Dreaming of Travel to Faraway Places

I’m reminiscing today…dreaming and reminiscing about travel to faraway places. If you are craving a little travel excursion today, check out the following posts. (Click the title of any post to view it.)

A Visit to the Giza Plateau, the Last Remaining Member of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Camel Ride, Giza Plateau, Egypt


Dining at Mama’s Fish House in Maui, Hawaii


Tour the Belleek Pottery Factory, Beautiful Pottery Still Hand Crafted in Ireland


When You’re on Safari, It’s All About the Animals, Part I


Sailing with the Scotts: Sharing All the Details


What’s Inside My Travel Handbag

Travel Bag Holds Water Bottle with 2-Stage Filter


Breakfast with Daisy and Giraffe Kisses


The Week I Took a Staycation


If you would like to do a little more arm-chair traveling, you’ll find all my travel posts here: Travel With Me.

It’s so pretty here today, I think I’ll head outside for a bit of gardening. Have a wonderful weekend!

See you tomorrow for Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Patricia says

    Hi Susan,
    Everyday, I dream about traveling abroad. I really want to take another river cruise and enjoy leisurely travel with the same room every night. And dinner prepared by someone else. This shut down has been too long, I love to cook but I am getting so bored with everything that I make and would love to be served.

    Four years ago, I was in the Netherlands on a terrific cruise of Windmills and Tulips in March. It was my favorite cruise so far and the scenery was so beautiful, in a very tranquil way.

    Enjoy your dreams, Patty

    • I’m not the biggest of river cruises. It is super convenient to not have to pack up and move every few days, but river cruises greatly limit what you can to just what’s near in the towns where you dock. Also, when you travel alone, they always stick you down deep in the bowels of the ship where it sounds like you’re inside a washing machine all the time.

      Patty, who did you book your Netherlands cruise with? When I took a river cruise through the Netherlands, we did see some gorgeous places including Keukenhof. Sadly a lot of the photos I took in Keukenhof turned out to be out of focus. I had something on my camera lens and didn’t realize all the pics were out of focus. Lesson learned: Clean lens a lot when traveling! lol

  2. I’ve had my London trip planned 331 days before I booked my business class ticket on AA (paid for with miles). I had an $1800.00 credit with Airbnb so booked a flat at Nell Gwynn House and splurged on two nights at Egerton House Hotel.

    This may sound like an ad or plug, but trust me, I didn’t benefit in the least. I booked Egerton House through Virtuoso travel through Ford Beckett. It costs nothing extra so if you have a splurge trip coming up, check Virtuoso out. I will get a room upgrade if available when I’m there the end of July. I will also get full English breakfast for 2, free exhibition tickets at V&A museum, Afternoon tea once, martini making lesson and 2 free martinis (though I don’t drink) and early check in/check out. All this at no extra charge or fees. Again, Just telling about a good deal – I don’t benefit at all. Now to get the vaccine…

    • Thanks for that info Ginger! I’m not sure how much traveling I’ll be doing this year, saving to purchase a car. Also, if they make it mandatory to get the vaccine, I’ll never travel again because I don’t plan to get it. Glad I got to see the majority of the places I wanted to see outside the country before the virus hit. Once I replace my current car and begin to travel again, I’ll most likely stay here within the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

  3. At the top of our list is a river cruise for the first time. I followed your river cruise in the Netherlands with great envy & Patrica above said it’s been her favorite so far so that will probably be our choice. The Christmas Markets cruise sounds awesome too. I want to do them all!

    • Patricia says

      The Netherlands agenda is more interesting, trust me. Go when the tulips and other flowers are blooming. Christmas Markets is lovely but just a bunch of shopping. Great for mulled wine but you can make that at home.

    • Sabrina, that sounds wonderful! The flowers are so beautiful in the Netherlands!

  4. Michele M. says

    You have had such wonderful adventures, Susan. I so enjoy “armchair travelling” with you. You do write awesome travel posts.

