21 Gift Ideas for The “Hard-to-Buy-For” Folks On Your Holiday List

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend! I’m recovering from planting 80 bulbs and three small flats of violas. lol Feeling much better today. Looking forward to sharing some updates for Met Monday, tomorrow!

Recently I shared some of my favorite gift ideas that were under or near the $25 range. If you missed that post, you’ll find it her: 22 Gifts That Won’t Break Your Holiday Budget.

As promised in that previous post, I’m back with some additional gift ideas that would be great for a loved one or close friend. The gifts in this post range in price, so there should be something in here for everyone.


NOTE: Click the product title for a link to that gift.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones (Great gift for men or women)

I just recently purchased a Peloton Cycle and these are the bluetooth/wireless headphones I wear when spinning. They sound awesome, are super comfortable (I literally forget I have them on!) and are unaffected by sweat since they have been designed to be worn while exercising or working out.



The previous design had some issues with really heavy sweating/moisture, but they have been redesigned now and that’s no longer an issue. I’m really happy with mine, so much so, just purchased a second pair as a gift for a family member who also enjoys spinning. Definitely recommend these as a gift for anyone who enjoys working out, running, etc…



Kitchenaid Mixer

I love my KitchenAid Mixer. I have one in red…

Baking Station in Kitchen


…but I’m obsessed with the other bazillion colors you can buy it in. Seriously, I need 10 kitchens so I can buy one in each of the colors I love. lol

Okay, just kidding about the 10 kitchens, I don’t want that many kitchens to clean! If you know someone who loves cooking (man or woman) this is the ultimate gift for the novice or serious cook. Good luck picking a color, though! So hard!



Burberry Heritage Check Cashmere Scarf, Pink

There’s just something about a Burberry scarf! They are unbelievably soft, a piece worn and cherished for a lifetime. I love this soft pink color.


Heritage Check Cashmere Scarf, Blue

It comes in several colors, including this gorgeous blue.


Burberry Check Merino Wool Scarf

Also love this Merino wool scarf that has a 4.8 star rating out of 5, after 65 reviews. Merino wool is the best because it keeps you warm, doesn’t itch and isn’t overly bulky.




Cardigans are a classic style. This one is currently on sale and comes in a lot of colors, more than I can show here.



Fair Isle Cardigan

Such a cute cardigan! Would be great with jeans or cords!



Classic Wool Cardigan with Free Monogramming (20% off with code SAVEMORE)

I love sweaters and I really love monogramming gifts because it makes them special for the person receiving them. This sweater combines both of my faves so it had to make the gift guide. I’m so glad to see arm patches are back, love that classic design. I also love the shawl collar, just beautiful!



Rabbit Reversible Earrings

I’ve been eyeing these for a while and would have already bought them, but I think my long hair would end up hiding them.



Aren’t they adorable! They would be so cute for Christmas, a party or even in the spring. I fully expect they will sell out soon.



Adorable Abigail Heels

I saw these shoes on a fashion blogger and had a fit! They are so cute for a Christmas party! They are available in black, too.



Sperry Top-Sider Wool Boat Shoe

Until just recently, I had not worn top-siders since college. Back in the day, they were only available in plain leather. I hadn’t realized how many wonderful styles they were available in now! Over the past year or so, I’ve purchased three pairs.

They are soooo comfortable and easy to wear. I’m loving this new style for winter that incorporates plaid and wool. Must. have. a. pair!



Plaid Flats (on sale)

These are perfect for the fall and winter months, would be really cute with gray or black slacks.



Wool Plaid Scarf (on sale)

I always gravitate toward natural fibers, so anytime I can find a real wool scarf, I’m a happy camper! This one is beautiful!



Merino Wool Snowflake Sweater for Men (They make it for women, too!)

I love a snowflake sweater  and this one is gorgeous! The reviews on it are great, too! They make it for women, as well.



Car Oganizer with Free Monogramming

This would be great for the person on your gift list who loves tailgating. It’s also perfect for road trips or just using every day for bringing home the groceries. Much cuter than the cardboard box I currently have in the back of my SUV. lolcar-organizer-with-cooler-for-tailgating


Wicker Picnic Basket, Tableware and Fleece Blanket

Another great gift for the person who has everything! It even comes with a blanket to spread out for an old fashioned picnic.picnic-basket

Go Pro Hero4 Silver

I have this camera and it’s great! I bought it after I saw some amazing footage shot during a gondola ride by a fellow traveler in Italy. I used it on my trip to Holland and Belgium this past spring. It’s another great gift for the person who has everything.

