Noritake Xavier Gold: Perfect for an Autumn or Holiday Table

Welcome to the 474th Tablescape Thursday!

Too cold to create a table setting on the porch this week…

Blue and Orange Fall Halloween Table Setting


…or, on the new seating area on the deck.

Hampton Bay Oak Cliff Collection Patio Deck Furniture


Since we’re inside in the dining room for this week’s Tablescape Thursday, it’s the perfect time to share a candlelit table with a cozy, autumn feel.

Noritake Xavier Gold in Autumn Holiday Table Setting


This table wanted to become everything. It wanted to be a fall table, but it also wanted to be a Thanksgiving and Christmas table. It could not make up its mind! So it has a touch of everything and you can use your imagination to pull inspiration for whatever you need for your autumn and holiday gatherings.

Noritake Xavier Gold Candlelight Dining 2


Let’s bring the lights up a bit for a better view.

Autumn Holiday Table Setting


Noritake Xavier Gold in Fall Holiday Table Setting


Noritake sent a few place settings of their beautiful Xavier Gold dinnerware my way a few months back. I’ve been saving it for an autumn table because the colors are so rich and gorgeous for this time of year.

Couldn’t decide on a napkin ring, so I just tried them all. Below this setting has a pine cone napkin ring. Both napkins are from Pier 1, several years ago. Looks like they still have the gold beaded ones here: Gold Beaded Napkins.

Noritake Xavier Gold, Acorn Soup Tureen, Pine Cone Napkin Ring


A little early for Christmas but I love how this gold mercury glass star napkin ring looked with the beautiful gold rim of the plates.

Noritake Xavier Gold, Pumpkin Soup Tureen, Mercury Glass Star Napkin Ring


Beautiful china! the little dots that are part of the pattern are raised and they add even more depth to this gorgeous pattern. I love how they feel, too!

Noritake Xavier Gold


Here’s a better photo showing the gorgeous colors in this pattern available here: Xavier Gold. Don’t forget to use the code BNOTP for 20% off. (That’s not an affiliate link, just a generous discount Noritake has made available for Between Naps On The Porch readers.)

Noritake Xavier Gold Dinnerware


The water/tea glass is Waterford Araglin and the red wine glasses are Waterford Ruby Hock goblets, purchased many years ago from Macy’s.

Deer Napkin Rings, Velvet Edged Napkins


The flatware is a mix of Towle King Richard and vintage antler flatware from Sheffield, England.

Anter Flatware, Sheffield England


I didn’t capture a great photo, but the napkin ring I used at most of the place settings was my deer head napkin rings. I love how they looked with the antler flatware at each setting.

Noritake Xavier Gold in Autumn Fall Holiday Table


The colors in the Xavier Gold china are so beautiful and so perfect for an autumn, Thanksgiving or Christmas table setting.

Waterford Ruby Hock Wine Goblets


For my centerpiece, I took a few clippings from my Savannah Holly trees and a few berries from the nandina in my backyard. The berries were just starting to go red on the nandina bushes.

Savannah Holly Candlelight Table Centerpiece


Halloween is less than a week away, which means Thanksgiving is only a month away! Wow, this year is flying by! Happy Holidays dear Friends!

Noritake Xavier Gold Candlelight Dining 2


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Gorgeous! From the rich colors and textures of the china and glass, to the natural elements of the holly & nandina (catch those rolling BBs). I love this, Susan. Thanks for sharing, and thanks so much for hosting us. I’m in a rich and colorful Fall frame of mind for my tablescape, too!

  2. Susan, the Noritake china is so elegant with its rich colors! Love the Tablescape…stunning!

  3. Gorgeous Noritake dinnerware pattern Susan…it spans the seasons beautifully with its rich pattern and color! I love how the mercury glass star napkin rings mimic the star pattern radiating out from the base of the Waterford stems!

    • Thanks, Mary! They really do! Happy fall and hope you have a frightfully good Halloween! Just bought my candy tonight, afraid to buy it too early! 🙂

  4. Love your tablescape- it does bring on the feeling of more than one holiday. Those dishes are really beautiful. Love the mini soup acorn tureens. Wouldn’t those be fun to serve a pumpkin flavored pudding or such instead of soup. The holidays come in so fast at this time of year. I enjoy them and look forward to it all.

    • That’s a great idea, Liz! They could be for dessert just as well as soup. Love that idea! I know, it all seems to go by way too fast! I’ve been buying a few things for Christmas today because I know how fast it will get here.

  5. Thanks for hosting, Susan! I love Noritake…so gorgeous! Have a lovely rest of the week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  6. Such an elegant table setting, Susan. Those plates are gorgeous, and I’ve always loved your pumpkin tureens. Thank you for hosting.

    • Laurie, don’t feel bad…the first time I ever used them in a table, I called them pumpkin tureens until a reader kindly corrected me. lol I knew they were acorn tureens but I guess I was just so used to saying pumpkin tureens. So I totally get it! 🙂

  7. Don’t ask me why I called your tureens pumpkins. I’ve always loved your acorn tureens. I guess I have pumpkins on the brain (what little there is left of it).

