The Intern: Ben’s Brownstone

I love it when you guys suggest movies I should check out. I rarely go to the movies since there are so few I like these days, but I’m so glad Diána e-mailed me and suggested I do a tour of the wonderful homes in the movie, The Intern. (Thanks, Diána!)

There are actually three beautiful homes in the movie, in addition to a pretty cool office space. This post would be way too long if I tried to post tours of all those places in a single post, so today I thought we would check out my favorite home in the movie, that of Ben Whittaker, played by Robert De Niro.

I’ll post a tour of the other homes real soon, so if you loved Jules Ostin’s (played by Anne Hathaway) eclectic home with its modern kitchen, look for that post soon.

The Story

If you haven’t seen the movie, The Intern, the story revolves around Ben Whittaker, a retired executive played by Robert De Niro, who worked 40 years for a phone book company. Ben is a widower and since his wife passed away a few years prior, he has done everything imaginable to keep busy. He’s taken language classes, yoga classes, visited his son and grandchildren numerous times, traveled all around the world, you get the picture. But he still feels like something is missing in his life.

To fill that void, Ben decides to apply for a position with a fast-growing, online fashion store that’s seeking senior citizens to work as interns. They realize the value that someone with tons of experience can offer to their start-up. If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted story with a happy ending (my fave) then be sure to check out, The Intern.

Now For the Best Part

Now here comes the really good part, guess who wrote, co-produced and directed this movie? Hint: The Intern has three fabulous homes in it!

Yep, you guessed it, the super talented Nancy Meyers, the same genius who brought us the fabulous houses in the movies, Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday and Father of the Bride, is the writer, co-producer and director of, The Intern .

The Intern takes place in Brooklyn and much of the movie is shot on location in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. In the movie, Ben lives in a classic brownstone. The scenes in Ben’s home were actually filmed in a real brownstone where a couple had lived for over 30 years. It’s located in the Cobble Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Exterior of Ben's Brownstone Home in movie, The Intern


Here we see Jules (his boss and the CEO of the company where he’s interning called About the Fit) walking up the steps to Ben’s home. Notice those amazing doors, just gorgeous!

Brownstone Home of Ben in Movie, The Intern


We catch a glimpse of the entry to Ben’s home in this scene where he’s just returning from another trip, again facing an empty home and feeling at a loss. If I had to choose two words to describe Ben’s home, it would be cozy and inviting. I guess a lot of brownstone homes feel that way, hard for them to not feel inviting when they have such beautiful architecture and character everywhere you look.

Ben Whittaker's Brownstone Home in movie, The Intern


During a visit Jules makes to Ben’s home, we get a nice view of his dining room. We see this room early on in the movie but it’s at nighttime so a bit harder to view. Even at night it looks wonderful, though!

Robert De Niro, Ben's Home in The Intern


Any cook would be happy in Ben’s kitchen. I don’t know how Nancy Meyers did it but she managed to give Ben a kitchen that’s cozy, yet beautifully current. It doesn’t feel at all outdated or stodgy, just a beautiful space all the way around.

I love that it has a kitchen table instead of a big, impersonal island. There’s just something about eating and talking around a kitchen table that says, “You’re family.”

Ben's Kitchen in The Intern Movie


It feels like a kitchen that has been updated but not stripped of its charm. Absolutely love it!

That’s Rene Russo we see in this scene. Spoiler alert: she becomes a love interest for Ben in the movie. See, told ya it has a happy ending. 🙂 I still remember her from The Thomas Crown Affair, loved that movie! Do you remember it?

Ben's Kitchen in Movie, The Intern


Nancy Meyers kept a lot of the things that belonged to the couple who lived in the brownstone because they gave the rooms a true, authentic feel.

The Intern, Ben's Brownstone Home in Movie


You fall in love with Ben during the course of the movie, he’s just such a gentleman. I mean any guy who sets a lovely place to eat even when alone, is okay in my book.

Ben's Home in movie, The Intern


It’s amazing how many scenes with Ben take place here in his bedroom. When a fellow co-worker ends up staying with him in his spare bedroom for a while, he remarks on how nicely Ben’s bed is made. Ben gives all the credit to his deceased wife indicating he learned it from her. Yep, he’s a sweetheart.

