The Book Club Meeting: A Cozy, Candlelight Setting

Welcome to the 537th Tablescape Thursday!

I was in the mood for a candlelight setting this week, something cozy to chase away the rain and the cold days of January.

Cozy Winter Table Setting, Book Club


This post was delayed this morning due to a technical issue my host company is working on. So if BNOTP is running a bit slower than normal, they are working on it.

I had this table all set and was ready to start taking pictures but something seemed to be missing. The centerpiece needed a little boost. I love using books for a bit of height and before I knew it, this tablescape had turned into a cozy, candlelight “meeting of the book club.”

Candlelight Dinner on a cold January Night, Book Club Meeting


The vintage stemware was a find on two separate antiquing trips back in the day when I used to do a lot of antiquing. I should do more of that now, I miss it!

Cozy Dining, Wintertime


The brass lantern is by Baldwin Brass…still love this piece after all these years.

Candlelight Centerpiece with Books as Base


The flatware is a mix of vintage, antler flatware from Sheffield, England (a find on eBay many years ago) and a favorite red flatware I often use in table settings this time of year. Silver flatware just didn’t work in this setting since the china is edged in a pretty gold finish.

Candlelight Dinner for Cozy Winter Dining


You can see the flatware a little better in this photo. I normally use the mercury glass napkin rings in Christmas table settings, but today they are snowflakes, reminding us winter is still very much with us.

I rarely use these colorful napkins because they are kinda small, probably more of a luncheon size. Turns out, luncheon size is the perfect size to layer over these large eyelet napkins found in Pier 1 many years ago. Love seeing the eyelet edging!

Xavier Gold by Noritake in a Candlelight Table Setting


I love this elegant china Noritake shared with me a few years back. The pattern is so rich and beautiful! It’s perfect for a fall or winter setting.

Winter Table Setting Idea, Candlelight Dinner


The gold rim adds to its beauty, enhancing the colors in this gorgeous pattern!

Noritake Xavier Gold China in Candlelight Winter Table Setting


I’m pretty sure this pattern is still available here: Xavier Gold by Noritake.


Are you enjoying a little candlelight dining this winter?

Cozy Candlelight Winter Tablescape


What could be better than wonderful books, cozy candlelight and dining with good friends!

Book Club Dinner by Candlelight


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Cozy Winter Table Setting, Book Club



Adding a few daytime pictures…

Table Setting in Warm Colors, Burgundy, Browns and Reds for Winter



Table Setting in Warm Colors, Burgundy, Browns and Reds for Winter 2



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  1. I’m always happy to see my favorite chargers in use! Sure wish they were still available. I’d be tempted to take out a second mortgage for them.

  2. Warm, inviting and gorgeous! Love that you used burgundy/wine/maroon colors. Nice change from the reds of Christmas. Thanks for providing lots of eye candy on this cold overcast January day!

    • I’ve really started burgundy this winter, more than in the past. Thanks so much, Sandra! Stay warm, hope you’re snuggling by a fire today!

  3. Love the books in the center — super creative.

  4. Susan, this tablescape is just lovely and so appropriate for this time of year. So many people are in book clubs, so this would be perfect. I had the Xavier Gold salad plates, but found myself never using them. Maybe instead of letting them go, I should have gotten the dinner plates, too! I’m paring down my dishes, mostly by selling on eBay. I’ve blessed many, many people by sending lots to Salvation Army. We may have a wintry mix in Memphis this weekend. You’re right; winter is nowhere near over!

    • Thanks, Martha! I know that is so hard to do, paring down. I’m sure I’ll have to do that eventually. Right now my daughter-in-law and son are getting my overflow. 🙂 Sounds like a good weekend to stay inside with a good book!

  5. Eye candy–what a great description! This indeed looks so richly cozy and I love how the theme developed. Book club meetings with a setting like that, and you would have to take reservations 😉

  6. A lovely table. Thank you

  7. So beautiful, giving the feeling of nostalgia with the reading. I love the deep colors with the white so appropriate with candle light. yes,yes,yes!

  8. Your vintage crystal looks like my mom’s pattern when she married in 1941. I still have a few pieces.
    Your tablescapes are always beautiful. I love Thursdays for that reason.

    • I wish I’d taken a few close-ups of the crystal, it’s such a gorgeous pattern. I should do that and add it to the post. I wouldn’t be surprised if this dates back to that period. Thanks so much, Nancy! XX

      • Rebecca Timmons says

        Do you know what pattern the clear crystal is? I have recently moved and unpacked a lot of crystal & china from my Grandmother. I think one of the patterns is the clear that you used here. I haven’t had time to research it so would love any information you have.

  9. Love YOUR tablescape! So disappointed when you feature some one other than you. This one is beautiful. Love the gold candle holder the best. The colors and theme are just perfect.

    • Thanks, Bev! I was just thinking, that lanter may be by Baldwin Brass instead of Virginia Metalcrafters. I bought from both around the same time. I still love the warmth of brass.

  10. I love the idea of a wintry book-club supper. Maybe we could make it a sleep-over because it will be too cold to drive home afterward.

    All the elements of the table are so pretty. And like you, I love the brass candlestick. I tend to buy timeless things that I still love years later. The stemware, dishes and even books, are all gorgeous. You chose the perfect tablecloth.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Now that would be fun! You’re never too old for a sleep-over, right?
      I so agree…still love all my brass pieces, they add so much warmth to a home.
      Thanks, I am finally getting over this yucky cold/virus. Zaps your energy, for sure.

  11. LOVE this tablescape !!! As a retired librarian I never thought of using books on the table, but you have inspired me. Love eating by candle light…most every night in the winter. So cozy !

