Why I Never Get Anything Done…

A recent morning…


Need to make bed.


Start to make bed but notice lint on duvet cover.


Go to closet to get lint roller, but find the buffalo-plaid, wearable blanket bought this past winter folded on top of the basket where lint rollers are stored.

Oh. Yeah.

Remember never got around to finding a good place to hang the blanket after returning from Ohio.


Pile blanket onto closet floor.


Dig out lint roller.


Lint all gone…


Return lint roller back to basket.


What about the wearable blanket? Need to hang, but how?


Look for hanger with metal clips since blanket probably won’t stay on a regular hanger. Can’t find any that aren’t already in use.


Look for velvet clips purchased a few months ago, but can’t find them, either. Remember I’ve already used them for other clothes that kept sliding off hangers.



Look again for hanger with metal clips that I can steal for the wearable blanket. Decide to use this one.


Manage to get dress to stay on a regular hanger. Barely. Make mental note to order more velvet clips.


Hang up wearable blanket in coat closet.


Look one more time for velvet clips. Still can’t find any, decide they must all really be already in use.


Close closet door and turn around.

Notice unmade bed. Wonder to self—does anyone else take 20 minutes to make their bed?

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  1. Oh, my goodness … that is SO my day every day!!

  2. A great post! Soooo relatible! Believe me, Susan, you are not alone!!

  3. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    Haha, I can so relate! Start to do something and get distracted doing another thing and then forgot what the heck I was doing in the first place. I think it is called aging. lol Don’t like it one bit, who knew your mind would get so distracted after a certain age?! Your not alone Susan, we are all there with you. Hugs, Brenda

  4. Have you tried the flocked coat hangers? They work well for items staying and not slipping. I hang everything on them except heavy coats and jackets although they work for lightweight jackets. Of course pants, and skirts need a different type hanger.

    • I purchased some of the flocked ones to use when I was in Ohio and did like them. I bought the thicker, white, wooden ones from IKEA several years back when I did a mini-makeover of my closets. I really like them because they seem more gentle on clothes to me than thin, angular hangers, plus, I just love how they look in a closet. The flocked ones do help hold wider neck shirts/dresses on a hanger better, though. Thanks, Sandy!

      • Katherine says

        I have the flocked hangers and some are nice quality while others that look the same are so cheap that the hook at the top will break the flocked part and separate from the hanger! So frustrating!

  5. Oh, YES!

  6. I can soooo relate to this!

  7. Rhonda Storey says

    I do the same thing EVERY day Susan! Lol! It takes me forever to do projects because I get SO distracted. I changed all of my hangers out several years ago to the velvet hangers. I LOVE them!!! Absolutely nothing falls off of them. Love your plaid bedding!

    • Those really do hold the clothes on well! I love the look of the wood hangers but they are tricky with certain shirts/dresses. Thanks, Rhonda. I may have to buy some of those for my looser tops.

  8. At least you’re doing something. I don’t even get that far. I’ve turned into a slug. A LAZY slug. This pandemic better end soon.

  9. Sabrina Holmes says

    Susan, This is soo me! I’m sitting here at 7:30pm wondering how I managed to get almost nothing done today.

  10. Peggy McCormick says

    At Last! Such a Welcome Relief to hear the Normalcy of You! Yes, I too start various task b4 finishing the 1st. I attribute it to Multi Tasking and not becoming bored thru one that maybe not be as favorable as another! Don’t allow the negative mindset dwelling space! Celebrate our “Uniqueness” Susan Bravely shares ideas with us, and that’s No Small Production! And yes, you put on an Amazing Display, I’m just saying!!! By the way, my son gave me that exact same body blanket for Valentines Day! It’s Soo Cozy and I don’t have any problem w falling off hanger, and it’s with my robes. Blessing to All!

    • lol Def a lot of multi-tasking going on around here throughout the day.
      Awww– thanks, Peggy! Appreciate that so much! I know, it’s sooo warm!

  11. Kathleen says

    I was confused with the title of your post! You are the person who gets everything done! I keep going from one room to another and never get anything completed.

  12. Oh Susan this post was so funny! This is my day every day! Start one project and get side tracked. You are not alone!!!!! Hang in there.

  13. In my home we called it an apple pie day…… I decided to make a pie, so I went downstairs to get flour from the freezer…… threw a load in the washer and another in the dryer…..saw the freezer need defrosting…….finish the freezer……. and came back up to peel the apples…..and realized the knives needed sharpening…… sharpened the knives, and went to get butter for the crust……ended up straightening the frig, and pulled out all the leftovers for a ” lunch buffet”. pulled the pie pan out of the cupboard and ended up rearranging 4 cabinets….. the pie in the oven and had to run the dishwasher with the dishes from breakfast and the empty leftover dishes from lunch…… before I know it, the day is gone and all I did was make a pie….The story of my life ……lol

    Gratitude makes what we have enough

    • lol That perfectly describes it! Some days I wish I could just focus on one thing and one thing only, but it never seems to work that way! Just think of all you realllly got done on Apple Pie Day, though!

    • Peggy McCormick says

      I’m SO Feeling You! I can Totally Relate. But through it all, You are accomplishing Much. Exhale!

