Favorite Black Friday Sales & Some Have Been Extended!

Whoo, hoo! The sales are amazing today! This adorable gingerbread bag that I purchased recently at 50% off, has just been marked down another 25% for Black Friday! You’ll find that amazing sale here: Gingerbread House Bag, Half Off + An Additional 25% off! The cardholder is also discounted another 25% here: Gingerbread CardHolder.

Kate Spade Gingerbread House Handbag and Card Holder


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I can’t wait to wear this bag! The Gingerbread Man bag charm is also on sale with an additional 25% off for Black Friday here: Gingerbread Man Bag Charm.

Kate Spade Gingerbread Man Bag Charm, Adorable_wm


I love anything by North Face–everything they make is great quality and so incredibly warm. They have quite a few things on sale right now including their beautiful Parkas. You’ll find this parka on sale here: North Face Parka.  Guys always love anything by North Face, so if you have some men on your holiday shopping list, check out the Black Friday deals for them here: Black Friday Sale for the Guys.


My favorite Bose Noise Canceling Ear Buds are also on sale for Black Friday. I love mine and can’t do without them! I noticed that they’ve changed the storage case, it looks a bit smaller than my current case. That should make it even more convenient for tucking into a purse or pocket. You’ll find these high-quality, noise-canceling earbuds on sale for Black Friday here: Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones.



Update: I’m continuing to add to this post today as I come across great sales! I just purchased a SodaStream for myself and one as a gift during the Black Friday sales. I love this deal below that includes 2 of the Co2 cylinders and 2 extra bottles. It even includes some Bubly Drops that can be added if you like your carbonated water to be flavored. This particular SodaStream is their latest version and it’s electric, so there’s zero guesswork in trying to figure out just how much carbonation to use. You just choose from one of 3 settings (most people seem to like the middle setting/level of carbonation) and the machine does the rest! I can’t wait until it arrives since I really enjoy bubbly water! You’ll find this SodaStream Black Friday deal here: SodaStream.




Talbots has an awesome Black Friday sale going on too, but it only lasts until noon! Update: The sale has been extended through Saturday! You’ll find the sale here: Talbots Black Friday Sale. I’ve picked out some of my favorites below–click any photo to access that favorite.

Happy Black Friday Shopping! I’ll be adding to this post as I find more amazing deals, but wanted to go ahead and get this post up now since some of these sales (like the Talbots sale) expire at noon.


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  1. Franceil Parde says

    Whew!! We did our part!!!! franki

  2. I would have purchased the Gingerbread crossbody…but it cannot be shipped to Canada. Kate Spade Canada does not show the bag…and Poshsmark.ca, Amazon.ca & Ebay.ca prices are close to$500. Insane! (talk about price gouging)….:(

    • I really hate it when the ebay seller price things so high. Charlotte, check eBay after Christmas, I bet the prices will drop. Sorry they don’t ship to Canada–so dumb that they don’t ship there.

      • Thank you, Susan…I will check after Christmas…that’s a great tip. I chatted with Customer service & was advised certain items they ship only within the U.S. I’m annoyed Kate Spade.ca (Canada)…doesn’t have it. Amazon.ca has inflated the price for the bag as well. I will keep checking…you are my personal shopper! lol.

      • An update – I was able to score the bag!! I had some Poshmark $$ in my account…put that towards the bag…(and supported another Posher)…and was able to get it for about what it was on sale for on Kate Spade website. Doing my happy dance. Now…I’ve got to have the little gingerbread guy to hang on it!

        • Oh, that’s awesome! Yay!!! I’m so glad you were able to find it, Charlotte–and at a price was reasonable! It’s such a cute, cute bag and I seriously doubt they’ll bring it back three years in a row, so I’m really glad you were able to locate one! I bet the gingerbread guys will be popping up on some of the other sites, too–especially as it gets closer to Christmas.

  3. I’ve made no secret of the fact that you’re my favorite ‘influencer’, Susan. It pains me to have to hereby take a vow to never read your posts again, because your influencing is just too hard on my budget! I resisted purchasing this absolutely adorable Kate Spade bag the first time you wrote about it. Then you had to post an update (with photos) with news of an available deeper discount. I’m now awaiting delivery.

    • Sorry, not sorry. 😉 It’s the cutest thing ever–you’re gonna ♥ it, Debbie! I can’t stop staring at mine. I’ve decided when Christmas is over, I’m still going to keep it displayed where I can see it–it makes me smile every time!

    • I agree…lol! We need a support group – for those who Susan influenced! She’s the reason I purchased a basket from the UK as well…(which I love btw). I’m am over the moon to have gotten the Kate Spade bag as well!

      • 🙂 Charlotte, I’m glad you snagged a bag, I just noticed today that they are sold out. I’m so glad you love your basket! I still love mine, too! ♥

        • I can’t wait for my bag to arrive…I was able to get the little gingerbread key ring to attach to it as well. There is also a miniature gingerbread key ring that matches the bag….but I chose the gingerbread. Not surprising they sold out…it was on for a great sale price!!

    • Debbie, I noticed today that “our” bag is sold out. I’m glad you got one when you did!

  4. Thanks to you (LOL), I was able to get the adorable gingerbread bag during the Black Friday sale. I’ve only used it twice so far, but it’s so cute that it draws a crowd in restaurants. Of course, I put it on the table for others to enjoy. Lots of smiles! Merry Christmas Susan.

    • I’m so glad you got it before it sold out. lol It does draw a crowd, for sure! My daughter-in-law has worn her bag to several Christmas gatherings and she said the same thing–she spends the whole evening saying, “Thank you” to all the compliments it draws. A friend of mine also purchased it and it was a huge hit with her Bridge group and another party she went to. It’s so adorable and unique, noone can resist its charms! 🙂
      Merry Christmas, Debra! Hope you have a great one!

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