Whimsical Fitz & Floyd Halloween Serving Pieces, Hidden Away & Almost Forgotten

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Cat, Pumpkin, Ghost Pitcher

Welcome to the 780th Tablescape Thursday! Today's Tablescape Thursday is a bit different. As mentioned in an earlier post this week, the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy, at least my definition of crazy busy. Ha! I got a bug in my bustle a few weeks ago, actually, it started around the time I was having the new irrigation controller installed in the garage. In order to install an outlet on the wall for the new controller, the electrician had to crawl into … [Continue Reading...]

This Miracle Trick For Removing Pen & Ink Marks From Leather Saved My Handbag

Dior Lady Dior Studded Supple Leather Handbag

Recently I discovered an amazing little trick that I never knew about! I had a mini-disaster occur with one of my handbags. There's a barbecue restaurant about 15 minutes from my home. I'm rarely in that area so when I do find myself near the restaurant, I'll sometimes go through their drive-thru to order one of their BBQ plates. On my last visit a few weeks back, when I reached the window where you pay and retrieve your food, the associate, in old-school … [Continue Reading...]

A New Carry-on Bag–Plus, Some Home Renovation Updates In The Works

London Fog Plaid Carry-On Bag

Welcome to the 762nd Metamorphosis Monday! I hope you've been having a relaxing Labor Day weekend. I'm running a tad behind due to computer issues. My computer this morning suddenly decided it didn't want to let me access any of the photos, including the ones I needed for this post. I finally got it to work, hope it stays working. Computers are always a love/hate relationship, aren't they? Before we get into today's post, I want to give you a brief update on some … [Continue Reading...]

Dining Poolside: A Nostalgic Tiki-Themed Table Inspired By Childhood Memories

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 12

Welcome to the 779th Tablescape Thursday! Summer is winding down but I'm not ready to say goodbye just yet. Are you starting to see some cooler weather in your area? Recently Elena set a delightful, seaside-themed table with fun Tiki accents.   I love the cute tiki candles Elena has tucked into her centerpiece. I also love how she tucked a fishing net in among the other pieces in her centerpiece. It's those little touches that add so much fun and … [Continue Reading...]

How To Adjust The Size Of The Grind On A Salt Or Pepper Shaker

How to adjust the grind size of a salt and pepper shaker

This is probably one of those, "everyone in the world knows this but me" things. lol I love this salt and pepper shaker that I purchased a few years back--except for one thing. Over the past few months, the pepper shaker puts out these huge pepper chunks when I grind a little pepper into my eggs in the morning. This morning, after it happened once again, I started thinking I was just going to have to look for another set, but I really don't want to do that because … [Continue Reading...]

A Successful Microwave Installation & Protecting The Top of My New Washer

Welcome to the 761st Metamorphosis Monday! I have two quick updates to share for this week's Met Monday. I finally have a working microwave again. The Home Depot installation went great and was handled professionally--they even arrived during the time frame of the appointment. Also, the microwave actually works! So happy to have this completed after two previously failed attempts from another business.   The other item(s) I wanted to share are the … [Continue Reading...]

End of Summer Sale-On-Sale From One Of My Favorite Shoppes

I've been so bad this weekend! I'm trying to save for home renovations but there are so many great end-of-summer sales going on right now, I can't resist! Here are a few of the items that are tempting me. This beautiful linen shirt was already on sale and now it's an additional 40% off. Love the length! This is basically how I dress every day all summer long, white scalloped shorts (from Talbots years ago) and long, linen tops or my favorite long Lilly Pulitzer … [Continue Reading...]

A Late Summer Table Setting–Sunflower Inspired

Rustic Acorn Napkin Rings, Autumn Check Napkins

Welcome to the 778th Tablescape Thursday! Did you know sunflowers normally bloom starting in July and can bloom all the way into October? I didn't realize that until I researched it today. I love sunflowers so much! The info I found online said that you can have non-stop flowers from July through October if you sow new seeds/plants every couple of weeks. I wish my backyard wasn't so shady because I would love to do that! Maybe I can find a place in my front yard to … [Continue Reading...]

Make Seashell Napkin Rings For Your Summer, Beach-Themed Table Settings

Shell Napkin Rings, Handmade

Welcome to the 760th Metamorphosis Monday! One of the things I love most about blogging is hearing from you and all the wonderful crafts and projects that you're working on. Elena, a lovely BNOTP reader, recently set a fun, beach-themed table for family that included these wonderful shell napkin rings that she hand-crafted herself.   I've made shell chargers before--tutorial for those is available here: DIY Shell Charger Plates.   But … [Continue Reading...]

What I Couldn’t Pass Up At This End-of-Season Clearance Sale

I've been shopping the "end of season" clearance sale that's going on right now at Talbots and found a pair of jeans I can't resist. Currently, everything that's on sale is an additional 60% off! That's my kind of sale! One of the first things that caught my eye was this pretty zipper jacket that's all cotton. I'm a cotton snob, but you already know that about me. It's gotta be cotton or linen for summer! This is the perfect jacket to transition into the cooler … [Continue Reading...]