    Thank you for the dreams! Been so long since we’ve gone anywhere.

    • Thanks, Michele! I’m glad I got to see the majority of the places I most wanted to see before travel became so limited. Hopefully we’ll be able to travel again more freely in the coming years.

  5. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh my gosh! YES, I am SO READY for a trip! Want to start planning, but concerned we’ll be shut down again and then another huge disappointment to deal with. I even made a “travel bulletin board” posting snapshots of former vacations to remember good times and to encourage myself that we will get to travel again. I saw a cute bulletin board in Hobby Lobby which was made from a frame of an old dresser mirror (mirror removed) and then batting and burlap covering cork board. They wanted almost $70.00 (without coupon) and I knew I could make it for way less, so I did. I went to our local Salvation Army store and found an old mirror with a neat frame, even had a pineapple carved at the top, removed the very heavy lead mirror and went to work. I cleaned the frame, sanded it down a bit and used some left over off white paint. Hubby suggested spray painting it, which would have been even easier, but I stuck with what I had. I used foam board as my base (not as thick as cork board and I felt it would be easier to work with and not as thick) and covered it with left over quilt batting, taling the edges to the back, and then covered that with some burlap that had gold thread running through it for a little bling and taped those edges toward the back. Sanded some of the edges to give it a litle worn look, put the cleaned backing on and presto my own puffy bulletin board for about $16.00! The cute colorful ball-like push pins added a little more bling and now I get the fun task of sorting through the various pictures for just the right ones. Just another way to cope with the Covid upsets we all have had to deal with. However, as spring draws closer, I know the vacation planning will begin, hehe. Lastly, wanted to say, I really like your idea of stay-cation too, Susan. I hope to include some short 2-3 hour away statewide trips in our agenda for this spring, summer and fall travel time also. Thanks for another great idea!

    • I know, I’ve known several friends who booked trips thinking this virus thing would be all over by the time of the trip, then had to cancel them. I won’t be traveling again outside the country if they require proof of the vaccine since I will not be getting it. That works out okay though since I would really love to see more of the U.S. now that I’ve traveled internationally so much.
      Cyndi, your travel board sounds amazing! Did you by any chance take photos of the process while you were making it? I would love to share it with the BNOTP readers! If you don’t have photos from the process of how you made it, maybe you could just share photos of the materials you used and explain the process and share a photo of the final board. What a genius idea to use an old mirror…love that!

  6. I’m so thankful my husband and I got our 45th anniversary Rick Steves tour of Scotland before COVID. It was fantastic. We did sneak away to Costa Rica this Christmas and it was a slice of heaven…..no covid test required, only 40 people on the airplane, no masks required at the resort (help wore them), very few people….felt totally safe as we were essentially outside for an entire 8 days except to sleep…..just sheer peace and relaxation and beautiful weather and memories made with our son and grandson. I LOVE TO TRAVEL as well.

    • That’s awesome! I bet it was wonderful to get away for a little while at Christmas! Love that you weren’t stuck wearing a mask at the resort! I don’t want to ever do vacation in a mask, that would be horrible. You’re making me want to travel there, I’ve seen some wonderful trips! What resort did you stay at, Toni?

  7. I love all your travel stories Susan – you’ve sure had some wonderful times! (The giraffe through the window may be my favorite!) Love to catch up on the ones I’ve missed. Thanks for corralling them all in one place for us!

    • Thanks, Barbara! I went from never having traveled out the U.S. to going a little crazy and trying to see EVERYTHING as fast as possible. lol I was worried about how old I was getting so was in a big hurry! 🙂

  8. That Hawaii picture is so serene. I think I’ll have to put on some Hawaiian music this morning and picture myself among the palm trees.

    Have a great day! – Nicole

    • Nicole, every time I look at that photo, I think how fake it looks, like a postcard you would buy. But it really looked exactly that beautiful! I can see why some people fall hard for Hawaii and want to live there full-time. The constantly beautiful weather was wonderful!

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