China Storage: Wishing for a Butler’s Pantry

Welcome to the 15th Tablescape Tuesday!

I often get questions about where in the world I store the china I’ve collected over these past 30 years.   Well the answer to that is easy. Everywhere!

Unfortunately, I do not have a “butler’s pantry” like Interior Designer, Bunny Williams, though I desperately want one! In her book, An Affair With a House, Bunny writes this about her pantry pictured below, “All my china and glassware is neatly stacked behind floor-to-ceiling glass doors, lit from within so I see everything clearly. Then I just have to decide which combination of plates and cups to put together.”


Bunny also has a wonderful storage closet as well, shown below. About the closet she says, “A storage closet holds everything else I need for the table-from linens to candles-all in one place. I’ve found the best way to store tablecloths is on large, open-sided coat hangers.”


See those dark blue boxes stacked on the shelves above. I studied that picture for quite a while until I was able to make out that those are candles and the brand is Colonial Candle. Apparently, it’s a very good quality candle…I would expect nothing less in the pantry of Bunny Williams! 🙂 I love how it appears that she has them in just about every color.

Well now that I’ve shown you what I WISH I had, I’ll show you a few pics of where I actually store some of the china I collect. This isn’t all of it…but it will give you some idea of where I keep my china.

You may recall seeing these two china sets in past Tablescape Tuesdays. I purchased these during the summer, for use on my newly built screened-in porch. One is a vintage china called Sculptured Daisy (Poppytrail) by Metlox.


And the other is by Ma Maison, designed by Dario Farrucci for Tabletops.


Both of these china sets are stored in this hutch out on the porch…




The Spode Woodland you saw last Tablescape Tuesday is stored in my dining room in the china cabinet you see below…


The Christmas china I’ll be using for a future Tablescape Tuesday is stored in the same china cabinet. Sorry, can’t let you see it just yet.


The china I selected as a bride-to-be is Noritake, Colburn, and it’s stored in another china cabinet.



Remember my “beachy” china…


It’s stored here in this island in my laundry room. This is also the room where I have wall space that would be just perfect for some built-in shelving with glass doors, a la, Bunny Williams style.


In my kitchen renovation post yesterday, you caught a glimpse of the storage areas for two more china sets. Blue Willow, my everyday (most of the time) is on the left and Spode, Tower is on the right in the pic below.

Decorate Glass Cabinet Fronts with Boxwood Wreaths


Hang Wreaths on Glass Door Kitchen Cabinets



And finally, over the desk in the kitchen…

You will find Villeroy & Boch, Melina…


There you have it…a few of the areas where I store away some of the china you’ve seen me use in many a Tablescape Tuesday. 🙂 Now it’s time to have some real fun! Gorgeous tablescapes await you at all the blogs shown at the top of this post. Enjoy!

The following blogs have beautiful tablescapes awaiting your visit:

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  1. Oh Susan! I want to have Bunny’s storage as well! Wowsers!

    I love the wreaths on your cabinets and all the china you showed!

    Can’t wait to see your Christmas table next week!

  2. Lilly's Life says

    I loved the post and seeing where you store your beautiful China. The wreaths are a great idea!

  3. Cindy ~ My Romantic Home says

    An Affair with a House is my favorite book!! I also stash my dishes everywhere I can find room! Did you see that I even put dishes on my Christmas tree?

  4. profenretraite says

    Hi Susan…I love all of your china! I also saw that wreath idea in Madison. I’m going this Friday…are you going? Don’t I wish I had more storage…but who doesn’t. I say it keeps me from being ridiculous when it comes to plates. But then…mine are on the…Debbie

  5. Good evening Susan, I’m sorry I couldn’t paricipate in the parade of tablescapes this week. Just too much “stuff” going on..but look out next I’m looking forward to seeing all those on the list. Now, you know I love Bunny Williams China Pantry. I drool over the same page “alot”. Would love to take this small area off our laundry room and do the same thing..dreams don’t cost huh? I love, love, love the wreaths hanging from the cabinet you mind if I borrow that one? Thanks for sharing all your’re even a whiz at that..hugs ~lynne~

  6. As you well know, I have no more room. I’ve even worn out my shelf stretchers. I have stuffed 10# in a 5# bag so many times the seams have finally burst.
    My items to be stored however are not gorgeous dishes, but an awful lot of useless kitchen paraphernalia. If I could force myself to get rid of the excess clutter, I would have more room.

