The Most Adorable Little Free Library, It Even Has a Fairy Door!

Many years ago I was having my mostly-brick home painted and I was trying to choose a paint color for the eve sections, dormers, and the back of my home, all of which are not brick. One day while out running errands, I spotted a house that’s about a mile from my home that was the perfect shade of yellow. I got brave, knocked on the door, and asked if they would mind sharing the color. They were super nice and commented that they get asked that question all the time. I can’t remember the color now, but I ultimately decided to go with white since that’s the color I was painting the screened porch that was being added at the same time.

A few days ago, en route to HomeGoods for a bit of shopping, I drove right by the pretty yellow house since it’s located on a road that is a convenient back way to that shopping area. As I passed by, out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a Little Free Library. I’ve been obsessed with the little neighborhood libraries for many years and have been hoping to some day add one to my front yard. You may remember this one that I saw on a Christmas Home tour a few years back.



This was another one that I spotted while on vacation in Key West many years ago. Not sure I’ve ever mentioned this but I worked for 5 years as a Media Parapro in my son’s elementary school library when he was a student there. I have always loved books and libraries, so the idea of a wee library that I could fill with books for my neighbors and their children to enjoy makes me so happy!



While on my way to HomeGoods, I made a mental note to myself to go the same route back home so I could get a better look at the Little Library, but of course, I forgot. Today while running another errand, I remembered and decided to go back by and take some photos to share. I easily found the Little Library again and it was indeed in front of the yellow house. From the quick glimpse I got as I passed by, I could tell the library was painted the same color and just as delightful as the home. I couldn’t wait to get a closer view!

Most of the Little Free Library plans I see online are built with a shed roof but I really prefer the type with a gable style roof. I parked my car on a side street that was just a few feet away and got out of my car to walk back to the Little Library to snap a few photos.

As I crossed the street to walk toward the library, I noticed a truck was moving in the driveway of the yellow house and it appeared to be about to leave. Standing at the foot of the driveway, I could see the library further down the walkway and I loved how it looked! I paused a moment as the truck came down the drive. It turned out to be the homeowner, David, and I introduced myself telling him how much I loved his home and the little library out front.

Beautiful Little Free Library


I mentioned how much I would love to add one to my yard for my neighborhood. David shared that he had built theirs and that it had turned out to be quite the project. I asked if he ever took requests and if I could hire him to build one for me. He answered by saying that there are libraries online that can be purchased. I knew what he meant, I had seen those, too–but I hadn’t liked any of the ones I had seen available. As we talked, he didn’t say no, but he didn’t yes, either. He just said it had definitely turned out to be a bigger and more expensive project than he had initially thought it would be.

In the course of chatting, I learned that he owns his own construction company and does home remodels/renovations. What?!?! You guys know how I’m always saying I need to remodel both of my upstairs bathrooms. As we talked, I was starting to feel like this encounter was meant to be! He gave me his business card and I will definitely be contacting him to get an estimate for future bathroom renovations.

Beautiful Little Free Library


So let’s check out this adorable library! It is just what I’ve envisioned in my head whenever I’ve thought about adding a Little Free Library to my front yard!

Little Free Library, Neighborhood Library


If you’ve been following BNOTP for a while, you will remember when I shared the little dream cottage I would be happy to retire to one day. Unfortunately, this is only a playhouse, but a real house could be built in this style. (Read that previous post here: My Dream Home.)

Yellow Storybook Cottage


Doesn’t this Little Library look like it should be outside the cottage above? 🙂

Little Free Library, Neighborhood Library


I think I even know the spot where I would want my Little Free Library. I would place it up here by the road, underneath the big Crepe Myrtle in my front yard. Recently I was thinking about moving the bird feeder (seen in the photo below) down closer to the birdhouse in front of my home. It would give me a great spot to place mealworms for the bluebirds that nest in that birdhouse every year.

Lazy Hill Loretta Bird Feeder in Landscape


Let’s take a closer look at all the wonderful features of the Little Free Library David built for his neighborhood.

Little Free Library, Neighborhood Library


At the base, there’s a little handle/hook.

Building a Little Free Library


On closer inspection, I noticed it says, “doghook” so that must be a spot to hook a leash so you can easily browse through the books without worrying that your dog will run away. Love that! There are even little doggie clean-up bags hanging on the hook.

