Will the Green Drapes and The Governor’s Party Painting Still Work for Summer?

Welcome to the 693rd Metamorphosis Monday!

Last year I got a bug in my bustle and decided to finally add some art to the wall behind my bed.

Tartan Red & Green Bedding


Adding this beautiful Chuck Pinson Giclee made such a dramatic difference to the room, I decided to keep going and finally added some beautiful “worn velvet” drapes to the windows. They aren’t heavy-looking in person, as velvet drapes could sometimes feel since they are supposed to depict aged/old drapes that are thinner and more worn. I really loved the changes but wondered if they would look okay when I changed my fall/winter bedding over to my spring/summer bedding. (What’s left of the tartan bedding is available here: Tartan Bedding.)

Updating Bedroom with New Drapes, Tartan Bedding


Here’s a better view of the painting. It’s definitely a winter/Christmasy scene but I love it so much, I’ve decided to keep it here year-round.

Bedding for Birders, Chickadee Bedding


This weekend I changed all the bedding out for spring and summer.

Classic Bedroom, 4-Poster Bed


Here’s how the bedding looks with the painting.

4-Poster bed dressed for spring and summer


I was thinking this weekend, I’m glad the painting doesn’t just have the exact colors that are in my bedding, how boring would that be if the painting exactly matched the bedding in the color scheme. I love the moody evening sky in the painting and how it pairs/contrasts with the other colors.

Spring-Summer Bedding


Here’s a closer view of the painting against the colors in the bedding. This bedding is quite old, but I still love it after all these years. Not sure when or if I’ll ever change it.

The Governor's Party, Chuck Pinson


When I shared this painting back in the fall/winter, I know a few of you wanted me to raise the painting up. Initially, I did have it up a few inches higher, but that placed it outside the height/top of the bedposts and it looked terrible. I don’t mind the edges of the pillow shams grazing over the lower part of the frame. To me, it looks more natural that way–more relaxed and less formal. Also, when the pillows are removed at bedtime, the painting is the perfect height above the headboard. So please don’t ask me to move the painting up, trust me, I tried that initially and didn’t like how it looked. If you scroll back up to the photos of the winter bedding, you can see the top of the headboard peeking out between the pillows to see what I mean.

The Governor's Party, Chuck Pinson


Here are two photos in brighter lighting–comparing the drapes directly against the summer bedding.

Worn Velvet Drapes, Bedroom


They are called “worn velvet” but not really velvet. That’s just the name they were given. I do love the texture they add to this room.

Worn Green Velvet Drapes for Bedroom


It was still that hazy, morning light out when I took these photos this morning. It gives you a feel for how the room looks in the evening. The drapes are a medium to dark green and I think that works well with my summer bedding, too. Excuse the wrinkled dust ruffle. It’s only been a couple of days so the wrinkles haven’t all fallen out from where it was folded up and put away for winter. I may steam those out today to speed up the process.

Spring Summer Bedroom Makeover


So what do you think? I love how the painting is keeping a little Christmas here in my bedroom all year long. I’m happy with how the draperies look with my spring/summer bedding. They aren’t really as dark as they look in this morning light. I’ll take some photos in brighter light sometime soon to share how it looks during the daytime, but at least this will give you an idea of how it looks early morning and late evening. (Draperies are available here: Worn Velvet Draperies with Blackout Lining.)

Classic Bedroom, 4-Poster Bed


Update: Here’s a photo taken around 11:00 AM this morning–a bit brighter out now.

Traditional Bedroom, Classic Style, Summer Bedding


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Your draperies look amazing with your summer bedding! And I agree…your painting is hung in the perfect place…I wouldn’t change a thing. I just put on our Matelasse coverlet…and for now use it with our comforter…as here in the great north…we still are having frost at night. Once it finally warms up….I’ll fold the comforter at the end of the bed. You can check out our bedroom refresh at myseventiessplit.blogspot.com

    • Thanks, Charlotte! We’ve been having some chilly nights here but I think spring is coming back this week. Hope things warm up for you real soon!

