These Pierced Charger Plates Appear to Be Available Now In Very Limited Quantity

I’ve been blogging now for 15 years, and in all those years of sharing table settings here on the blog, the item I’ve received the most questions about has to be these pierced, cream-colored charger plates I purchased from Horchow back in 2008.

Ceramic Lattice Open-Pierced Charger Plate


Though I’ve look several times over the years, I’ve never seen them available again at either Horchow or Neiman Marcus.

Xavier Gold China, Noritake, Autumn Table


They aren’t hallmarked and I remember when they arrived, they were in plain, cardboard boxes, so I never knew who made them–just that they were available at Horchow for a very limited time.


Between Naps On The Porch readers are the most amazing, talented sleuths around! When you set your mind on something, you don’t give up easily and I love that!


This morning I got an email from Linda, a BNOTP reader and fellow lover of pretty dinnerware. She said, “You’re never going to believe this…I think I found your beautiful pierced porcelain chargers.”

Valentine's Table, Eyelet Napkins, Pierced Chargers, Copeland Spode Tower


If you are one of the many BNOTP readers who has emailed me or left a comment asking about these chargers over the years, I think you’re in luck!

Floral Spring Tablescape with Bath's Pink Dianthus


Take a close look at my charger plate below–I’m pretty sure these are the same ones here, but compare and judge for yourself: Pierced Charged Plate. I think that price is a pretty fair for porcelain chargers of this quality. I have no idea how many they have, but if you think you would like a few, I wouldn’t wait too long. Once this post goes out, I have a feeling they will go quickly.

Ceramic Lattice Open-Pierced Charger Plate


These chargers appear to also be available in green here: Pierced Charger Plates.

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  1. Brenda Howard says

    I saw a post of this beautiful back splash blue and white with a mantle and roosters. Try to find out where or the name of the backsplash…tia

  2. Tina Reynolds says

    Over time, you have shown off those chargers in so many effective ways. They are so very pretty. Alas, they are not in my budget and, I confess, my cupboards are full! Good detective work on locating those, though!

  3. Elena M. says

    These chargers are available on the Enchanted Home blog, and priced for $35.00 if purchased together with dishes that are featured in the post. I’ve visited this blog previously, and she has a shop with some beautiful items, lots of blue and white, and the featured plates are very beautiful, too. I thought the Chairish shop was only for previously owned items and antiques, but I guess they also offer new merchandise.

    • I don’t see them on her blog, but it appears to be the same business. Not sure why they would be available at two different prices by the same business.

  4. Margaret says

    I received 12 of those beautiful chargers for Mother’s Day, but I didn’t realize they were the same pattern as the elusive chargers in your posts that we’ve all been coveting for years!

    The Enchanted Home online shop had a great sale- I believe it was 25% off back in April. As soon as I spied the chargers, I told my husband I was about to make his life easier; he didn’t have to go shopping for a gift; I had it under control!

    It looks like the chargers are currently out of stock; they only have the white/cream 11″ dinner plates. The chargers were a little less than $40/each with shipping during the sale.

  5. Elinda Turner says

    I have wanted those charger plates for years. They appear to have sold out.

    • They were available when I shared the link earlier. I’m sorry they sold out so fast. Elinda, try contacting the shop owner to see if she can get more in. I noticed their is an “Ask the Seller” link at that website. Hopefully, she’ll know where to get more or can let you know if an order is canceled or something like that.

    • I also noticed that she has them in green here:
      So maybe they are being produced again.

  6. Well nuts! The white chargers are already sold out 🙁

  7. Bobbi Duncan says

    An update: I just ordered the white chargers today, so Tina may have gotten in more recently. They do look like yours, Susan. I really never thought these beauties would be made again. I’m just thrilled! Thank you, Linda, for locating them. Susan, do your ivory ones lean more white or more cream, like Lenox? I’d like to get some of the ivory ones, if they are still available.

    • Mine or definitely a soft cream color or an off-white, they are not a white white.

    • Bobbi, the color they appear in the photos in this post are pretty accurate to how they look in real life. They go great with china/dinnerware that doesn’t have a stark white background. When I use china that has a white background, I use a different charger. Hope that helps.

  8. Susan , thanks for the heads up on the chargers! Mine arrived yesterday! I just looked & Enchanted home has them in ivory & white showing availability! Have fun, ladies!

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