Valentine’s Day Table Setting with a Guest Appearance by the Easter Bunny

Welcome to the 488th Tablescape Thursday!

We are in the dining room for this week’s Tablescape Thursday.

Valentine's Day Table, Traditional Dininig Room


It was quite late when I took these photos, so please excuse some of the darker pics.

Valentine's Day Table Setting in Red Dining Room


Update: Adding a photo taken this morning with a bit of natural light coming in through the windows.

Red Dininig Room, Valentine's Day Tablescape


Have you ever wondered what the Easter Bunny does during the off season?

Valentine's Day Table Setting


Well, it turns out that he likes to do a bit of moonlighting as a Valentine’s Day Bunny! He’s brought along sweet treats for our Valentine’s Day celebration: message hearts and a yummy cake decorated with pink icing. (Pssst….Mr. Bunny is from Pottery Barn a few years back. If you need a bunny for your upcoming Easter celebrations, they should be appearing in the stores very soon.)


Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas


A little, red ribbon with three mercury-glass hearts added a Valentine’s Day touch to the glass cake cover. Mr. Bunny is sporting the same ribbon for the occasion.

Valentine's Day Dessert, Cake & Message Hearts


Pierced chargers complement our eyelet tablecloth and napkins. (Chargers are from Horchow, purchased back in 2008.) The tablecloth is a vintage find while antiquing several years ago. The eyelet napkins are from Pier 1 a few years back.

Valentine's Day Table Setting, Eyelet Table Cloth and Napkins


The pearl napkin rings were from Old Time Pottery several years ago. I think they still carry them. They were very inexpensive, either $1 or $1.50 each…been so long forgotten which now. Red stemware is by Mikasa. Flatware is Towle, King Richard.

Valentine's Day Table Setting, Eyelet Chargers, Table Cloth and Napkins


I brought out the Spode Copeland “Tower” for this Valentine’s Day table.

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Copeland Spode


It’s the oldest dinnerware that I own and was a find on eBay many years ago, long before I began blogging. The seller had 6 place settings available. After I purchased those, I contacted him to see if he had any additional pieces. He did, but just hadn’t listed them. In all, I was able to collect 12 place settings and quite a few serving pieces.

Valentine's Day Table Setting with Spode Tower, Red & Cream


It’s one of my favorite collections so I keep it on display here in the kitchen where I can see and enjoy it every day.


It has the older hallmark on back, so I think it dates back to around the 1920’s. Spode also made a beautiful blue and white version of this pattern.

Copeland Spode Tower for a Valentine's Day Table


Happy early Valentine’s Day to you!

Valentine's Day Table Setting


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!


Red Dininig Room, Valentine's Day Tablescape


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  1. Susan, a gorgeous setting with the Spode and the cake looks delicious! Thanks for hosting always~

    • Thanks, Pam! I finally cut it today and had a piece. It was really good, as good as home made which was surprising! The brand is Mrs. Wonderful’s Cakes and I found it in Publix. Can definitely recommend it.

  2. I have a lot of the blue and white Spode in that pattern. I would pick up a piece or 2 every time I went to London. Especially love this table! Who is going to eat all that cake? May I have a piece? It would taste so good with a cup of my Whittardโ€™s of Chelsea tea. LOL

    • LOL I wish you were here to help me eat it. I bought it at Publix a few days ago. It’s by, Miss Wonderful’s Cakes. I had never seen that brand before.

  3. Rebecca Dexter says

    Love the china…of course, I love anything red and also bunnies…I think I have everyone that Pottery Barn has featured and also William and Sonoma. Way too many but sometimes you just have something that makes you happy…has nothing to with need. Pretty table.

    • Who can resist bunnies! I have to put blinders on when I go in Pottery Barn in the spring. lol They have such cute one each season. Yes, life is short, we have to surround ourselves with those things (and people) who really makes us happy. I’m so with you on that, Rebecca!

  4. Beautiful and inspiring! A fun table…

  5. Tower Pink is one of my favourite patterns, and I’m so glad to see it here, Susan. It’s so versatile – perfect for Valentine’s Day and many other occasions. I love the jagged edged leaf dish in the pattern:
    Beautiful table! Nicely done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sharyn Kimbrough says

    Just so lovely, Susan! Does my soul good to see a “traditional” dining room. I see so much modern glass & steel nowadays on TV and in the magazines that I feel so outdated and “cold” until I view your warm and wonderful blog again. Your blog is like “coming home again.”

    • Thanks so much, Sharyn! There are still a lot of dining rooms that look like mine here in the east coast, both up north and down south, so promise you’re not alone. You can never go wrong with traditional/classic–it’s opposite of “trendy.”

  7. Your bunny loves all seasons Susan and what an adorable Valentine candy toter he is! Your table is lovely~ thank you for the table top fun today!

  8. Cyndi Raines says

    Such a pretty table. I am going to change out my snowman plates/theme on my dinning room table today for a pretty Valentine setting. โค So happy we are getting closer to spring! Did you get to view the gorgeous Super Moon last night ? AWESOME.

