A Springtime Haul & Everything Was On Sale!

It reached the 70’s here yesterday and my daffodils have been in full bloom for the last two weeks. With all this beautiful springtime weather, I couldn’t resist heading out for a little spring dish shopping.

I stopped by one of my favorite places, Pier 1, and was so happy to see they are having a big spring sale. I found so many cute things I couldn’t leave behind!

Shopping for spring and Easter Plates, Napkins, Glasses


You may remember these plates I shared in a previous post when I stopped by Pier 1 about a month ago. Well, now they are on sale! You’ll find them on sale here: Bunny Plates.

You’ll find the matching dinner plates at that link, also. I love those, too!

Adorable Bunny Plates


I love the glasses that have been designed to go with them because the beautiful spring garden goes all the way around the glasses. So from every angle, these glasses are enchanting!

There are flowers and butterflies and of course, an adorable bunny! I purchased the last two they had in the store near me, then drove over to another Pier 1 store where I was able to find 5 more. If you love these glasses, get them now because they are already selling out in the stores.

Spring Dishware Sale, Bunny Glasses, Spring Plates


Doesn’t Mr. Bunny look so happy in his beautiful flower garden? I just love his sweet face! These adorable glasses are on sale here: Bunny Garden Glasses.

Adorable SpringtimeBunny Glasses on Sale


The other item I picked up for spring and summer are these cute gingham bunny napkins in neutral colors of tan, black and white. I have some plates that I think will work well with these. You’ll find these on sale here: Bunny Napkins.

Bunny Napkins, Great for Spring and Easter


Love how they look paired with the bunny ear napkin rings I made and shared in this tutorial post: DIY Bunny Ear Napkin Rings.

Bunny Napkins Rings with Bunny Napkins


You may see some of these items in a tablescape for tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to use them! πŸ™‚

Happy spring dish shopping!

Shopping for spring and Easter Plates, Napkins, Glasses


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  1. Hi Susan! How are you? I apologize for not visiting in so long. I’ve just not been blogging much. We have moved back to Texas. Just couldn’t take the cold winters in upstate New York. I pray you’re doing well and I adore, of course I do, your darling dishes. Don’t make me take a trip to Pier 1 as I’m been trying to get rid of stuff! πŸ™‚
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

    • Shelia, I’ve thought about you so many times and wondered how you were doing. I don’t blame you one bit, I don’t think I’m cut out for NY weather. I would love to live closer to my son/dil/grandchildren but not sure I can handle their cold weather, either. Give me sunshine and warmth!

  2. What lovely things. I love the napkins with the bunny and his little cotton tail. Those glasses and plates are so pretty. Enjoy.

  3. These are very cute—I can see why you didn’t resist.

  4. Susan, these dishes are adorable. I was tempted to stop by Pier 1 to see what they had on sale, but decided I best not tempt myself. I’m trying to stick to my goal of not adding more dishes, and trying to find homes for some of what I have. It’s time!

  5. So Spring-y and colorful! Can’t wait to see them paired with a beautiful Spring bouquet.

  6. OMG…”that place” is dangerous…my hubs follows me around like a shadow…I JUST COMPLETED my electroplated wine glasses…they had four left…on sale…and I had phoned EVERYWHERE!! (tee,hee, I dodged him on aisle three…) franki

  7. Cyndi Raines says

    What a lovely dish set and those glasses are very pretty! I really like those napkins too! Yes, I’m ready to bring out some spring items for sure! ☘⚘

  8. You found some cute things!!! I am TRYING not to buy anything, and am trying to get rid some table things.

  9. Those bunny napkins are really cute. Thank goodness Pier One is not so close or I would be in real trouble. But, they have the best photos in the daily emails. Great ads.

  10. Doug Denny says

    Happy Spring Susan,
    I think if you were stranded on a deserted island, you would still find the absolutley cutest things to aquire the pretties table on the island. Like many of the readers, I am approaching retirement and yes, it is time to begin thinning out my more than 30 sets of china/plates, etc. I am having an on-line auction in April. I haven’t decided where I will be retiring, however I am part polar bear so I imagine not far from here. (Washington,DC) Your taste has done you proud once again. I am on a self imposed restriction from Home Goods and Pier One for now. I don’t understant how you can obtain a cart when you walk in and these THINGS just fly off the shelves and displays and land in that cart. It’s amazing how that happens. If one thing flies in, 7 more have to follow to complete my tablescape. Enjoy Spring Susan, you are the best.
    Doug in Northern Virginia

    • Spring!! Yesterday it felt like it had sprung. I know we have a week to go, but we’re almost there.

      Doug, maybe you can share where you’re having the auction. I’m sure some of us may be interested in your china/plates.

    • Thanks so much, Doug! Ha! Yeah, while everyone is trying to flag down the next rescure plane, I’d probably be scavenging the island looking for rocks that were flat enough to be plates and trying to decorate coconut shells to make them into pretty glasses. LOL
      I’m dreading the day I need to pair down. I’ve done a little bit of that, sharing some of the things I’ve acquired over the years with my son/dil. They will have to have a big estate sale when I croak one day or they shuffle me off to a retirement home. Ha!
      Best of luck with your auction…will it be on eBay? I’m sure the BNOTP readers would love to check it out.
      Happy Spring to you!

  11. I love the bunny plates and matching drinkware. The gingham bunny napkins, are cute, too. Pier 1 is great. I get into lots of trouble there! πŸ™‚ I bought Sophie the Bunny plates a couple of years ago, and wanted to use them last year for Easter, but I couldn’t get into the shed they are stored in due to heavy snow. But, this year I prepared and they’re at the ready for Easter this year! Keep up the pretty table settings! πŸ™‚

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