Updating My Spring Wardrobe and Finding So Many Cute Things!

Thanks so much for all your comments on Monday’s post! You gave me so much to think about. I’m super tempted to look for another Chuck Pinson Giclee to hang above my bed for spring and summer, but here’s the thing: once framed, the paintings are really heavy. It was a challenge getting this one up and into place! I had to place two fat pillows across the top of the headboard, and heave the painting up onto the pillows to get it up high enough to where I could reach behind and find the hanging wire to hang it. I really do love seeing this print of the Governor’s Palace in Colonial Williamsburg each time I’m in my bedroom, it’s just such a gorgeous scene! But I will keep my eye out just in case something I love equally well comes along. I’d have to really, really love it to go through the process of changing it out every spring and every fall. Ha!

The Governor's Party, Chuck Pinson


We just got a new Lilly Pulitzer location in the Avalon Shopping Center about 25 minutes from my home. It’s not that much closer than the one in Atlanta but the drive there is much more pleasant. I’ll do anything to avoid Atlanta traffic whenever possible. lol

I stopped in to look at their Etta shirts. I have several already but you may remember they developed holes right in front along the waistline. The holes all appeared in front where the button on my shorts/pants hits. I decided to buy a few more this summer since I’ve added silicone button covers to all the buttons on my jeans and shorts. (Button covers are available here: Button Covers.) I’m hoping that will solve the “hole” issue because I love how light and cool this shirt is.


While in LP, I spotted this adorable eyelet dress. They only had it in stock in an XS size. I tried it on and as I expected, it was way too tight across the shoulders/bust area but soooo dang cute on! They did a search and found one in a size small in Palm Beach and had it shipped to me. I love it sooo much! This dress runs a bit small up top so I would recommend sizing up if you are more full-busted.

Lilly Pulitzer Green Eyelet Dress Etta Shirt


The mannequin doesn’t do it justice, here’s how it looks on a person. I’m 5’4″ and it comes just above my knee. Never judge the length of a Lilly dress by the models because the models are all quite tall…unless of course, you are also tall. (Dress is available in green here: Green Eyelet Dress.)


I was sooo obsessed with this dress after the green one arrived, I searched online to see if it came in any other colors. I found it in white here: Lilly Pulitzer White Eyelet Dress. Unfortunately, the one I received was defective, it had been fully lined TWICE! It was so funny when I was trying it on because I ended up with this lining bunched up around my chest when I had already pulled the lining down. Huh? I took it off and that’s when I discovered it was fully lined all the way around, twice! Unfortunately, they left the security thingy on the dress, too.

Lilly Pulitzer Eyelet Dress in White


I returned it yesterday and will probably reorder it again because it is so pretty and so flattering. Beautiful dress for summer! It’s available in all sizes here: Lilly Pulitzer White Eyelet Dress. Update: Apparently this dress is supposed to be double-lined due to the sheer nature of the dress. That’s mentioned in the video at the website.




So, about those Etta shirts, I purchased 3 of the short sleeve, v-neck tops, AND 1 style I had never tried–more on that one in a sec. I loved this fishy design and the colors are so pretty!


My favorite way to wear these shirts during the summer is to pair them with either white shorts or white jeans/jeggings. I look better with color around my face and I love how these colorful tops look when contrasting against clean, crisp summer white pants. I don’t see this pattern available right now but you can see all the Etta patterns that are available here: Etta V-neck Shirt. If you prefer scoop neck or t-shirt style, those can be found here: Scoop Neck Etta Shirt.

Lilly Pulitzer Amalfi Blue Best Fishes Etta Shirt


This was another one of the Etta shirts I purchased recently.

Lilly Pulitzer, Pelican Pink Off the Scales Etta Shirt


I couldn’t find it in-store, so I purchased it here: Lilly Pulitzer Etta Top.


My camera wouldn’t pick up the beautiful pink and green color of this shirt.

Lilly Pulitzer, Mandevilla Baby Always, Etta Shirt


Here’s how it actually looks, the colors are so pretty and vibrant! It’s available in all sizes here: Etta Shirt.


I’ve never purchased a long-sleeve Etta top before but saw this one in “New with Tags” condition on a preloved site. I loved it so much after it arrived, I purchased the exact same top again so I’ll have two since it’s my only long-sleeve Etta top. I wore it all day yesterday and love it! It’s perfect for this time of year when it’s a bit chilly for short sleeve tops.

Macaw Blue, Lilly Pulitzer Etta Shirt


If you would like to try a long-sleeve Etta top, I just found another one here: Etta Longsleeve Top.


Here’s how these tops look with white jeans. I also wear them with Talbots white shorts. I buy all my white slim-ankle jeans and white jeggings here: White Jeans and Jeggings. If you have a smaller waist–as compared to your hips (like me) go with their curvy fit. I love the curvy fit because I don’t end up with a gap in the back at the waist. They fit perfectly!

White Jeggings with Lilly Pulitzer Shirts


I just wore my lemon shirt for the first time recently. Love this adorable pattern–so perfect for summer!

Lemon Tree Summer Shirt


It’s currently on sale here: Lemon Topiary Shirt.


