What If Gray Lamps…and Finally, The “Personalized” Pillow Shams Are Here

A few days ago I shared a Before/After my daughter-in-law and I completed in my grandsons’ bedroom. (View that post here: Bedroom Makeover: Dinosaur Themed Bedroom for Two Dinosaur-Loving Boys.)

Decorate a Dinosaur Themed Bedroom


The week before this bedroom makeover, I stopped by my local At Home store and picked up some lamps I hoped would work with the bedding and the chest we planned to use.

Lamp's for a Boy's Bedroom


The night before we assembled the beds in the boy’s room and put the whole room together, Nancy and I created a mock set up downstairs, placing boxes on either side of the blue chest, propping pillows on the boxes, then trying out lamps on the chest. Our decorating tastes are very much the same so we both liked a couple of the options we tried. In the end, the orange lamp was our favorite with both the bedding and the chest.

Boy's Dinosaur Themed Bedroom, Blue Chest, Pottery Barn Quilts


I’ve already returned the other lamps, but just before returning them I snapped a few photos of one of the other options Nancy and I really liked. I thought it would be helpful in case you end up buying this chest and are looking for additional lamp ideas.

The gray lamps did look great with the navy and gray bedding, although they offered a much more subdued look than the orange lamp did.

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding with Gray Lamps


If we had decided to go with the gray lamps, each of my grandsons would have had his own lamp. That could have been both good and bad. It’s nice to have your own lamp that only you control, but at ages 3 and 5, Nancy and I foresaw arguments when one wanted to sleep and the other wanted his lamp on.

I liked the wood accents on the gray lamps, they complimented the wood beds nicely. But two lamps used up more surface space on the top of the chest, space that was needed for important things like dinosaurs and books.

Dinosaur Bedding with Gray Lamps


The orange lamp ultimately won our hearts. Nancy and I loved how it looked with the chest and how it brought out the orange in the bedding. It just felt more kid-like and fit the vibe we were going for in this room.

Orange Lamp, Boy's Bedroom


Personalized Shams Arrived

Pottery Barn gives you the option of personalizing the pillow shams that go with this dinosaur bedding. I loved that idea! While I was in the store, the sales associate placed the order for two of the standard-size shams to be personalized.

Personalized Embroidered Names on Dinosaur Shams, Pottery Barn


It took about a week for them to come and unfortunately one wasn’t right when they arrived. They had embroidered a Euro sham instead of a standard sham. A manager at Pottery Barn got right on having it replaced, and the new, corrected sham arrived just 3 days later.

Name Embroidered Dinosaure Pillow Shams, Pottery Barn


I love how they look on the beds and the boys are crazy about them. For these pictures, I tried arranging the pillows as they were in the PB ad. This morning my oldest grandson (age 5) came downstairs and proudly announced that he had made his own bed and had “put the pillows on my bed as great as you!”

Personalized Pillows, Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding


Ha! I told him I couldn’t take the credit, I was just arranging them as I had seen them in the Pottery Barn ad. I was impressed he had taken the time and effort to do that, though!

Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedding


Another reason I was eager to get the standard-size shams is because they depict the volcano that’s also on the quilts. Love that extra bit of orange since it helps tie the lamp back to the bedding.

Orange Accents for Boy's Bedroom


Nancy and I are keeping our eye out for the perfect rug (need that before winter arrives) but for now this room is pretty done. I really do love how it turned out and I’m so happy the boys love it, too.

I asked Nancy last night if they had mentioned missing their old beds and she said, “Nope, not even once.”


Name Embroidered Dinosaure Pillow Shams, Pottery Barn

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  1. What a lovely job you and Nancy did, for your precious grandsons. Lots of happy memories coming!

  2. You did an amazing job decorating the room. I also think that you totally made the right choice with the orange lamp. that little pop of color just makes the room. you are wonderful MIL.

  3. For sure the orange lamp is the winner! The personalized pillow shams are perfect and give each boy a sense of “ownership” which is important when you are sharing a room with your brother. Yes? I found a rug for you and Nancy to consider. I’m thinking this Gracie Oaks Timpson Buffalo Check Rag Cotton Navy Area Rug W001490717 would look great between the beds and pick up on the check in the bedding. What do you think?

  4. Love the orange lamp….what about putting it in the middle of the table…more balanced. Such a cute room.

  5. Good morning! I have been following you for a while now—-LOVE the tablescapes and designs. I look forward to your posts daily.
    Re: Grandsons room
    I’m glad you went with the Orange lamp as it really does Pop!
    And ties in with the dinosaur lamp on the other side of the room ( the angular dinosaur shape works with the angles of the orange lamp )

  6. You could have individual reading lights mounted on the wall above the headboard. Bet you could find some cute ones knowing you. Room is darling and I do love the orange lamp. The two gray lamps were too big for the chest. I’d keep it even if you also had individual reading lights! Great job Grandma!

