Welcoming Autumn with a Colorful Table Setting in Shades of Red, Gold and Brown

Welcome to the 521st Tablescape Thursday!

With the official first day of autumn just a couple of days away, I’m  sharing a fall-ish table setting for this week’s Tablescape Thursday. Still very warm here–reaching the 90’s each day (which I love) but I know the cooler temps will be headed this way before too long.


I kept the centerpiece simple, using a red lantern I’ve had for several years. Don’t remember now where I found it but if I had to guess, it was probably either Old Time Pottery, Marshalls or HomeGoods. I always find great lanterns in those three stores.

Autumn Tablescape on the Porch


The candle inside the lantern is surrounded with fat little acorns. Sadly there will be no more of those because the tree from which they came is the same tree that fell a while back in my neighbor’s yard. (See that post here: Not Again!)

I added an extra layer this week, something I rarely do. In addition to using plaid charger plates, I added grapevine chargers underneath those.

Autumn Table Setting, Red Lantern Centerpiece


The grapevine chargers are really, really big, so sometimes a dinner plate will look lost placed on top. But the dinner plates I’m using this week are bigger than normal so the larger vine chargers worked great in this setting.

Autumn Table Setting Ideas, 2018


I love these paisley napkins, they go well with so many fall and winter settings. I think they were a find in Marshalls, but really don’t remember now.

Red Lantern Centerpiece for an Autumn Tablescape


The paisley napkins are layered atop linen napkins edged in a beautiful burgundy red velvet. The linen/velvet edged napkins are from Pier 1 several years ago.

Autumn Table, Vine Charger Plates


I find myself using this red flatware a lot throughout the year. It works great for a Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas setting…and also in a fall setting as seen here. This flatware is still available here: Red Flatware.

The chargers are from Crate and Barrel (if I’m remembering correctly) many years ago. Caught those during a big sale when they were drastically reduced to $2-3 each.

Paisley Napkins in Fall Table Setting


I haven’t used these birdie napkin rings in ages…time to pull them out! They were a find in Pier 1 back in 2008.

Bird Napkin Rings


Found this beautiful dinnerware many years ago in HomeGoods. I loved its Italian theme/vibe depicting pretty Italian villas surrounded by olive trees.

Salad Plate Depicting Olive Trees & an Italian Villa


Sooo pretty! Makes me want to book another trip to Italy!

Salad Plate with Italian Villa and Olive Trees


I’m not sure how many different designs were created for the salad plates, but there were only two available when I came across this dishware in HomeGoods. This was the other design/pattern available in the salad plates.

Salad Plates with Italian Villa, Olive Trees


Here’s a closer view…

Interestingly, the hallmarks on the back of the salad plates are different from those on the dinner plates, though they were paired together the day I found them in HomeGoods. The salad plates say, “Ceramisa, Made in Italy.”

Salad Plates, Italy Scenery, Olive Trees


The dinner plates depict a vegetable garden and are hallmarked on the back, ” Opificio Etico, Ceramiche, Made in Italy.” Thanks to Cecilia, we know the words running across the front of the plate mean, “my vegetable garden” in Italian. Thanks Cecilia for sharing that in your comment! 🙂

The dinner plates are an irregular shape which is intentional. It gives them a really casual feel. They are so large, you can just barely see the plaid chargers peeking out from underneath.

Dinner Plate, Vegetable Garden Scene in Italy


The plaid charger plates are a favorite of mine. I use them so, so much during the fall and winter months. I just looked and they have brought them back again this year–you’ll find them here: Tartan Charger Plates. I’m amazed they are back! It’s so rare for stores to bring something back again. They must be very popular for them to do that.

You’ll find the matching dinner and salad plates available in sets of 4 here: Tartan Plates, Set of 4.

Tartan Plaid Charger Plates


The leaf-design tea/water glasses are from Dollar Tree a few years back. If I’m remembering correctly, the amber/brown wine glasses were a find in A Classy Flea several years ago.

By the way, A Classy Flea is now having pop-up sales every so often since they’ve closed their doors. They had one this past weekend in the offices of a local reality, but I wasn’t able to attend. I think they have another planned for next month. I hope to go to that one if it doesn’t fall during the time I’m in Egypt.

Fall Table with Red Lantern Centerpiece


Is it starting to feel like fall where you live? I love our long summers here in the south, but I know not everyone loves the heat the way I do.  Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for today’s Tablescape Thursday!


