Packing for Spring Break

Lilly Pulitzer Dress, Jack Rogers Sandals, Sun Hat with Bow, Wicker Handbag

So everyone is on spring break this week where I live--except me. Waaaaa! Even though I'm not sunning myself right now on a sandy beach somewhere, or shopping all the cute beach boutiques (a favorite pastime in places like Hilton Head) I had fun putting together a few outfits that would have made the trip if I had taken a beach holiday. But first... Before I share those with you, if you're a fan of the movie Christmas Vacation and collect the cute Dept. 56 … [Continue Reading...]

A Mini-Lifestyle Improvement

iPad & Phone Holder for Peloton Exercise Bike

Welcome to the 479th Metamorphosis Monday! Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend! For this week's Met Monday, I thought I'd share a mini-lifestyle improvement I made recently. You may recall me mentioning in an earlier post that I ditched my cable TV a while back. I rarely ever watched TV since there was never anything on that really interested me. I just couldn't justify the expense when my cable bill went up yet again. So I disconnected the TV part … [Continue Reading...]

An Enchanting Spring Table Setting

Easter Spring Table Setting in Neutral Tones with Adorable Bunny Plates 02

Welcome to the 496th Tablescape Thursday! So excited this morning to share a beautiful spring table setting with you! Gina has her table all ready for a special dinner she's hosting this weekend. This table would be lovely for any spring or Easter table setting. Gina shared all the sources for the treasures she used when putting this table together. I've tried to link out to those that are still available. in case you would love to use them in a spring tables … [Continue Reading...]

Spring Wardrobe Updates and How I’m Coping with the Pollen

The pollen has arrived here in full force! I knew something was up when I came down with a headache two days in a row. I almost never get headaches, so I figured it had to be the pollen. Yup, the screened porch is fairly covered with it right now, as are the benches on the front porch. Something funny: last night I took an Advil Sinus and Congestion pill because my head was hurting so much, I couldn't go to sleep. I hate taking those things since Advil and my … [Continue Reading...]

The Hunt for a Pretty Spring Wreath

Tulip Wreath

Welcome to the 478th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I was watching a YouTube video where the vlogger had just purchased a large, floral wreath for her front door. It had huge hydrangea blossoms all around it, and I loved it. Update: It may have been peonies now that I think about it!  I checked to see if I could order one online for my front door, but was unable to locate the shop. The vlogger had indicated the wreath was a bit of splurge, plus I'm sure it would … [Continue Reading...]

How I’m Preparing for Stormy Springtime Weather

Best Weather Alert Radio

I always look forward to spring each year, but there's one part of spring that I don't especially enjoy--the stormy weather we experience as the warm temps move in and clash with the cold that's already here. In years past we would get a lot of tornados during the months of March, April and May--peak tornado season. I'm not sure why, but thankfully, we haven't gotten that many the last few years. Tornados can be so scary...the build-up as they start warning on … [Continue Reading...]

Easter-Spring Table Setting with a Visit from the Easter Bunny

Bunny with Green, Pink Flowers and Ribbons for Easter

Welcome to the 495th Tablescape Thursday! Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful dream-like places you've visited over the years. It makes me wish I could travel all the time just so I could see them all! If you're looking for ideas for your next travel adventure, be sure to read the comments left on yesterday's post. So many wonderful places to see in this big world! I was so hoping I could place this week's table out on the porch, but unfortunately, it … [Continue Reading...]

Seeking A Dream-Like Experience

Thanks sooo much for all your input yesterday on my cushion dilemma on the porch. So many great ideas and suggestions! A few days ago, a couple I follow on Instagram posted a beautiful picture taken on Sea Island where they were vacationing. It was a beautiful alley of oaks and very similar to that iconic photo so often shared in magazines of Oak Alley Plantation. In the Instagram post, they described the scene as being dream-like. Then they asked, "What … [Continue Reading...]