So, You’re Not Going To Believe What I Just Ordered!

Initially, I tried to resist, but in the end, it was futile! Soooo, a month or so back I tripped across this new, just-out LEGO set while shopping for Christmas gifts online. These days, I never look at LEGO sets unless I’m specifically shopping for a gift for one of my grandsons. I used to buy them all the time for their dad who loved them as much as they do now. This new set caught my eye because it features one of my favorite movie houses (if not my favorite) from one of my favorite Christmas movies, Home Alone.


Back in the day when the movie, Home Alone, first came out and I took my son (who was 8 years old at the time–the same age as Kevin in the movie) to see it, I had no idea there would be a beautiful home so prominently featured throughout the movie. I definitely didn’t grasp how much of an influence the home would have on my future decorating choices. It was only years later, looking back, that I came to realize the impact the Home Alone house had on me. I absolutely loved the traditional brick exterior with the dormer windows! I must have subliminally really liked the red and green interior of the Home Alone house because there’s a whole lot of red and green throughout my own home today, especially in my living room, dining room, and master bedroom.


But a LEGO set? I did NOT need a LEGO model of the McCallister’s House, but somehow, it just kept popping up and following me around when I was online! Each time I would come across it, I noticed it was always sold out.

Out of curiosity one day, I signed up to be notified if it came back in stock at the official LEGO site. A couple of weeks later I got an e-mail letting me know that it was back in stock. I clicked over and sure enough, it showed that I could “Add it to Cart.” Again, I told myself that I did not need a Home Alone LEGO house and I clicked away. The next day I checked and it was completely sold out again. Not sure why, but once again I added my email to be notified when it was back in stock. Why did I keep doing that? Ummm.

LEGO Home Alone House Set

Photo from the LEGO® website


A few days ago I got an email that it was in stock again. I didn’t rush right over because I did NOT need a Home Alone LEGO house! A few hours later while checking my email, I finally got around to clicking the link in the email that took me to the LEGO website, and–you guessed it, it was all sold out again. This time instead of saying “Notify When In Stock” it gave me the option of buying it on backorder.

The fact that it kept selling out so fast definitely piqued my interest. I started looking more closely at the set and all the details of the build. Then I watched a few videos on YouTube showing even more of the, as one YouTuber called it, “Easter eggs” hidden throughout the house. That was it, I was a goner! I NEEDED the Home Alone LEGO house! Argggh.

I hopped back over and purchased it with an expected delivery date sometime in January and honestly, I can’t wait! It’s about the coolest LEGO set I’ve ever seen! I noticed one site advertised it as being for “Grown-ups.” Even the video at the LEGO website HERE shows an adult woman playing with the home and a few of its many features that are hidden all throughout the house. It really is a very special set!

During this whole process, I learned that there’s a whole community of people out there who are just as obsessed over LEGOs as some of us (cough, cough) are about handbags. There are some seriously impressive LEGO-Loving YouTube Channels if you’re seriously into LEGOs. I don’t need to start collecting anything else, however, if they ever decided to do a Christmas Vacation house or a Something’s Gotta Give house, I may have to look into that. Ha!

This Home Alone LEGO set is huge, containing 3,955 pieces. It comes with 24 individual packages of LEGOs that you assemble to create the whole house. I just noticed this evening that it’s graded for ages 18 and up. Did I mention that it’s about the coolest thing ever?!


I didn’t know this until a few days ago, but LEGO has a “LEGO IDEAS” website where they post projects that have been designed by LEGO fans and you can cast your vote if you would like to see a particular project go into production. If I’m remembering correctly, I think the designer of the Home Alone house said that a project has to get at least 10,000 votes before LEGO will consider creating it. Did you know about the LEGO IDEAS website? It’s fun to see all the projects that have been submitted for consideration.

The Home Alone LEGO set is designed where each floor can be separated from the floor above and below. I love how it opens up so you can see all the rooms inside the home. It’s almost like a dollhouse in that respect.

