them from that previous post where I shared them right after I had purchased them. They are great to wear on rainy days, but also look cute displayed on a spring/summer porch.

Hunter Royal Holticultural Society Floral Boots


When I was out shopping for a spring wreath, I had hoped to find one with large green and white hydrangea blossoms, thinking those colors would be pretty against my red door.

Spring Wreath for Front Door, 2018


When I first spotted this wreath, I wasn’t sure how the colors would work against a red door, but I really like it!

Spring Tulip Wreath


This wreath was only $29.99. I would never have been able to make it for less than that, so I’m happy to have stumbled across it today. If you have a Marshall’s near you and you’re in need of a spring wreath, you may want to check ’em out. They had several hydrangea wreaths in stock, but unfortunately, they were all a little too small for my door.

Happy Spring, dear Friends!

Tulip Wreath


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Susan, the tulip wreath is stunning on your red door!

  2. hi Susan, I love your tulip wreath!!! Happy Easter!

  3. Gayle Kesinger says

    That wreath is just gorgeous. Looks fantastic on the door. I think I will visit Marshall’s and see what they have.

  4. I love that tulip wreath , Susan! The colors go nicely with your beautiful red door. If you’re still looking for a hydrangea wreath, I saw quiet a few at my local Christmas Tree Shop just yesterday. I believe they were $20, but they might be smaller than what you need.

  5. Love the wreath! It looks very pretty on your red door which surprises me but I love the way it pops! I found my wreath at Hobby Lobby. It has large creamy peonies, lavender hydrangeas and a few other flowers with a few pussy willows tucked in. I paid well over $100.00 for it but it is worth every penny. I’ve had it for four years now and it still looks like new. I have used it three of the four years I have had it, so I believe I’m getting my money’s worth out of this one! LOL

    • Oh man, I didn’t even think about Hobby Lobby, I should have checked them out, too. You know, now that I think about it, I wonder if those were huge peonies on the wreath I saw on YouTube and loved. I need to go back and look again at the video, if I can find it. It may have been peonies and not hydrangeas. I have hydrangeas on the brain right now. lol
      You did good! I would totally pay that for a really good quality wreath that looks real. I don’t mind paying more if it looks real and is the type quality that will last for years. Did you get yours at HL?

  6. Mina Flor Teatime and Garden says

    Hi, Susan! Congratulations for your beautiful wreath! I love it! But Tell me, how did you fix it on your door? For Christmas I also use a wreath on my front door, but I always use a ribbon, as my husband doesn‘t allowed me to put a nail in the door .Happy Easter! Greetings from Germany!

  7. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  8. Love the new wreath! Looks wonderful against your door; so fresh and spring like. I agree it is hard to find the perfect wreath! I’ve yet to find two since I have a double door, so whatever I find I have to find it in doubles. I have put Marshall’s on my to do list! Thanks for the tips!

    • Oh, that would be a bit more challenging. Gina, Vicki mentioned Hobby Lobby, so you may want to check there since they carry multiples of items. Another suggestion in the comments was Christmas Tree Shops. Hope you find some great ones for your double doors!

  9. Susan, your wreath is lovely! Nothing says spring any better than tulips, and your two shades of pink are perfect. I rather imagine that Michael’s has that white hydrangea wreath priced higher than the yellow one on purpose. So many are decorating with white on white on white these days. The only colors seem to be pale blue and tan. I suppose they think they can sell the white ones for a better price. Who knows? At any rate, I love yours, full of all the bright spring colors. I think spring has finally come to the south for good. My azaleas are budded out, hostas are halfway up and everything is that beautiful new lime green color. It’s always a perfect setting for Easter. Happy Easter to you, Susan!

    • Not sure if I mentioned in the post, it was actually a Forsythia wreath and pretty sparse with flowers. It was worth $25 which is what the all yellow flower one was priced at 50% off, but definitely not worth double that just because it had a mix of white and yellow flowers. Oh, well. I like this tulip one better anyway.
      Oh, I need some azaleas on my yard…love those! Enjoy this beautiful spring, Martha! Happy Easter to you! ♥

  10. Gorgeous wreath and I agree. I love the pinks with the red door. Tulips just shout spring.

  11. Mary Boger says

    I’m going to Marshalls! Love the wreath.
    I have avoid bringing any bunnies home.
    My (?herd) has multiplied over the year.

    • I like that…herd. lol I think I have a herd now. 🙂 Ha!
      Just close your eyes to all the bunnies you’ll see when you visit. lol

  12. Snowflake281 says

    So pretty. I am also in search of a wreath for my door and recently came across a website called They have really beautiful things to offer for outdoor and indoor decorating for Spring but I’m not ready to pay what they’re asking for on the items I’m interested in, even with the discounts they offer when you subscribe with them. Looks like I need to make a visit to Marshalls!

