Contemplating New Window Treatments for the Family Room

For many, many years my family room looked like this.  About ten months ago I nixed all the faux greenery on that end of the room.  It was all looking pretty faded and tired, so it was time for a change.

English Country Family Room with Hunt/Woodland Theme and Judges Paneling


I haven’t missed the greenery at all.  The de-fauxing took place right after Christmastime last year so my tree was still up.

Family Room with English Country Hunt/Woodland Theme and Judges Paneling


See those cascades/jabots.  They have been hanging there forever…like 15+ years forever.  They have always felt a little too formal for this room but they were about the only thing I could afford back then.  They were “ready-made” only cost $150-$200 for both windows and the door.  They are nice and heavy but maybe a little too dressy for this room.

Family Room with English Country Hunt/Woodland Theme and Judges Paneling


They also make the ceiling feel even lower than it is since they had to be hung beneath the pretty molding.

Family Room with English Country Hunt/Woodland Theme and Judges Paneling


Today, I just couldn’t look at them anymore.  You know that feeling…when suddenly you would rather have bare windows than what’s there.  So, down they came.   I took this pic right after I took them down…they are piled there on the floor.  Talk about dusty.  Yuck.  (Note to self, vacuum tops of curtains occasionally.)

The room feels bigger, but I definitely plan to put something back.  This room really needs a bit of softness at the windows.  (You can see more of this room in this post: Feels Like Home)

Family Room with English Country Hunt/Woodland Theme and Judges Paneling


Here’s how the door looked with a curtain across the top.

Family Room with English Country Hunt/Woodland Theme and Judges Paneling


The door minus the curtain…

English Country Family Room with Hunt/Woodland Theme and Judges Paneling


I’m thinking about the Hearthwood Floral curtains from Country Curtains.   I wouldn’t hang them on a rod like pictured here but would use the clips instead (like I did in the office, HERE) so they would hang more like drapes and less like curtains.  There would be one panel on the end of each window (so I would buy 4 panels) and they would never be closed.  (I would use the shutters for privacy.)  I would hang them near the ceiling to add some height to the room.

I don’t think I’ll put a curtain back on the door.  I’ve toyed with taking the shutter off the door entirely now that there’s a porch just outside the door, instead of a dilapidated deck.  However, it is nice on cold nights to close that shutter panel, especially since that’s an original door and it isn’t very energy-efficient.

Country Curtains Hearthwood


I ordered a swatch of the Hearthwood Floral fabric, just like I did before I bought the buffalo check curtains for the office.   The colors look great with the painting, don’t they?  The fabric sample looks much prettier in person than the fabric did in the pics online.  It’s richer and deeper in color.

Country Curtains Hearthwood Floral Sample in Hunt Nature Themed Family Room with Judges Paneling_wm


I enlarged the pic on my iPad and brought it into the room…just trying to see how the color will look with the paneling.  Again, the fabric is much richer, deeper in person than this online pic shows.  I noticed in the reviews online, folks who bought the Hearthwood curtains are saying they are prettier in person than online.   I hope so because their look kind of faded in the online pic.

iPad in Family Room


Oh, I should mention, these come already lined so I would not have to pay extra for that like I did with the buffalo check curtains in the office.  If you missed that post and would like to see how those looked, you’ll find it here:  Buffalo Check Curtains for the Office

Update:  Adding in three more pics to show the other side of the room with the sofa for folks who asked about the colors in the sofa.  Sorry these next two pics aren’t the greatest quality.  They were some of the first I took when I began blogging and that camera didn’t handle low lighting very well.  Plus, my photography skills weren’t so hot back then.   Yay, for improvement!

English Country Family Room with HuntWoodland Theme and Judges Paneling


The sofa is green and navy with a gold stripe and a very narrow burgundy stripe repeating across it.

English Country Family Room with HuntWoodland Theme and Judges Paneling


A close up of the sofa fabric…


I want to keep this room dark and cozy…going for that English Country/hunt theme/lodge feel.  I have lots of  “light/bright” rooms in my home but do love a cozy room for movie watching and curling up in front of the fire on a cold night with a good book.

What do you think?  Would Hearthwood curtains look good in here?

Family Room With Judges Paneling

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  1. Looking at the swatch near the picture I think those curtains would be just the ticket to break up all the wood along the wall and windows…love that you’re doing this. I think I’ll get inspired.

  2. Yes the new curtains are lovely, but i also like your windows without, i am a big fan of just letting a window be…either way your room is gorgeous and will be gorgeous whatever you dedide…sue

  3. I love it and think it would be perfect for in there. Have to admit I like the other cascades and jabots, but is due for a change. πŸ™‚

  4. Okay – window treatments are to me, the worst part of decorating. I always have a difficult time choosing the color or the texture to work well in a room. Most of the time, I use a shade are my main window cover and maybe add a valence or have curtains pulled back on the side. That said, I love the way your door looks with just the shutters. As for the window treatments, those drapes ARE lovely, but you have a LOT of colors and patterns going on in your room between the carpet and the two prints on the couches. So… *I* would hesitate with the floral print on top of it all. BUT – that’s just me and I will be interested to see what others have to say and to see your ‘finished’ product.

    • Thanks Linda…great advice. Soaking all this up. Not sure I want a solid against the wood. Window treatments are sometimes the hardest part, especially if you don’t want things too matchy, matchy. I love a “collected” look.

  5. Beautiful room ! You have a lot of different patterns going on in this room. I personally would pull a colour I love from one of your patterns and go with a plain colour for your curtains. Just an idea, I’m sure whatever you decide will look awesome.

  6. You are the primo decorator so I feel inept even making a suggestion. The Hearthwood Floral is beautiful and I’m sure would be lovely in your den, however…you have a lot of pattern in that room. Have you considered a solid or a stripe? Country Curtains offer several. Devon Stripe and Blissfield Stripe come in colors that would look very pretty in your family room. Ashford silk is stunning albeit dressy but your room could carry the silk off nicely. I even like the Embroidered Check drapes in the green combination colors. Whatever you choose I’m sure the room will be to die for. Vikki in VA.

