Spring Porch Dreaming

Welcome to the 736th Metamorphosis Monday! I was super toying with the idea of giving my screen porch a good scrub down this weekend, but pollen season is ahead so I’m trying to decide if I should just wait. Knowing me, I won’t be able to stand not cleaning it, especially since today it was 71° out, and over the next two days, the temps will hit 78 degrees.

Build a Screened Porch


I had a dental issue pop up this weekend–a crown became loose on Friday evening and today it came all the way off. Fortunately, I’m not in any pain, but since I’m pretty sure I’ll be in a dentist’s chair tomorrow morning, I wanted to go ahead and get this post up this evening. For this week’s Met Monday, how about a little spring-summer porch inspiration!


I need to get out there and clean the porch just so I can decorate the swing with these cute, cute St. Patrick’s Day pillows. I purchased these pillow covers a few years back and couldn’t believe how reasonably priced they were because the fabric and patterns are so nice!  I don’t see this exact cover available this year, but you can see the various styles they have available this year here: St. Patrick’s Day Pillow Covers.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Pillow on Porch Swing


If you’re looking for cute pillow covers for Easter, these appear to be the same style and quality as the ones I purchased a few years back. It amazes me that you can get 4 beautiful pillow covers for just $12! You’ll find this year’s Easter pillow covers here: Easter Pillow Covers. Check these out, too…love the bunny with glasses and the egg tree, here: Easter Pillow Covers.

Porch Swing for Spring and Easter


I love the versatility of garden stools. This one lives out on the porch full-time and works great as a small side table. It also makes a great plant stand when needed.


I found this hutch while out thrifting/antiquing back in 2008. It was a dark, dark brown color and I painted it with exterior paint in this soft green color. I actually took a green napkin to the paint store and had them match to the color of the napkin.

Green Hutch Decorated for St. Patrick's Day


It has been a lot of fun to decorate throughout the years for the seasons or holidays.

Shamrock Plates, St. Patrick's Day Hutch


I’m 5 hours away from the nearest beach, but I can dream and bring the beach to me.


A few springs back the hutch got a little makeover for Easter.

Spring Hutch on Screened Porch


Are you starting to decorate for spring yet?

Porch Hutch Decorated for Springtime


Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Susan, so sorry about your tooth. I haven’t really decorated for Spring just yet, though I just bought the 4 easter pillow covers….great price! Thank you. I’m sure this will get me in the mood! Thank you always for great suggestions.

    • I know, they have such great prices on the covers. I have been so surprised by how nice they are when I’ve ordered in the past. Happy Spring, Toni!

  2. I love that tray over your hutch!

  3. Mary Anne says

    Oh Susan, I bet you are just itchin’ to clean up and set up that pretty porch. Yours was such an inspiration to me just one year ago when I had my Connecticut deck converted to a screened porch. Now I’m prepping to stage the house (fun!!) for sale in early April and will move to North Carolina in May or June. I sure will miss my pretty porch. But I’ll have a new one, albeit much much smaller, and I’ll use that same inspiration from you. I have not forgotten you would like photos of Rosemary Beach, FL when I go in April for my son’s wedding. (Everything is happening all at once – selling a house, building a new house and the wedding. My head is stuck on the spin cycle )

    • Oh, I know that has to be hard, to leave the porch you added! I will have to go through that one day when I move, if I ever do move. I’m glad you’ll still have a porch in NC. Wow, you have a busy spring ahead! Get lots of sleep, I find that’s the most important thing for me when I’ve got a lot on my plate, only that’s usually when I can’t turn off my brain and sleep! Ha!

  4. Love your porch and that last, spring decor picture of the Hutch, Susan. Yes, I am decorated for spring, and also have my bookcase shelves redecorated. I keep looking at those garden stools, wanting one for indoors. I could kick myself for not buying one at Sam’s years ago when they were so inexpensive. Theybare so versatile.
    I hope your day at the dentist goes quickly and isn’t anything more than popping the crown back on. I’m in the last stages of an implant currently.

    • That is awesome, Rita–I need to do the same! Sometimes HomeGoods and Marshalls will have garden stools, but they would probably be more expensive than Sam’s. They really are very versatile, I just love ’em!
      Thanks! They couldn’t get me in until Wednesday, so can’t smile too big until then. Ha!

  5. From the first time I saw your screened porch, I have loved it, you do an amazing job decorating it..Thanks for sharing

  6. I wouldn’t clean your porch yet, pollen is already in Birmingham and our cars get quickly covered as soon as they leave the garage! Love all your different Spring looks. Thanks Susan and good luck with your tooth 🙂

    • Really? I didn’t realize it had started yet. Things are leafing out here so I guess it’s early this year. This has def been an early spring. Thanks, Jenna!

      • The last day of February I think was the highest pollen count in Atlanta for February. We are covered in yellow pollen and I just live down the road from Atlanta. If I were you I wouldn’t be cleaning it quite yet unless you want to clean it more than once before summer! lol
        I’m excited I’m going to have a screened in porch albeit small when my small house is built.

        • Thanks for letting me know about that, I hadn’t noticed it yet. I probably shouldn’t have had the doors to the porch open today. lol Glad it’s happening now so maybe I’ll be able to clean soon. I’m always so glad when it’s over.

  7. That first picture showing your porch looking out onto the beautiful green trees is just so beautiful…serenity!
    Best wishes for a simple dental repair.

