How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Great for the Kids or the Grown-up Table

Welcome to the 633rd Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions! I should probably be sharing a Thanksgiving table this week since Thanksgiving is just two weeks away, but I've been itching to play with some new "glasses" I purchased recently. The good thing about sharing this table now is if you love the glasses, they should still be available since I just bought them a week or two ago. If you're looking for inspiration … [Continue Reading...]

Holiday Decorating, Fall Fashions I’m Loving & A Fave Soup for Fall-Winter

Later today I will be going up under the eaves to start pulling out all the Christmas decor. This photo is from a previous year.   Here's how it actually looks right now. I need to wear a helmet while doing this because I always end up hitting my head a couple of times in the process of pulling everything out. I think I may put on a thick, winter beanie for a bit of protection. lol Not sure why I persist in storing everything here when I have a … [Continue Reading...]

A Bit Late Thanks to Hurricane Zeta

Welcome to the 615th Metamorphosis Monday, a blog party sharing fabulous Before and Afters! Nope, it's not Thursday, so please don't link up your table settings to today's Met Monday party. This is not exactly a Before and After, although this table did survive Hurricane Zeta! ;) My computer almost didn't, though. Zeta fried its "power supply" despite it being plugged into a surge protector. Thankfully, the company that built my computer was able to repair it. … [Continue Reading...]

My October Favorites Including Christmas Gifts for Family & Friends

I've been doing a fair amount of Christmas shopping for family over the last few weeks. Today I had planned to share some of my Christmas finds when I realized I had never done a favorites post for the month of October. So this post is a little of both--my favorites from October and some of the Christmas gifts I've purchased for friends and family. This awesome storage pouch definitely makes the favorites list. It's giving me peace of mind that my cashmere … [Continue Reading...]

Don’t Have the Perfect Tablecloth? Use a Cozy, Colorful Throw Instead

Welcome to the 632nd Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions! I know this has been a terribly stressful week for everyone, so how about something fun and relaxing today! I don't have my main computer back, yet--still waiting to hear if it can be saved, but I had an idea for today's post. A while back in the comments on a Tablescape Thursday post, someone mentioned how they love to use throws as a tablecloth. That … [Continue Reading...]

Bringing Out the Cozy: Fave Flannel Sheets & New Art for My Bedroom

Fall Autumn Bed with Tartan and Flannel

Welcome to the 614th Metamorphosis Monday, a blog party sharing fabulous Before and Afters! This post is going up a bit late because I changed horses midstream. lol When I awoke this morning, all I could think about was how much I wanted to put my flannel sheets on the bed. I'm definitely in the mood for some autumn/fall decorating. Time to cozy up the house before the cold weather arrives! Though I'm not a big fan of fall or winter (def more a spring-summer kind … [Continue Reading...]

A Dead Computer & The 2 Things That Made The Power Outage Bearable

Finally, the power is back on. You know, it's amazing how fast our brains adapt to a new situation. I was working on a puzzle and listening to a book on Audible when a loud snap sound happened from the direction of my computer and the lights came on. It felt so weird to have electricity at my fingertips again, to be able to just flip a switch and have light in a room! lol I know that sounds weird but it was kind of like everything was all new again as I walked … [Continue Reading...]

32 Hours and Counting

Just a quick update via my phone to let you know, I still do not have power. The first day without electricity, I just stayed inside, thinking surely the power would be restored soon. For lunch that day I had canned tuna fish mixed with a little mayonnaise and chopped onion, eaten on a few celery sticks. The mayo was still trustworthy at that point. Supper was a can of beans. I haven't been that hungry anyway because of the cold I've had which seems to be getting … [Continue Reading...]

Tablescape Thursday Update

Update via my phone around 8:00 pm: Unfortunately the power is still out, I'm one of about 50,000 people still without power in my area. Those 55+ mile per hour Zeta winds did a lot of damage here in the Atlanta area. As soon as the power is restored, I should be able to have my post up within about an hour. Sorry Tablescape Thursday has been delayed. :( Wondering how long the food in my freezer will last without electricity. I don't think it's going to … [Continue Reading...]

I Took Your Suggestions & This Is What I’ve Purchased So Far

Thanks so, so much for all your great suggestions in the comments yesterday! If you missed yesterday's post, be sure and check out the comments on that post here: Planning Ahead for Christmas. In that post, I mentioned how I am extremely prone to catching every cold virus that comes along, even though I try to eat well and take a daily multi-vitamin. There were so many great recommendations in the comments! Last night I placed a Walmart Grocery order online … [Continue Reading...]