  14. This describes my day, all day, every day!

  15. Hahahahahahahaha!! Right there with you my friend! Happy Weekend!

  16. Yes, most of us are like that. Sometimes the cat jumps in my lap in the bathroom and ” ya know”, so much time goes by while you are coming their hair! I think it’s impressive you noticed the bed wasn’t made before going downstairs.
    Chris’s story reminds me of the ancient story about the woman in the basement doing the laundry, straightening up, and picked up a football helmet. Her hands were full, so she put it on her head, took off her clothes, threw them in the washer. Then she hears the voice of a repairman she had forgotten was coming that day, commenting about being on her team. (so old I can’t remember all of it).

  17. Carol A Norton says

    Most of my interruptions/distractions are caused by the hubby. At least that’s what I blame it on. Like when I was in Wal-Mart today. I finally said “have to go–someone is behind me and needs to get thru”. She said as I hung up–“no rush”. I replied–“follow me around so I can use you as the excuse to get done what I need to get done and get out of here”!

  18. Darla Keim says

    Susan, this is such a cute post! That was a productive 20 minutes 🙂

  19. Good to know someone else goes through the same thing I do. Sometimes I think I’m like those cats distracted by a laser light. Jumping from one thing to another depending on when and where the light pops up!!

  20. Sounds just like my mornings

  21. Nancy Hawks says

    AMEN!!! The story of my life. Don’t worry you are not alone.

  22. Got out of bed. Made a cup of tea and read your post. Decided not to make my bed but to redo it for spring. The snow has melted and Daylight savings time begins March 14th here in Michigan and spring begins March 20th. The early bird gets the worm and I was so tired of looking at that heavy winter bedding. So, I cleaned the room and put my pretty spring coverlet on the bed. My husband looked at the finished room and said, “Have you been inspired by Susan again? And by the way, its going down to 24 degrees tonight. You are going to freeze your tush off and I am sleeping in the guest bedroom under the heavy comforter tonight.” Thanks for the inspiration from one frozen birdie in Michigan. Lesson learned. Never make your bed to early.

  23. Franki Parde says

    And…that’s MY story & I’m sticking to it!!! It’s just the way life is. YOU ARE SO COOL!!! franki

  24. LOVE your dress collection!!

  25. then it’s lunch time….

  26. I do that so many times too. Hubby calls it seeing a “squirrel.” He’s the opposite (not in a good way either, lol). He can take something to the kitchen and walk right past a dish that needs to go too. Hey, noticed the Spring header is up, woohoo!

  27. warren giering says

    This is true for men, also. I have to keep telling myself to focus, focus, focus. Then i will dart into the bedroom (or some other room) for something I need immediately and by the time I pass the bed I have no idea why I went into the bedroom with such urgency. LOL

  28. Darlene Gardner says

    And don’t forget the ever take a look around and decide that it can all wait to be done tomorrow! (not the bed, but everything else) Sometimes having all the time in the world is not time enough. We think we can get around to it eventually, and eventually never comes! Thanks for making me laugh. Your house is sooooo much neater than mine, even on its worst day!

  29. Jeanette says

    lol, and it starts all over again

  30. Lynne A Johnson says

    So funny and so true! It was wonderful to read all the comments from your readers having similar experiences too. I certainly fit right in!

  31. Linda Page Gurganus says

    Obviously you have been spying on me!! But sometimes it is almost an hour before I get it made cause I see that the bathroom counter needs to be wiped down and I need to refill toilet paper stand and my cell needs charging so have to find charger and my glass on the nightstand needs to be returned to the kitchen and ……then an hour has gone by and my bed isn’t made and I haven’t had a shower yet either!!

  32. Barbara Robinson says

    I cannot believe you got all that done in 20 minutes. Give yourself a pat on the back. I love your blog and stand in awe of all you do. You are pretty amazing and very talented. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Martha Shetley says

    Flylady always calls us SHE’s…Side-tracked Home Executives.

  34. Yep, sounds like me, another pet peeve I am thinking of doing two things at once, walk in another room todo what I had meant to do, and clearly forget why I came in this room. Retrace my steps, and then I remember what I had intended to do!

  35. Anne Lovell says

    I am so glad I’m not alone!! I do eventually get it all done and look how much extra we did that `needed doing. I love that. APPLE Pie Day!! Thanks Susan for a great blog today!

  36. Please read “If you give a mouse a cookie.”

    • Jan, I was thinking about that book the next day after I wrote this post. lol That used to be a favorite of mine when my son was little. Applies to so many things in my life!

  37. Michele M. says

    Haha – this was a funny one. Oh yes, I have days like that more often than not anymore. I think Covid has brought ADD upon me, seriously. Or just gettin’ older. I get side-tracked a lot these days.

    What? Now where on earth did I put thatgizmo doohickey?

    Hope your weekend’s been splendid.

  38. Oh, yeah…this happens everyday! And add to that “why did I come in here?”Oh, well….it helps me get my steps in each day! Have a great week!

  39. Cyndi Raines says

    Yes and yes! But I do have so say, we do eventually get it done and should congratulate ourselves on the fact that other smaller tasks were accomplished as well. So I say we really were multi-tasking! Like that spin better, hehe.

  40. Oh ladies…I’m like that with To Do Lists!!! I write list after list…with the header “Today”…which seems to take one week…two…a month. Then I also write lists for hubby, because he won’t write his own, and those lists end up being rewritten many times which I find months later in a drawer. In our house a bed goes unmade because of the old familiar excuse, “The cat was sleeping on it!” LOL

  41. Elizabeth HugginsThompson says

    OMYGOD! Are you me? I think you are!

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