  8. Roxanne Bernard says

    Like you, I am itching to clean my porch over here in Clemson! But the pollen is just getting going good. The weather is so perfect though, I may have to do some cleaning early. Usually my cleaning date is May 1 when the pollen finally ends, so this is waaaay early!! Good luck with your crown. When that happened to me, my dentist warned “don’t swallow it!”.

    • It’s gets so deep on the porch, you fill like you’re wading through it! I’m going to force myself to wait, gonna be hard. Maybe I’ll just clean the hutch–that will make me feel better. lol
      I know, thank goodness I didn’t swallow it!

    • The last crown I got my dentist dropped it down my throat, I hopped up in that chair and began hacking and believe it or not I hacked that crown up. lol He said after 40 years in business yours is the second one I’ve dropped but the first one was not so lucky!! lol

      • OH MY GOSH! I’ve never thought of that happening! My previous dentist once hit a vein or something in my face while giving me a numbing shot on the upper right side of my mouth. That entire side of my face, from my eye down to my chin, was the color of an eggplant. It was horrendous! He said that it usually happens once or twice a year when he’s giving that shot. I was embarrassed to go anywhere for the two weeks it took to go away and my face went through every color of the rainbow. I look like I’d been in a car accident or beaten in a brawl.

      • Roxanne Bernard says

        Anita, that is a great story! Wow!!

  9. Hi Susan, so sorry to read about your crown. Isn’t that always the way, both times mine came loose, it was on a Friday too! Not a comfortable weekend for sure. YES! I have started decorating for Spring…even though we got another 5 inches of snow overnight (and on our way to a top 10 snowiest winter season!). A far, far cry from 78 decrees! But I have my Easter bunnies on the dining table and a few eggs here and there in jars and bowls. Just to remind us that Spring is only 15 calendar days away.

    • I thought about that, too! These things always happen on a Friday night! At least I’m not in pain, so thankful for that!
      Wow, amazing how different areas of the country are. We’ve had such a warm winter with spring arriving very early and you’ve had record snows!
      Yes! We can at least create spring inside even if the outside isn’t cooperating. 🙂

      • Seems our little yard bunnies are sensing that more snow is coming, and they are burrowing under the furniture on our deck. I hope that when we uncover it all (in late JUNE at this point!??! ) we don’t find that they snacked on the frames too! As much as I love bunnies, I have seen them chew the bark off of trees, and as the snow piles up farther up, they chew farther up. But, that is nature!

  10. Your porch is always so lovely…no matter how you decorate it but the dishes you used in the last picture are my favorites! I too love the pillows on Amazon! I have a set of fall and Christmas ones and like you, I am amazed at the prices and the quality. I just ordered some for Easter/Spring and Memorial Day/July 4th. Now I am really in the mood for spring cleaning! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Those are my favorite, too! I was very lucky to walk into HomeGoods and find those so many years ago. They go for crazy prices on eBay these days.
      Those pillow covers are def a steal! I really love them and the graphics/colors are sooo pretty!

      • They remind me of Quimper pottery, not in the design but in the colors. Quimper pottery always makes me smile because of the cheerful colors and patterns and these do the same.

  11. Susan,
    I have always loved your porch since your blog was the first blog I ever laid eye’s on!! Been hooked ever since…
    Thanks so much for hosting this delightful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links and choosing Features!!! Thank You!! I hope you are having a great week!!

  12. I love everything about your porch. I love the way the siding of your house gives it texture, and the placement of the windows and doors. And the curve of the wood on the screened side. And that you have TWO doors that go to the other portions of the porch. And that you HAVE other portions to the porch. 😀 It’s all so perfectly pretty. And thanks for the inspiration. It’s a lovely, early Spring day here as well.

    Btw, you probably already know, but for anyone else who doesn’t — if a crown comes off, you can put a little vaseline in it and replace it on your tooth, until you can get to the dentist.

    And I have a number of sets of those pillow covers. They are nice! It’s fun to change them up with the season.

    Sorry about your crown, Susan. Hopefully you can get in soon to get that taken care of. Have a lovely Spring-y week.

    • Thanks so much, Pam! ♥ It’s almost like this house should have had a screened porch from the start because it’s 3 sided brick with just the back being siding–and the placement of the doors was perfect for adding on a porch. One door goes into the kitchen and one goes into the living room, so it creates a nice circular pattern when entertaining.
      Interesting! So the vaseline will hold it in place? I’m just so glad I didn’t swallow it!

      • If the crown comes off cleanly, with no tooth structure or filling inside and the tooth is intact, and you are in a situation where you really must leave it on (ie the tooth is very sensitive) you can use denture adhesive to hold it in place; however, if there is broken tooth or filling material inside the crown, best to just leave it off to avoid swallowing it! Put it in a small container to avoid throwing it away in case it can just be recemented. Debra (DDS)

  13. I love your porch, including the open part. FL is out of spring but pollen is bad. I have a hutch and buffet and it is amazing how much they hold. There was a base in GoodWill one day I really wanted because where I was going to put it has arches with no need for the top. She who hesitates loses out.
    Good luck at the dentist.

  14. Hi Susan! Can you share your link or name of your favorite travel bag? Thx

  15. Your springtime porches are so pretty! Thanks for hosting the party, and for your wonderful inspiration. Spring is still a ways away for us, so I’ll take everything I can get! I hope you had an ok time at the dentist and you’re feeling ok by now. Take care till next time!

  16. I do wish I had a porch like yours! It is so lovely always. I am always amazed at the paint technology that can match even the tiniest spot for us!

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