Photo from the LEGO® website


There’s a place on the back of the house where Kevin’s zip line attaches to the treehouse. Kevin can actually zip right down it, too! lol

Photo from the LEGO® website


They’ve recreated so many of the hilarious scenes from the movie.

Photo from the LEGO® website


Notice the iron imprint on Marv’s face. lol I remember this scene with the spider, it takes place upstairs on the top floor in the hallway.

Photo from the LEGO® website


Of course, the infamous furnace is there in the basement, and it does light up when opened up. There are way too many fun details and working parts to mention them all in this post. For example, the bookshelves in Buzz’s bedroom are designed where they collapse at the push of a button. You can reenact so many scenes from the movie throughout the house.

Photo from the LEGO® website


Even the top opens up to a view of the attic bedroom where Kevin was banished the evening before the family left for their vacation in Europe. In the YouTube video I watched, the designer said he watched each scene of the movie over and over a gazillion times to try and capture all those funny and iconic details we fondly remember from the movie. I can’t wait to build it so I can share it with my grandsons the next time they are here. They are just now at the age where they can watch and appreciate a good bit of the movie.

Photo from the LEGO® website


Displaying the Finished House

So you know how I am when I do something, I can’t do it halfway. I also purchased a display case so when the house is not being played with, it can stay clean and dust-free. There’s a company named Wicked Brick (love that name!) who is an “Official Affiliate” of LEGO, and they build these awesome display cases, as they are ordered. They can be purchased with or without the scenic “nighttime” backdrop seen below. I ordered mine with it–love that nighttime view! (Read more about this display case here: Wicked Brick.)

Beautiful Display Case for LEGO Home Alone House

Photo from the Wicked Brick Website


The company also sells a display stand (minus the cover) if someone doesn’t want the whole house covered. I’m hoping that the white base that comes with the display case I ordered, will work as a good base on which to build the house.

Display Case, LEGO Home Alone House

Photo from the Wicked Brick Website


I like the laser-cut plaque that fits into the base and displays the Home Alone LEGO set number (21330) and how many pieces the set contains. I just realized that’s the image of the house on the left, and I think that’s Kevin defending the house on the right. Love it!

Cool Details of the Display Case for the Lego Home Alone House

Photo from the Wicked Brick Website

As you would expect, this Home Alone LEGO kit is currently showing “Temporarily out of stock” again. At least it says “temporarily” and not “no longer available.” I’m sure it will become available to order again sometime soon. If you want to be notified, you can let them know at the website here: LEGO Home Alone. By the way, this is not a sponsored post and LEGO doesn’t know I exist, other than I’m now one of their many millions of customers who have purchased a LEGO set.

I’ll be sure to share how it goes once it arrives and I start working on it. I don’t plan to finish it in 2-3 days like I normally do with the 1,000 piece puzzles I love to complete. I hope to make this a fun activity that I work on and enjoy throughout the month of January. We’ll see–I may get too excited to see it finished to make it last the whole month.


Light Them Up!

Did you know you can add lights to these LEGO builds? There are a bunch of companies out there who make light kits. I watched a guy on YouTube add lights to the Home Alone house and he said it was the hardest Lego build that he had ever added lights to–and he has added lights to a lot of them. They were all visible in the background of his video. To clarify, he wasn’t saying that the Home Alone house was hard to build, just that going back and adding lights to it later was really difficult.

I purchased some lights from, Game of Bricks, a different brand than he had used, hoping I could add the lights as I build the house, but I don’t know if that will work since I think the instructions are written as if the house is already assembled. I may chicken out and abandon the whole ‘lighting” idea. It does look amazing all lit up, though!

Photo from the Game of Bricks Website

If you think this is a LEGO build you would love to do, I encourage you to do a search on YouTube for the “Home Alone LEGO House” and watch some of the awesome videos showing all the cool features/activities that are incorporated in this build. Also, search for some of the videos where lights have been added to the house–it really is beautiful, lit up!