  13. Thanks for hosting Susan. I love the tulip wreath and the boots are so pretty. Happy Easter!!

  14. The wreath is gorgeous on your front door. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Jill from Southern NH says

    Wow – it’s lovely! Such a substantial wreath for the price, too! I would definitely have guessed 49.99 or higher. It will work for all spring and even on Valentine’s Day. I find a lot of good deals on wreaths at the ChristmasTreeShops web site or in person there, and sometimes it helps to see the wreath in person like you did, so you know it’s really right for you!

  16. Love your porch for spring and those pretty boots!! Thanks for hosting all the inspiration!

  17. donna a zoltanski says

    Pretty pink tulips definitely say Happy Spring. Gorgeous.

  18. donna a zoltanski says

    I love your pink tulip wreath. Enjoy! Your porch says welcome!

  19. Becky O'Brien says
  20. Oh Susan,
    your new wreath is so pretty and so… delicate and feminine! 🙂
    I love it! Its colors look great against your red door! Who knew?
    Maybe it was a… “good thing” you didn’t find the green and white one you were actually looking for, as you now know even “daring” colors look wonderful on that beautiful door! 🙂
    ~Hugs to you~

  21. Sandy K Park says

    OOOOOOOOOO Susan, it’s beautiful on your red door!

  22. Gorgeous wreath…perfect for Easter and Spring !

  23. Love that color on your door for Spring! HomeGoods have some very pretty wreaths at $26.99. I purchased two greenery wreaths for summer.

  24. Those pink colors really stand out on your red door–perfect. Many of us north of GA would not mind photos of early spring, such as lime hydrangea buds that you mentioned. We are still wearing winter coats and we are below the Mason Dixon line 🙂

  25. Susan I just love your Tulip wreath!! It is gorgeous.

  26. Wow! Your wreath is a standout on the red door.

  27. LindaSonia says

    Etsy is a good source for some beautiful wreaths…. for the next time

  28. It’s perfect. franki

  29. beautiful tulip wreath, also love the boots and hat on the bench.

    Thanks for hosting!

    Happy Easter!


  30. Bobbi Duncan says

    Lovely wreath and perfect spring porch vignette! I so love wreaths, but they can be very expensive. Because our front entry gets lots of fading sun, the costly ones usually get hung indoors. Hope you have a wonderful Easter! Hugs!

  31. Susan, that is a lovely wreath and the price was great. The pink is striking against that red door. For a couple of years Michael’s has been receiving ready made wreaths from China. All they did was add a bow. One by one they got rid of their floral designers and almost all wreaths and floral arrangements are coming in pre-made. I make wreaths and their good single stems are starting at $9.99 this year, making it hard to compete with their prices.
    If somebody wants a good handmade wreath or two just alike, why not visit craft shows and even farmer’s markets to help the local economy ? Or contact some of the crafters/floral designers on Pinterest for doubles.

  32. Love that wreath!the colors look so great with your red door. What size is your wreath please?

    • Thanks, Deborah! My front door is 36 inches wide. I just measured the wreath and it’s right at 26 inches wide. I saw a lot of wreaths when I was shopping that were around 22-23 inches, but I felt that size was a little too small. I like a big wreath for the front door.

  33. Glad you found such a beautiful wreath Susan. Thanks for hosting today.

  34. Cyndi Raines says

    What a statement, it really looks great! I have the same wreath but in purple and yellow tulips. Love it too! Happy spring!⚘

  35. I have the same wreath. I found it a little too delicate to put it outside, so I hung it in the dining room to dress up the room. Love it,!

  36. Wow, that Spring wreath really does pop on your red door. I think your Spring wreath could also be used for Valentine’s Day as well. Great choice as usual

  37. Hi Susan,
    I absolutely love your wreathe. We have a red house, and even though the door is white, I find that red is a difficult color for wreathe-buying, except, of course, at Christmas. The one I have out right now is red and yellow daisies; I like yours better! I love your blog and am a long time follower. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  38. Hi Susan,

    Thanks so much for the tip on the spring wreaths at Marshall’s! I typically spend well over $100 for a wreath. My Easter wreath is so adorable this year I was wondering what to follow it up with as we moved last fall and my spring wreath didn’t travel well. I ran over to Marshall’s here in Atlanta yesterday and snagged a really cute wreath just like yours in yellow and white tulips that will look great on my dark navy blue (for now) door for only $24.99! I had not been to a Marshall’s in years and found a few cute treasures while there, too. Happy Spring to you and yours!

    Warm regards,

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