  7. “Bunny” could learn a few things from you, I do believe 🙂

    Wow…you have pizazz, class, taste and style…NICE !!!

  8. Oh, I'm drooling, your island is so perfect! I want one too! Love all your china & the way you store it is beautiful. ♥ Diane

  9. I love Bunny’s closets. They make me lightheaded and I swoon. 🙂 I have been tempted to strip the cookbook shelves in the pantry and use them for china and glassware. I could find another spot for cookbooks! Your storage ideas have inspired me. Just as soon as I finish my book, I’m going to unpack my dishes and get organized.

  10. Cami @ Creating Myself says

    How fun that you showed us where you store all your beautiful china. Mine isn’t housed nearly as neatly as your’s so I wouldn’t dare. ;o) Thanks for hosting another Tablescape Tuesday Susan…I really look forward to them!

  11. Wow! What beautiful place setting! I would love it if you could add my link to your Tablescape Tuesday? Here is it…
    Thanks for hosting and have a WONDERFUL day!

  12. your china collection just blows me away!

  13. Oh my, I always admired your tablescapes, but I had no idea what a beautiful and unique collection you had. I’m so partial to the sea side…. (I’m always the one that like the most different so I’m not like anyone else)… Where can I get it…..kidding! Wish I weren’t

  14. Love those wreath’s too. looks so good. Great dishes you have . mishelle

  15. Even without the butler’s pantry you seem to have done a fantastic job creating beautiful storage for your china. To me storing dishes is a huge challenge especially for some of the more oddly shaped and oversized pieces. I loved getting to see your china collection and now can’t wait to see your Christmas china and your next creative tablescape.

  16. I love your Daisy pattern.
    I have tagged you for 6 Random Things About Yourself. Pop over to my blog to get the facts.

  17. Good morning Susan…I love Bunny W’s book too…but if you’d ever write one, I’d love it even more!
    You make storage an art…;-) Bo

  18. Lady of the Mote says

    I love your beachy china beautiful!

  19. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    Someday I hope to have as much beautiful china as you do. Positively wonderful – every last dish and storage area.
    The wreaths are amazing!!

  20. Your kitchen is stunning, I can’t imagine have something that grand.
    Your post is wonderful today,I so enjoy it. I actually,did one myself today, sorta of, LOL


  21. Terri and Bob says

    I love posts that combine form and function! I loved seeing your china collections. I think I would enjoy showing mine, too. Maybe later.

    Thanks for organizing this.. I enjoy seeing everyone’s ideas!

  22. Kitchen cabinets, hall closets, they are all subject to dish storage at my house.

    Oh to be Bunny!!

  23. I see two things of your’s that I covet. No wait, covet is not a nice word. I want you to have them too…I just want some! I love the Ma Maison plates. Where did you find those? And the white china chargers. I really NEED those. Beautiful!

  24. Good Morning! I was so excited to see your blog this morning. That floor to ceiling cabinetry is just what I need..l moved this weekend and found out just how Blessed I am with glassware…my son said “Mom! Nearly every box says Glass! Fragile!!” I smiled and said “It’s your inheritance son, handle with care!”
    All of your pictures are beautiful I love your blog!

  25. Kathleen Ellis says

    What a treat…to see all your beautiful china in one post! My Prince Charming thought I was the only girl who thinks it normal to have “so many dishes”! Now he knows….there are others!!!
    Love your storage options…Bunny’s got nothing on you! 🙂
    Thanks for the treat!


