Test Results and 4,000 Missing Bags

Just a quick post to say Thank-you for all the well-wishes and all the helpful information you left in the comments of yesterday's post. I've heard from several folks who said they have also benefited from the information you shared. The Flight Home The flight home yesterday was brutal, only way to describe it. As soon as we got airborne it was much harder to breathe. I never watch movies on airplanes, usually prefer to read, but I tried to watch a couple to … [Continue Reading...]

A Very Rough End to 2017

Welcome to the 466th Metamorphosis Monday! Happy New Year to you! As I write this from the Sheraton Hotel in the Charles de Gaulle airport, it's 5:00 AM here in Paris. Sounds glamorous...spending New Year's Eve in Paris, doesn't it? Unfortunately, it's not as wonderful as it sounds since I've never left the airport. One of these days I'm going to see more of France than just its airport! I had to miss my flight home yesterday because I've been very sick for … [Continue Reading...]

Mixing Plaids and Tartans for a Festive Holiday Table

Christmas Table with a Mix of Different Plaid Dinnerware Patterns

Welcome to the 483rd Tablescape Thursday! Recently Martha had friends over for "Dinner and Dominos." Doesn't that sound like fun! I haven't played Dominos in so long, I'm not sure I remember how.   Like so many of us, Martha loves tartans and plaids. I think they are so festive and not just for Christmas. They add so much color and happiness to any room, creating a perfect winter coziness.   When Martha shared these photos with me in … [Continue Reading...]

Christmas in Cologne, Germany

Christmas Markets, Cologne Germany, December 2017 06

Welcome to the 465th Metamorphosis Monday! Merry Christmas! Since Met Monday falls on Christmas Day this year, I'm putting this post up a bit early. I guess my Before and After this week is a travel one since I'm spending Christmas in a way I've never done before: floating down the Rhine River stopping every so often to visit the Christmas Markets and historic sites we find along the way. The Christmas Markets have all closed now, but our program director has … [Continue Reading...]

Christmas in Heaven

Angel-Themed Table Setting for Christmas

Welcome to the 482nd Tablescape Thursday! Elena always creates the most magical table settings. Earlier this year she experienced a tremendous loss when her sister, Anna, passed away at the age of 62. This Christmas will be the first Christmas since Anna's passing. Elena shared some photos with me of the beautiful table she created for Christmas this year. Elena said, "My idea of a different kind of main Christmas  table came to me when I was browsing through … [Continue Reading...]

Packing for The Netherlands, Germany & France at Christmastime

Clothes for Travel to Germany in December 07

I've received a few comments asking if I would share what I will be wearing during my upcoming trip to Germany. I'll be packing the usual suspects: pants, sweaters, turtlenecks, scarves and boots, but I'm finding packing for this trip a lot more challenging. The problem is sweaters are really fat and fluffy, so they take up a lot of space. But I love sweaters so I'm determined to take several, even if I have to sit on my suitcase to get it closed. The good thing … [Continue Reading...]

A Whimsically Decorated, Fantasy Porch for Christmas

Lantern Light for a Christmas Porch

Welcome to the 464th Metamorphosis Monday! I'll be leaving soon to visit the Christmas Markets in The Netherlands, Germany and France. I plan to post some while I'm away provided the ship has WiFi that will let me upload photos to a post. The biggest issue I've found when traveling in the past is that it seems everyone on the ship tries to access the wi-fi at once, which pretty much brings it to a crawl. We'll see how it goes this trip, I so hope to share this … [Continue Reading...]

Last Minute Christmas Deals & The Coat I’ll Be Wearing In Germany for Christmas

Long Plaid Sweater, Black, Blue and Green

A lot of stores are having last minute sales with free shipping for the holiday season. Here are a few that caught my eye. Sundance is offering 20% off this weekend, along with free shipping. I'm eyeing this beautiful cardigan here: Cardigan.   Frye has a great sale going on, 25% off with the code: CHILLY at Checkout. So if you've been lusting after a pair of Frye shoes or boots, this is a great time to shop. See all their boots here, including … [Continue Reading...]