  12. Love this table, Susan. The colors, linen, china, stemware, brass accents all come together lusciously (can I use that word that way?!) Absolutely beautiful, warm and cozy. Bravo!!!

  13. Oh, this is so beautiful, Susan!
    Love the coziness and the elegance of this table and all the colors you used: the white chargers and the eyelet napkins stand out beautifully against the brown and the burgundy! Those Xavier Gold plates are gorgeous, love their leafy edging!
    Speaking of dining with good friends, this post and its title remind me of a novel I have ‘The Tuesday Club Murders’ by Agatha Christie, (‘The Thirteen Problems’ in the UK): a group of friends meet at Miss Marple’s house every Tuesday night (what a pity, it’s not every Thursday! lol) where each member of the group tells tales of murders omitting the name of the convicted murderer, so the others can solve the mistery. Of course, Miss Marple is always right about the culprit’s name. 🙂

  14. Donna zoltanski says

    Now I need to join a book club…… fun and festive! Pretty! Maybe tea sandwiches too? Feeling better?

    • Not really. If I didn’t already have a dental appt tomorrow, I’d go to the doctor. May try to go anyway since she said to come in on Friday if I wasn’t feeling better. Will def go on Monday if I’m not better. It’s weird because sometimes I think I’m better, but then I feel yucky the next day. Hope you are staying well, Donna!

  15. Pretty! The eyelet seems to pick up the charger plate.

  16. Love every gorgeous element!! The tablecloth, rich dishes, perfect napkins, the glorious books and the brass candle holder!! Wow, did I leave anything out???
    So cozy, inviting and warm….just right for Winter!

  17. Love every gorgeous element!! The tablecloth, rich dishes, perfect napkins, the glorious books and the brass candle holder!! Wow, did I leave anything out???
    So cozy, inviting and warm….just right for Winter!

    • Thanks, Cleo! Hope you’re staying warm this weekend! It’s so rainy and cold here today…the rain makes you feel the cold right to your bones.

  18. The china is beautiful!! And the brass candleholder is too. Perfect for winter, thank you!!

  19. This is a very beautiful table, thank you for sharing. I have this pattern of Noritake china and I just love it. I always use it for one of my Thanksgiving tablescapes.

    I am absolutely DROOLING over your gorgeous burgundy (damask?) tablecloth. I would love to have a tablecloth like this one. Who made that tablecloth and where did you buy it? Thanks!

    And thank you again for another wonderful Tablescape Thursday. Have a great day!

    • Thanks, Elena! I’ve had it so long, I don’t remember now where I found it. If I had to guess, it was most likely HomeGoods or Marshalls since that’s where I so often used to find tablecloths and napkins. Sorry I don’t remember. I used to use it on a bedside table, before I changed my linens in my bedroom.

  20. This is such a beautiful table….I would never want dinner to be over! I love cozy tables for 4….probably my favorite way to entertain. Love the crystal and the eyelet napkins. You always do such a lovely job. PS: Been looking at your travel stuff as my husband and I are going on a Rick Steves 10 day tour of Scotland! I’m so excited.

    • Thanks so much, Toni! I agree, 4 is just such a perfect size. Oh, you are going to love Scotland! Let me know how you like a Rick Steves, I’ve always wondered about those.

  21. Susan, just fyi, since yesterday when you were having issues with the blog (I was not able to get in on several tries,) I have been getting a weird new message saying, “Checking your browser” or something to that affect — before it opens the site for me. Just wanted to let you know.

    I hope you broke down and went to the doc today. 🙁

  22. I do not usually spend much time looking at tablescapes. It just isn’t a huge interest for me. However! This one above is, I think, probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Its simplicity and heartfelt emotion is so apparent in both candlelight and daylight. I’m a book lover, so it instantly appealed to me. Thank you for posting this one.

  23. Curious. What is the name of the chargers you purchased from Horchow those many years ago. Do you remember? They are gorgeous.

    • They are completely blank on back…no brand/hallmark. I remember when they arrived, they were in plain, brown boxes with no name. I always figured they were made especially for Horchow since they showed no brand name.

  24. The tables is lovely. Could you please share with us about the wicker chairs? I would love to know where they were purchased. Thank you.

    • Thanks! Before I added on the porch, I was craving wicker. I really the look of wicker. I purchased that table and chairs at a store called Grand Harbour. I think that had other locations. Sadly they closed many years ago…I still miss them!

      You can see the whole set a bit better in this old post:

      My cats used to love sleeping on the flat base section under the table. 🙂
      Now that I have a screened porch with tons of wicker, I’d prefer something else here in the kitchen. But I keep thinking I may one day move, so I keep delaying on replacing it.

  25. Marni Nixon says

    Absolutely beautiful setting for a reading circles!! Love this!!

  26. Hi Susan,
    Belated Happy New Year to you. Love your table it is very warm and cozy
    and reminds me of the game of clue for some reason. ( Miss so and so, was
    in the library and was killed with a candle stick….lol) That was meant to be
    funny…not an insult to your table in anyway….as I really do love the table,
    and a perfect table for this time of year as well.
    Hope you are doing well hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  27. Bobbi Duncan says

    Gorgeous table setting, Susan! I love the use of burgundy–so very regal. Of course, you know I’ve always loved those chargers and so wish Horchow would bring them, or similar, back again. I’m very much into etched stemware and probably use that more than I do our crystal. I have the same Baldwin hurricane lamp (got mine in 1983, I believe) and, like you, have never grown tired of it–such a unique design, I think. Hugs!

  28. Susan, I really love the dishes you used in this tablescape! I didn’t remember you using them before. Love the use of the books. I have several each in red, green and black bindings that I like to use for the holidays for giving things height or just on the bookshelf. Great idea on the table! Love all your tables apes, great inspiration!

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