  27. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I enjoyed this so much, Susan. I love Bunny Williams, period and would love to have the storage she has.

    You have wonderful storage space! Your dishes are displayed beautifully.

  28. Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda says

    Good Morning, Susan! I just love your Noritake set! Very elegant and beautiful! I would love to have a wonderful storage unit like Bunny Williams also…wouldn’t that be a dream! 🙂 But mine is stashed everywhere, too! In closets, under beds, in the attic, and some in actual cabinets! LOL! My problem is remembering where they are when I need them! LOL! Can’t wait to see your Christmas emsemble next week! I know it will be fabulous! ~Rhonda 🙂

  29. salmagundi says

    It seems so simple in your house and I don’t think your kitchen is too much bigger than mine. You did give me some ideas for arranging. After Christmas, I must work at making my storage areas look better. Thanks. Sally

  30. Your kind words are just a glimmer of the true inner beauty you possess. Thank you for the tender and humbling comments you left on my blog, regarding my Christmas poetry 🙂
    I hope to return to your blog often..I am following you(if that is ok:) )

  31. what a delightful treat for the eyes… love all your dishes; especially the ones on the Daisy design, they’re perfect for a summer’s day lunch out in the garden… by the way, on my today’s post I’m featuring some pretty yellow dishes, perfect for your Tablescape Tuesday… Although I know I’m late 😉

    Have a blessed day, Susan…


  32. Well, at last we get to see where all of your beautiful dishes are stored! I love the wreaths on your kitchen cabinets! laurie

  33. Susan! I’m breathing into a brown paper bag so I don’t hyperventilate over all your wonderful China and what’s her name’s storage spaces. Your storage spaces are fabulous too. Sigh…I’m considering taking over hubby’s garage :0)

  34. So that is where it is, as with everything in your homeit is all beautifully displayed and stored. So unlike my storage world.Mine is everywhere, hidden.Sometimes it is hidden so well I can’t even find it. Half my time decorating is finding things and finding places to put things. Hmmmm, maybe I should change that. Oh well, I will think about that tommorrow, Scarlet aka:Kathysue

  35. Good Morning Susan… I loved the post and seeing where you store your beautiful China. The wreaths are a great idea! I just can’t do Tablescape Tuesday living in Tassie… No room but I love looking at all the blogs that participate in it and I get so many grand ideas for when we do go into another home…
    Have a great Tuesday!


  36. They are all stunning, but my favorite is your “BEACH” china….hands down!

  37. Amongst The Oaks says

    Ok now I KNOW we are twins separated at birth. I have Spode Tower Pink too and love, love, love it. I’m going to have to get busy and join Tablescape Tuesday.
    (Do you know of a source for Tower Pink?)

  38. Susan, what a delite this morning to see your wish list of organization for your china; some how I just know you will get this built. I have a perfet place for a china pantry but I have it full of longerberger baskets stacked to the max. That was a phase I went thru some many years ago. I just may have to put them on e-bay or craiglist and sell them for some wonderful china. I only own one set and that’s kept in the china cabinet in the dinning room. I have 4 everyday sets kept in the kitchen cupboards. I just love all your china and dishes. I could never have them placed like you do with the grandkids. Lovely dishes, each one of them.
    Happy Holidays

  39. Lady Katherine says

    Love all your dishes! I do have a wall of cabinets with glass doors,they are 3 feet deep and hold my crystal collecion. I left an old handmade door for things I need to store,I have the china hutch for my blue pattern and a china cabinet for my old country roes, the above my kitchen windows I have two open shelves of blue willow stacked. Two glass pie safes with several dish patterns. Walk in pantry for some. Trying hard to get a tiny butlers pantry built off the dining room. Wish me luck. Love those dishes. Your china cabinets are lovely!

