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Hermes Perfume Atomizers, So Colorful

Recently I shared a little passion of mine, collecting Hermes perfume atomizers in pretty colors.   In that previous post, I also shared the perfumes I have inside each of the atomizers. (Find that previous post here: My Hermes Perfume Atomizer Collection and the Perfume They Hold. In that post, I mentioned my collection was mostly complete and that the only other colors I would love to find were a pretty yellow and an Augusta green, the green … [Continue Reading...]

Candlelight Dining on a Late Summer’s Night

Candlelight Dining on Screened Porch, Beach-Themed Table, Crab-Lobster Plates, Shell Chargers, Shell Candle Holders

Welcome to the 572nd Tablescape Thursday! I've been traveling most of the summer, there were two trips to Ohio to visit family with a trip in between to England. During that time I've been dreaming of setting a beach-themed table here on the porch. Every time Tablescape Thursday came around and I wasn't at home, I was thinking how much I wish I was home and creating a summer table with a beachy feel. I know the blogosphere has moved on and autumn is popping up … [Continue Reading...]

Finally Got Up The Nerve to Do My Own Faux Nails!

KISS Ready-to-Wear-Gel Nails Tutorial

My daughter-in-law, Nancy, always has the most beautiful, manicured fingernails. They are so pretty, she frequently gets compliments from friends and co-workers. That may not sound too surprising but it's actually quite an accomplishment because she does them herself with store-bought, faux KISS nails! The first time I complimented Nancy on her gorgeous nails and she told me she does them, I was in shock. I would never in a million years guess that she hadn't … [Continue Reading...]

An Absolutely Ducky Idea for Shelving in a Bathroom or Linen Closet

Whimsical Linen Storage with Rubber Ducks, Duckies

Welcome to the 553rd Metamorphosis Monday! How about a little silly fun for your Labor Day? Happy Labor Day to you, btw. I hope you are resting somewhere with your feet propped up, fruity drink in hand. Those are my plans for this afternoon! :) First off I have to state, this is NOT where I store my linens. I put this bit of fun together last night just so I could share a hilarious, adorable idea that Mary Beth, a BNOTP reader--now friend, shared with me … [Continue Reading...]

A Few of My Labor Day Sale Purchases, So Many Good Sales This Weekend!

I have been waiting for this weekend for so long! The Labor Day sales are always some of the best during the year. Williams Sonoma has these vintage-style Halloween plates on sale. Sooo cute! You'll find them here: Vintage Style Halloween Plates. Their autumn cookware is also on sale. I love this Staub Pumpkin Cocotte! It's reduced from $55 down to $29.95! Awesome deal for this piece! What a beautiful gift it would make for someone for Christmas.  You'll … [Continue Reading...]

An Enchanting Candlelit Table Setting for Fall

Lit Lanterns in a Fall-Autumn Centerpiece Display

Welcome to the 571st Tablescape Thursday! I'm back home now, had a great drive yesterday in beautiful sunshine the whole way. And no wayward ties attacked my car as I drove home this time! Whew! After the 9+ hour drive, it was too late to put a table together once I arrived, so today I'm sharing a wonderful table from Noemi who wrote: Hey Susan! I have been a fan of your blog for a couple of years now and just wanted to send you a note saying thank you for … [Continue Reading...]

A Summer Sunday Stroll

I'm making the long drive home today, wish me luck! Last time it involved a bit of drama...read more about that here: Drama on the Drive Home. Hopefully, I won't encounter any 18-wheelers with exploding tires this time. Ugh.   While I'm driving all day, I thought you might enjoy a nice stroll through some of the beautiful neighborhoods in this area. I snapped these photos as we walked to a local park on Sunday. No commentary...just lots of delightful, … [Continue Reading...]

Easy Way to Protect Leather Handbags from Strap Indentations During Storage

Protect Your Chanel Lambskin Leather Handbag from Chain Indentations & Damage

Welcome to the 552nd Metamorphosis Monday! One of the joys in my life when my son married was gaining a wonderful daughter-in-law. With each passing year, Nancy and I grow closer. We were just talking last night about how awesome it is that we have such similar tastes in decorating, food, fashion and especially handbags! lol This past weekend my son was out of town for three days so it was just us and the boys. When dinner, baths, books and snuggles were all … [Continue Reading...]

Buying Furniture for a Storybook Cottage & Fall Wardrobe Updates

Yellow Storybook Cottage

So, ya know that storybook cottage I dream of finding one day? (Read more about it here: Storybook Cottage.)   I'm pretty sure it will have a chest like this inside someplace.   You may remember, my daughter-in-law and I just added this chest to my grandsons' bedroom. I'm obsessed with the color!   Here's a closer view of the color...just a perfect shade of blue...cottage blue.   Determined to squeeze one … [Continue Reading...]

Fall-Autumn Table Inspiration & a Stunning Autumn Pumpkin Candlelit Centerpiece

Candlelit Thanksgiving Autumn Fall Table

Welcome to the 570th Tablescape Thursday! I always love it when I hear from readers of Between Naps On The Porch, especially when they share photos their beautiful porches and tables with me. Autumn weather and the holidays are just around the corner! Hard to believe, isn't it? Recently I received an email from Maureen with pictures of a beautiful table she created for Thanksgiving this past year. Since this table would be stunning anytime during the … [Continue Reading...]