  8. Gaaa….you’re getting my “creative juices flowing….” This is gonna cost someone… That china is just gorgeous…I have the perfect goblets…franki

  9. Lovely as usual, Susan! Pretty dinnerware!…Christine

  10. Donna Henson says

    What a stunning table!! And perfect for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. LOVE it


  12. Ranger Smith says

    Well that Noritake is a slice of wonderful! Susan, you really do it justice with your table setting. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Love the tablescape and that gorgeous china! And your table is beautiful. Question: how do you keep the table protected from water/wine stains from the goblets? I use table pads with a tablecloth. And now it seems silly to pay for an expensive dining table when only the legs show. It could be plywood under those pads and tablecloth!

    • I know what you mean, Kate. When I’ve had dinner parties and when family is here and we dine in that room, we just set the glasses right on the table. I guess they don’t create water marks since they are only there for an hour or so. I think if they stayed there overnight, that could possibly lead to a water mark, but so far I haven’t had any problems. My table setting is a vintage set purchased from Scotts Antique Market in Atlanta, so it wasn’t expensive. If I had a truly gorgeous table, I’d probably be a bit more wary. Maybe someone who has a really beautiful inlaid table can answer that question for you. I think a lot of dining tables have a fairly high-glass finish that may make them fine for setting a glass on for a an hour or two while dining, but that’s just a guess on my part. Hopefully someone else will see your question who has just such a table and can answer. I totally get your point though–you want to see that gorgeous table when dining! Does your table have a fairly high gloss finish?

  14. It’s all beautiful but my eye is drawn to the cake stand and cover on the sideboard. I love it. Antique?

  15. Susan, what a stunning dining room and tablescape. Thank you for posting. What is the name of the color on the walls, please? It’s so warm and welcoming for this time of year.

    • Thanks, Di! It’s an older Benjamin Moore color called, Raspberry Truffle. I first saw it while on a Christmas historic home tour in Marietta. It was in a very small den with a roaring fire in the fireplace, and that room captured the heart of everyone on that tour. The room soon became very crowded because every person on the tour who entered that room, didn’t want to leave. That room was magical, with the fire going in the fireplace and those warm, red walls! Fortunately, the docent knew the color and was able to share it with us all. When I left that house, I knew I was going to find someplace in my home to paint my walls Raspberry Truffle. 🙂

      • Thanks so much for the info on the paint – I thought it might have been BM paint. I’m in UK and I think BM has only recently started selling paint here. I have to confess that my small sitting room is a similar raspberry shade and I’ve found it an easy color to live with for many years. Many who say they don’t like ‘pink’ love this shade especially with white (what we would call) woodwork.

        PS Did you ever get your Lands End Peruvian-style hat???

        • Was that the furry one that I liked…that looked like you could go to the North Pole wearing it? lol I’ve checked twice this year to see if they had it back in and didn’t see it. It sold out pretty quickly last year, so I would have thought they would get it back in…maybe it’s still too soon.

          • Yes, that was the hat. I see they’re now selling a Fair Isle Peruvian hat, but it’s not the same as last year’s.

        • Di, this is the same hat, only they changed the colors it’s available. I don’t like either color this year. 🙁 Wish they had brought back the oatmeal/brownish/tannish color they had last year. You can see it here:

  16. What time is dinner? In the dining room.

  17. When does the white wreath find it’s way to the Venetian mirror?

    • I actually donated it a couple of years ago. It was starting to show some wear/age, so I decided to take it down. I really loved it while it was there, though. Good memory, Kem!

  18. The Xavier Gold dinnerware is exquisite and I love the mini tureens. I can see how this table could easily transition to the new few holidays.

  19. BEAUTIFUL table and I absolutely love the Javier gold plates!! I’m trying to buy some from the Noritake web site, but I can’t figure out how/where to enter the BNOTP code so I can get a 20% discount. What do you suggest?


    • Okay, never mind, I found the place to enter the promo code and it worked, I saved $80.00 on a set of eight 9 inch accent plates, YIPPEE. I had to completely enter my order again because the place to enter the promo code is on the very first checkout screen. Susan, thanks so much for showing this very pretty china on BNOTP and getting the discount. I tried to also order eight dinner plates, but is out of them. I wonder if today’s Tablescape Thursday caused a shortage at Noritake? LOL!!! Have a wonderful day, Tablescape Thursday is my favorite day of the week. :0)

      • Elena, I’ll email them and let them know. Sometimes with some sites, they forget to update their stock numbers. I’ve had that happen to me with Williams Sonoma where it showed out, then in stock a few hours later.

  20. The china is gorgeous Susan! Beautiful autumn setting! Thanks for the fun today~

  21. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  22. You did a beautiful job highlighting that gorgeous, gorgeous china! Mixing the flatware was clever and the two patterns are perfect for each other. And the simple, natural centerpiece (a favorite) is the ideal complement. I would eat soooo slowly, to savor that lovely setting. Just lovely.