  7. Love the fabric! Panels on clips will be a nice update, too. How do you like the print with the pattern on your chairs? Is it a different scale? Just a thought, but I’m sure it looks good. You have beautiful taste! I miss my Georgia family room that had the same judges paneling and built-in wall cabinet unit. Happy decorating!

  8. I love the curtains, but I have a feeling if you go with them, the furniture will be next to go to make room for a whole new color scheme. I’m excited to see what you end up doing and am always inspired by your work. After 20+ years, your front door makeover was just the push I needed to paint my door a color other than white. I found a beautiful red shade and love it!

  9. Pamela Krugman says

    I didn’t think I could like any changes for this family room but I really do love these new red floral drapes you chose! The yellow buffalo is pretty as well. Please post photos of your family room after you’ve hung these gorgeous drapes!?

  10. Pamela Krugman says

    P.S.) I wouldn’t be afraid of overdoing pattern in this room-you already had floral jabots and valances and that looked lovely-this is patterned yes- but simpler lines. When you look in decorator books and magazine they mix many patterns in one room. Go for it!

  11. I think they would. I got rid of my drapes in my living room, dining room and den and I have never been sorry. The rooms are lighter and the dust-catchers are gone!

  12. I love, love, love this room with the old curtains or without! Having said that, lately I find I’m over floral prints in my own home. I do like the look of the new floral you picked out and I think it would be lovely. I vote that you try a swatch of something plain to see how it looks, I can’t picture a plain fabric on the windows in that room however because of all that gorgeous paneling, it might not work. You might need something to break it up a little. Meanwhile, I think your door would look pretty without the shutters but if it helps keep the room cozy, I wouldn’t take them down either. I did like the old curtain over it though. Whatever you end up doing, you have excellent taste and I’m sure it will look great! Can’t wait to see what you end up with!

    • I know what you mean about florals. I wouldn’t mind if it were another pattern other than floral…just don’t want a large geometric…wouldn’t be right for this room. Thanks, Nola…appreciate all this great advice!

  13. How about a plain velvet drape-or even a paisley velvet-love your room-looks lived in not contrived

  14. I would lighten up everything, but maybe I am projecting my own wish to lighten up the ManCave!

    Maybe some slips on some of the furniture and new curtains, both in lighter tones, might give you the new look you want. That back door which you say is drafty could be replaced, and then do not have anything covering it. We used to have heavy portieres covering both a similar door and the front door, till we replaced them. My current door is also a bit drafty, which makes it a candidate for replacement, too. As I get older I seem to like much lighter colors, maybe because it is easier to see!

    • I love the older wood doors, even though they are a bit drafty. They are so easy for hanging wreaths. πŸ™‚ Ellen, thanks for the suggestion but I do want to keep this room dark and cozy. Love that feel for this space.

  15. Cindy Seago says

    I agree with some of the others, in that you have so many patterns already. I think a soft sheer in a solid would give you the color break you need , an you already stated you don’t really want them for privacy as you are going to close the shutters for that. Definately place the rod or whatever type of holder at the top of the wall as this will make the room look taller and give the illusion of a bigger window to balance the room. What ever you decide I am sure it will be amazing!

  16. The room already looks more updated without the old valances. Please consider solid curtain panels instead of the floral you chose. You could trim out the edge with a floral, but the solid would calm down the room a bit of all the patterns that are going on…rug, 5 different upholstery fabrics.

  17. Think the curtains new will look great..I like the softness they add….I might kinda miss a curtain on the door though…..

  18. Beautiful room!

  19. I love this room, the paneling is SO beautiful. I am not usually a fan of lots of different fabrics, but this room is large enough, and you are so talented, that it all looks great together. Since the floral pattern you had at the windows worked, I see no reason the new one would be too much, and that is a lovely pattern, and the perfect colors. I do like the door uncovered, but with the shutters. The room has such a warm, cozy look, I think having the shutters to close at night will maintain that. But, I like the faux greenery, so what do I know?

    • Sandra, hang onto your faux greenery. I bet we’ll all be using it again in a few years. I would love to have some greenery in this room but I kill everything I try to grow inside. Thanks for your ideas! Wish Charles Faudree was here…he’s the master of mixing lots of prints! I love the draperies he always designs for his rooms.

  20. Mary from Virginia says

    I agree with your reader who stated that the room already looks updated by removing the window treatments. Because of the style of the room I like and believe the idea of the panels are necessary. I think the fabric you selected is in keeping with the fabrics on the furniture. In my little non professional opinion I think the drapery fabric *might* fight the two chairs across the room near the doorway and back door, but then again, it might not. If this were my room, I probably would go with a solid and have some type of boarder sewn on to the panels or a tassel trim sewn on the edge just to keep some interest to the solid colored panels. Good luck with all the answers to your question. You might be sorry we are all giving our 2 cents worth! =) I am sure what ever you select will be beautiful!

    • Only problem is I don’t really like curtains with borders normally, but I do love short fringes. I’m not worried about too much pattern, because I do love a lot of pattern, as long as it all works together. That’s a good point about the chairs on the other side of the room. I held the fabric near them and they go so well, they almost look too planned, which bugged me a little. Kind of prefer they not look so coordinated. lol

  21. Hi Susan, I have never left a comment before. However, I have to say that I enjoy your blog immensely, and get very inspired. So here goes….. This room is stunning !!!…. here is my weight in on the fabric, you already had a print on the windows that didn’t match any pattern in the room and it was BEAUTIFUL, so I feel adding the patterned fabric back to the room is still a very good idea. My concern about a solid is it would be a flat extra color on the wall. I love the richness of all the patterns that you have chosen for this room and I believe taking the pattern up to the widows carries your eye to complete the room. I feel if you use a solid it may look like you were unsure how to finish. This room should be pictured in a magazine. You have an amazing eye for lovely decorating. Thank you for sharing your talents ! I can’t wait to see what you choose, I know it will be beautiful !!!