  40. Hi Susan, your post is so inspiring!!I just love all your china.Your laundry room would be the perfect place to put up cabinets!!Looking forward to see your christmas china!

  41. Susan, I love all of your china, and I agree, you do such a good job of storing them so nice and pretty! I love everything you do, that’s why it means so much that you left such sweet comments on Laurie’s blog about my sunroom! Thank you so much, you are a sweetheart! Love Ya! Connie

  42. Deanies Space says

    I forgot to e-mail you that I was doing Tablescape Tuesday. Sorry Deanie

  43. Hi Susan! Well, LaDiDa Bunny! She’s got nothing on YOU! I love how your china is displayed and stored. Way better than the RubberMaid boxes in my basement. One of these days, I’ll get a big enough china cabinet to store everything…. or not!

  44. Meadowsweet Days says

    Hi Susan,
    I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed posting for Tabletop Tuesday~ My first one. Thank you, it was so much fun hearing from so many lovely ladies. Your post also inspired me to go to my bookshelf and pull out “An Affair With A House” and make myself a cup of tea and travel through the lovely pages again.

    Thank you again!

  45. imjacobsmom says

    Oh who wouldn’t love Bunny Williams’ Butler pantry. Actually I would love any type of walk-in pantry. But don’t let me forget to tell you that I think those little wreaths on your kitchen cabinets are so cute! What a great idea! If I had the glass fronts on my doors I would almost steal that idea for myself! ~ Robyn

  46. Hi Susan! I love this post! I have dishes stashed up the wazoo. If I can find another spot, I’ll buy more dishes… : )


    PS. I might have to copy that idea for the Christmas Wreaths! I only have two glass doors though….

  47. Evening, Most honorable Dish Diva! Oh, if you ever run out of dish room, give me a call. I’ll help you out!! lol I love those wreaths you put on your cabinet doors. You have the most beautiful home!! Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  48. I need help from the 'expert'. How do I store/stack my cups & saucers so they don't look all 'thrown' in the china cabinet? I've thought about putting little cup hooks under the shelves, but I'm not crazy about that idea. Can you suggest an 'eye'pleasing way? Thanks@[email protected].


  49. Beautiful, Susan,your china, the display of how you store them, and your wreathes on the cabinets. I have a huge pantry, but alas it is no organized Bunny Williams type. Filled with food, wine, and napkins and candles and serving dishes of all kinds. (And all sorts of stuff that I stash when I find company is unexpectedly on the way!!) Lol! Thanks for telling us where you store your lovely collections.

  50. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity as to where you store all your gorgeous dishes, Susan! Lucky you for having enough cabinets. You really do have beautiful dishes!….Christine

  51. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Annie,
    Well, I don’t know if I’m an expert on anything (LOL) but the way I store my cups and saucers is by placing one cup and saucer in the cabinet and stacking a cup and saucer right on top. In other words, from the bottom up it would go: saucer, cup, saucer, cup. If you click on one of the kitchen cupboard pics in this post, you can just see the cups and saucers inside on the top shelf stacked this way. I do it that way because I like how they look through the glass doors. Not sure if that would work for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone doesn’t make some insert that fits inside a cabinet for cups and saucers…ummmm, bet my sister, Glenda would know…I’ll have to ask her. 🙂 Susan

  52. jerseygirl211 says

    Your displays are the best. Anyone can see the love and care you have for your collections and your home.
    I sold Colonial Candles in my boutique, I still have boxes of them that I kept for myslef. They are now about 20yrs. old and still as good as the day they arrived at my store. All of their products are fantastic and they are a great company to deal with.
    I wanted to make mention about the wonderful buys I came across at the Boscov’s, Outlet Center, Holiday Shop. You might want to take a look.