Are you a huge LEGO fan? I hope this doesn’t start something for me. Ha! I spend enough on puzzles, I don’t need to get addicted to LEGOs! I do love a great puzzle though, and LEGOs are a bit like putting together a wonderful puzzle, aren’t they?

Pssst: Love the home in the movie, Home Alone? Take a tour of the house in this post: Home Alone Movie House Tour.

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  1. It’s adorable! I can see why you were attracted to it. Fun!
    Have you tried ordering their world map yet? I think that sounds really up your alley as much as you like to travel!

  2. I love the McAllister house, as well. Inside and out, it’s just one of the prettiest houses in a movie, ever. (I also loved the house in The Father of the Bride. Also traditional and also gorgeous.) It’s hard to believe Home Alone is 31 years old now! That must mean that Macaulay Culkin is pushing 40! No, I refuse to believe that, Kevin McCallister is not 40 years old. 😀 Oh gosh, that just gave me an idea! Kevin, all grown up with a family of is own — and he leaves his little boy — Home Alone! I could totally see hollywood going for that idea since they haven’t had an original idea in decades. If done properly, it could be cute though. And very nostalgic for those of us who loved little Kevin.

    Back to the lego house. How funny, Susan. No, I’ve never been in to legos, but I can see how something as cool as this one could draw a person in. I love that they recreated some of the (many) infamous scenes. But if I know you at all, and I think I do, you won’t be able to resist – you’ll get it done pretty quick because it will be calling your name and you’ll be too excited to take your leisurely time to finish it, lol. Now I’m off to look for those videos you mentioned. Don’t I have some Christmas wrapping to do?

    • Oh, they need to create a Father of the Bride house, too! lol
      I like your movie idea, you need to write them and suggest it, Pam!
      I know, you’re probably right, it will be hard to pace myself and not stay up to 2 in the morning, working on it.

  3. That is so cool. It looks amazing. I love that movie. My sister and I went wild with decorating after seeing it. Did you notice in the dining room how in the china cabinet they had Christmas ball ornaments in the crystal stemware? We LOVED that. Did that for years! The whole house was amazing and beautiful inside and out. I’m such a fan of traditional! I hope they have in the set the Michael Jordan (I think it was) cardboard cutout and other items that Kevin used to fool the bad guys when playing Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.
    I know you will enjoy assembling it. What a treat. Can’t wait to see it when finished. Now, I need to go watch that movie again!! 🙂

    • No, how did I miss that? I LOVE that idea of putting the Christmas ball ornaments in the stemware! Now I want to copy it!
      They do have the Michael Jordan cardboard cut out and it spins, only they changed the name and number on the jersey. I guess they couldn’t get permission to use his exact team jersey, but they did include it. There’s also the mannequin that spins around in this set. Thanks, Anne! I can’t wait until it arrives!

    • Anne, a friend shared this video with me today…it’s actually commercial but I think you’ll love it. Notice the Christmas ball ornaments in the stemware in the china cabinet. 🙂

  4. You are too funny! Still a kid at heart! I admit this would be fun to build. My oldest son was a Lego fanatic and won two competitions with a friend competing against other children and adults. He and his friend made a grand piano one year and an elephant with people riding on top on a platform another year! Have fun, can’t wait to see it finished. This makes me want to watch the movie again!

    • Yep, I definitely am–refusing to grow up!
      Wow, that’s impressive! I really admire people who can create these pieces from scratch without any instructions!

  5. Oh, Susan—you are not alone. For years, my son (age 42) has received Legos for Christmas. It’s a tradition. A few years ago, I noticed Lego had Disney-themed sets. Since I’m a big Disney fan, I built Mickey and Minnie last winter. The castle is ready to go, just as soon as the Christmas decorations come down. I think you’ll have just as much fun working on your set as you do on your jigsaw puzzles. By the way, you got me back into that little hobby, including buying the puzzle board and framing the Nancy Drew puzzle. All fun! I look forward to seeing your finished project (and thanks for the display ideas).