  23. Love, love, love the Xavier pattern. It’s so warm, and with the swirly bits, I think it will go with a lot of different dessert/salad plates. Beautiful!
    And thank you so much for hosting these parties, Susan. They’re a lot of fun for all of us. 🙂

  24. Beautiful setting. Do you have any dishes that have been passed down from your mother or sister? How about any dishes from when you got marrid? It would be fun to see a vintage setting. Well maybe vintage is the wrong word word but dishes have have a special meaning for you. Thanks

  25. OMGoodness, that china is GOOOORRRGEOUS!!!! I am in love with it. Your table is a beautiful transitional table, I love it all. I have always loved those wine hocks, so beautiful. Thanks for hosting each week. Have a great weekend.

  26. Susan, your table is exquisite!! The Noritake china is absolutely beautiful. With the red goblets and your lovely red DR walls, it’s breathtaking. I love everything you’ve mixed with the china. This just squeals holiday!!
    B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!! 🙂

  27. I love this pattern, just gorgeous for fall. Your acorn tureens compliment the dishes beautifully. I love the velvet trimmed napkins as well. Thanks for hosting my favorite party!!

  28. Elizabeth Roderick says

    You have the perfect holiday dining room. It’s always amazing!

  29. Love the picture you captured with the mirror in the background and the chandelier showing up in the mirror. Gorgeous photography!

  30. You do the most gorgeous and welcoming tablescapes. With an amazing attention to detail.
    Thank you for hosting and sharing your blog.

  31. Thanks for using your dining room today. It is so beautiful. I would love to see more tablescapes done in there. Perfect.

  32. Get OUTTA HERE!!!!! That pattern is GORGEOUS!!! What a stunner indeed! That is a super, super, super china pattern. Wow!!! It’s chilly there already? Cold weather is right on top of us here in the Midwest, too. Covering up plants tonight in anticipation of our first freeze of the season.☹️ Stay warm, and have a great weekend!

    • It really is! It’s 10x more gorgeous in person, too. The little dots in the pattern are raised, so it feels wonderful to the touch. I just love it! I know I’ll be using it again and again during the fall/winter months. Ugh…it’s getting quite cold here, too. I brought in all my little plants from the porch. Glad you got yours covered up, Alycia! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

  33. The only thing I did not se mentioned was the beautiful hurricane globe on the table! Any idea where it came from? It’s beautiful!

  34. Susan, The table is just beautiful and your dining room is just the perfect setting. But, as I was scrolling through all the tables shared this week, I felt compelled to just write to say thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday. I discovered your site, I don’t know how many years ago, and have gotten such pleasure from it. I look forward to seeing the different tables posted each week. Over the years I have come to feel that I know you and some of the Thursday “regulars”. A few of my past favorites no longer post, but new bloggers fill the void. I don’t have a blog of my own, but have communicated with you and others as a result of Tablescapes Thursday. I love to do different tablescapes and finding others that share the passion has been a great adventure. So, Susan, while your blog has expanded and now encompasses travel and fashion and antique hunting, all interesting topics, I am thankful that every Thursday you continue to host Tablescapes Thursday.
    Who knows, maybe someday I’ll decide to somehow share some of my own tables. Many thanks, MM

    • Thanks so much, Marie! That makes me so happy to know you’re out there reading and love Tablescape Thursday as much as I still do! 🙂 You’ve made my evening with your lovely comment! ♥

  35. *see*

  36. Your beautiful table in your lovely dining room is getting me in the mood for the holidays! Speaking of the holidays – I have misplaced the website you gave for the vintage/antique spoons that are engraved with sayings. I thought they would make great Christmas gifts for those people on my list that seem to have everything. Your generosity in sharing not only your home, but your ” adventures ” is greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks, Gail! Great minds think alike, I was just thinking about those yesterday and how I wanted to add a few more to my collection. Here’s the link to their shop:
      On the left hand side at that link, you’ll see the various categories for the different themes they offer for the spoons. I definitely want to order a few for gifts this year, too. They are so unique and so special. I keep all mine in a vintage sugar bowl on my kitchen counter and use them every day for cereal, iced coffee, etc…

  37. Cyndi Raines says

    So very Pretty! That China is Just gorgeous! SIMPLY ELEGANT! Thanks for sharing.

  38. Exquisite china by Noritake…such a most versatile pattern that can be used for many different occasions and table settings…..thanks for hosting Susan…and have a great weekend!!!

  39. You always set such a lovely and gracious table! It all just seems to go together so well. Love those dishes.

  40. Bobbi Duncan says

    Hi, Susan. The china is gorgeous, and so perfect for an elegant autumn setting. In answer to Kate’s question about water marks from condensate, most finishes do just fine as long as glasses aren’t left for long periods of time. The exception is a shellac finish, as any liquid dissolves that finish in a very short time. Unless refinished, most antiques have a shellac finish. I know what she means about covering up a beautiful table.

  41. Hi there, love that you post the tablescapes! Two questions, I noticed you post a lot of crystal/glass patterns for drinking (goblet and wine). Which pattern do you find most versital for all holidays? And, where and how do you store all of it?

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