  22. I think they look great! A good looking rod to go with them and they should be perfect!

  23. Well, I thibnk I would choose a solid fabric, only because you have alot of pattern in the room. I would also leave the door with just the shutters. I did like what you had but, yes, time for a change. Can’t wait to see what you decide. XO, Pinky

    • Thanks, Pinky…will def consider that. I need to reupholster the two chairs over near the bookshelves. Maybe I should go with the floral drapes and go with something less patterned on the two chairs.

  24. You could color copy that swatch several times then put them together for a larger sample. (Remember how you copied the fabric for your pumpkin last year?) The color may not be perfect, but it will give you an idea of the overall effect.

  25. I love your room and all the beautiful wood, but for me — I think I would also have to lighten things up a bit and use solid or maybe something tone-on- tone to help make the room feel more casual. It seems a little ‘heavy’ and a little too formal. However, having said that, I’m sure that whatever you end up with will be lovely.

  26. Hi Susan, I agree with many of the others, just taking the jabots down has brought a fresh new look to the room. Albeit, I’m one who loves having a window dressed, shutters and all. I say live with them down for a while take your time. It’s obvious you live with your choices for long periods of time, and buying window treatments is not an inexpensive thing to do. As far as patterns go, you have the hunt theme going on, loads of patterns are called for and you have the size room to handle them. I’m afraid a solid might get lost against the beautiful judges paneling. The print you’ve chosen is bright and fresh, up to date and time less…I for one can’t wait to see what you decide on… whatever it is , it will be beautiful. hugs ~lynne ~

  27. Luv the new drapery fabric.
    The key to mixing patterns… remember small, medium and large. In my family room and dining, the largest pattern is on the throw rug. Then the medium one the drapery and smaller pattern on the chairs and pillows. πŸ™‚
    I too luv the open window look , but the drapes jusy add a little something , no?
    Awaiting the end result!!
    Cheers, Gee

  28. Love the new pattern you have chosen; it will fit perfectly with your desire to keep it cozy. Solids are for chickens and would draw attention to the panels more than the pattern would. Hanging the drapes at ceiling height is a favorite decorator trick for making ceilings appear taller than they are. Country Curtains products are custom quality and I do not think you will be disappointed. I also think they might sell the fabric by the yard if you call them – it might give you a better feel about ordering. On the other hand, they do accept returns if you get them and are unhappy. I have always loved this room of yours, and I wish I could have one like it.

    • Jan, I was thinking about that…this may be one they sell by the yard. I just may try ordering a yard to get a better feel for how it would look. I do love their quality…so much better than what you find in the stores. Of course, nothing beats custom drapery but my pocketbook doesn’t like custom prices. πŸ™‚

  29. I love your room and the paneling. For the windows, what about a solid and take the fabric all the way to the ceiling in order to heighten the overall affect of the room. I would also consider no using a full length rod but two partial rods (one on each side of the window) I think this would again show the lovely paneling detail over the window.

  30. You have a beautiful room, Susan. Really like the look without the curtains. But it’s not my room. If it were my room, I’d choose a calmer fabric…less pattern. I just know that your room is gorgeous as is! Just curious, where’s your favorite place to sit? πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Donnamae! Thanks for your input. I’m usually sitting all the way at the far end of the sofa, under the bright light near the burgundy wingback when I’m reading. If I’m not there, I’m usually in the closest chair near the fireplace. Those chairs are Hickory Chair and have down cushions so they are super comfortable.

  31. I do think the jabots are ready to be changed out. I can’t really tell how the chair in the forefront of the photo with the bigger floral print would look with the drapes. So my thought was buy the new drapes but be ready to change some chair upholstery as well as I think altogether right now, it will be too much pattern, especially with your rug as well. What about a paisely…..seems that would be a little more calming rather than another floral. Just my thought.

  32. I LOVE your decorating – your home is so beautiful. The room with all the beautiful wood is lovely – I have always admired that room whenever you have showed it. I am no decorator, believe me, but I’m thinking that you may want to go with a solid because of all the pattern in the room already, with the rug and the sofa (both lovely, by the way) If not a solid, Pottery Barn has some nice , very subtle, stripes. The stripe is very thin, and hardly noticible, and I believe their curtains are all still on sale. Either way, your home is lovely, so I know you will make the right choice

  33. Hi Susan,

    I LOVE a lot of pattern in a room – such an English Country/hunting lodge vibe. However, that said, scale plays a HUGE part in how a room looks when many patterns are in play. One has to make sure that they don’t “fight” each other. It seems from the pics that you have a number of patterns that are more or less on the same large value scale. I think I would bring in a smaller scale check or plaid in the same colors used in the room or something that’s a pattern, but “reads” more like a solid – for instance, the navy blue pillow on the sofa. A smaller scale floral would also work as well as the paisley mentioned above.


  34. Susan,Your room does have that cozy look that we all seem to love.I love the sample of the new fabric but I too am afraid there may be too much going on with all the different patterns on the existing pieces and the large scale of that fabric pattern.Have you considered using Velvet panels?I purchased some several years ago to go with new family room furniture I found at Havertys that has several different patterns on the sofa and chair.I found really good deals at the Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn(can’t remember) outlet up in Dawsonville.I know whatever you go with will look beautiful though.Take care and enjoy this beautiful fall weather we are having in Georgia.

  35. I agree that it’s nice to have a cozy room and an English country look. There is lots and lots of brown tones with all the wood in there. I would suggest considering removing the shutters from the windows and use w0ven shades so you can have cozy or let in more light. Especially if you are going to put up drapes. Otherwise I think that may be just too much to have long drapes and the shutters. Maybe a solid for the drapes. I like prints with prints to scale, but not too sure about these.

