Covering Edges Of Melamine Shelves & What Happened To My Fave Wallpaper Remover

Removing Wallpaper

Welcome to the 797th Metamorphosis Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I've been working on a few bathroom projects this weekend. One of the tasks I worked on involved the shelves in the closets of both upstairs baths. When this house was built many years ago, I'm not sure why, but the closets were built with wood boards inside for shelves. I think they were 1 x 12s or something like that. There are 4 shelves in each closet and for each shelf, they used 2 … [Continue Reading...]

All My Favorites Are On Sale For Mother’s Day! ♥

I have several semi-big projects that I've been working on around the house this week, including stripping wallpaper from two bathrooms. Spring-cleaning fever has hit, and I really want to get the bathroom projects underway and completed over the next month or two. I'm very tired today from all the cleaning I've been doing this week, so I gave myself the day off to let my muscles recover. I spent some time today doing a bit of online browsing, and wow! There are so … [Continue Reading...]

Celebrating Spring With A Table Setting In A Surprising Color For This Time Of Year

Wallace Napoleon Bee Flatware, Gold Accent, Spring Table

Welcome to 814th Tablescape Thursday! Recently, when I was down in the storage area of the basement, I spotted this adorable bunny cake holder and thought that I should really use it in a spring table this year. It's one of my favorite pieces to pull out and use this time of year.   Every table needs a starting point, some kind of inspiration. This bunny server was my inspiration for this week's table setting. I decided to head over to Publix for one … [Continue Reading...]

The Upstairs Living Room Window Seat Just Got A Much Needed Update

Back Staircase View of Blue Painted Chest

A few days ago, I made a small update/repair here in the upstairs living room, aka the bonus room or FROG.   It turned out so well, I thought I'd share it in case you find it helpful. When I moved into this house so many years ago, the upstairs living room already had window seats under all the windows.   There's storage built in under each of the window seats. The two dormer window seats have little doors in front that open for … [Continue Reading...]

Favorite Beauty-Care Products, Including A New Fave I’m Completely Obsessed Over

Welcome to the 796th Metamorphosis Monday! It's been ages since I shared some of my favorite beauty products in a post. Recently, I tried a mascara that I had never tried before, and it's, by far, the easiest to apply and best mascara I have ever used. I feel like I have finally found my favorite mascara of all time, so that prompted me to create this post today for this week's Met Monday.   I've mentioned Mill Creek Biotin Therapy shampoo and … [Continue Reading...]

Sharing A Much-Needed Favorite, Porch Update, & How Do I Stop Squirrels From Eating My Roses

Heated Gloves for Arthritis and, Carpal Tunnel Pain

Still working on getting the porch wiped down after its long winter's nap, but thought I'd pop in and share how the new swing chain covers look on the swing.   I kinda wished I had washed them first since the fabric is a bit stiff which makes it stick out a little awkwardly in a few spots, but overall, I really like them! They were a gazillion times easier to put on since they close with Velcro as opposed to my old swing covers that closed with a … [Continue Reading...]

A Visit To The Brand New Centurion Lounge in Atlanta, Plus, A Few Porch Updates

American Express Centurion Lounge Outdoor Seating, Atlanta

This has been a busy, crazy week. I had a quick trip to visit family in Ohio, and I just returned home on Tuesday. One of the cool things that happened on that trip is I had the opportunity to visit the brand new American Express Centurion Lounge that just opened up a few weeks ago in Atlanta. I had read so many good things about it online, so I was excited to experience it in person. The new Atlanta lounge is the 28th Centurion lounge in the world and is also, the … [Continue Reading...]

Beautiful Candlelit Table Setting, A Captivating Centerpiece & An Incredible Menu/Dessert

Illuminated Rose Centerpiece for Valentine's Day_wm

Welcome to the 813th Tablescape Thursday! I have a beautiful table setting to share with you this week, but first, I wanted to let you know that I'm having a little problem with my replies to your lovely comments not reaching your Inbox. I changed blog hosts recently and everything went great except with that one issue. We are working to get that resolved. In the meantime, the easiest way to see my reply to your comment, especially if you had asked a question and … [Continue Reading...]

My Dream Home Revisited, Still Dreaming Of Life In An Adorable Cottage Home

Yellow Storybook Cottage

Welcome to the 795th Metamorphosis Monday! Many years ago, I shared this photo in a post called, My Dream Home. I don't remember now how I first came across it, but the photo was of an adorable playhouse available to purchase at the website PoshTotsdotcom. In that post, I shared that if/when I ever move, I would love to find a cute cottage home similar to this one. Of course, it would need to be made to "adult-human" size. lol   There are so many … [Continue Reading...]

Just A Few Of My Favorites and Most-Loved Essentials For Summer

Yeti Cooler in Bright Barbie Pink

With spring in full swing and the increasingly warmer temps, I've been thinking about my favorite summer essentials, those pieces I love using and wearing throughout the summer months. One of my favorites to pull out every summer are my incredibly comfortable Ecco sandals. I love how adjustable these are, which means they work for the pickiest of feet.   I have Ecco sandals in several colors that work great for summer, including the ones above and … [Continue Reading...]