  2. Susan , your bedroom looks beautiful! All looks good and very inviting. The bedding is beautiful and it is very hard to get good quality bedding unless you go custom which can be quite expensive. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

    • Thanks, Maureen! I know, I think it was easier back in the day, seems hardier now. I did have to have the dust ruffle made since the one that came with my bedding was too short.

  3. Though velvet is heavy for summer the color is great. As for the painting – it is lovely. If you enjoy it, it doesn’t really have to go with ANYTHING in the room. Keep it up.

    • Though this curtains are called “worn velvet” they aren’t exactly velvet…but are really soft like velvet. Thanks, Susan!

  4. Regality3 says

    The colors work, but the mood doesn’t. It still looks heavy and winter-like.

  5. Rebecca Compton says

    it is all gorgeous but I’m not a fan of the Christmas pic with the Spring/Summer bedding. swap out the bedding….swap out the picture

  6. I love your bedding/bedroom. I would love my room to be as lovely, and working towards that end.

  7. About your bedroom windows. Get white shirrs to put between the green panels. The white will bring out the coverlet on your bed. You have a beautiful room.

    • Thanks, M! The bedding and the matelasse coverlet are an ecru/cream color so don’t think white sheers would work with the coverlet, but I do have white shutters in the windows, so that helps lighten things up a bit.

  8. I would keep both. If you love it, and I do, too, keep it.

  9. Teresa M. says

    It’s gorgeous – you do such a wonderful job coordinating everything. In those hot summer days ahead, you will enjoy fantasizing of tromping around in the snow. A nice balance. I’m impressed you change out the bedding for the seasons.

    • Thanks, Teresa! It’s a big job when I change it out, takes half the day since I have to move all the furniture on that side of the room to pull the mattress off the bed onto the floor. I’ve got it down to a system now. lol But still takes some time and muscle to get it done.

  10. The bedding for spring/summer looks very pretty. The drapes work even though they are velvet. Pretty color.
    Sorry, although the picture is lovely during the cold winter months and the Christmas season, it detracts from the light mood of the spring and summer season. It’s not working. Change it out for a pretty large wreath (something different than a picture) that has flowers/greenery/branches, etc., that match the bedding.

    • Thank, Anne! I used to have a wreath up there and did love that. The painting is so heavy, not sure I would feel comfortable regularly moving it down. I do love it though so don’t mind seeing it year-round.

      • I understand. And, it is a beautiful painting. I meant to add, if you do decide to hang it half the year, you can go to any U-haul store and buy a mirror/picture frame box the size you need for about $6. It is protected on all corners, slides in easy and could store it behind the bed propped up against the wall without worry. Buy a sterilite deep container for the wreath, then store that under the bed the other season. I do that when hanging Christmas and Halloween pictures and all is safe and secure when not in use. Just an idea. 🙂

        • Anne, thanks so much for mentioning that! I have never thought about boxes like that and they would be just the ticket for some things I have. I learn so many good tips from Susan and the other readers here.

  11. A. Boiter says

    I love your bedroom and think colors work perfectly with painting. It adds color, interest and would put a smile on my face every time I walked into the room! Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Jean from Georgia says

    Susan, If you love it and it makes you happy, leave it and enjoy it. I personally think it is not a summer look. I have followed your bedroom changes for many years, and feel that you have not been satisfied with the room for a while, as we have seen this bedding and the plaid bedding and all the changes. Have you thought about taking out all the dark colors and replacing with light, soft colored bedding. Maybe plantation shutters on the windows. And a pretty soft colored rug on the floor will make the room feel cozy and happy.

  13. Pat Francoforte says

    I love everything! I have a beautiful winter painting in my dining room. At first I thought I might have to change it in summer. But, no, it looks fabulous year round. And I live in Florida!

