Lemon Dinnerware That’s Calling My Name and Beautiful Lenox Butterfly Meadow

Welcome to the 722nd Tablescape Thursday! All my tables are currently still in this state.   They are covered in dishes and other table setting paraphernalia. The garage flooring will be going in next week and then I'll be able to put everything back where it goes. Really looking forward to that!   With summer more than halfway over, I've been checking out some of the sales on spring/summer dinnerware--and there are some really good … [Continue Reading...]

Think I Finally Figured It Out & I’m Sleeping So Much Better Now!

Sleeping Kitty in Fountain, Fes

A few months back I shared an experiment I was trying. I've been having issues off and on with my sinuses/nasal passages blocking up during the night and keeping me from getting a good night's rest. For a while, I wondered if it was the mint in the toothpaste I normally use and I switched to a different toothpaste that didn't contain mint for nighttime/bedtime brushing.  (Toothpaste available here: Citrus Flavor Toothpaste without Mint.)   I thought I … [Continue Reading...]

Three Days That Felt Like a Week

Sherwin Williams Sail Cloth looking very yellow

Welcome to the 704th Metamorphosis Monday! Choosing paint, at least for me, is one of the most stressful tasks ever! I hate it, I really, really hate it. Here was my thinking for the garage: I wanted a neutral color for the walls, definitely no red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc... just something neutral and light, but dark enough that it would contrast with the white cabinets here in the garage. I was also hoping to avoid the ubiquitous gray that is the … [Continue Reading...]

Love These Starry, Bright Solar Pathway Lights & They Were Super Easy To Install

Solar Lights Add Safety and Beauty to Paths and Walkways

In years past, I have tried solar lights on my deck posts in the back of my home. I loved how they looked but unfortunately, my backyard receives almost constant shade during the summer months, so after a couple of years, the lights stopped working. I came across these solar lanterns recently and the reviews looked really good, so I decided to give them a try in my front yard which gets tons of sunlight each day.   I didn't start unboxing the lanterns … [Continue Reading...]

We’re Off On A Seaside Vacation For This Week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Seaside Luncheon Table Setting

Welcome to the 721st Tablescape Thursday! How is your week going? I'm knee-deep in all things painting right now.   The garage ceiling was painted yesterday and the painting continues today.   But enough about painting, I have a fun, beachy table to share this week and it's coming to us all the way from France! Norma, a lovely BNOTP reader who has become a friend via email over the past few years, lives in the beautiful French … [Continue Reading...]

How’s That Garage Makeover Going? Big Things Are Happening This Week!

Moving Bedroom Furniture to Create a Home Office

Welcome to the 703rd Metamorphosis Monday! My home was built around 1982-83 so it's 40 years old now. I've lived here for 32 of those 40 years. Many, many years ago, sometime around the 2001-2002 time frame, I painted the walls of the garage. I don't remember now why I did that, I guess I thought they needed it. In 2010, I turned my son's childhood bedroom into a home office. At that time, I moved all of his bedroom furniture down to the … [Continue Reading...]

What I Bought in the Sale & Sandals So Comfortable, I Ordered Them Twice

I couldn't resist picking up something from the current Talbots sale since everything on the entire site is 40% off. I'm still debating on this top--I LOVE the design but I prefer all cotton and it's a blend. It probably has enough cotton that I will love it. I may go ahead and order it today since the sale ends today. (Update: I did order it...just too pretty to pass up.) If you love this design as much as I do, you'll find it here: Beautiful Seaside Blue … [Continue Reading...]

A Super Stressful Friday (Self-Inflicted) and Choosing a Wall Color for the Garage

Sherwin Williams SW 7568 Neutral Ground

Wow! Yesterday was a day and a half around here! I had a mini disaster occur. I was trying to do too many things at once (a bad habit of mine) and while calling a local tire place to schedule having my tires rotated, I managed to spill a lot of water onto my keyboard. While trying to wipe off (and shake out) the water from the keyboard, I didn't notice a small amount had also splashed up onto one of my monitors. Argggh. The keyboard ended up pretty much fried. It … [Continue Reading...]

Dish Chaos & Pigeon Racing–We Have it All! ;)

Welcome to the 720th Tablescape Thursday! I'm running a bit behind this morning. I had a visitor sitting near my front porch last night and he's still here this morning. I sprinkled out bird seed and dried mealworms, but not sure if he has eaten anything.   He's banded so I called our local nature center. They said that we are in the heart of "pigeon racing season" and that he probably got disoriented yesterday during the storms. They recommended I … [Continue Reading...]

Garage Sneak Peek & My Favorites from the Talbots and the Amazon Prime Sale

There are so many great sales going on right now! Talbots has a huge sale going on and here are some of my favorites. I love, love, love their linen tunics and have quite a few. They are perfect for wearing on super hot days since they keep the sun off of your arms, yet are so airy, light, and breathable. This beautiful aqua-colored tunic is on sale 40% off. It was originally $89.50, was marked down to $69.99, and now it's 40% off the sale price. You'll find it … [Continue Reading...]