The Other Lamp Finally Arrived & Starting a New Mini-Project

Welcome to the 658th Metamorphosis Monday!

Happy Labor Day! Did you have a great weekend? Do any grilling out? I had a relaxing one, just played around the house and started plotting another small project. It’s dangerous for me to have too much alone time, the wheels get turning and that usually means another project. lol

Update: Today is the last day for the 70% off Talbots sale. See what I picked up at the sale in this post: This End of Sale is Killin’ It! Autumn is on Sale, Too!


Do you remember a few months back when I ordered three Oxberg glass-door cabinets from Ikea? When I placed that order, the first delivery date available was 2-1/2 months out! I eventually got it moved up when I noticed the delivery window had changed for more recent orders, but I still had to wait around 1-1/2 months for the delivery.

This weekend I decided to order an Ikea Hemnes bookshelf. Thanks so much to Magdy and Kim for telling me about the Hemnes! It’s made of solid wood so can better support heavy books, unlike the Billy Bookcase shelves I currently have in my office. I started to order this bookcase on Saturday and was shocked to see that if I did order, the delivery would occur the very next day on Sunday! What?!!!


I didn’t order that day, took another day to think about it. Late yesterday afternoon, I finally decided to order the Hemnes and it arrived this morning at 9:00 am! Is that not amazing?!  So if there’s something you’ve been thinking about ordering from Ikea, apparently this is the time to do it. Maybe they are gearing up for the holidays because today was the first day for one of the guys who delivered my bookshelf this morning. I told them they are faster than Amazon! lol Anyway, once I figure out if this bookshelf will work in one of the two places I have in mind, I’ll share how it looks.


The Other Lamp Arrived!

You may remember that recently I ordered a green and white lamp thinking it would work in my home office. It turned out to be way too big for the office desk area, but I loved it too much to return it. I tried it in various places around my home and it ended up here in my dressing room.


During the time I was moving it around, one of the places I tried it was beside my bed. You can see it there on the right in the picture below. I loved how it looked there and so did you guys, so I decided to order a second one for the other side. The size just seemed to work a lot better for my queen-size, four-poster bed than the lamps I already had beside my bed.

Choosing Lamps for a Bedroom


It took a couple of weeks but the other lamp finally arrived! I know it doesn’t look like it in this photo, but promise they are at very close to being at the same height. I guess it’s just the angle of the photo that makes it look like the one on the left is much lower.

Two New Large Lamps for Bedroom


The lamp on the right is the perfect size for the round table.

Large Lamps for Bedroom


But here on the left, the lamp is definitely too large for the table I have on this side. I have been hoping to replace this table for a while since it is so low, so now I have a really good excuse.

Bedroom Lamps, Before and After


I think what I may do is buy a chest for the right side of the bed and move the skirted round table to this side of the bed.

Large Lamp, Traditional Style


Initially, I thought I wanted a chest on both sides and I would still be tempted to do that if I found the right size chests, but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a bit and not be so matchy-matchy.

Green, White Lamp, Perfect for Bedroom


I think I will start antiquing a bit more and see if I can find a pretty chest that’s the appropriate size and height for the right side of the bed, then move the skirted table to the other side.

Large Lamps for Bedroom


In the meantime, I am loving these new bigger lamps! Since this piecrust table is a good bit shorter than the table on the other side, I had to place a few books underneath the lamp to raise it up a bit. Hopefully, I can find a chest that will be very close in height to the round table.

Add Height to Lamp with Books


If you have a big living room or bedroom, or a large, open room with a high ceiling, you’ll find this lamp available here: Large Lamp.

Raise Lamp Higher with Books


I have one more lamp on order and it should be arriving sometime soon. Once it gets here, I’ll share how it looks in the space I have in mind. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will work where I’m hoping to use it.

Hope you have a great Labor Day today and I hope you get to spend it doing something you love and find relaxing! ♥

Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Hooray for your new lamp…they look perfect! I will have to look for that bookcase – needing a new one for our guest room. I found the lamps I wanted for our bedroom on Amazon at an amazing price. And like your order from Ikea they were supposed to be delivered in a week and came the next day! I love them. Moved the old ones to the guest room and now…onto the next project. Have a great Labor Day!

  2. Love the way your lamps look in your bedroom! You couldn’t have chosen any better!

  3. Lamps look great! What did you do with the ones you replaced? One went in your living room, but where did you put the other? So much fun being able to change up and change out. Keeps you energized! Looking forward to your antiquing adventure.

    • Thanks Kathleen! Great question! The other one is currently in my “formal” living downstairs, a room that never gets used. It looks good in there with the red sofa, but that room never gets used. I plan to just hold onto it since I still love the design and will probably find a good use for it at some point down the road.

  4. The new lamps really do look better by the bed than the previous ones. I guess that conclusively proves that size does matter, lol.

  5. Love the way the lamps look!
    I’ll look at the rest of your post later.
    To much to do……

  6. Love your lamps. Here is a suggestion. Leave it as is for a couple of weeks and you might discover that it looks perfect just the way it it. It appears to me there might not be enough space to move the skirted table and the wall where it is presently has plenty of space for the fullness of the table. Just enjoy.