    Fantastic collections!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  54. Susan, First, that pig just takes the cake with me!!! Then, I love all your storage! Last, those wreaths hanging on the cabinets…takes another cake! I love it all! I might have to copy those wreaths! I love them! Nancy

  55. Melissa Miller says

    I’m all for organization. It’s all gorgeous! 🙂

  56. Susan, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!! Your blog is a true inspiration to me to continue steadily moving ahead on the projects in my home. I have a lovely house, but it seems not enough hours in the day to complete all I’ve started!! I’m having to learn to do what I can when I can rather than expecting to finish everything right away.
    Thank you for sharing the loveliness of your home and the special touches of “you” sprinkled all around it.

  57. When I was young and foolish I didn’t care for china, silver or any of that stuff…now I love it. Oh, to have all the china etc. on display as Bonnie’s has done in her wall of glassed cupboards. It would be so easy to see what one has and to rearrange one’s settings. My hubby put up wall cabinets in my laundry room just so I could finally after nine years unbox my Christmas dishes and use them this year. Thanks for sharing and SHOWING how you store all of your place settings. Your dishes are so lovely.

    Teacup Lady (Sandy)

  58. Raggedy Girl says

    I am a new reader and loved your Table Scapes and have been inspired as to how to build some of the shelves in my household storage room when the weather is better. What a nice site.

  59. Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio says

    I want Bunny’s storage too! WOW!!
    You have alot of wonderful hutches and cabinets to store all of your beautiful china…

  60. Holy Cow! I want a Butler’s Pantry!!

  61. I’m getting to your post late…but sure did enjoy looking at how you display and store all your beautiful china! I LOVE IT!! 🙂

  62. Jan and Tom's Place says

    Hi Susan…

    I’ll be participating tomorrow, the 9th, for the 1st time in TABLESCAPE TUESDAY!!!


  63. Susan,
    You may not have Bunny's butler's pantry, but you certainly have some great storage areas. I'm envious. I have every cabinet and closet and chest filled. We even have racks in the attic where we store dishes. Like you, I dream of having a butler's pantry! Won't happen in this house though. The remodel is done!
    Thanks for sharing these great storage places. Always love seeing her dishes and peeks into your beautiful home. ~ Sarah

  64. Susan, I had emailed you this question the other day but I found the answer today! Wow! Love it all!

  65. I have a question. How do you attach the wreaths to your cupboard doors? I just love that look! Thank you

  66. I have a question. How do you attach the wreaths to the cupboard doors? I just love that look!

  67. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Jackie,
    I just pinned the red ribbon with a stick pin on the other side…down under the edge where the wood meets the glass insert. That way the little pin hole isn't visible. Each year I just stick it back in the same hole.

  68. Brilliant! Thank you so much. I so enjoy your blog and all of your wonderful ideas. You are an inspiration 🙂

  69. pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    Haha, thanks, Susan! You’ve got a fair amount of space for your things since you use ingenuity! And naturally, I noticed we have similar kitchen table sets, lol. Except mine is dark. Spooky. 😮

  70. Elaine Campbell says

    I nearly fell out my chair when I saw the daisy dishes. When I was young, growing up back home, there was a gift shop “Town and Country” Had two different owners but still the same atmosphere. Carried wonderful decorating gifts, lots of china, crystal and silver. They had the same or almost identical daisy dishes. One Mother’s Day I bought my grandmother a jam jar which she used and stored on a corner shelf in her kitchen. When she was in her 90’s and had caregivers it disappeared and something else appeared on the shelf. We never found it cleaning out the house and never found the going of it. I always said when I got married I was selecting those dishes for my everyday. Didn’t come to pass. I’m going to be looking for them now in thrift stores, ebay, replacement services I too collect sets of dishes but never can decide eight or twelve placesettings.

  71. I just love those daisy dishes – there’s something so retro and yet fresh about them. I, too, have Blue Willow for everyday, and my choice as a bride-to-be in 1978 was Lenox’s Temple Blossom. I still love it! I have to admit, though, seeing all your beautiful and creative tablescapes makes me want to add some things and entertain more (which is saying something because I really am a happy introvert, haha).

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