Doggie Hook on Little Free Library


And look what’s at the very base of the library!!! It’s my red door! Ha!

Fairy Door for a Little Free Library


I couldn’t believe it when I saw the red door!


I love the sweet doggie nearby and it appears there are lights around the door. I bet it is adorable lit up at night! Do you think fairies live inside? Or, maybe gnomes?

Fairy Door for a Little Free Library


David told me they registered their little library, you can read more about that process here: Registration Process.

Door Design for Little Free Library


I haven’t checked into this yet, but I believe all the little libraries that are registered can be located on a map at that website, so you can see if there’s one near you. I wonder if they send you this little plaque once you’ve registered your library? David said after they put the library up, they placed a couple of books inside, and within a day or two, the library was completely full!

Little Free Library Plaque


Here’s how it looks inside.

Little Free Library, The Cutest Neighborhood Library


I was curious about what books I would find inside. Oh, I just noticed there’s a little cup with bookmarks over in the corner–love that!

Peek Inside a Little Free Library


See any that you would love to read?

Books inside Little Free Library


I was initially thinking that I would like for it to have three shelves: a lower one for children’s books, a middle one for teens, and a top shelf for books that would appeal to adults. What do think? I guess they would probably get all mixed together after a while.

Beautiful Little Free Library


I will keep you posted if I can twist David’s arm to get him to build me a Little Free Library. I will definitely be contacting him to get some estimates for renovating my baths.

Little Free Library, Neighborhood Library


Recently I mentioned the Tulip Magnolias are blooming here? Normally I’m zooming down the road when I see them and there’s no place to park to get a photo. I finally captured one for you in the front yard of a home near where I parked to visit the little library. Isn’t it glorious?! Spring has arrived here in the south!  Update on 3-5-22: I’m not positive this is a Tulip Magnolia. I went antiquing today and en route to the antique shop, I saw a bunch of trees blooming with pink blossoms that were def not Tulip Magnolias. I saw some Tulip Magnolias blooming too, though.

Tulip Magnolia in Bloom

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  1. I love the little free libraries! This one is especially inviting, right down to the doggie cleanup bags hooked onto the dog leash hook.

  2. Barbara Warner says

    Love your blog, and especially the name . I’ve been reading your blog for a number of years now. I’d love to have a Free Little Library. We have two in our small town which I use, but having one in my yard and/or neighborhood would be fantastic. Thanks for sharing this uplifting story.

  3. Just a thought, since you met a contractor, do you think he could hang your screen doors, if you haven’t had them hung yet.

    • I told him about those and he seemed happy to help with that. He didn’t say it right out loud, but he nodded when I told him about them. Maybe I can finally get them installed!

  4. Yes, that tree is beautiful and goodness, that little free library is absolutely adorable! I love the concept. David did a fine job on that but I think he was basically hinting it would cost you a small fortune for him to duplicate, lol. And that little red door! My goodness, it even has a pediment similar to the one you had before you built the porch! How adorable. I love the doggy hook and bags. It’s all just too cute.

    I do wonder how busy it stays. How nice that people filled it up. What a great way to find books that you otherwise may never hear of. I particularly love the idea of having kid’s books inside. Fostering the love of reading in a child is such a valuable gift and a great way to cuddle up and spend time with them.

    Your front yard is so pretty, Susan. You’ve taken such care, what with the island planting and the dovecote and bird house, and the windy brick sidewalk. I can envision a similar little free library in your front yard. It would fit right in.

    • I know! I was so amazed when he said it was full within a day or two. I guess folks loved the idea and had a lot of books at home that they had finished. I have got to put one in my front yard…love the idea so much!
      Thanks, Pam! It’s a constant battle to keep it looking good. lol

  5. Snowflake281 says

    Oh my goodness. That has got to be best little library I’ve ever seen. Cuteness overload for sure & I’m not even what you would consider as “a reader.” David’s skill is to be commended.

  6. Too cute for words! It would be a wonderful memory for kids to walk to a neighborhood library, especially during the summer, to trade books.