Notice the sheets, they sound amazing when Ben gets an early morning call and throws them back to sit up in bed. You know that wonderful noise a really crisp, quality cotton fabric makes when you rustle it, like a luxurious pin-point oxford shirt? That’s how his sheets sound when he folds them back to get out of bed. Nancy Meyers doesn’t miss a detail, she’s amazing!

Ben's Brownstone Home Bedroom in movie, The Intern


Ben is quite the dapper dresser throughout the movie, even his pajamas are nice. His most endearing dressing trait though is how he always carries a handkerchief. I melted (yes, I’m a romantic sap) when he said a gentleman carries a handkerchief not for himself, but for the women in his life. Oh my gosh, I need a guy like that in my life. Now! lol It’s those little things that win over our hearts, isn’t it?

Update: Here’s a fun article about why men carry handkerchiefs, makes me wish I had taught my son about this: Every Man Should Carry a Handkerchief

Ben (Robert De Niro) Brownstone Home in The Intern


See that room in the background in this scene where Ben is chatting with his new house guest? That’s Ben’s closet and it is pretty fabulous!

Ben's Cozy Bedroom in Movie, The Intern


It’s super organized and well-thought-out, just like everything else in Ben’s life. His closet is both masculine and elegant. It’s like walking into a Brooks Brothers store!

Ben's Closet in movie, The Intern


Hope you enjoyed this tour of Ben Whittaker’s home in the movie, The Intern!

Did you have a favorite scene or part in the movie? Did the handkerchief part get to you, too?

Brownstone Home of Ben in Movie, The Intern


Next we’ll be going inside the home of Ben’s boss, Jules Ostin, aka Anne Hathaway. The brownstone she shares with her husband and daughter has a more eclectic feel, kind of a “modern meets flea market/antique shop” style. It’s very different from Ben’s brownstone but just as wonderful. Again Nancy Meyers at her best! Looking forward to sharing it next!

Jules' Brownstone Home in Movie, The Intern


You’ll find tours of many more of your favorite movie houses, including the other movies mentioned in this post by Nancy Meyers, here: Movie House Tours. More movie house posts and fun movie house-related posts can be found here: More Movie House Fun.



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  1. Edith Weldon says

    So loved this movie!!! I am a big fan of Nancy Meyers’ too! She deals with the aging of our society so well and respectfully!! Ms Meyer’s’ shows that classic looks never go out of style and chivalry is still important to!! Ben’s character is marvelous and the other guy’s in the film begin to emulate him all the while. I too melted with the handkerchief, my Dad always carried one too. Many years ago, my Mom (who is now deceased) gave my dear husband some handkerchief’s but it never caught on with him. Sadly, I think that it is a
    tradition that will die. I hope in time, our young men will realize that it is still a classy thing to carry. I plan to give my grandson’s some (monogram initials) when they reach middle school which is this year.

  2. gotta love the kitchen, the closet, and the front stoop. My favorites.

  3. donna zoltanski says

    I can’t wait to watch this movie now. I enjoyed this post so much, hankies, table set for one, closet, kitchen etc. My Dad always carried a hankerchief and my husband does also. Hoping they make a come back soon. Thanks.

  4. I wasn’t interested in this movie until I read your post! I love Nancy Meyers’ sets. Thanks; I’ll be watching it now. It’s currently on HBO On Demand. Linda

  5. I luved that movie and my husband did as well!!!

    Beautiful home.

    I’m a “Something’s Gotta Give” groupie and have probably watched it at least 50 times since it has been out.

    Susan and others if you are looking for any other movie recommendations two more of my longtime favorites are “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep which is another of Nancy Meyer’s movies….and a Nicholas Sparks movie with Richard Gere & Diane Lane in “Nights in Rodanthe”.

    Thank you for posting this.

  6. LOVED this tour – what an awesome home!!

    I haven’t seen that movie, but I think I will right after I make this comment!

    My husband ALWAYS has a hankie, and he says the same thing – it’s really for ME. And yes, as Jude Law’s character says in the movie The Holiday (to date my fav of all your wonderful movie house tours) “I Am A Weeper!”