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  1. Wonderful fall table Susan, I am swooning over your Italian plates! Thank you for the table fun today~

  2. I absolutely LOVE the plates that have the vegetable garden with the vegetables so sweetly strung together!

    This is such a pretty table, with one foot still slightly back in summer, the other foot forging ahead into the beautiful colors of autumn.

    Thanks again for another beautiful Tablescape Thursday!!

    • Elena, I was thinking the same thing while I was setting it…still holding onto to summer, even though the colors are moving into fall. It’s still so nice and warm here, cherishing every last moment of summer.
      Thanks, Elena!

  3. Cyndi Raines says

    What a lovely table to help get me in the mood for all things fall. Boy, I am really s l o w in getting out the fall decor this year. I have emptied out the bins on my kitchen table and have 2 wreaths up now and my acorn on the Nora Fleming s/p shakers! Lol Hopefully today, I will complete this tasks along with purchasing some much loved pumpkins! Too many interruptions with various luncheons, doctor appointments and errands! The weather is getting a bit cooler so that should help get me in gear!

    • My dil has been bringing out her Nora Fleming Georgia football helmet for the platter she uses every weekend there’s a game. 🙂
      Good luck with all your decorating, Cyndi! I think that’s the key, we’ll be much more in the mood when some cooler temps move in.

  4. You set a beautiful table…but do you entertain a lot and actually get to use them? I hope so. I know so many people who never use their “good” dishes. As my daughter says “Are they waiting for the Pope to visit”?

    • The hallmark of a serious, true blue tablescaper: setting a beautiful/whimsical table and NOT serving a meal LOLOL! Even though my house is Party Central for my large extended family, I still play around with tablescapes which never get used for meal time.

      Hey, it’s not my fault!! I can’t help it if BNOTP turned me into a tablescaping addict!! :0)

    • If I’m having friends or family over the week I create a table, it does get used, but often I’m creating each week as inspiration for Tablescape Thursday.
      I so agree! We are worthy of using the good stuff now! Life is short, don’t save anything…use and enjoy!

  5. You used colors I love in this tablescape! I love that you use the plaid chargers at times other than winter. I, too, love the long summers and growing season in the south. I’ve missed all this one being inside with a broken ankle. It gave me a chance to plan a cutting garden for next year, however. I look forward every Thursday to your tablescapes on the porch!

    • I love plaid chargers, look for excuses to use them! 🙂
      Oh, I hope your ankle has healed, Martha! ♥ What a great way to have spent your time this summer…I would love a beautiful cutting garden! XXX

  6. Lovely…especially that ” tartan charger”…so versatile!! Black gum trees are always first in line, here, they’re practicing….franki

  7. Those dinner plates are beautiful. They may be large enough to use as servers sometimes–appetizers, mini desserts. It’s warm here but overcast, so the tablescape looked rather cozy.

    • I bet they are…they must be close to 13 inches since they are almost as big as my tartan chargers. You could have a hearty appetite with those plates! 🙂

  8. Love this! Thanks for sharing the chargers again; it looks like only the dinner and salad plates are sold in 4’s….the chargers are individual from what I can see. Tartan is certainly a fave of mine. Happy Fall to you!

  9. I really love the color, pattern, and texture mix you used, so rich! I’m in love with those two napkin sets, don’t remember seeing them before! This makes me want to do a fall tablescape! My tablescape today isn’t fall, but there is a reason why! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Love the idea of stacking the chargers and oh those napkins are simply gorgeous! (I think the latter would even look beautiful as a neck scarf.) Thanks for sharing Susan. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Had warm temps up to, two days ago however now the sky is reading Autumn with the dropping of Oak and Maple leaves that will require raking not to mention following that, it will be snow to shovel. Arrrgh! All said; maybe I should move closer to the equator …. 😉

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! Definitely sounds like fall is moving in, in your area. Yeah, leaf raking is not my fave thing. lol Wonder when acorns drop…hope we get a break from that this year! I need to look back at my older posts and see when that always happens.

  11. Beautiful table! The glasses are very pretty also. Thanks for the tip on where to purchase lanterns. I have the utensils in black. I think you do too! Love.