I’ve really been in the mood to refresh my summer wardrobe so as I add more pieces and discover more sales, I will continue to share them. I’m so glad Lilly Pulitzer is now stocking more clothes that are designed for older women. I love their summer clothes!

Update: Completely off-topic, but last night I was taking a 1-hour Peloton spin class and I was thinking about how I wish the handlebars on my Peloton bike were not quite so far away. I did a search and sure enough, someone has designed a device to move the handles a bit closer for us shorter riders. I ordered this baby last night and can’t wait to install it! I think it will arrive tomorrow. Any Peloton Bike riders out there? If so, I’ll let you know how it works out. The installation process looked straightforward and quite easy in the video I found.  (Read more about it here: Handlebar Adjuster/Extender.)


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  1. ila Sheppard says

    I agree hanging a picture above the bed you need help, When the weather is hot this summer just look at that picture and it will cool you off. I think it looks great.

  2. Love those dresses! I have always liked eyelet. The green is a pretty color. Lilly Pulitzer seems very popular on the East coast. Seldom see it in Colorado, the colors are quite cheerful. Have you ever considered having a handyman come in occasionally to help you with a few things like hanging pictures? Now that we are in our 70’s we are always saying things like “If you go first” or “If I go first”. One of mine is I would need a handyman for sure, as well as a window washer. About that picture…Since the holidays are my favorite time it would be a cheerful reminder of them.

  3. Rebecca Dexter says

    Talbots has some great sales…I loved the darker blue Lily top with the long sleeves because those are all in my color range…Most of Lily’s clothes are so pretty and perfect for Florida and the south. I will be leaving Florida in a couple of weeks for Wisconsin and the worst part of the drive is Atlanta so I can see why you would want to avoid the traffic…me too but even the bypass is awful. I would love to stop in Perry to visit James’ store but am always in a hurry to get home. Love your shopping posts!

  4. I love all the clothes you chose! I know how much you love the scalloped shorts from Talbots. Did you ever get any in pink? Some of the Etta tops would look so cute with pink shorts. (like that last pink and green one does!) Love that. And I love, love, love the lemon shirt. And the eyelet lace. I’m glad to see that coming back in style a bit here and there. I vote that you model all your new clothes for us! Fashion Parade! 😀 Fun!

    • I never saw them in pink at Talbots. I bought a ton of the white ones from Talbots back when they had them in stock. The fabric is nice and thick so they still look great…should last me for several years. Would love it if they had offered them in pink…if it was a pretty pink. Unfortunately, the scalloped shorts at Lilly don’t fit me well, although I should try them on again now that they are designing clothes that work for older women, too.

  5. I love the long sleeve shirts. Can you tell me how low the v-neck is? It looks really very low cut and I’d like to know before I order. Thank you. Love all your recommendations,

    • It’s not that low cut, on me it doesn’t show any cleavage at all. Here’s an image showing how far down it comes. The cut of the V-neck on the long sleeve is the same as on the short sleeve.

  6. Teresa M. says

    Great dresses – and they will go so well with your new Bulgari purse.

    • The white looks great with the bag but the green surprisingly doesn’t work with it…the greens are just too different. I may have to repurchase the white one, it’s so pretty! Thanks, Teresa!

  7. Your green dress wasn’t defective. The video says the dress is double lined because it is sheer.

    • Interesting! It didn’t say anything about that in the ad and I didn’t watch the video. I don’t think I could handle two linings in our heat/humidity. Seems like they would have just used a slightly less opaque lining so they only needed one.

  8. I love the Williamsburg print and think it blends beautifully above the bed. A little Christmas all year round is a good thing.

  9. If you can stand one more opinion re the drapes & picture…….Have you considered tying back the drapes for summer? The color is wonderful but perhaps they would feel/look lighter if they were draped on hooks a bit to the side. Regarding the difficulty of taking down/hanging a picture above the bed, I have a large clock hanging on a stairway wall. The clock is very heavy but has a wire for hanging. I use a telescoping pole (purchased to reach the top of the closet shelves)to catch the wire & hang on the hooks. It’s so much easier. You might try that if you opt to have a different picture for summer. The room is lovely & welcoming as is but never hurts to “fine-tune” things now and then.

  10. Dear Susan,
    Why limit yourself to framed art..how about a grouping of pretty plates?
    You could hold them up with Command hooks and the things they make to hang plates…just a thought.

  11. I love the Williamsburg picture over your bed and wouldn’t think twice about leaving it year round! It’s your home, do as you please I tell all my friends if they ask. But yes, I do give my opinion! lol

  12. Roxanne Bernard says

    I love that eyelet dress and the beautiful tops, I thrive on color. I’m 5’8 so the dress would be too short for me, but it is so adorable. Susan, I owned a frame shop for a couple of years (got tired of looking through a microscope all day). For large pictures you can request acrylic instead of glass. Once it is installed you can never tell the difference. Just use a soft microfiber cloth to clean it. You would not believe how much lighter your artwork will be!

  13. That Lily dress is adorable in both colors! And the long sleeve top is so pretty. Enjoy!

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