    • I hadn’t considered that. Ummm, interesting. When I first put up the shutters, it was because the large window faces west and the sun was brutal coming in, in the afternoon. Same thing for the window on the side by the armoire…that’s the southern side and the sun was trying to fade the armoire. I have trees there now but they are looking awful and have to be removed. They are Leland Cypress are diseased, so the sun issue is about to return, I think. I like woven blinds, but I’m afraid they would end up staying down all the time. Otherwise I’d forget to lower them and would end up with faded furniture/rug. I think i’d better keep the shutters since I’m going to have to have the diseased Lelands removed before long. Loved your idea, though.

  36. Oh, Susan,
    you can easily be spot for choice in THAT beautiful room, I’m afraid! πŸ™‚
    To be honest, I don’t think those cascades and jabots were too dressy in that traditional and elegant family room and since I love floral fabric, I think that Hearthwood floral fabric is very beautiful, but since you think the room need a bit of softness at the windows… how about voluptuous (soft) gold/cream curtains? If my eyes aren’t fooling me, I see a bit of “cream” on your armchairs (except the red leather one), on your couch, on the carpet, on the painting, etc. Susan, how about “fluffy”, “amply” and “puddle lenght” curtains which form soft folds on the floor? πŸ™‚ They might be a little “exaggerated”, but sooo romantic … I love them… lol
    Can’t wait to see what you choose…
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Cecilia, should I just clean them and put them back. lol Nah, I think I’m ready for a change. Well, Charles Faudree when I need him??? I love the puddling on the floor idea! That room is all about being enveloped in coziness…so puddles of fabrics sounds wonderful!

  37. I think the curtains look beautiful against the wood, and it’s a lovely pattern. You’re so lucky to have such a gorgeous, warm room! I can’t wait to see how it looks, whatever you decide!

  38. Hi Susan! Love your room. Curtains for me have also been the hardest part of decorating. My advice – order a solid and the print you like. Hang them both up and see which one you love. I think the price of returning the curtains is worth the time spent agonizing over which one will look the best! Happy decorating!

  39. Well here’s my 2 cents worth…I have always loved this room and think its beautiful no matter what, and I feel adding the patterned fabric back to the room is a good idea, it worked before and will work again, but just needs a fresh update. I’ve read a lot of the suggestions about going with a a solid but I feel it might be flat and “safe looking” against the walls, also the pattern will draw the eye toward that lovely paneling . I love the richness of all the patterns that you have chosen for this room and I think carrying the pattern up to the widows carries your eye to complete the room especially with the Hearthwood Floral. BTW, I think Country Curtains will send a larger swatch, they did for me years ago when I called and asked (begged;o) and the sent a double swatch…can’t wait to see the outcome, I know it’ll be lovely no matter what!

  40. DesertSparkle says

    I love the idea of new drapes but I have to go with the other ladies and vote for a solid drape with some texture. Maybe a linen or bark cloth, and then add a tassel fringe down the edge or a floral or plaid banding. I think you will be surprised at how it will freshen up your room but still keep that cozy feeling that you love. I love that you have kept the wood paneling. So many people are turned off by it. I love it!!

    • I do love the wood, too. I remember when we were house hunting, some homes had wood paneling but it was super dark or just not good paneling. Some of the homes we walked through had paneling that looked like ply wood on the walls. If it had been like that, I would have had to paint over it. I have a masculine side to me…that’s the side that took flying lessons in college, the side of me that loves techy stuff and old antique cars, etc… So this room really appeals to that side of me. Then there’s the guest room, about as opposite as can be. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Bonnie!

  41. I absolutely love Country Curtains. They have the best quality that you can find anywhere and love that they send you a swatch. Whatever you pick you will be happy with the quality.

    • Ellen, the curtains in the office were the first ones I ordered from them and I absolutely love them. I did get to tour one of their stores in Virginia once and was impressed with the quality I saw there. They are def doing something right…they have been around forever.

  42. I can’t wait to see what you do! Curtains are so hard to decide on! I have been working on this as well. It’s taking me months and moths and still working on it!! Good luck!

  43. Hi Susan – I’ve been following you for a while now, but this is my first comment. I also live in the Marietta area, we’re practically neighbors. I have always loved this room with its beautiful paneling. Although I love the fabric you chose, how would you feel about a solid blue velvet? It is kind of the opposite of the golden tone of the paneling and would just pop off the walls. I feel the red might blend in. Also, the recliner is the same color and it might be too much red on that wall. I do like the idea of taking them to the ceiling. You could bring in some of the other colors with a flat trim on the leading edge. Being a very traditional room, pinch pleats could look nice as well. You are getting a lot of good ideas, and I can’t wait to see what you choose!

    • Kathy, I was worried about that wingback being against just blending in. Actually, I’d love to get rid of it and replace it with a burgundy wingback that doesn’t have a recliner built in. That was a bad purchase and was never used as a recliner. Blue velvet does sound pretty…just not sure I’m a velvet fan. I love it on some chairs. It’s popular now in the stores. Kind of makes me think of Gone with the Wind, remember her dress! πŸ™‚ Def a romantic touch to a room, for sure and very traditional, which I love. Thanks for the suggestion!

  44. Linda Bettinger says

    I always loved this room, Susan. It’s so warm, cozy, and inviting. I looked at it for a long time before I realized you mixed several patterns in that one room——-you did it so masterfully, it all just blended beautifully. Whatever you decide to do with your drapery project will be gorgeous, I’m sure. In my living room, I have beige walls and beige draperies——that’s how brave I am in my home decorating. But you are inspiring me to invest in some new drapes——something colorful and updated. I know I’ll have a hard time chosing them. You don’t make house calls, do you? πŸ˜‰

    • Linda, you have got to check out Country Curtains…they have so many beautiful patterns. If you have a fairly neutral room, you could find some curtains at CC that you would love. They have lots of great plaids, toiles, buffalo checks, florals…all kinds. I’m not in any way affiliated with them…just saying that because their quality is really nice. Oh, and they will send you a swatch of any fabric so you can check out the color and “feel” of the fabric before you order. Plus, they accept returns. So, don’t be afraid to order from them and go for some color/pattern. πŸ™‚

  45. SheilaG @ Plum Doodles says

    I love the fabric- I say go for it! Having stationary drapes on each side of the windows will look lovely. I wonder how they would look hung from drapery knobs (not sure what they’re called, but maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about).