    • What a cool tradition! I wish I had thought to do that with my son. Cheryl, send me a picture of the castle when you finish, I would LOVE to see it!
      I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying puzzles, too–they really are a lot of fun! I still need to frame my Nancy Drew one. That would be fun to display hanging near my book collection from my childhood. 🙂

  6. Susan, you have no idea how many times I said to my husband “I must
    write to Susan & encourage her to seek the Lego “Home Alone” set !!! It was
    on my mind each time I saw it advertised that it would be perfect for you.
    Besides loving the house, one of our patients had a part in the movie so
    it really holds a special place in my heart.
    I’m absolutely thrilled you were able to acquire it. Wishing you a joyous

    • Aww, thanks for thinking of me, Rebecca! I can’t believe how much detail they included in this Home Alone build! That’s cool that one of your patients was in the movie!
      Thanks, I’ll try to share a few posts about it as I build it. Merry Christmas, Rebecca!

  7. The Lego house is amazing. Never knew they made such detailed ones. They certainly weren’t like that when my sons were young. Home Alone has a special place in my heart too because of the memory of taking our boys to see it. Still a family favorite today. We we’re in process of design decisions for the new home we were about to build and my husband and I fell in love with the house and it gave us lots of ideas. Our foyer & staircase is almost identical. Legos aren’t my thing but I’ve become obsessed with model train layouts. We always had a train under the tree for our boys & I started it again with our grandchildren. This year I’ve created my biggest North Pole layout yet. I won’t allow the grandkids in the room where it’s set up until Christmas. Their excitement to see it has been so much fun.

  8. Have you a place in mind where this house will reside? Sounds like a very fun project and something to “play” with when finished. Hope you can get the lights to work. Pretty sure you will! I like the idea of the case. I need something like this for my manger that I have never been able to display because it is so delicate. I could probably velcro everything down and store it that way instead of in two boxes. You always have great ideas and inspiration.

    • I have one or two spots in mind, will have to see how it looks/fit once done. I think this company build custom projects, too–but not sure. You may want to contact them and ask. I bet they could do it.
      Thanks, Kathleen!

  9. Really awesome!

  10. As I was reading this post–before I got to the part in which you mention puzzles–I realized putting together the Lego set would be perfect for you b/c of how much you love to do puzzles. Maybe you can even use some of the stacking drawers that you use to separate puzzle pieces to help organize the Lego pieces, although you may need something much larger considering the number of pieces the set has. I hope you will blog as you’re putting the set together so we can see the progress.

    The case is genius, and with the strong base it has, you can store the whole thing away easily if you want to display the house only at Christmas. One question I have about the case: Does it accommodate the house when the front is open, so you can display it that way if you want? I think it would be cool if you could sometimes have it closed so you can see the front and sometimes have it open so you can see the inside, yet still keep the whole thing dust-free.

    Happy Lego-ing, Susan!

    • Would love to see the “Something’s Gotta Give” house. Have you submitted the idea yet?

      • I think to submit an idea, you have to completely design it–not sure how that’s done, though. Can you imagine if they had a whole “great movie houses” selection?!

    • Fortunately, I think (not sure) but I think you put each of the 24 packets together individually and then they fit into the house somehow. So I won’t have to have alllll the pieces all out at once. I’m so glad they break it down that way, I can’t imagine hunting through almost 4000 pieces for the right piece. lol I’d probably pick the wrong one and have to undo everything.
      I don’t think the case is big enough to have it open while inside. That’s probably a good thing because I don’t think I have a place to display it if were that large.