  7. Pat Francoforte says

    Love everything! How wonderful to have a Grammy who has the gift of decorating!

  8. Yes. I like the orange also. It all looks great! Two very lucky little boys.

  9. Brenda Lawrence says

    I definitely love the orange lamp over the grey lamps. It gives that pop of color with the chest and it brings out the orange on the bedding. I love that the boys love their new big boy beds and don’t miss their other beds. I also love that your oldest grandson made and arranged the pillows like you did. Too cute!! I think you and mom did a great job on their room! Hugs, Brenda

  10. Pillows done as good as you–Love that! Liking the new room is a nice compliment, but mentioning something specific is a huge one. You just never know what they are noticing you doing, right?

  11. Catherine Miller says

    I love the orange lamp the most also. Their room is perfect

  12. Susan, your grandsons’ room is beyond adorable. I love everything you and Nancy have done…the dinosaur bedding is perfect for boys!

  13. The room looks fantastic, Susan. I was hoping you decided on the orange lamp. So much fun, and I know the boys love it.♥

  14. Love their new bedroom! I remember the “dinosaur age” – so much fun. My grandson had a dinosaur bathroom and a sports bedroom. My daughter found a blue pottery trash can that was in the shape of a dinosaur, dinosaur towels & shower curtain, dinosaur cup & toothbrush holder and a little rug in the shape of a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are a rite-of-passage kind of event so I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding just the right rug.

  15. Dearest Susan,
    Lovely room for your grandsons, such a cute theme. Please take a moment to look at the Dino Foot Print Rug (Crate and Barrel). Enjoy your family!

  16. Cute room. I think a lime green lamp would link good or whatever green that is on the quilt. Don’t see much orange, however it looks better than the gray. Also, need to declutter the chest a little. Just a thought.

  17. Susan, I think you and Nancy made the right choice with the orange lamp. It’s just so much cuter and kid friendlier. And I love, love, love that Court wanted to fix his pillows ‘as good’ as grandma did! How precious is that? You are so blessed, and so are they. 🙂

  18. Love the pillows with the volcanoes. Everything’s perfect now. Glad you kept the orange lamp. How sweet that your grandson wanted to makeup his bed! What about some lime green or lighter blues in a rug? Too bad you cant just imagine the perfect rug and zap it up the way Samantha on “Bewitched” could. Lol
    Happy rug shopping!

  19. Looks great and more importantly, they love it! Well done!

  20. Darlene Gardner says

    Susan, you can come decorate for me anytime! You have a great eye and gift for knowing what will go best. Love this room and I am sure your grandsons do as well! Makes me wish I had little ones again.

  21. Nancy rock says

    Great job! I would rethink the curtains. They don’t seem to go in this cute room…too overwhelming. (Just my opinion).

  22. Dear Susan,
    I would use the orange color two more times in the bedroom. One being an accent rug with
    The orange color and maybe some orange books? Just a recommendation . Love the boys’eoom though! It’s Dynamite!

    • Re using the orange again, IMHO… ditto! As a runner or area carpet, I would even consider a patterned one perhaps in a combination of orange and white. i.e.: Wayfair has some nice dhurrie ones at a reasonable cost. Also not to offend and knowing Nancy can sew; would she consider using the existing curtain fabric to make a Roman Shade, which would be somewhat easy to do? (I notice that the function of the curtains is obstructed by the chest.) All said; over all a fabulous job ladies and they are two very lucky little boys to have such a thoughtful and generous Grandma.

  23. cleo headley says

    What a fun room for the boys!!! Love the orange lamp… youthful and perky!!!

  24. cleo headley says

    What a fun room for the boys!!! Love the orange lamp… youthful and perky!!!

  25. Cyndi Raines says

    Great job Susan and Nancy! Glad you chose the orange lamp with its fun shape and bright color. The gray looked too old for the boys, just my take on it. Awesome! What fun they will have! I know you will find the perfect rug for them also.

  26. Agree about the gray lamps..at first I thought you were going to change out the orange and I actually was distressed! So cute the little one is making his bed and getting all the pillows just right! The shams are perfect.

  27. Susan, I can’t imagine any little boy not loving this decor for their room. Great job! The bedding is adorable, and the orange lamp is definitely a winner in my mind. I don’t think the grey lamps worked for the space, and the orange is definitely more fitting for the chest and adds that pop of color this all needs. Kudos to you and Nancy for a fabulous makeover for those cute boys.

  28. I liked seeing the gray lamps, but you two definitely were spot on to go with the orange–it just feels like a child’s room. And the shams are fantastic. You and your dil (The Dynamic Duo) should start a business. It all looks fantastic!

  29. Sure love the room, but what really makes it for me is the blue dresser! Would it be possible to let me know where I might find it.


  30. If your grandsons are still into dinosaurs, found a spring season duvet at The Company Store (on sale):
    But, youngsters move on so fast and these dinosaurs do not look as authentic, these are a bit more simplistic, but still thought of you and yours.

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