Tour the “Bewitched Sitcom TV House” In the Movie, Bewitched

Is that not the most confusing blog post title? It will make sense in just a minute.

Yesterday, I shared a little house tour of the adorable cottage in the 2005 movie, Bewitched starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. If you missed that post and would love to tour this cute cottage below, you’ll find the tour here: Tour the Adorable Cottage in the Movie, Bewitched.

Cottage in Bewitched Movie 14

At the very end of the movie when our main characters, Isabel and Jack, are at last together and headed for their “happily ever after,” we see them pull up to this home.

Isabel and Jack's Home in Bewitched, the Movie_wm

This is a real home and it’s located at 510 S. Lucerne Blvd in Los Angeles in the Hancock Park neighborhood.

Set House in Movie, Bewitched
When Isabel and Jack arrive, it’s kind of a “what-what?” moment for the audience because the home is instantly recognizable as being identical to the studio-set home they (Jack and Isabel) have been acting in throughout the movie.  If you haven’t seen the movie, Bewitched, that sounds confusing. Let me explain.

In the movie, Bewitched, Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell play the parts of Isabel and Jack.  Isabel and Jack are actors, well Jack is an actor and he spots and recruits Isabel to become an actor, too.  So we have actors (Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell) playing actors.

In the movie, Isabel and Jack have jobs acting the parts of Samantha and Darrin in the remake of the TV show, Bewitched.  So, what we have here is a TV show by the name of Bewitched going on inside a movie, named Bewitched.  Just trying to explain that makes my head hurt. 😉

The house Isabel and Jack’s characters live in (in their sitcom) is this house.

TV Studio Set within the Movie, Bewitched Starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell 6

Another view…

TV Studio Set within the Movie, Bewitched Starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell 5

To complete our Bewitched Movie tour, I thought I’d take you inside the sitcom house. This is the living room of their Bewitched TV show home. I love that chair in the background–the one with the cute doggie. Do you think they painted the walls with Duron, Sugar Cookie.

TV Studio Set within the Movie, Bewitched Starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell 3

Here’s the kitchen, how do you like the shutters in the pass-through window. They look like real working plantation shutters.

TV Studio Set within the Movie, Bewitched Starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell 1

The bedroom… All the interior scenes inside the sitcom house were filmed at Culver Studios which is now part of Sony Studios located at 9336 W. Washington Blvd. in Culver City.

TV Studio Set within the Movie, Bewitched Starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell 4

An outdoor scene…I wonder if this was filmed in front of the fake sitcom house or the real house in Hancock Park neighborhood?  The house looks real, doesn’t it?

TV Studio Set within the Movie, Bewitched Starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell 2

Of course, we don’t know how this house actually looks inside, but now you know how the replica Isabel and Jack acted in, looks inside. 🙂

Set House in Movie, Bewitched


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  1. Marilyn in Mt. Vernon, VA says

    LOVE it! Thanks, Susan ox

  2. I like the cottage house SO much better than the “sitcom” house….. I know the sitcom house is more grand, but bigger isn’t ALWAYS better……at least that’s my humble opinion. I think it’s because the cottage house is so much my personal taste. It seems to have more character. Yes, I noticed the wainscoting in the bedroom and the painted corner cabinet in the LR…..but the cottage house kitchen was to DIE FOR!!!

    Thanks so much for taking us on another TV/Movie tour…..LOVE THEM!!


  3. I love those plantation shutters on the pass through! Fun tour!

  4. Peggy Thal says

    I had that crazy pass through and shutters in Hawaii. I guess they used to do that to block your kitchen mess from the dining room. Now we have more open floor plans. No hiding !

  5. hey..i know you don’t have cable..but..sleeping with the enemy just came on oxygen at 6pm..maybe you can find it online at their site..not sure how their site works but I thought it was worth a try…if ya see this before it’s over

    • I do have cable now…I’ll try to catch it. Thanks, Wende!

      • OH great..if you miss it this time..i’ll let ya know if it’s coming on again..if it’s going to be the next..sleepless in seattle…it’ll be on several more times on other channels..that movie has been all over the place the last 3 weeks..i’ll keep my eyes open for it…hope you got to catch some of it…it is better from the being..but at least you may get to see the house…it looks like a cottage then in the scene with them standing in front of kinda looks huge..the little bit you get to see of the neighbors house I like it too.

        • Unfortunately, I had to leave to go run several errands I didn’t get done today with the yard being done. I just got back. I know what you mean about how they play the movies over several times. I also subscribed to Netflix…the DVD plan, so I’ll check there, too. I subscribed to everything when Max got sick because I knew when he passed I would need LOTS of distractions around here. Thanks, Wende!

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