    • Me, too! I just love, love, love how it’s staying daylight a little longer each day! Cyndi, I couldn’t believe it, I saw bluebirds out house hunting today! Two bluebirds were inspecting all the cavities in the dovecote that I installed a couple of summers ago in the front yard down near the house. Isn’t it a little early for that? I hope they liked the accommodations and decide to move in to one of “apartments” this spring.

  9. I haven’t posted any recent pics of my own dining room but mine is also painted a cherry red and I have that same beverage dispenser that you have on your side board. I should leave mine out, it’s so pretty to look at and I normally keep mine boxed up and stored. Your table is gorgeous as always.

    Carolyn/A Southerner’s Notebook

  10. What a beautiful room and table setting! Susan, your post inspires me to get back in the habit of having people over for dinner (running to every school/sport/scout event the last 15 years means our china hasn’t seen the light of day in over a decade!). And that red! Are your walls paint or a strie paper? Do you know the paint color/pattern? Thanks much for any info.

    • Thanks so much! I haven’t been entertaining that much lately, and I miss it, too. The walls are painted and the color is Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Truffle. I saw it in a dining room on an historic home tour one Christmas and loved it. Had to come home and paint my dining room that color as soon as I could! lol

      • Love it! We’re about to have some painting and plastering done that we’ve put off for far too long. Going to Benjamin Moore and checking that color out this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us!

  11. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Susan, Is the dinnerware a true red or rosey?
    What exactly is the name?
    I love red and would like to collect a true red dinnerware. HELP!

    Your table is lovely,, but I just can’t forget the child’s tablescape from your DIL and son’s home. That was a unique setting.

    Glad you are feeling better!

    • Thanks, Nan! I think they call it “pink” but it’s more red to me than pink. It’s a mix of lighter red shades, but has darker red accents in pattern, as well. I really love it and don’t think of it as pink as all.

  12. Susan, your dining room is the perfect setting for this lovely table! Mr. Bunny is doing a great job of bringing Valentine goodies, as he “warms up” for his Easter duties before long. I love your Spode pieces, how lucky you were to get the whole set! I have some red and white transferware that I’m looking forward to using this month. Your table is a beautiful inspiration.

  13. HI Susan, Thanks for hosting!!! I LOOOVE your table and love the guest appearance too:) I linked an old Valentine’s table cause I don’t have a new table set because of Joe’s surgery. Have a beautiful day!

  14. Love this post BUT, itโ€™s your lamp on the kitchen counter that has all my attention! Is it a recent purchase?

  15. Oh I love this idea using the bunny for the candy! Your red dining rom is a perfect place for a Valentineโ€™s table! The cake looks so delicious! The dishes are such a classic and work perfectly here! Thank you for hosting!

    • It does fit right in with the Christmas and Valentine’s reds. lol
      Thanks so much, Liz! Hope you didn’t have any issues accessing the blog today.

  16. Oh, that is a honey of a tablescape!! Had to lol (as they say…) about your Valentine’s bunny!! franki

  17. Marlene Stephenson says

    This is so cute and pretty at the same time. It certainly would make me feel special. Thanks for all the hard work and fun, i am sure.

    • Thanks so much, Marlene! I think I’m going to leave this one set for a while, I hate to take it down, although the cake has migrated to kitchen where it may be missing a few pieces now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Such a beautiful table: those Spode dishes are perfectly highlighted with your eyelet tablecloth, napkins and exquisite silver. The use of Mr. Bunny to deliver candy hearts is a perfect idea to transition from Valentine’s into springtime! BTW: I LOVE your dining room, and just noticed there is another furniture piece directly across from your sideboard. It’s just peeking out in one of your photos. Is it a hutch we haven’t seen before? Just wondering…… Happy February!!

    • Thanks so much, Rosie! Yes, it’s a small china cabinet that holds some of my Christmas china (Lenox Winter Greetings and Lenox Holiday). It’s also where I store my Waterford Crystal. It’s packed to the gills! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish it were bigger but this dining room is pretty small so it actually fits the room, scale-wise.

  19. I especially like the tablecloth, napkin, and charger combo–they all have those little cutouts. But now all I can think of is cake ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Mia! I love eyelet, I was just thinking today how much I love it. It reminds me spring and summer, I think because of the pretty eyelet tops we see/wear in spring and summer.

  20. Where did you find the pierced chargers?? Thanks!

  21. Susan, I love that red Spode, too! But what I really enjoyed seeing is (I think) a tea set in your kitchen cabinet on a cake pedestal with a glass dome cover.
    I have a few tea sets that I’ve collected over the years and that gave me a great idea for displaying them for my granddaughters to see but not touch (yet).

  22. Love seeing what the Easter bunny does off season! Time to think about Valentines!

  23. Yes, I know EXACTLY what the Easter Bunny does in the off season. That sly little dude slips in at night and packs winter pounds on me with hopes that I’ll blame it all on Christmas instead of Easter candy!!!! He’s not slick, though. I’ve got his number! This is a really sweet reminder of how pretty a traditional Valentine’s table can be dressed in red and white with a few contemporary pieces here and there. Nice! I’m kicking myself regularly for not grabbing up this particular Spode pattern years ago. I’m a ding-a-ling in a smart girl’s brain! Happy Valentine’s Day (early!) to you, too!!!