  7. Anna in Ashland says

    I love little free libraries. I was so very happy to discover three in the neighborhood when we moved in. It’s possibly one of the best inventions of our lifetimes. I have to stop and check out each one as I pass.

  8. Oh goodness, this little free library is so cute! One of the prettiest I’ve seen, not that I’ve seen any in real life, just photos. Must cuter and prettier than the other two you showed. I don’t know if we have any around my town or not, not ever seen any. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any, I just don’t know of any. There were a few books in there that I thought looked like interesting reads. I love to read, only can’t read like I used to. I tend to fall asleep now. lol But I do still read, just takes me longer. I think David would have to charge you an arm and a leg to build you one of these. lol Looks labor intensive for sure. It has such such perks though. Like the leash holder, doggie bags, little red (fairy) door like yours, the beautiful yellow colored boards and oh that roof! Yes, lot of pain staking work was done on this little free library and that is what makes it stand out among the rest. I do think you have found someone to help with renovations at your house and maybe your beautiful doors you bought for the porch. And who knows, maybe then he will build you a little free library! Spring is trying to make it’s way here too, it comes and goes. lol But soon it will be here to stay. Love seeing the Tulip Magnolias! Hugs, Brenda

  9. I’ve seen three little libraries in my drive area but I’ve not been able to stop because they are on busy roads. I have books I’d like to share.

  10. A perfectly precious post Susan! I absolutely LOVE the lending library (speaking as a former HS English teacher!) and the addition of a darling red door with a sweet puppy makes this a welcome respite for anyone walking by! Thank you for sharing this precious spot.

  11. Faye W Meyers says

    I’m guessing you like to read. Perhaps you could post sometime about your favorite books. I, for one, would enjoy hearing about your fave books! And I, too, love little free libraries!

    • I don’t read near as much as I used to and I really want to get back to that. The issue I have is I can’t take a lot of violence and I don’t like sad stories with a lot of strife. I can’t even watch most movies today so I rarely do that anymore. Many years ago, I was a member of a neighborhood book club before it fell apart and ceased to be. During that time, I think I read maybe two of the books suggested because I didn’t like the synopsis I read for any of the ones that were chosen. I spent quite a few dollars during that time buying books I ended up never reading. They all sounded so depressing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me that I never like the books that others seem to like–same for movies. So I’m not a good one to ask for suggestions, I’m afraid. I just started a book that I purchased ages ago and never read. It’s by a lovely woman named Celestine Sibley whose column I used to love reading a couple of times a week in the Atlanta paper. The book is called, Ah, Sweet Mystery. She was such a kind soul that I can’t imagine this book being filled with too much violence. I’ll let you know how I like it.

  12. Jean Sprimontq says

    Oh Susan this is the best! Now that you have found him CLONE David and send him to Florida…the land of embarrassing crazies…but also one that appreciates good taste and quality. Although aware of Little Libraries I have seen few…possibly because of our shortened rainy season but remaining high humidity. The threat of high humidity/mold is not a kind environment for books. Is David up to the challenge of an equally charming structure protected from humidity/rain? Kudos, Kudso, Kudos to him for creating and you for sharing.

  13. Love seeing all the Little Free Libraries all over – and LOVE my Public Library! Libraries are such a bargain and treasure for so many, yet so many people do not value them!

  14. That little library is absolutely adorable! I never borrow because I only do audiobooks due to my poor vision, but I have donated probably 20 large boxes of books to our local little libraries all over town. It seems that the children’s books are extremely popular as I filled many shelves with the books and I walk past (walk for exercise) and they are always gone within days. I wish there were such a thing when my kids were little!

  15. I also wanted to add for everyones benefit, if you don’t know about Libby, don’t walk but run to your local library and get a library card. (And with CV, you can possibly get a library card online without even leaving the house!) Libby is an app where you can reserve and check out books online. They books download to your phone, kindle or computer, and the absolutely brilliant part is that you can do AUDIOBOOKS too. I listen to books all day long and especially for long drives as I have a vacation home about 13 hours away that I drive to quite often. You can find newly released books as well as classics. Every genre. It’s like having a full library in your phone. And if your library doesn’t support Libby, there are other library apps like Overdrive. I prefer Libby because it’s so user friendly, but I have used the others when my library doesn’t carry the book Im looking for.

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