Shades of Blue, Reminiscent of the Seas Surrounding Beautiful Procida, Italy

Between Naps On The Porch, Beach Themed Table Setting

Welcome to the 506th Tablescape Thursday! I had thought about putting this week's table out on the newly cleaned deck, but it was a bit too hot outside for that. It went from a cool morning where I had all the doors to the porch thrown wide open, to a toasty 86 degrees out on the porch later in the day.   I love it though, will take this any day over cold weather!   Once it cooled off a bit later into the evening, I set a table with … [Continue Reading...]

Where I Find the Best Travel Deals & Some Amazing Deals Available Right Now

Recently I shared a post where I highlighted a few items I always take when I travel abroad. If you missed that post, you'll find it here: 5 Essentials for Traveling Internationally. I love the comments you leave on posts--always learn new things from you with each and every post. The interactions and discussions in the comments are wonderful, appreciate those so much. On that particular post linked above, Joyce left this question: I love the wide variety of … [Continue Reading...]

Deck Updates, Great Deck Cleaner and a Little Garden Whimsy

Deck Makeover for Spring and Summer

Welcome to the 488th Metamorphosis Monday! Last week I shared some deck updates I was working on. In between all the big storms we've been having this past week, I've been working on spiffing up the deck for summer. Before In this photo from last week, you can see the decking was super dirty from all the yucky stuff that had fallen from the giant tree whose trunk you can see there at the end of the deck. Also, the bottle tree was looking pretty ragged with … [Continue Reading...]

My Favorites for Summer & How I’m Keeping Drinks Cold on Hot Days

How do you like my fancy shoes? lol This is the footwear I've been sporting today...I promise I'll have an explanation for this on Monday for Metamorphosis Monday. :)   When I haven't been running around with grocery bags on my feet, I've been shopping for summer clothes. Talbots has an awesome sale going on right now. I purchased a pair of these shorts last summer and love them! They are super flattering and are currently on sale here: White Scallop … [Continue Reading...]

Festive Themed Table Settings for a Hospital Auxiliary Fashion Show

Fairy Table

Welcome to the 505th Tablescape Thursday! Recently I received a lovely email from Ruth who said, "Our local Hospital Auxiliary had their annual tea, fashion show and raffle. Local businesses provide wonderful gift baskets, always a hit and good fundraiser. Each "hostess" is given a table for ten and then has to think of a theme and decorate. The country club where we have it supplies the plain white tablecloth, napkins and dishes, but the ladies come up with … [Continue Reading...]

A Bottle Tree for Every Season & Holiday

Bottle Tree for 4th of July

Recently I shared a few photos of my deck as I was cleaning it for summer. In that post I also shared a picture of the bottle tree that lives on my deck. I received quite a few questions and emails about the tree asking where I found it. I tried to answer everyone's questions but if I missed any, you'll find more information about the tree and where I purchased it in this previous post: Bottle Tree Dreams.   Darlene, a BNOTP reader left a lovely … [Continue Reading...]

51 Reasons You Need a Screened Porch

  1. Spring 2. Summer 3. Fall 4. Winter (depending on where you live) 5. Shade 6. No mosquitoes 7. No flies 8. No bugs. Period 9. Your dog will thank you 10. Your cat will thank you   11. Ceiling fans swirling overhead 12. Soft music + breezes and birdsong = heaven 13. Rainstorms 14. Sweet tea tastes better on a porch 15. Coffee tastes better on a porch 16. Wine tastes better on a porch 17. Hot chocolate tastes better on a … [Continue Reading...]

A Bottle Tree Makeover for Summer & A Bit of Furniture Re-arranging

Welcome to the 487th Metamorphosis Monday! For this week's Met Monday, I have more of a "Before and Middle" than a "Before and After." See the bottle tree that's out on the deck in this photo below? (View this beach-themed table setting here: Beach-themed Tablescape.)   I love bottle trees, love their folklore and whimsy. If you've never heard of bottle trees, they have an interesting history. Some folks say they date all the way back to … [Continue Reading...]