  11. Good for you! I can’t wait to see the finished house! And – I agree with Cheryl- our family did the Nancy Drew puzzle after seeing your post. It now hangs over the little bookcase that houses my complete set from my childhood. I also purchased the Williamsburg Governor’s mansion at your recommendation. I may have to get on the waiting list for the Home Aone house for our family’s 2022 Christmas! Thank you for the ongoing inspiration!

    • Oh, I love that, Tracey! I need to get mine framed so I can hang it near my book collection. I wish I had purchased the Home Alone when I first saw it, I could have had it done for this Christmas.

  12. franki Parde says

    Susan…I HAVE NEVER EVER ENJOYED READING YOUR BLOG MORE THAN I DID TODAY!!! I have laughed till I ache & then…even more…I for one CANNOT WAIT TO FOLLOW your journey through “Home Alone” novel…this IS GONNA BE FUN!!! xxx. franki

    • Ha, ha, ha! These are the daily battles I have inside my head! lol I can’t wait to share it! I’ll post a few photos as I build it so we can allll do it together! 🙂

  13. Hi Susan!

    Very cool Lego house!!

    Just wanted to tell you about the Lego advent calendar. My boys loved them. In fact, they’re 18 today and still share one advent calendar (they pick who gets to open the window). They’re probably too old for it now, but they loved it for years. I think your grandsons might like it too. 🙂


    • I love those LEGO Advent Calendars! Yes, have to carry on the tradition, even when they are 40! 🙂 I almost bought them for my grandsons this year but they already had them for this year. That would be great for next year, though!

  14. I hear you on buying Lego’s I have bought many sets for my grandson. I just bought and he finished the Gingerbread house. I told him I wanted it to set in my kitchen to see during the holiday season. It took him most of the day after Thanksgiving to finish it so I can only imagine how long it will take to build the one your getting. We have BB8 (which I just love) and baby Yoda which is really cute. My granddaughter didn’t stay interested in them as long as my grandson has. Have you ever watched Lego Masters on TV. Those people are really really good at building things from scratch.robin

    • No, I don’t have cable TV but I bet it’s amazing to see. I’ll have to check to see if there are any episodes on YouTube. You have to really admire people who can build amazing things without any instructions!

  15. Loved this post! I have done small Lego sets and really enjoyed the set by step progression to the final product. I could never attempt one as complicated as the one you’re starting, but I know it will be a true labor of love for you. Can’t wait to see it and feel you’re so wise to place it in a display case. It would be fun to see a couple of step-by-step posts as you proceed through the building of it. Bravo to you, Susan!

  16. You need to watch Lego Masters on TV! It is amazing! I bought one of the Christmas Village sets every year for several years because I couldn’t resist them, they were so cute! They are all now with my son who as as an adult still makes Lego sets.

    • I don’t have cable TV, disconnected it many years ago, but I can just imagine how amazing the LEGO creations must be. I’ll have to look for an episode on YouTube, thanks for telling me about it, Beth. Oh, I didn’t know about the Christmas Village sets! I love that your son still enjoys them now that he’s grown. Adults love doing puzzles so it does make sense that we would still love LEGOs! 🙂

  17. Paula Shoaf says

    That is so awesome !!! My favorite holiday movie , and yes that house love at first site !I even thought about going to see the neighborhood in person !! I worked at a store call Bombay, very English traditional and a lot of the items in the home I noticed were from Bombay !!
    Merry Christmas Blessings to you and your family ,

    • Interesting! They must have purchased a lot of the set items from Bombay. I used to shop in a Bombay Outlet many years ago before it closed. I found some real jewels there!
      Thanks, Paula!
      Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  18. I got a chuckle from reading this. A friend of ours ordered one, set it, plays with it, and makes videos of it. I told him it is a “Seinfeld” episode in the making.

    • I love it! Did he order the Home Alone house or was it a different one? Did they make a Seinfeld one? 🙂

      • He ordered “Home Alone” one. I don’t know of a Seinfeld Lego set. It just reminded me the “Seinfeld” episode where the lady has the vintage toys that Jerry, George, and Elaine like to play with.