    • Sheila, do you mean the short rods? I’m not sure what they are called either. I hadn’t thought of that until someone else mentioned it. Definitely something to consider since I hate to have a blank rod going across there in front of the molding.

  46. Do you mean medallions?

  47. Hi Susan,

    Well, if you can stand one more climbing on the bandwagon….I think the red drapes are lovely but not right for that room for two reasons: I think they would just sort of disappear into the wood wall and another pattern of another scale and color mix
    could just be too much. I would go with solid panels at the ceiling on the short rods someone mentioned in a rich dark blue or dark green ….whatever the color that exists in the sofa and other fabrics. is (It’s a little hard to determine if your sofa is blue or green….things look so different depending on the light)

    • Thanks Mellodee for those ideas. The sofa is green with navy and gold stripes…and a very narrow burgundy stripe. I’ll add a picture of it to this post…should have done that when I wrote it. Thanks!

  48. Oh Susan…’ve moved right into one of my favorite venues – windows! Bought my first pr of Country Curtains back in the 70s when we lived in NH and went to the original Stockbridge, Ma store. Shortly after, I started making window treatments as part of my home fashions business. Your room is just perfect for curling up with a good movie and a purring kitty. You could mix anything in there from the darker florals to a lovely natural muslin in many different styles if it was generous in volume. The short rods would be great or maybe even crane rods that swing out to give more exposure when you have the windows open. All the fabrics for making the floppy ruffled curtains for our bedroom are on my cutting table right now. I can’t wait to see what you do with the windows.

    • Thanks, Chris. I wish I had a great pattern for drapes…is there one you recommend? Would love to learn to sew them and learn how to add fringe/tassels, etc… The prices and quality are so good at Country Curtains, I keep going there to look, hoping to find something that’s just right. Thanks for your recommendations…would love to see your curtains when they are done.

  49. I love the Country Curtain products! At first I was going to suggest something light and airy but since you want to keep that cozy, English Country/Lodge look…well, I guess I’ll nix that suggestion. πŸ™‚
    I agree with several of the other comments about there being alot of patterns already going on in this room. If you had more solid patterns and fabrics, these curtains would be perfect….I love them! But I think maybe you should go with something solid. I was going to suggest a patterned solid but Country Curtains doesn’t carry anything like that. I looked on their site and probably the Soft Tweed (VERY English Country type fabric) or the Soft Linen might be nice…something with texture. Stay with the cool colors to contrast with all the warm colors you have in that beautiful room.
    You’ve been given SO many good suggestions. Good luck!!

  50. From what the swatch looks like on the internet, I think it will go perfect to give your room that English Country look.

  51. I LOVE your family room…always have since I’ve been visiting your blog. It has such a wonderful “collected” look to it. (Like everything was gathered over time on its own merits, as opposed to all bought and delivered the same day.) The one thing that I have always thought could stand improvement was those jabots…just felt too dressy and a wee dated in an otherwise timeless room. I think your new choice is great! A timeless print, simple lines…perfect for the space!

    • Thanks, Brandon. I’ve never liked them in there either…always thought they looked too formal/dressy. I’m determined to find something that will work. Thanks for your advice/thoughts!

  52. I am a new fan! My advice is to decide on the fabric for the chairs you want to redo AT THE SAME TIME you decide on the curtain fabric. Even if you purchase the curtains and redo the chairs at separate times, having a cohesive plan up front will make sure you will be happy with the final result. Those chairs are too important to the overall effect of the room to not include them in the curtain design and fabric decision. I love this room and I am sure that it will turn out beautifully.

    • Welcome, Melodie…glad you are here! Thanks for that great advice. I have a feeling it will cost a good bit to recover those chairs and the ottoman, but ideally it would be smart to find those fabrics at the same time.

  53. Agghhhh! I wrote a post but it disappeared :(. You’re much braver than me. I’m a total woos when it comes to mixing patterns, so I usually end up with solids and a few patterns with pillows or a rug. What you’ve done with this room is just lovely. It’s so cozy and comfortable looking, like it should be in a movie with David Niven. Our weekend place is not far from CC in Stockbridge, and I think I’ve seen the drapes you’ve picked out and ‘in person’ they are quite rich looking. Whatever you decide will be awesome.

    • Doreen, that is too cute about the David Niven thing. Ha, love it! Thanks for sharing about seeing them! Rich colors are a good look for this room so that’s good to know.

  54. Ann S Mindicino says

    There is a basic concept in decorating and it applies to lots of things: “less is more”. I agree with Lynee. You don’t need the curtains and definitely can live w/o them to see for sure. I have a small house & the living and dining rooms have “full window treatments; sillhoetes; silk drapes that go to the floor; special trim.” i love them. BUT in the rest of the house I recently put up basic pleated shades. Window treatments can not only be expensive but huge dust collectors. How often do you really want to take them down & clean them? Our den which is our most lived in room ( not sure how much you use this room which does make a little difference in what you do) has a lot of windows. i put good wood blinds and nothing else. I like blinds b/c they can completely darken or lighten the room. They’re expensive but easy to maintain & a clean classic look. I don’t have shutters but they might be similar to the wood blinds and then you don’t need anything else. Don’t do the curtains so quickly. Live with “less” and see how you like it. ann

    • Thanks, Ann. I will give that a try, just to make sure. I tend to be a “more is more” kind of gal. lol But I’m going to wait a bit to see how it feels. Those wood walls are pretty hard-edged without any fabric. I’m not totally sold on the CC fabric…will continue to look and live with them blank for a bit. Thanks for your input. Getting some great advice and ideas tonight!

  55. Sylvia Faye says


  56. I like the chevron chair, the couch and the leather chair, Move out the rug and the two floral chairs and look at the room again. Then decide what you want to put back and the drapes. It might just lighten the whole room. It costs nothing.

