Inner Conflicts

Beautiful Designer Bags

Irrational Me: Let's go shopping and buy three cabinets with doors like Elaine uses for her handbag storage! Rational Me: But you don't have enough handbags to fill even one cabinet. Irrational Me: I know, but I keep my handbags forever and I'll probably add to my collection in the years to come. Rational Me: No one needs that many handbags.   Irrational Me: But, but, there are so many beautiful bags out there! Remember, I still want a Lady … [Continue Reading...]

Looking Forward to Less Ironing and More Playing This Summer

Steaming a Dress, Easy Steps

Welcome to the 522nd Metamorphosis Monday! A few months back, I purchased this fabric/clothes steamer pictured below. I've always wanted a floor-standing steamer. I wear almost nothing but cotton and linen clothing during the spring and summer months. I love how cotton and linen fabrics feel against my skin and how they breathe during the hot, humid days of summer. I don't even mind the wrinkles that come with cotton and linen clothing because it just speaks … [Continue Reading...]

A Beautiful Perfume, Fun Agenda Stickers and a Helpful Tool for Removing Bugs

Calendar Pages Insert for Louis Vuitton Agenda

Note: If you're still having problems seeing the most current posts here at Between Naps On The Porch, clear your browser cache and that should fix it. If you're not sure how to clear your cache, Google the phrase, "How to clear cache in XXX browser" filling in the XXXs with the browser you use, and directions should pop right up. Happy Weekend to you! The sun is shining and it's so beautiful outside, but the cold is keeping me inside where I'm STILL putting up … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful Springtime Dinnerware: Shopping For Valentine’s Day and Easter

Floral Spring Tablescape with Bath's Pink Dianthus

Welcome to the 538th Tablescape Thursday! Recently I stopped by PotteryBarn and Williams-Sonoma to check out their spring collection of dishware. It's that time of year when they are starting to get in all the beautiful spring patterns.   I was thrilled to see they brought back this adorable bunny bowl. I have this one and use it all throughout spring and summer on my kitchen counter. It also makes a beautiful centerpiece for any springtime or … [Continue Reading...]

Serving Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party

Football Plates for Game Day Dining or Super Bowl Party

I'm often asked where I get ideas for the tables I create for Tablescape Thursday. The actual answer isn't very helpful because it changes every week. The true answer is: everywhere. Sometimes it's dishware I already have and that I'm itching to use, or it could be an upcoming holiday. Inspiration can really come from anywhere. Today I was shopping in Publix and saw these. They reminded me that the Super Bowl was coming up soon. I stopped my grocery shopping long … [Continue Reading...]

Handbag Storage Idea: Protect Your Bags, But Keep Them Visible

Storage Bags for Designer Handbags

Welcome to the 521st Metamorphosis Monday! Do you collect anything? Is there something that you truly love and are always on the lookout for when you're out shopping or antiquing--like rare stamps or first-editions of your favorite books? I know someone who used to collect cute pig figurines until everyone in her family caught on and she became inundated with them. lol My mother-in-law used to collect butterfly jewelry, frog figurines and decorative … [Continue Reading...]

Soup Time, A Big Sale & My Favorite Boots for Winter

Best Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe

Stressful Two Days! Did you notice the blog was kinda wonky on Friday and Saturday? My host company was trying to help me figure out what was going on. They thought the server was being overwhelmed with bot traffic, the type that attempts to hack into a server in an effort to take it over. They had no suggestions on how to stop it other than turning up the security level of the blog to the "I'm under attack" mode. My gut was telling me that the site was not under … [Continue Reading...]

The Book Club Meeting: A Cozy, Candlelight Setting

Cozy Winter Table Setting, Book Club

Welcome to the 537th Tablescape Thursday! I was in the mood for a candlelight setting this week, something cozy to chase away the rain and the cold days of January.   This post was delayed this morning due to a technical issue my host company is working on. So if BNOTP is running a bit slower than normal, they are working on it. I had this table all set and was ready to start taking pictures but something seemed to be missing. The centerpiece … [Continue Reading...]

An Away Luggage Update and Help Me Choose a New Carry-on Bag

Before I left for a trip to Egypt last October, I purchased this snazzy, aluminum, Away carry-0n bag for the trip. Over the last few months, I've had several comments and emails asking how that bag worked out. Though I loved the bag, I sadly decided to return it after the trip. In today's post, I thought I'd share what I loved about the bag, why I returned it and what bag(s) I'm considering buying now.   The Away bag comes in a non-aluminum version in … [Continue Reading...]

An Ornery Weather Station

Welcome to the 520th Metamorphosis Monday! Unfortunately, I'm still sick with some kind of virus. My throat is still really swollen. If I'm not better in the next day or two, I'm going for a strep test.  I don't really have a Before and After to share since I spent much of yesterday (when I felt up to it) doing boring stuff like putting wreaths back into storage under the eaves in the upstairs family room and taking all the ornaments off the … [Continue Reading...]