    Only his sounds like “I am a weepah!” : – )

    Yep, gotta love the hankerchief-carrying gents. ♥

  7. When searching for any information on the English cottage in the movie “The Holiday” way back when is when I found you, Susan! And I am glad I did. There are no accidents! Thanks for all your posts!

  8. My husband and I both loved this movie and I can remember how “wowed” I was by the interior of Ben’s home especially, and loved the tree lined streets as well.

    Thank you so much for posting this Susan, I’m looking forward to seeing the “rest of the story”!

  9. Susan, thank you so much for profiling this movie; I loved it! The homes/office were beautifully designed. I agree with you on the handkerchief scene – wonderful! My sister and I read your blog everyday and there have been many emails early in the morning one of us telling the other to make sure to get on to see a particular article. We especially love your home tours. If you are looking for another show “house” to profile, it would be great if you did The Beach House from Grace & Frankie (Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda) now available on Netflix. I find myself looking at every angle and detail of the house they use. It’s breathtaking. Thank you for all your great posts!

    • Me TOO!!! I was just going to say this! I even notice the ocean waves outside when the door opens…great attention to details on so many levels….like Nancy Meyers!!

  10. Absolutely LOVED the movie and couldn’t get enough of those beautiful homes! I love most of Nancy’s movies and how she really goes for detail!

  11. Kay from Kansas says

    Really enjoyed this post/tour! Your attention to detail is great and now I want to see the movie, plus need to go fold all my clothes in the closet!

  12. We’ll be watching this movie tonight. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  13. Susan…you and I love movies that have amazing houses!…I LOVE “The Intern”…. so much that I have seen it many times over….it has a very sweet story….and have clung on to the phrase that “Gray is the new Green”…. depicting that we can all learn from the older and experienced generation. We are not like the past generations that retired as soon as they reached 65…we all have so much more energy and experience to contribute….

    I can say that my hubby loved Ben’s closet…especially the tie rack that at a push of a button spinned the ties around. Both Ben’s and Jules homes were fabulous….yes, Nancy Meyers is a genius!….

    So enjoyed this post and would recommend this movie very highly too!!

  14. What another classy, cozy home. Will put that movie on my list. And I would love to see Nancy Meyers’ own home.

  15. bobbi duncan says

    Loved this movie…Ben had such class. I’ve lived near cities with many beautiful brownstones: Philadelphia, DC, Alexandria, VA, and Richmond, VA. and love the feel of walking down tree-lined streets where everyone is out and about. When I was a teen living outside DC, it was my dream to live in one in Alexandria. As an adult, I came to know just how expensive a venture that would be as the nice ones in good neighborhoods are quite expensive. I have friends who own them, and the architectural features in some are just amazing (be still my heart). If you saw the movie The Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis lived in a great one in Philly’s Society Hill neighborhood, which I’ve walked by a few times (always fun to actually see in person a movie house).

  16. Hi Susan! I see my sister, Leslie, beat me to the comments this time! It’s true, we talk about your post all the time! I loved The Intern. It was so sweet. We need more of those types of movies. A lot more. I’m jumping on the bandwagon with Les…we’re
    obsessed with Grace and Frankie’s beach house. Love it! Not to mention the show is hilarious. Hope to see it soon. Thank you!

  17. Marlene Stephenson says

    It is so wonderful, i am terrible about paying to closely to house instead of the movie. I am the same way,he was almost perfect!!lol!

  18. beth treaster says

    I love brownstones…I’ve never forgotten the brownstone in the old movie, Chapter Two with Marsha Mason. Wish I could see that movie again…or at least the brownstone!

  19. Cyndi Raines says

    Sounds like a great movie, I’ll have to watch. Loved everything about his home. And yes, my sweet husband carries clean hankies everyday! My dad did too! I’ll have to watch the beach house movie they mentioned as well. Thanks Susan!

  20. I have this movie saved and watch it often. I would love to know the dish pattern Ben uses when sets a place for just himself. I can’t find a perfect match. 😉

  21. Glenn Wilmer says

    I noticed too that Ben set a place setting even though he was alone. I do the same. LOL . What is the pattern of Dishware he set out. White with an outer rim of blue or maybe it was black and then a narrow inner ring. Simple classic Elegance. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks

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