My Favorite Beachy Nautical-Themed Flatware Sets & Where to Find Them

Nautical Rope Flatware

Welcome to the 667th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions! Though I'm 5 hours from the nearest beach and completely landlocked here in North Georgia, I really do love a beach or nautical-themed table setting.  Maybe it's because it makes me think of adorable beach cottages and the gorgeous aquas and blues we so often see in beach house decor. It's summertime and beach time! Today I'm sharing all my … [Continue Reading...]

What’s on My Bedside Table?

What's On My Bedside Table 02

A popular themed video on YouTube among handbag lovers/collectors is a "What's in my handbag" video. Apparently, women are often curious about what other women carry around in their bags during the day.   A few nights ago as I crawled into bed, I thought, "I wonder what most people keep on their bedside table?"   So today I thought I'd share with you the things I normally keep on my bedside table. The only thing missing is one of my … [Continue Reading...]

How I’m Preventing Additional Holes in My Lilly Pulitzer Etta Shirts

Lilly Pulitzer Short-Sleeve Shirt for Summer

A few weeks ago I shared a shocking discovery. I looked down and found lots of tiny holes in one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer shirts.   I had no idea what had caused them, but it prompted me to look at my other Lilly Pulitzer Etta shirts.   They alllll had holes--every last one of them!   In reading many of the reviews on the Lilly Pulitzer website, I discovered this was a common complaint about this shirt. Some folks … [Continue Reading...]

A Tip for Getting Faster Deliveries & A New Purchase I’m Already Using & Loving

Welcome to the 649th Metamorphosis Monday! Recently I mentioned in a post that the Ikea Billy Bookcases here in my home office, make lousy bookcases. They really do! Unless you only own/read paperback books or wish to fill your bookcase shelves with a lot of tchotchkes, the shelves are going to bow. They do not hold up well under the hardback books at all!   Magdy, a lovely BNOTP reader, emailed me about a much better alternative, the Ikea Hemnes. … [Continue Reading...]

What I’m Eyeing in the 50% Off 4th of July Sale Today

Talbots has a great sale going on, it's 50% off almost everything on their site, including the new arrivals! You don't see that very often so I had to check to see what new items they have in.   I LOVE these shorts! I've found over the years that a busy pattern like this is very flattering on the hips. Love the green and white palm leaf design! They are on sale 50% off here: Shorts.   Such a cute, cute summer dress! It's on sale 50% off … [Continue Reading...]

A Picnic on the Porch for the 4th of July, Complete with Ants ;)

Mixing Flatware in Table Settings, 4th of July Table

Welcome to the 666th Tablescape Thursday, a blog party sharing beautiful table settings for all occasions! It was pretty hot and humid out on the porch yesterday, so I waited until later in the day to set this table. Then a big storm came along so it got quite dark. It looked like it was 8:00 pm when it was really closer to 5:00! So it may look a bit dark out in some of the pictures in this post.   Do you have any special plans for the 4th of July … [Continue Reading...]

Let’s Go Antiquing–There Was a Table That Really Tempted Me!

I still really, really miss A Classy Flea. I think every antiquing post I ever write will probably start out with those words. Why do all great things eventually have to come to an end?! Sometime soon, I'm going to get in my car and drive to allll the old haunts I used to frequent back in the day when I used to go antiquing almost every weekend. I can think of 5-6 places right off the bat. I wonder if they are all still there? I need to find out. In the … [Continue Reading...]

Patriotic Inspiration for Your 4th of July Celebration–Love the Bandana Tablecloth!

All American Diner, 4th of July Table Setting

The 4th of July is just a few days away! Do you have any special plans for this year? Sheri, a lovely BNOTP reader, shared the awesome table she has created for her upcoming Independence Day celebration with me and I love it!   Sheri said, "I decked out our dining room in Patriotic decor for the Fourth of July. Usually, I go from Spring to Patriotic decor in Mid-May and keep it until Fall decor starts showing. We have several birthdays to celebrate … [Continue Reading...]

Updates for the Master Bedroom and Guest Room, Expanding Storage

Welcome to the 648th Metamorphosis Monday, a blog party sharing fabulous Before and Afters! Ages ago, I ordered three Billy Bookcases for my home office. FYI: I don't recommend the Billy for book storage unless you are 1. Storing only paperback books or 2. Will be mixing in lots of tchotchkes on the shelves with your books. The shelves can't handle a lot of weight and bow easily when loaded down with hardback books. Wish I could just flip the bowing shelves … [Continue Reading...]

Williams Sonoma Shopping Trip & A Bag You’ve Asked About Is Back in Stock

Happy Weekend! Yesterday, I headed out to do a little shopping in some of my favorite homeware stores and I snapped some pictures to share. Before I share those, if you were one of the dearhearts who contacted me after I shared this Lady Dior handbag that I purchased a couple of years ago, I noticed recently that the shop where I found mine has gotten another one back in stock. You rarely see them available now since Dior made this style bag about 3-4 years ago and … [Continue Reading...]