  7. I love the orange and green lamps you’ve recently purchased! I love, love, love orange. And who doesn’t love green? It’s the color of nature.

    I agree that the green lamps are a better size for your bedroom than the previous lamp, which was very pretty but seemed diminutive. And I really love the idea of moving the skirted table to the area between the highboy and the bed – and using a chest on the other side. When I decorated my current bedroom, I decided not to go with the full, matched suite as I’d had before. Instead, I mixed pieces and I still love it that way. Hope you find a chest you like. And I can’t wait to hear about the new project you’ve got cooking up in your head!

  8. If you need to add height to the piecrust table, have you considered adding caster wheels to it? I did that to a side table I have, and it worked perfectly. There are tons of choices on Amazon, Home Depot and Lowe’s, it took me a while to decide which to use. Casters are very common in antique furniture. Just an idea!!

    P.S. Thank you for your email with the measurements on the kitty pillow from your guest room – I didn’t see it initially because it went to spam, but I found it. I’m on the hunt for a pretty material-thanks!!

  9. Hi Susan! Oh, those lamps are just so pretty and look fabulous in your beautiful bedroom! I’ve always loved your bedroom – the bed linens are so pretty. Hope you’re having a great week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  10. The lamps look great and I’m sure you will find the perfect trunk, I can’t wait to see!

    Also, not sure if this is okay to bring up, but I remember on the post a while ago about “share ten facts” (or something similar) that you and another reader mentioned the big goal of saving/purchasing a new car this year. I am in that market too and I am wondering if anyone else is having troubles with car shortages and inventory/demand/inflation of prices (the chips and more!) Uhg! At least I have pretty lamps to distract me in the meantime 🙂

    • Yes! It’s a huge problem. I’m super frustrated because I typically buy a car I really, really want, then drive it for 10-15 years. I ordered a 2022 SUV to be built with certain features and I keep reading on various forums that a lot of features are being eliminated this year due to chip shortages. Everyone thought the chip production would be back going strong by fall, but now it appears that isn’t the case. My sales guy is checking to see what is being eliminated on the SUV I wanted. If it’s some key features that cannot be added back once the chips are available, I may cancel my order. I wait so long to buy a car, it breaks my heart to not get it the way I originally ordered it because I know this will probably be the last car I ever buy. I’m sorry you’re going through this too, Colleen. Also, they aren’t giving any discounts or incentives at all. I was lucky to find a dealership that is “only” charging MSRP and not $5-$10,000 over. Hope my ancient hybrid battery on my current car hangs in there a while longer since I’m not sure I’ll be getting a new car now. Even used ones are priced really high right now.

      • Hi Collen,
        Not sure if you saw my last email…I just sent a follow up one now, so you should have two emails from me. I think I’ve decided to turn down my SUV when it arrives. It really bugs me that it will be missing two standard features, so I think I’ll wait until this whole chip nightmare improves.

  11. Looks great! Thanks for hosting every week!

  12. I am enjoying living vicariously through your lamp projects! They are all so beautiful and so fun finding the right spots for them! At our age we have scaling down looming in our future, so no new decorating here. Thanks for sharing yours with us!

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Your new lamps look great! Eager to see what you are going to do with that bookcase! Hard to believe Labor Day is now over and fall is coming fast. Hope you received my reply to your email. Sorry about the delay in your new car order, that’s a bummer for sure!

    • Cyndi, I’m so glad you told me you had replied because for some dumb reason, Gmail stuck the email in the spam file. I just read through it and wanted to let you know I agree with everything you said. You and I are on the same page totally! I’ll reply tomorrow since it’s so late right now, but I completely agree with everything you wrote! Glad you were able to get away for a few days and spend some time with friends!

      • Cyndi Raines says

        Thank you Susan! So good to read great minds think alike, hehe! Sent back one more quick note, hope it didn’t go to the spam file.

  14. Lamps look great! I too have a “lamp problem” but Home Goods and Thrift stores are my friend! I searched high and low for the comments section on your End of Season Sale post, but never found it. Great sale….if you are a size XS!

  15. Loving the new bookcase, can’t wait to see where you are putting it Susan. Your lamps are just gorgeous in your bedroom! I love the beefy size of them, they look so much better in my humble opinion, even though your other lamps are gorgeous too, these are just so much better because of the size. I do love the sounds of a chest, I hope you find one as I think it will be beautiful in your bedroom! Hugs, Brenda

  16. I too like the larger sized bedside lamps, but I would vote for chests on both sides of the bed….not necessarily matching chests, but similarly shaped. For some reason round tables next to a bed always feel somewhat in the way.
    You are so right about the difficulty of finding the desired car. My husband was determined to get a Toyota Avalon, and was able to get the car he wanted by purchasing it before it arrived to the dealership….and by paying full MSRP…something he said he never thought he would do!

  17. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Hemnes bookshelf. You are so lucky to grab one. I want the Hemnes 3-piece bookshelf for our office but all of the Hemnes bookshelves have been out of stock here in Southern California for more than a month. Thanks for a beautiful blog. I enjoy looking at all the lovely things you post.

  18. Thanks for hosting and for sharing your new lamps! They look great.

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