  12. Susan,
    this year, everything seems a little weird here where I live as the houses are all decorated for fall but it still feels like summer; we’ve never seen pumpkins and deckchairs in a garden, at the same time! lol
    Love the colors you’ve used today and I love, love, love those birdie napkin rings! Why have you hidden them for ten years?! They’re adorable!
    Susan, whenever I see American/British bloggers posting Italian/Tuscan plates, I always wonder why do I NOT have Tuscan plates, I am Italian, after all! (Maybe, it’s because I always look for “Americana” plates, instead!) 🙂
    (BTW and just FYI, “Il mio orto” means “My vegetable garden” to be exact.
    Garden would read “Giardino” in Italian.) 🙂
    ~Hugs to you~

    • That is funny…pumpkins and deck chairs out at the same time! It’s still quite hot here, too…but then that’s normal for Georgia.
      Cecilia, thanks for that translation! I tried using Google translate earlier and it wouldn’t translate it for some weird reason. I just added that info to the post…really appreciate your help with that! I wish I could write and speak multiple languages. So admire people who can do that! XXX

  13. So very pretty Susan. I always love your tablescapes. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. I was over the moon for the red silverware but, after reading the reviews on Amazon, which were awful, decided against it. Apparently these are not meant to be used only displayed. So disappointed but the search continues.

    Thanks for a great blog and wonderful inspiration.

    • Maybe they are washing them in the dishwasher. I haven’t had any problems with mine, but then I never put flatware with resin or plastic handles in the dishwasher, always wash it by hand.

  15. Love your table today! I’m struggling with coming up with a fall table: we’re still warm in CA, too, and I’m not ready to get into the true fall colors, yet, but you handled it perfectly!! I love those birdie napkin rings, and your Italian plates have me drooling. Thanks for hosting. I’m heading into my dish storage to post a fall table today: even if my overhead fans are whirling overhead!!

  16. Not a bit like fall here yet – still like your weather – hot and humid! I am really loving those paisley napkins, and any dinner served with two napkins is my kind of dinner! Very pretty and unexpected combination you have there. Yay for the Classy Flea ladies keeping the flame burning.

    • Thanks so much, Rita! I know, I hope they keep up the pop-up events! I’m afraid I’ll be out of the country when they have the next one, so I would have missed both.

  17. Love the napkins. I probably would of had to lay some in the middle of the table. Also very fond of the Italian plates.

  18. The red lantern probably came from Old Time Pottery, as you indicated here


    Beautiful tablescape, Susan. Have a wonderfully autumn!


    • That’s what I was leaning toward…thanks for finding that, Louise! I can usually remember where I found something for 2-3 years, then I forget unless I find where I’ve used it years ago in a table setting shortly after I purchased it. I wish I had a better memory, unfortunately, I was not blessed with that trait.

  19. Everything is so, so pretty and simple. Love the bird napkin rings.

  20. Some days we have fall weather somedays it’s hotter than a biscuit. I love your table and those grapevine chargers are gorgeous.

    • lol Sounds like you are definitely transitioning to fall. I like that “hotter than a biscuit” description. I’m using that! 🙂
      Thanks! I can’t remember the name of the store where I purchased those. I can see it in my mind…drawing a blank on the name. Arggg.

  21. Love the plates! You just transported me away. Thanks for hosting

  22. I love the colors on this table. I am finding it hard to get out the Fall decorations because it is still so hot down here in Louisiana. Today, my car temp said 99 and I was sweating just running a few errands. Bring on the cooler temps!

  23. Just read your comment about going to Egypt. If you don’t have a travel company, we dealt with a company in Cairo and they were wonderful. They picked us up from the airport and arranged everything. It was just my family of 4 in a van with a driver and an Egyptologist. Several people have used them on my recommendation and they have loved them as well.

  24. I hope I run across those vegetable garden plates one day! I love how you’ve used red in this fall tablescape. It does look so cozy!

  25. Enjoyed this Autumn tablescape with bold Fall colors, lots of different patterns, and textures! So inviting. Home Goods is one of my favorite stores.

  26. I’m not one for appreciating tablescapes, but this one has to be my favorite of all I’ve seen you do. The simplicity is pleasing to me and not even considering the chargers and dishware, just the red lantern, the red flatware and the paisley napkins is a magical combination. Don’t know when I’ve seen such a beautiful paisley color.

  27. I have always wondered when you layer your napkins like you have here, what do you guests do with all of them when eating? Do they put both of them in their lap?


    • Usually, they just use the cotton one and place the more decorative one across their lap. Of course, they could use both, if they wanted to, that would be okay.

  28. I love the paisley and the natural element of the grapevine chargers – unless I missed it, do you have the source for the chargers and napkins? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Leslie! I couldn’t remember the name of the store…drawing a blank on it. It’s a popular store…there’s one in Lenox Square mall here in Atlanta. Oh, I just remembered it…it’s Crate and Barrel. I’m pretty sure that’s where I purchased those. They had a big sale going on and they were drastically reduced to around $2-3 each. That was several years ago, not sure if they still carry these.

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