  57. Well, Susan, you sure do have lots of advice and choices here–I am a lot like you I think because I too love the traditional and classic look and haven’t changed my furniture no color choices since I was very young. Almost all of my furniture is old and gets reupholstered because I bought solid pieces that I probably could not afford to duplicate now. I love the traditional federal/empire look with some additional antiques and classical lines. I love the idea of adding the florall print drapes–with all the wood tones and hard lines already there–looks to me like you need some “life” which is what florals bring –and the color is also a good idea to me. I do agree the red leather chair might not be right if next to the curtains/drapes. I think the scale and colors of all the things in the room will work–the 2 arm chairs and ottoman are on the opposite side of the room from the windows–oriental rugs go with anything just about and are classics. I say order the drapes and rods–whatever type you choose==and return them if you hate them. Shipping can’t cost much for a return! If you decide to reupholster anything later, I suggest mohair–wool mohair–that is what old car seats were covered in and it wears like iron. You used to be able to find good deals on it at fabric outlets and even eBay–I agree, nothing makes a home feel cozier than great upholstery pieces and a great mix of fabrics. I think they (CC) sell the fabrics too –look online and get some for pillows on the sofa and maybe a shade of the red for kidney pillows for the two arm chairs. I have a great source for some red, navy, gold and green tassle trim to put on the solid pillows–even add some great tassle trim to the curtains/drapes. Some design shops use fabric glue for the trim so that makes it easier. )I don’t sell the trim–shop in DC/NVA and Richmond has it and it is a great price for tassle trim–GStreet fabrics. I ordered it online after seeing it in the store) Happying hunting–all the other things you put together is lovely–I say, go with your “gut” and Go, Girl!

  58. Sorry for the typos/spelling errors above–can’t sleep! Di

  59. Hi Susan,
    Speaking as an Englishman, to me your room has echoes of the Victorian Age with its warm-toned wood panelling and strong patterns. The Victorians loved to layer pattern upon pattern which, to my mind, is great if there is a link within the colours but from the photographs the dominant colour of the new curtains seems quite different from the blue/green elsewhere, so I would hesitate to use it. However, if you intend to reupholster the chairs that would give you the opportunity to shift the colour scheme in a new direction without losing any of the cosiness. I do like the new curtains!

    • Derrick, that is so true about the layering and the Victorian period. I’m actually not that big a fan of the Victorian style furniture. The table over in front of the window is a Victorian style. I’m hoping to eventually change it out for something with a more English feel. That’s a good point about the color scheme…the curtains are heavy on the red. Ummm, not sure I want to go that much in that direction. Thanks for mentioning that! Good point!

  60. Good morning Susan,I had to send one more suggestion,there is a wonderful designer fabric store called Snellville Fabrics on Ronald Reagan in Snellville,Ga.Not only do they sell designer fabrics which are gorgeous they also sell window treatment patterns as well as any trims that you might need.Well worth a short trip to check it out.I wish you the best in finding the right choice for your beautiful room.They also can lead you to a window treatment seamtress should you want one.The ladies that work there are so helpful and they will give you generous fabric and trim samples.I hope that you find exactly what you love.

  61. I feel that there are too many patterns in the room already, so I would not use a floral fabric… Too busy! The room looks so fresh without the curtains. I love the English lodge feel of this room. Solis silk dupioni drapes would be my preference in a neutral tone. Good luck!

  62. I wouldn’t put the floral curtains or any curtains at all, especially not on each side of the door. and would leave the room as it is for a little while… The paneling is beautiful and makes the room on its own.

    • Michelle, I won’t put curtains on the door, unless it’s just something across the top. I’m leaning away from doing that, thought. The panels would just go on the two windows in the room. Thanks!

  63. The paneling is stunning in this room. It looks so inviting, you must love spending time here! My vote would go to either a velvet or paisley panel. You have such great taste, it will look gorgeous, whatever you decide!

  64. Susan,
    I know I may have told you before I love your room(s), and I am with you I love prints and color, therefore I don’t think a solid is right either, I really like the curtain you picked out ! Window treatment is always a struggle that is for sure! Whatever you decide it will be perfect !
    Paula πŸ™‚

  65. Why don’t you try it awhile without anything on the windows and doors? You do have shutters.

  66. you have an absolutely beautiful room! love the cozyness and the wood. I would say, as much as I like solid color surtains, in your room a floral pattern would work great! the good thing about decorating is do what you like and what feels best for you πŸ™‚

  67. Oh Susan I love this room with all of its gorgeous wood. I can see the solid velvet drapes that Country Curtains carry in either a rich cabernet or mahogany. The velvet fabric would definitely soften the walls while providing a warm and cozy feel with a touch of decadence for your fabulous space. Can’t wait to see what you select…I am sure it will be simply stunning!
    Have a wonderful day!

  68. Try living “without” for a while…you might like it (and less vacuuming!) I did – going on 5 years now…course, we do live “up on a hill” so privacy is not a factor. We have a “Country Curtains” store and what fun to browse! When the “ahah!” hits it will be right (for you!) franki

  69. Hi Susan,
    Read all the comments and am inclined to go with your choice of the floral print. It adds to the lushness of the room… But I wonder if you might consider “changing out” the curtains for something lighter come Spring, maybe even going curtainless (Oh my…) during the warmer months???
    The other thing I was wondering is whether you have a Calico Corners near you. The store has wonderful displays and has given me lots of ideas and inspiration for drapes… I have a few places to go for discount fabric up here and have been lucky to find a wonderful drapery maker, who works independently. Bet you could find someone like that in GA. And one more thing, isn’t there a Boca Bargoons near you? Discount fabric and a good sewer, hmmm.
    Love living vicariously as you ponder your next moves and can’t wait to see what wonderful choice (s) you make.
    Sheila C

    • Sheila, that’s a great idea for summer. Back in the day, that’s just what they did…removed the rugs and heavy drapes to lighten up, or so I’ve heard. I think there is a Boca Bargoons, unless they closed.