  14. Hi Susan, I agree…if you love it, keep it. This is advice from someone who keeps summery bedding out all winter and a Santa print out all summer. It just works for me. As for the colors working together, I think that they do, beautifully. Not matchy matchy, but different shades and textures. The vibe in the room is definitely a ‘warm hug’!

  15. Virginia says

    Love the Williamsburg painting for Fall-Winter. If the theme of Williamsburg is desirable, then opt for for a Spring-Summer painting from a Williamsburg scene. Their Garden Week pictures might work.
    I like the green draperies, but again for the Fall-Winter. Maybe a cream color for Spring-Summer (there are some with a liner of room-darkening features).

    • I wonder if Chuck Pinson has done a summer scene from Williamsburg. He has done some beautiful summer paintings. The painting is quite heavy so I would hate having to taken it down every spring and not sure where I would store it…maybe under the bed? That worries me though, afraid it would get damaged at some point.
      I’m just not going to change out the draperies every spring…that’s just too much work. lol I may paint the walls another color though…been thinking about that.

  16. Your room is so cozy! Love the summer bedding. Do what you want. You are an amazing decorator! Don’t change a thing!

  17. My initial reaction when I saw the title of today’s post was to remove both the drapes and the painting for the summer, but once I saw the photos I changed my mind. The drapes are beautiful and match the bedding perfectly, and as someone who has several paintings with winter/snowy landscapes I say leave the painting hanging too. As another reader said, if it makes you happy then leave it.

  18. Well, here’s my two cents. I would say that with the winter bedding, the painting and drapes are “perfect.” Truly, it makes an absolutely beautiful tableau. Now, with the summer bedding, the drapes still look great, imo. The painting doesn’t look as well as it does with the winter, but it still looks fine. Just not as “perfect.” The governor’s mansion and adjacent buildings actually blend beautifully with the colors of the shams. I suppose it’s the stormy blue / grey sky that seems a bit discordant with the summery tone of the bedding. But the bottom line is, you love the painting and want to see it. I have a gorgeous Terry Redlin winter print in my office and I leave it up all year because it makes me happy to look at it, regardless of the weather beyond the windows.

    I love seeing your pretty summer bedding back on show again. It’s hard to believe it’s old, it still looks like new. I’m like you. When I find something I like a lot, I generally like it for decades. Which is good, because I hate to shop! lol.

  19. You love the painting, ‘nuff said, keep it up all year

  20. MerriJo says

    Only sharing my 2 cents because you asked….I think the bedding, drapes & print coordinate beautifully, color-wise. If the dark, heavy (beautiful) drapes were in a day time use room, they would truly bother me. I thrive on natural light streaming in! As much as I love the print, personally I would take it down in the summer months. In our lake cottage, I swap out pieces seasonally, because the overall mood of decor matters to me. I don’t want snow anywhere in June- Sept! I strongly believe that one’s decor should not only reflect oneself, but also bring enjoyment! You clearly enjoy all the elements you’ve chosen, but perhaps you also have a few qualms that motivated you to inquire if they will work for summer. Either way, enjoy!

  21. Your bedroom is gorgeous and I love your choices. The draperies definitely work with the summer bedding. The painting is beautiful and Williamsburg is one of my favorite places. Yes I think it works all year around. I have my snowman dishes and chocolate pot in my hutch all year round. Also my autumn looking wedding China (Lenox Presidential). You’ve actually inspired me to collect Christmas dishes. You can always switch out painting down the line if you want seasonal decor there like a spring/summer wreath or print. But I love what you have there now.

  22. Michigan has a long winter. I can’t wait to change my winter bedding and bedroom decor to my summer bedding. I just couldn’t go to bed every spring and summer night and look at a winter painting. If you love it, don’t change it. My husband looked at it and commented, “Maybe, it keeps her cool during her hot southern, summer nights.”