    • lol I think you’re right, Alycia…sneaky rabbit! I haven’t checked eBay in a long time, but I back in the day I would see it on there a good bit.

  24. Such a romantic setting Susan! Mr. Bunny isn’t resting on his Easter laurels and how nice of him to bring treats. Thanks for hosting!

  25. Selma C. Kessler says

    Susan- I love the layers! And the King Richard Sterling with the Spode??? Stunning, just stunning. I love that you blend classic style with whimsy. It makes the table PERFECT! Thanks so much for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Jane Franks says

    Love this table setting, Susan! Yikes! Valentine’s day is just around the corner! You gave me an idea! I have a white porcelain bunny planter. I think I’ll use him as my centerpiece with red/pink roses! Thank you for all of your great ideas!

  27. I very much like this table. Eyelet has always appealed to me, and I like how you’ve included it in the various elements. I think Mr. Bunny is the perfect in his cameo appearance, especially loaded with hearts! After all, I have seen bunnies all through winter, running around my yard. I’ve had a couple in my displays since Christmas, lol, and a cast iron one lives on my porch step year round.

  28. Looks very romantic, Susan. Thanks for hosting! …Christine

  29. Snowflake281 says

    Gosh, that dinnerware is simply beautiful. How fortunate of you to have been able to acquire 12 place settings. And you are too funny about Mr. Bunny’s early appearance!

  30. Your table is lovely and your Spode dinnerware is just perfect inside your white cabinets with glass doors. I don’t blame you for not packing it away. Pottery Barn has such wonderful bunnies each year. Wish I had a place to display some of them. I have this small 1200 sq ft home and not much space for displays – only needed items and a couple for “show.” Some of us live vicariously through you …..

  31. Susan, It was so lovely to see your beautiful dining room all ready for Valentine’s Day. I discovered your blog several years ago and looked forward to your beautiful table settings. I know that you have expanded your blog to include other things including your travels and shopping treasures, and I enjoy following it all, but for me the best is still seeing your tables. So, this post was a happy surprise. I may need to get out my similar bunny long before Easter, he looks very much at home holding Valentine treats.

    PS to one of your followers who mentioned your pine cone lamp. The Home Goods near me had a very similar lamp both last year and earlier this year.

  32. I’m glad to know the Easter bunny will moonlight for V’tines, because he’s perfect for carrying conversation hearts to the table. This is such a pretty table. I love the British Castle set. Can’t believe you have so many of them. I think I need some red stemware. Your’s looks so pretty on that pretty white tablecloth. Thank you for hosting.

  33. Happy February! Pretty table, Susan. I tried to get a post up for this week with a nod to my recent birthday dinner, but just didn’t happen. I’ve got some photos, but didn’t get organized enough for a blog post. Perhaps I’ll get it done for next week.
    Love Tablescape Thursday. Still a favorite for me! Thanks for hosting it each week.

  34. Ann E Friend Seigman says

    Susan, such a “Sweet” table setting. I really love the antique table cloth! So beautiful! I really like your Spode dinnerware. It is lovely. I will take a piece of Mrs. Wonderful’s cake on one of the dessert plates. I have had one of Mrs. Wonderful’s cakes and it was quite good. I bought mine at Meijer. Thanks for having me over!

  35. Hi Susan, wow! Stellar work, I just adore this setting

  36. Beautiful table setting and your chandelier is gorgeous! How do you keep it sparkling?

    • Thanks, Kay! I clean each crystal by hand with a soft, damp cloth. It needs it about once a year. It’s time to do it again. The one thing you never want to do when cleaning a chandelier is to use the cleaning solutions where they have you place something on the table underneath, then spray cleaning solution on the chandelier from above. The cleaning liquid/solution will get down inside the arms of the chandelier and will look terrible. They are best cleaned by hand which takes a little time, but is worth it. Good activity to do while listening to a good book on Audible. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. The picture of your kitchen has a tray on a display easel with a barn and deer on it. Where did you get that?

    • It’s by Better Homes and Garden and I found it in Walmart at Christmastime a few years back. They had one this past Christmas that was very similar. They also sell the dishware online at Walmart, not sure if they still have any left on the site now, though.

  38. donna a zoltanski says

    Your table is SO inviting. Red & White is gorgeous together – stunning. Pretty shutters………..oh so pretty! I adore that pinecone lamp too. Is the tea brewing????? I know I would enjoy a bite of that cake too….

  39. LoVe the red ware dishes! Also the platter, winter scene! Always enjoy reading your blog. Lots of wonderful ideas!

  40. Such a pretty, pretty table! I love how you used perforated/embroidered napkins and a tablecloth to coordinate with your pierced edge plates. I wish so much I could find pierced edge plates like the ones you have. Thanks for another wonderful Tablescape Thursday!

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