  19. I put the release date on my Outlook calendar and purchased it the day it was released! My DS27 is disabled and at home during the pandemic. He is a huge Home Alone fan and a Lego whiz. He built the Disney castle in a few days. DS will be getting the Home Alone house for Christmas. I noticed that the display case above is in the UK. The price is right but I wonder about shipping?

    • I’m so glad you got it! That’s wonderful! From what I’ve seen online, I’m sure he’s going to love it!
      About the case, I paid 89.99 pounds + 19.99 pounds for shipping for a total of 109.98 GBP. That’s around $120. The confirmation email I received after I made my purchase said that shipping times are around 23-28 working days due to the large amount of orders they are currently receiving.
      I just noticed today, if you sign up for their newsletter by giving them your email, a popup at their website says you save 5%. I never saw that pop-up when I visited, so I didn’t get that discount.

  20. I love it! Your home has always reminded me of the Home Alone house. Now you have a winter project scheduled. What fun! Take lots of photos so we can see your progress.

  21. My husband just bought the Lego World Map and I’m not a fan. Why he couldn’t have found something fun like this, I have no idea!!! Love the house and make sure you take lots of pics while you’re doing it and show us along the way. 🙂

  22. cleo headley says

    Good for you !! What fun, this is right up your alley !!! My family is also crazy for Legos, this summer while cleaning the basement, I found boxes with tons of pieces…, 2 weeks later I had put together the electric train set, and it works !!! Next, I will tackle the pirate ship………

    Never too old to have fun………

  23. You always find the coolest things Susan, I am so loving this Lego “Home Alone” house!! Can’t wait to see it all put together, but I imagine it will take a while. lol Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! Surprisingly, I got an email today from LEGO saying that it was shipped today. I can’t believe it because initially it was showing that it would arrive in January. Unless it’s coming from a very long way away, I think it will be here much sooner than that. Looking forward to sharing it with you and the process of putting it together. Should be really interesting!

  24. Love this Susan! Although not LEGO related, I recently discovered Rae Dunn pottery. These items are exclusive to HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx. They have a HUGE cult following. “Dunners” actually wait outside these stores to see what is new and purchase the latest and greatest! There also appears to be a huge market (and markup) for items on Mercari as well! Who knew!?! I’m like you…I go “all-in” when there is something I like and want to collect/display in my home. It’s hard to control yourself sometimes! HA. Can’t wait to see your LEGO house display….love that movie!

  25. I’m with you, Susan; I LOVED the Home Alone house! I recognized some things from the much missed Bombay store. The furnishings were right up my alley, too. I can’t wait to see yours finished. Where will you display it? Just at Christmas, or all year round? The latter, I hope. What a fun post today!

  26. Joanne English Gantt says

    Oh my goodness! I haven’t read all the comments here and I’m a bit late to the post, but I am right there with you on the “Home Alone” lego set. Been trying to buy it since the day it came out. As a 66 year old female who loves needlepoint and piecing quilts, I am a big lego fan as well….love the creator expert and winter village pieces especially. Enjoy your posts Susan…look forward every year to the stocking stuffer and gift ideas too. Thank you!!!

  27. I’m a grandma & I purchased this Lego set last December after I saw it on my neices facebook page, her son had built it & I thought it was amazing, I had to have it! I also thought my family would think I was nuts purchasing a Lego set but when they saw it (I built it in a weekend & it was so much fun!) they loved it. I leave it set up in my Craft Room & the grandkids play with it when they visit. I’ve since purchased the ‘Bookshop’ set b/c I thought it would be fun to display it when I host Book Club; I added a Lightailing Light set & it looks pretty cool, my kids were impressed :). I agree w/you Susan, it’s similar to putting together a puzzle, just a lot more expensive!

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