I need to use mine more often now that I’m back home. One of these days I’m going to put it on a chest strap and take you guys with me on a ride on the Silver Comet trail. 🙂 That would be a great spring project, a little too cold for biking outside now.

Go Pro Hero 4 Silver for Travel Videos and Photos


Barbour Beadnell Quilted Jacket

You know I love my Barbour coat, I love this quilted version of the Beadnell, too!



You can read more about the long tradition and rich history behind Barbour coats here: A Forever Coat

Barbour Coats and Jackets


Classic Merino Cardigan Sweater

Another beautiful,  classic, will-never-go-out-of-style sweater. It can be monogrammed, too.


Wits and Wagers

Have you heard about this game? Anyone played it before? I haven’t but I heard some folks raving about it on a radio program recently and just purchased it to give as a gift for Christmas. Apparently, it’s won a ton of awards! The Deluxe Addition is available here: Wits and Wagers.



Fitbit Fitness Wristband 

The newest version of the Fitbit: I really like how it shows your heart rate and steps for the day. Great way to stay motivated to get in those steps each day.



Santa Sack

I saw these last year and loved them! Would be so much fun to take my grandchildren their gifts in these, or to hold some of the gifts Santa leaves. 🙂



They are also available in plaid! These can also be monogrammed. They sold out quickly last year so I’m glad to see they are back again. You’ll find them in plaid here: Plaid Santa Sacks


Hope this list helps with your holiday shopping!

As I come across more gift giving ideas this holiday season, I’m going to add them to this list, so you may want to bookmark it for easy reference.

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  1. Hi Susan
    I just ordered the Sperry shoes.
    Love my spring shoes of the same.

    • I love those, too! I can’t believe all these years I didn’t know about all their new styles. I’m totally making up for lost time now. 🙂

  2. I just found your blog and love it! How about some suggestions for gifts for those in nursing homes? After sending flowers and fruit and sweaters over the years, it’s time for some new ideas. Many nursing home residents don’t have access to refrigerators or microwaves and are not allowed to have things like candles or anything that heats up in their rooms. I imagine many of your readers are thinking about this as well. Thanks!!

    • Thanks so much, Sandy! Nursing homes are hard because there is so little storage space and of course, a lot depends on what each individual can do or enjoys.
      I personally love a great throw, so perhaps a nice throw or lap blanket. If they are able, crossword puzzles or even coloring books might be something some residents would enjoy. They make coloring books now for adults.

      Also, a nice radio, one with a remote function so they could turn it off easily. Puzzles, if they are able to do those. I know each person’s capabilities is different in a nursing home situation, so just tossing out several ideas.

      Oh, last year I ordered a subscription to Birds and Blooms magazine for a good friend. She told me she took the magazine up to the nursing home where her mother (who was in her 90’s) was a resident. She said she had to leave it with her because she wouldn’t let her take it back home.

      So that was a big hit! 🙂 It’s filled with wonderful, color photos of birds and flowers and it’s a gift that would come 6 times a year. Plus, it’s very affordable. It’s the one magazine for which I’ve never let my subscription expire. Even if someone’s eyesight isn’t very good for reading, they would enjoy the photos.

      Birds and Blooms has another magazine that I bet most would enjoy. It’s all about the past and the way life used to be, very nostalgic. I’ll see if I can find the name of it for you.
      Hope these suggestions help. If I think of some more, I’ll leave another comment.

    • I think the other magazine I was thinking of is called: Reminisce. You can see it here: http://www.reminisce.com/

  3. I absolutely adore my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer as well. Unfortunately, I got mine many years ago (about 25 to be exact), and I have it in just plain white. I’d love to get the rich red color, but these mixers last forever, and there’s no need to ever buy a new one!

  4. What a great post! So many nice things. I like my Kitchenaid also. I changed colors. I sold my Apple Green one on Craigslist and bought a light blue one. I use my slicing discs too. Keep up the great work Susan. Live to open your blogs!

    • Thanks so much, Dawne! I was in Target recently and they had a Kitchenaid mini mixer in the prettiest shade of blue. It was kind of a beachy blue, maybe an aqua. The color really wouldn’t work that well in my home, but I sure did love it! Do you remember the name of the blue color that you have?