  23. I love your summer bedding!! You’ve probably had it awhile but may I ask where you got it??

    • Thanks, Sara! I have had it for many years and still love it. I purchased it from Linens n’ Things back when they had a physical store here in Atlanta. They appear to be online now. The bedding was by Summerton and I think the pattern was called Rose Tree. I just did a search for Rose Tree and a similar pattern popped up: https://bit.ly/3sniLS3 It’s not exactly the same, though. The set came with a the shams and dust ruffle in the pretty plaid moire fabric. The bedskirt was way too short so I purchased the fabric (which was available in all the fabric stores everywhere for many years) and had one custom-made for the bed.

  24. Snowflake281 says

    I think that you can keep the drapes but the painting doesn’t work, not because of the colors but because of the theme.

  25. It’s all lovely Susan, and I’m glad you’re going with what makes you happy!
    I’m thinking of a similar style curtain in my home office. (As soon as I can find a place for my desk that doesn’t cover up the window!) 🙂 Happy Monday and thanks so much for hosting.

  26. The solid green drapes are a perfect backdrop for the print summer bedding. Envy those plantation shutters too. Perhaps another something in the future for that spot will find you. Then you’ll be ready. Otherwise enjoy the bit of Christmas. It’s why folks go into year round Christmas shops in the summer!

  27. Margot C says

    I think it all works beautifully! We have a Will Moses print of sugering in VT with snow and keep it up in our living room all year because we love it. Do what makes you happy!

  28. Jillian says

    I’m a big believer in doing what you love. How many people even see the bedroom? I like the green drapes with the summer bedding. The winter art is a little off, but if you love it it’s great.I have a whole set of Christmas art that is only out until February, but I keep a lot of little fairy lights year round because I love how cheerful they are. One thing I wonder about is the chair placement…have you ever tried it on an angle instead of straight on? Just a thought. The bedding is pretty! I have a floral duvet used in the summer and sometimes think it should be changed for something new, but I like it so much and it is in good condition,so it stays. House things go on forever, don’t they?! I always enjoy little changes and tweaks.

  29. Susan,
    Looks gorgeous to me!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links and choosing Features!!! Thank You!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  30. your secretary desk and 4 poster bed go very well with the painting all year !

  31. Carolyn Robinson says

    Beautiful summer set. Drapes still work, but not the winter scene for the painting.

  32. Your Spring/Summer bedding is beautiful and the drapes go great. Changing out my bedding this week and on the hunt for a new bedskirt. I see what you mean about the painting….but it is nice to have a little bit of Christmas all year round!

  33. Susan,
    I love how your bedding and the picture looks, the bedding pulls the rust right out and makes it show up more, and it’s a lovely scene on the picture.
    Thanks for hosting as always. Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day…..

  34. Hi Susan,
    I think the picture is fine with the summer bedding. For me, living in Virginia a stone’s throw from Williamsburg and owning a couple of Williamsburg ‘garden’ prints that would also look great there, I would have to change out to those for summer and then I would be even more excited to see the Governor’s Mansion snowy scene when bringing back my winter bedding. Just me. You must do what makes you happy. Longtime reader and fan! Debra

  35. I still love that print each time you show it! Plus it brings back memories of when I toured the building and watched the fireworks that Dec. I forget what it was called, it is on the tip of my tongue and I can’t “spit” it out! lol The drapes look amazing with your spring bedding, they couldn’t be any more perfect! I love how your bedroom looks! I also think too that you print is exactly the right height, I just can’t think it would look good higher up. It fit perfectly where it is and like you said, it is more informal looking. I love that you are keeping it up year round as it looks great with your spring bedding too! Hugs, Brenda

