In The BNOTP Library: Winter House by Charlotte Moss

I knew it was going to be cold here today when just before going to bed last night, I noticed it was already below freezing outside. I awoke at 7AM to 26 degree temps and reluctantly climbed out of my warm bed. Hard to get up on these cold mornings, isn’t it?

I hurriedly turned up the heat to warm up the house and watched as the birds eagerly swarmed the three feeders hanging from the pergola and deck. They were really enjoying the water in the heated bird bath this morning. They love it as much, if not more than the seed.

I think we need a cozy book this morning, one that celebrates these last few days of winter. I know just the one!

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If you’ve been reading BNOTP since 2009, you may remember when I shared a little about this book I’m featuring today in a previous post: Celebrating the Winter Blues.

Blue and White Bedroom with book Winter House by Charlotte Moss


In the BNOTP Library: Winter House
Author: Charlotte Moss
Hardcover: 192 pages

Cover of this book is so much prettier in person, this picture from Amazon doesn’t do it justice.

Winter House by Charlotte Moss


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • Charlotte Moss, Designer Extradonaire, takes us inside her personal home in Aspen, Colorado. I love, love, love when designers give us a peek inside their own homes…they are always some of the best books. Charlotte’s winter home is cozy and beautiful!
  • This book showcases great photography with lots of close-up detail shots. The close-ups views of the bedrooms, her holiday decor and all the finishing touches she adds to the rooms in her home are my favorite parts of the book. This is a book I always pull off the shelf this time of year. It’s a book to be savored, so curl up in your most comfy reading chair with a warm throw and a cup of your favorite hot beverage and stay there all day!
  • Charlotte’s Aspen home is a second home for her and she shares lots of tips and ideas for spoiling visiting guests. She frequently has guests who come in for skiing or for the holidays. After reading how she prepares for them, it’s a wonder they ever leave! For all the dish lovers, there are some beautiful table settings in this book with very unique dishware, glassware and flatware. She even gives us a little peek into her table linen storage.

You can read more about this book, Winter House at Amazon where I normally buy my books, via the picture link below.


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  1. I want to express my gratitude for your lovely book posts…I am an avid collector of decorating books and also a wee bit of a bibliophile (!)….I truly enjoy finding new books that I did not know about from your posts.

  2. The perfect book for today’s COLD temps. We are currently at 20 as I type.

    I do not know how you got out of that wonderful looking winter dressed bed! It would be too tempting just to stay put.

    My feeders are busy today too. I need to get that heated bird bath! I keep forgetting.

    Sounds like another awesome book.

    I wish you were a lending library. 😉

  3. I am so glad I found your blog! I enjoy your post and your library.

  4. Love your choices in books. I live in northern NY. We were – (minus) 26 below at 6 am.

    • Yikes! 26 is looking pretty good now, I can’t imagine minus 26!!! Hope you are able to stay inside, Abbie…that’s def too cold to be out and about.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions.

  6. pam ~ crumptey cottage says

    Susan, I am one of the seemingly few people (crazy people) who loves winter!! I love, love, love the snow, just like a kid. I love crackling fires (in a fireplace! 😮 ) and getting cozy under afghans to read, watch a movie or sip some tea. I don’t even mind the dark. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Spring, too. 😀 And Autumn. But winter is for snuggling and staying safe inside by the fire and hibernating. So this book looks like a great one for me. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Barbara Hagan says

    This is one of my all-time favorites too!!! I love the entire book and highly recommend it. Photography and attention to detail is awesome! I think this is definitely the best one that Charlotte Moss has written. I always get this out to read this time of year as well as it is such a warm & cozy book to read by the fire when you have no desire to go out in the freezing cold. Happy reading… it looks like we are going to be “house bound” next week as well!

  8. rattlebridge farm says

    Just the other day, I pulled this book off the shelf. It’s a wonderful ode to winter. And our Southern winter just won’t go away. Someone needs to fire that groundhog. 🙂 If you get a chance, I’d love for you to vote on the umpteen front elevations for the ranchburger. Stay warm!

  9. Susan,
    I love this book! I always have it among my seasonal books this time of year. I never tire of looking at her beautiful rooms. Wouldn’t it be great if we could visit her home and share some tea or hot chocolate!! I really enjoy all the books you share. Looking forward to see where you travel to this year. Stay warm. It’s cold in Arkansas, too.

    • Yes it would! It’s been a while since I read it but I remember the tea she has for her guests comes all the way from England, I think. Doesn’t she pick it up on trips there? She really knows how to spoil her house guests.
      Thanks, Pam! I’m trying to decide if I want to save up for a trip or a bathroom renovation. The trip would only last a week or 10 days where the bath renovation will last for years. I want both! 🙂

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