A Bunny-Themed Table Setting for Spring

Blue Iced Cake, Spring Table

Welcome to the 613th Tablescape Thursday! It's been a minute since I set a table here on the porch. Hope you enjoy this springtime table with a bit of a bunny theme. I've encluded a lot of photos for those who enjoy that. Happy Spring to you!         I found these adorable bunny planters in HomeGoods in early spring. I had planned to use them in a table earlier in the spring but those plans were changed when I … [Continue Reading...]

A Low-Cal Indulgence, A New Floor Lamp for My Bedroom & Puzzles are Back!

Working on a table setting for tomorrow's Tablescape Thursday, but thought I'd pop in with a few goodies and ideas I've been wanting to share ever since I arrived back home. One of the first things I needed to do upon my return was head to the grocery store to stock up on a few things. If you've been reading BNOTP for a bit, you may know I'm not the biggest fan of hot coffee, but I do love iced coffee, especially when the weather turns warmer. On a whim, I … [Continue Reading...]

This is What Happens to a Porch When You Abandon it for 3 Months! It Ain’t Pretty!

Welcome to the 594th Metamorphosis Monday! It was a long drive back home, but it actually passed quickly as I listened to the book, My Friend, Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress, via Audible. I think the book is going to be made into a movie. Actually, it would probably make a better movie than it did a book--the book definitely drags at times where I think the movie would be pretty action-packed. Every now and then during the drive back home, thoughts of … [Continue Reading...]

3 Summer Tables for Two

Summer Table Setting Tablescape by Lamplight

Welcome to the 612th Tablescape Thursday! I'm heading back home to Georgia today after spending the last three months in Ohio. It's going to be a long drive but weirdly I'm looking forward to it. I think I'm really just looking forward to listening to some of the books I've recently downloaded on Audible. It's been a long time since I've done that--listened to books on my phone. For today's Tablescape Thursday, I'm sharing three summery tables for two. Tables … [Continue Reading...]

Create a Beautiful, Arched, Balloon Garland for Birthdays & Other Special Occasions

How to Make a Balloon Garland

During the first part of June, it's Birthday Central here at my son's home. My son's birthday is immediately followed by my youngest grandson's birthday, which is followed a few days later by my daughter-in-law, Nancy's, birthday. So there was a lot of decorating, partying and cake-eating happening over the past week or so! For my youngest grandson's 4th birthday celebration, Nancy decorated in a dinosaur theme since he is completely obsessed with dinosaurs. … [Continue Reading...]

How I Remove Dirt & Scuff Marks from the Corners of My Leather Handbags & Boots

Best Way to Remove Dirt, Scuffs Marks on Corners of Handbag

Welcome to the 593rd Metamorphosis Monday! It has been Birthday Central here this past week. In just a 7 day period, we've celebrated my son's birthday, my youngest grandson's birthday and today is my daughter-in-law's birthday. For this week's Met Monday, I had hoped to share some of the decorations, including some info about how I made this balloon arch, but I couldn't get all the pictures ready in time since the balloon arch was just completed late last night. … [Continue Reading...]

My May Favorites: A New Book & A Beautiful Dress I Bought That’s Now $22.95!

Happy weekend! It's sooo pretty here and finally, the weather has warmed up. Hope you are seeing blue skies and sunshine today! Last month, for my Monthly favorites, I did a switcheroo and shared all my daughter-in-law's favorites. If you missed that post, you'll find it here: Nancy's April Favorite and the Ones I'm Buying for Myself.  This month I'm again sharing my favorites, a few items I've purchased and have really enjoyed, including one I caught on sale … [Continue Reading...]

8 Whimsical, Creative Father’s Day Table Setting Ideas

Welcome to the 611th Tablescape Thursday! Just wanted to say again, thank you SO MUCH much for all the great comments left on my recent post titled, Where Would You Like to Live for the Rest of Your Life? Comments continue to be coming in each day on that post and I appreciate each and every one because I have found them to be incredibly helpful. Hearing about your experiences has taught me so much and I truly, truly appreciate it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank … [Continue Reading...]

My Favorite Bag Organizer and One So Poorly Made, I Will Never Buy It Again

Protect Handbag Handles with Hermes Twilly Scarf

Welcome to the 592nd Metamorphosis Monday! A well-designed, well-made bag organizer or bag insert can be one of the best purchases you'll ever make to protect and support your favorite handbag, but a poorly designed or constructed organizer can actually do more harm than good, damaging or warping the shape of your bag. Today I'm sharing my favorite places to shop for bag organizers and one organizer I will never purchase again. Over the past few years, I've … [Continue Reading...]

Buying ALLLL the Dresses! Obsessed with These Great-Fitting Styles!

Last week I mentioned that Lilly Pulitzer had come out with a line of dresses that was figure-flattering for all body types and surprisingly budget-friendly. I'm not sure if this is the first year these have been available or just the first year I've noticed. I think it's the first year they've had them available because I'm obsessed with their fun summer prints and often check their site during the summer. You may remember that I ordered this … [Continue Reading...]