  36. Mary Ann says

    If you love the painting, leave it. I have reached an age where, while I still do seasonal decorating, I leave out a few things year round that I love! For example, a few years back I bought a smallish in size but 7-foot tall corner hutch for the corner in the entry that is behind my front door when it is opened. Most people barely notice it as they walk in/out, as the open door is in front it. The first year I got it I put 3 nativity sets, a church, and some of my ceramic or wood trees on the 5 shelves. And they are still there! I have added a few trees and my 5 year old grandson added a couple of tiny sheep!) but otherwise it is the same as it was 3 Christmases ago! I love sitting in my “reading” chair across the room and looking at it, especially at night with the small lights twinkling. It is pure joy for me. So… until that joy goes away it stays the same (even if the rest of the house is swathed in red-white-blue or orange and brown!!!)! Plus I thing the velvet drapes and picture go great with your bedding!

  37. I would think your painting would be a very refreshing sight after one of our very hot summer days here in the South!

  38. I love it!! Don’t change a thing—it’s perfect!

  39. Kathleen Workman says

    Susan, I’m late commenting but just want to add my thoughts. I change out my bedding, but leave a lovely winter Paris street scene up all year just because I like it. I say leave your painting, drapes and only change the bedding. I love that print and it’s perfect above the bed. Your spring, summer bedding is much like mine and the light colors combined with stronger sunlight open up the look of the room. Incidentally my spring/summer and fall/winter bedding is in the same color scheme as yours. Both of my sets are Waverley bought years ago. I have them dry cleaned each season before storing. I wish I could keep a dust ruffle on our king adjustable bed, but we have severe allergies and despite vacuuming it regularly it was just causing us problems. I was skeptical removing it would make a big difference but along with vacuuming our bedding regularly we now sleep much more comfortably. Your home, personal style have long been an inspiration for me. My budget isn’t the same as yours, but good taste is good taste regardless of the price point. I have a neurodegenerative disease and planned for when a wheelchair would be my primary way to move around my home by completely redesigning the rooms I use most and changing the color palette to my favorite colors. When one’s mobility is more limited having a pleasant home environment is important. Of all the changes I made, your formal dining room mirror was biggest inspiration for my huge bronze multi beveled mirror. I loved the way your huge ornate mirror reflected the sconces and chandelier lights. I’ve achieved a similar effect with my mirror, chandelier, sconces, paint and decorative trim. Please keep inspiring us. You make a huge difference to your followers.

  40. Hey Susan, I was always taught that you buy art if you love it and if it moves you. Only the decorating trade and home stagers match art to its surroundings. It seems from earlier readings that you go with a seasonal approach (also with your art), hence, the winter scene. Following on that thread, imho, I’d switch out the drapes to a lovely lighter organza fabric (it could stay in the sage (lambs ear) green tone, switch the art to a landscape of your choice, and add an interesting lightly patterned light colored area rug.

  41. Since you asked, everything is wonderful color-wise (green is the color of spring and summer, so the drapes are great).
    I think the painting is too heavy and “kills it,” the atmosphere needs something lighter for spring/summer, just my two cent’s worth.

  42. Hi Susan, I’m a little late on this one, but I just wanted to share that I think the drapes look beautiful with your summer bedding. The olive and moss greens in the bedding pull the drapes right in.
    The picture looks good, too…did you notice the lady in the foreground wearing what looks to be a darker green velvet dress? It draws your eyes right to the drapes!

  43. Sara Grant says

    I love the drapes and they inspire me to do something about mine now that the sun is up sooner. And as much as I really like the painting, I vote to update it for light breezy days ahead.

  44. The drapes absolutely work. The painting while beautiful definitely breaks the vibe of a spring/summer bedroom. I think you must be questioning this too, hence this post. I would box it and slide it down the wall behind the headboard and put back the evergreen wreath.

  45. Cyndi Raines says

    It all is very pretty and goes well. It is a beautiful painting and if it makes your heart happy, leave it. It is your room, your private sanctuary, let it bring you the joy you experience when you view it -leave it up. Life is too short to follow someone else’s whims. Follow your own heart!

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