  70. Susan,
    Jabots for 15 plus years? A mortal sin. Just kidding. You’ve got the best decorating eye I know of. What ever you decide to do with that room will be perfect, I’m sure.

  71. I think the floral is great! But I also see what others are saying about adding another pattern to the room.
    What about going with a tone on tone pattern instead of a solid??

  72. gloria hooper says

    Susan, I have been trying to get my husband to agree to paint our pecan paneling in our den. Well, he agreed after 42 years; now I don’t WANT to paint it since I finally figured it out. I use lighter colors to lighten up the dark room. I have a creamy-yellow tone on tone comfortable couch and a yellow chair in the corner with a floor lamp there right in front of the book shelf. I also have a navy leather wing chair and ottoman in one area. I have shutters (same as yours) on the bottom half of the windows and a covered (same material of the yellow chair with navy rope on the edges) cornice board on top. I use navy, burgandy and blue/white as accents. I have really enjoyed it. I guess what I’m saying is that maybe you can use some solid creamy- yellow in your room, especially since you have a gold stripe in your couch. Whatever you decide, I know it will be stunning. Read your blogs every day.

  73. Just used my IMac and enlarged your pictures…one option for door: leave off the fabric. Add a wonderful doorknob and backplate, there are some great ones in brass – I notice your choice of sconces and lamps. That would be a pleasure to look at and fill that corner with some zip as well as work with your other metals. I think metals in a room are sort of like the jewelry you wear everyday, you should be pleased with it everytime you look at it. If it still looks bare to you, add a little seasonal magic across the top, but a killer doorknob and backplate would be a finishing touch in that corner.

  74. Hi Susan, I think you’re spot on in going with a red which is perfect with the paneling. I have similar paneling, perhaps the exact one, and I, too, struggled with covering the pretty molding. I purchased a couple of spring-type tension rods and slipped them between the mouldings –way up high–and used one half of a pair of silk persimony-red and gold drapes on one window and the other half on the other window. However, your window at the end of the room is much larger, so it would need a pair all to itself. I chose a stripe and have it pleated out so that the red is what you see with the gold just peeking between. Whatever you decide, I look forward to seeing the finished product–and maybe copying you! (Ha–just reread and saw that I spelled ‘moulding’ both the English and US way. Since my mom is English, I’ve represented her.)

  75. Yor blog was one of the first I discovered and I have always admired your decorating skills. I love it that you are it trendy, in addition, you have GREAT taste. The panels will be awesome!

  76. Sorry… I should have said, not trendy.
    Also, your instead of yor!

  77. The new floral patterned curtains are so great. I thought there was a lot of pattern going on in the room also, but you mentioned reupholstering the two chairs in a less dominant pattern and that sounds like the answer. They would look good with an update.

  78. Cynthia Christensen says

    Okay, so I am going off the reservation…..Susan, you do have wonderful taste and a strong vision of where you are going in this room (wait for it….) BUT, I’m wondering if you don’t need a graphic pattern in the room. What if, in the summer, you were to put a sisal or seagrass carpet (I would prefer the softer of the two) and layered an animal print type “skin” rug on top? Find a rather large zebra (giraffe or some other animal graphic) type mirror, on the wall which would brighten the room and provide relief from all the wood. Then you could get one of the pharmacy type lamps on the table next to your leather chair (a la Restoration Hardware). These changes would bring a younger vibe to the room, while maintaining your comfy cozy, Victorian type ambience. To soften the shutters you could place just a whisper soft woven sheer, i.e. a chevron tone on tone, or windowpane patterned sheer. Voila! Now that I have spent all your money, the only thing you could afford to do would be sit on the sofa sipping tea and watching old movies. May I join you? I’ll treat you to dinner!

  79. lynn etling says

    Susan – trust your own judgment. Your style and taste is classic and flawless. I love the swag and jabot look but understand wanting a change. As far as updating or lightening – sorry to say I think that is just the pervasive HGTV talk that has invaded our culture. Too often “updated” means replacing classic style with popular albeit inferior design just because the decor pundits have decreed it. I will never forget the show I saw where they said roses were “outdated” plants. HUH? I can’t wait to see what you do.

  80. Susan I love your family room and the coziness of it. I agree, you need something on the windows to ‘soften’ all the wood. Your room is interesting, look at your before pictures and the after…with the old window treatments, your eye travels around the room, your room isn’t ‘flat’. With the bare seems flat. Don’t worry about mixing all the patterns because all of your patterns are in the same colors, the room feels warm, cozy and inviting; not busy, clutter and thrown together. I like hanging the new panels on clips, have your thought about putting grommets in them? I love the way panels hang with the grommets vs on a rod or clips, it gives the room a sophisticated, yet updated look. You might also consider a back tab since the panels are lined they may not hang correctly with clips (you can achieve this look by simply sewing tabs onto the back of the drape, or maybe you can see if Country Curtains will do that), otherwise, you may find you are constantly ‘fussing’ with the panels to ‘hang right’…been there doing that!! You might find this site helpful
    Looking forward to the pictures when you have finished dressing one of my favorite rooms!!!

  81. My 2 cents – you’re tweeting perfection, you brilliant gal.

  82. I think the curtains will work great! I think they will pull in the colors of the rest of the room well. Plus, I agree that the style will be more in fitting with the style of the room which is beautiful. I have always loved a english country/hunting lodge look. I’m like you in that I wouldn’t want it for the whole house but on a cold winter day, I can’t think of any style cozier. I like the floral.

  83. I’ve always loved that room, plants and all. I assumed the swag fabric was from the same line as the fabric on the 2 overstuffed chairs. I think what makes all the patterns work together is that they all have navy in them, and navy is missing from the new draperies. So I photo-shopped the new draperies into your room to see how they would look, and emailed you the picture.
    I think the door looks great with just shutters and no fabric.
    Also, I think a low-light tree, such as a dracaena, would survive in that corner behind the leather chair if you want to bring some greenery back in for more softening.

