Tour Designer Carolyn Westbrook’s Home, The Oaks

Have you ever been looking at homes online and suddenly thought, “I know that home!” That happened to me recently when I came across Designer, Carolyn Westbrook’s plantation home, The Oaks. I recognized several of the rooms from having seen them in one of her books, Carolyn Westbrook Home. After living there for many years, I guess she is ready for a change because her home is now on the market and available for purchase.

Carolyn Westbrook Home


Let’s go inside and take a little tour. If you’re a Carolyn Westbrook fan and have any of her books, you’re going to recognize some of the rooms. One thing I noticed, the rooms are so much more beautiful in her books than they are in the listing. It’s a shame they didn’t use the photos from the book, it would sell immediately!

Carolyn Westbrook Home is an absolutely beautiful book and if you don’t have it, buy it! You’ll love it! It’s def one of my fave decorating books. I’ll link to the books she’s written at the end of this post. I didn’t realize until I was creating the post that she has written several more books. I think I’ll add another one to my library as soon as this post is published because I love the ones I do have.

Carolyn Westbrook’s home, The Oaks Plantation, was built in 1860 by Captain Robert Hodge, a steamboat Captain. It’s located in Chatfield, Texas and sits on 23 acres of land.

Carolyn Westbrook's, The Oaks Plantation Home (1)


Carolyn Westbrook’s style is mostly French Country, which is the design style she writes about in all her books. Some of the rooms in her home feels like a nice blend of English Country and French Country to me.

Carolyn Westbrook's, The Oaks Plantation Home (8)


A view looking back toward the front door. I know it must be difficult for her to think of moving from a home where she’s lived so long and raised her family. I wonder if she’s downsizing? Seems like so many of us start to think about downsizing once our children are all grown.

Carolyn Westbrook's, The Oaks Plantation Home (9)


This little sitting room is on the cover of her book, Carolyn Westbrook Home, only it’s styled a bit differently in the cover picture.

Carolyn Westbrook's, The Oaks Plantation Home (6)


This is one of the rooms that is so beautiful in her book, but this picture just does not do it justice at all. The colors feel soft and more muted in the book, they are so harsh in this photo. I think after I publish this post, I’ll try taking a photo of this room as seen in her book and add it to this post so you can see how beautiful it really is. I wish I knew what fabric she used for her curtains and if it’s still available. It would be perfect for my living room!

Carolyn Westbrook's, The Oaks Plantation Home (4)


Update: Took a photo of the room in her book, Carolyn Westbrook Home. So much prettier than in the listing!

Carolyn Westbrook Home


One more picture from my copy of Carolyn Westbrook, Home. Love this wonderful old hutch!

Hutch, Carolyn Westbrook's Home


Love green and white together…so fresh, so pretty!

Carolyn Westbrook's, The Oaks Plantation Home (3)


Another bedroom, I wonder if this was her son’s room since it has more of a masculine feel.

Carolyn Westbrook's, The Oaks Plantation Home (5)


A sweet vignette…

Carolyn Westbrook's, The Oaks Plantation Home (2)


Adorable potting shed…do  you see the bee skep? I think my screened porch NEEDS a bee skep!  😉

Potting Shed


Carolyn Westbrook has written several books and I’ve linked to them all below in case you would like to read more about them and preview them at Amazon. I have the first one shown below, Carolyn Westbrook Home and I love it. She gives us a full tour of her home and it’s definitely one of my favorite decorating books!

Carolyn Westbrook Home

Carolyn Westbrook Home


Through the French Door: Romantic Interiors Inspired by Classic French Style

The French Door by Carolyn Westbrook


The French Inspired Home

The French Inspired Home by Carolyn Westbrook


A Romance with French Living: Interiors Inspired by Classic French Style

A Romance With French Living by Carolyn Westbrook


You’ll find additional photos of Carolyn Westbrook’s home in the listing where I found these, here.

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  1. What a beautiful home. Lots of inspiration for me here. I don’t own any of these books, but might have to order a couple. Thanks for sharing these lovely images!

  2. Susan, I’ve long admired this home. Carolyn’s books are delightful, and I have two of them in my library. I always shop her booth at Round Top, and she is as delightful as the ambiance of her style.

  3. I love her rooms. So cozy. I did love the bee skep too but after my week end I think I would be afraid of bees really making a nest in it !!!yikes ! I had yellow jackets who made a nest in a outside planter that had a lining of star form, they were on the war path and I got stung three times ! Ouch! So be careful. I about never got rid of them!

  4. Vicki Daugherty says

    I think you DO need a bee skeep on your porch and I just sold a honey of one at my booth in the local antique mall. Somebody got a great deal, because I found it at a great price and passed it on. Just did not have the correct space at home to keep it. Keep looking….Vicki in Louisville KY

  5. I have one of her books — lovely style! I’m not sure if it’s exact, but her fabric in the red room looks very similar to bosporus toile, which comes in a few different color ways. I know it was available a year or two ago.

    • Thanks, Rhonda. I kept wanting to call it toile because it reminds me of it so much, but it had so many colors in the fabric, I wasn’t sure if toile was correct. I’ll google bosporus toile and read more about that! 🙂

  6. Jeanie Neikirk says

    I loved the house and decorating style. The red room did look softer in your picture from the book. However, did you notice the ceiling looked like there was a leak with the tea colored stain. The realtor photo’s did not show the tea colored stain on the ceiling. I believe the room had been repainted. The furniture was arranged differently.

    The green room was absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    Yes you need a bee skeep on your porch.

    Jeanie in Lexington, KY

    • Jeanie, I hadn’t noticed that. Good eyes! I wonder if it’s just a shadow or something. I looked at the picture in the book again and the dark shadow goes all the way up the wall. Do you think it’s a shadow created by the lamp below…maybe reflecting past the hydrangea blossoms? If there had been a real water stain there, I would have thought they would photoshop it out so that’s why I’m wondering if it’s a shadow from the lamp.

  7. bobbi duncan says

    I agree with you, Susan, that the house is a mix of country French and country English. I have both styles in my home as well, and they work beautifully together. We are redoing our master bedroom French with green and white, using some antiqued white caned furniture and some distressed walnut pieces mixed in to help weigh down the light and airy white ones. I can’t wait to get it all done–it takes so long to find just the right furniture pieces, but the hunt is fun. We purchased a lovely antique French chest for that room a couple of months ago, but it looked so good with our English living room that it never made it upstairs. Now I’m hoping we’ll be as lucky finding one for the bedroom. I don’t have any books by Carolyn Westbrook, but I have seen pictures of her decorating style. I, too, love the draperies, and they would look perfect in your gorgeous living room. The duplicate picture you posted looks so much more inviting; I sometimes wonder if they use camera filters so that rooms will have that cozy feeling as shown in your picture.

  8. Elizabeth Savage says

    Love the rooms, especially the green and white bedroom!

  9. So who do I mail the check to for that magnificent house????….:)
    Love Carolyn’s style…have one of her books and need to get the others!…

  10. The toile fabric is available at Hobby Lobby. It feels like a linen and hangs beautifully.

  11. Susan-Carolyn’s drapery fabric is made by Covington and the Pattern is Borporus, comes in three colorways Flax, Antique Red or Billiard one of this last two might work for your home. I buy fabrics online thru for $35 to $45 less than Hobby Lobby many times.
    If you are purchasing more than $50 the shipping is free and there is no sales tax unless you live in their state. good luck !

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