  5. Love both Kate Spade items, am a real fan of her designs. Ha Ha, those earrings- so fun. I have had a dark green Kitchen Aid for 24 years and it still looks and works like new. Very well made. The scarves are pretty, nice colors.Really appreciate all the effort you make for your readers, very generous.

  6. You’ve rounded up some really great ideas here, Susan! I’m going to check out that game. And I broke down last month and bought the Barbour Beadnell with Betty Gilet. My jacket prior (not Barbour) lived a good 20 years, but finally died…..broken zipper, frayed ties, threadbare cuffs. It was time. I’m looking forward to at least 30 with this one, given they will refurbish! 😉

  7. Plaid Santa sacks look like they could double as king size pillow cases and would be darling!

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks Susan for the good ideas. I agree with you Birds and Bloom is a wonderful magazine and my sister works in a nursing home and yes they do refer to the Reminisce magazine all the time. I know the ladies there do like to get their hair done by the in house beauty salon, that is also a nice gift – just a thought. You mentioned that you are spinning, I tried it and liked the biking factor but hated the seat – too uncomfortable. Can’t believe we are staring hard at Thanksgiving! Have a great Thanksgiving – I’m thankful for you and all the great information you share. Thanks so much!

    • I agree, the seat is hard as a rock, at least it is to me. I’ve only been cycling since last Thursday when my bike was delivered. My dil and I got our bikes on the same day. She has been spinning for years, though–and she said the seat on the Peloton is much more comfortable than on the cycles she’s ridden in the past. I purchased this seat cover and it made all the difference in the world….much more comfortable: http://amzn.to/2g8l6Zm
      For what it’s worth, the followers on the Peloton Facebook page all say that your bottom no longer hurts after a couple of weeks. I didn’t want to suffer for two weeks, so I went for that seat cushion. Maybe eventually I won’t need it, but I’m using it for now. lol
      I love the Peloton bike because you can take live classes (they stream them all day long from New York) or “On Demand” on your own schedule. I’ve only done the “scenic” rides through parks, canyons, etc… so far, just getting used to the bike and learning how to use it properly. I’ll eventually try one of the classes. I definitely recommend it if you love biking. I used to love biking on the Silver Comet until it became too dangerous to bike there.

  9. Those earrings and the sacks are just too cute.
    Side note: I couldn’t find the Santa plates with the Woody station wagon in this area. My friend who works at WalMart said they have a ton of stuff in the back that will not go out until Black Friday. If someone else is looking try later.

  10. Hi Susan! The Kitchenaid Artisan Series Azure Blue w Glass Bowl is the one I purchased. I have the stainless and glass bowls. I like them both. I got it at Macy’s online. I painted the kitchen BM Pashmina (grey) and hung white plates on the wall. Very soothing.
    Side note on Woody Plates: Found them at local WM in a xmas section. Not around the housewares.

  11. I just love those Burberry scarves and am just wondering how much longer I can hold out!! On another note, I had a question for you seeing that you have a sharp eye for all things good quality, classic and traditional…have you ever purchased or have any favorites/recommendations from Brooks Brothers? I love their look and history and quality. Just thought I’d ask. I saw a pair of black womens lug sole ankle boots, but the price was steep…$276!! I have been looking for those exact boots- high gloss polished black leather. Can’t find any cheaper duplicates out there. Thanks for your fun list!!!

    • I buy shirts and ties there for my son on occasion but I’ve never really shopped there for myself. I take that back, I did buy a couple of bracelets from them once. I’ve been super tempted by a few of their sweaters in the past. I just bought my son a Georgia polo shirt there, came in the mail today. It was one of the things he wanted for Christmas this year.
      I think the reason those boots are the price they are is because they are such awesome quality…lined in leather and with leather soles. You don’t see that a lot anymore. Most boots and shoes are just leather uppers these days, unless you’re buying from Frye or one of the better quality companies.
      I’ll keep my eye out and if I see anything similar, I definitely let you know. You may want to check Zappos, too. I wonder if Brooks Brothers will have a good Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale…definitely watch for that. I bet those boots would be incredibly comfortable. I just noticed that have two 5-star ratings so sounds like they may be worth the cost. 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing the gift ideas. I love all your ideas and I’m going to check out the scarves for my two daughters. Your blog is my favorite of all and I look forward to reading it daily.

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