    • Anne, thanks so much for the photoshop pic. You’re amazing to make that…appreciate it so much! I was wishing I could do that…really helps so much seeing it! Thanks for the tip on the plant, too!

  84. Deb Johnson says

    I have this room in a decorating book I keep with all the rooms I love. This is my FAVORITE by far! I still look at it and think it is perfect, even the window treatments. I would keep it exactly the way it is, no changes. I think people get too into lightening rooms up. Not me, the warmer and cozier a room is the better. I love to walk into a room and have it hug you. That is definitely what you room does!

    • Deb, thanks so much for your sweet comment. You are making me rethink those curtains I took down! πŸ™‚ I won’t donate them just yet. If I can’t find something that’s just right, they may be going back up. Thanks again for reminding me of why I love this room so much. It takes me forever to decorate a space but once I do, I usually really love it so it stays that way for a very long time.

  85. I love the Hearthwood curtains you chose (red is my favorite color!) and I think they’d look stunning hung from rings on an ornate gold rod. That way, more of the window is “open” as opposed to before with the swag/jabot look, which I thought was pretty, also. I have the Hearthwood in ivory hanging from rings in my apple green breakfast nook and it is beautiful. I will try to get a good photo with my phone. I also have a door to the porch from there and I hung the coordinating Hearthwood valance just high enough above it so that the door would clear it when opened (I took the blinds off my door just like you are contemplating. Good luck deciding – I know it will be gorgeous:)

  86. Susan, I catch up on blog reading during weekends so my comment is a little late. I love your home. If you go with the floral on the curtains, why don’t you consider a menswear on the chairs. It’s a current style in upholstery and therefore fabric is easy to find. Glenplaid, tweed or herringbone are still very classic looks that would fit with your style. I think the door looks better with just the shutter. Whatever you do will be great.

    • Iris, I love those fabrics. I didn’t realize they were called menswear…love it! I will def consider that. Not sure when I can afford to recover them…gonna be expensive to do, I think. Thanks for that idea!

  87. This is an amazing room!

    I like the choice. I also like the shutter on the door, because it goes so well with the rest of the room, and it does add privacy.

  88. Hi Susan,
    This is such a rich looking room I would have to go with Velvet. No top treatment just panels that pool a bit on the floor. I love the rich cozy feel of velvet. There are lots of possibilities for colors pulling from the sofa or a chair. Whatever you decide I’m sure it will be a winner.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  89. Think the molding above the window will be somewhat distracting between the panels? How would a valance between them that hangs down to your shutter look? I love love love the pattern of the fabric and it goes wonderfully with your other patterns. Don’t doubt yourself – you have wonderful taste!!!

  90. Well you certainly have enough advice without me adding my 2 cents, but here it goes haha. First I would ask myself do I want the room to have a different feeling then it does now or do I just want to add something similar but new? If I was very happy with the old curtains then I’d go with the floral curtains. If I wanted to add a little bit of a different feel I’d go with a fabric that really drapes and have trim on the edge. I’d use curtain hooks so depending on my mood I could either pull them back or hang them straight. I know you already have the buffalo check but I’m kind of thinking check would look very nice in this room too. Beautiful room!! To be honest all your wood is so pretty it think solid curtains would compliment it not distract from it.

  91. I love your home and decorating style. This room is so warm and elegant. I like the darker colors especially in the fall/winter, but perhaps in the summer lighten the look with a lighter, less-busy rug. Whatever you choose will be gorgeous but just a thought πŸ™‚

  92. I know I’m late, and you have probably decided by now, but I just found you last week! So may I add my two cents…. My first impression is that the background color of those panels will blend nicely with all the wood panelling on the walls. And even though you have several types of prints in the room, I think the effect of this panel print will be a subtle texture at the windows, and almost seamless in color with the walls. Go for it! I love this room.

  93. I absolutely love the room, before, during and after. I can picture myself curled up on the couch. What I love most is your combination of prints. It really works. I have a very bold floral chair and a very small stripe loveseat that has bugged me to death, because of it being two patterns. Thank you so much for showing me it does work!!!!!

  94. Kevin Graves says

    That room is so cozy. It would take the jaws of life to get me out of there! Do you know what sort of wood the walls are? I am planning on redoing my back bedroom into my den and I want that look. I do not want the builder’s standard stain on it. Looking for something mellow like yours.

    • Thanks, Kevin! I know exactly what you mean. When I was house-hunting 22+ years ago, so many of the houses we saw had the kind of paneling you do not want…looked like someone had nailed plywood up and stained it…it was not good and some of the rooms were so dark. I’m not sure what the stain color is but when our Golden Retriever ate the wood molding around the doorway that leads from the kitchen into the short hall that leads to that room, the painter I hired to restain it (after the molding was replaced) was able to match to it easily. I think he told me he purchased Minwax, but I don’t remember now if he used a color straight from the can or if it was a custom color he mixed to match, but he matched it exactly. I would call him and ask him but he has since moved away, so no idea how to get him. I don’t think the wood that was used on the walls is expensive…nothing like mahogany or walnut. I bet it’s a maple or birch or something that took the stain well but doesn’t have a lot of heavy grain or knot holes. If you show a picture of the room to a whomever you hire to do the work, or if you’re doing it, show a picture of it to an experienced carpenter or woodworker, I bet they’ll be able to tell you what kind of wood was used to create the paneling. It does have a warm glow to it and someone who works with stain should be able to get that look for you. I wish I had more info for you. I love a cozy den so I know it will be beautiful when you’re done!

  95. Kevin Graves says

    Thank you so much for replying. I am almost certain it is birch or ash. I’ll go check out the Minwax samples. It’s certainly warm and homey. I’ve seen it on your blog, other blogs and Pinterest! Thanks again!

  96. Mat Cutter says

    This room is so luxurious yet cozy! I wonder where I can find these antique furniture in Vancouver.

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