The Perfect Mother’s Day Sale & A Special Spring-Summer Dress

Time to spoil yourself for summer--Talbots is having a wonderful Mother's Day Sale and I found sooo many cute things! I'm in love with this skirt! It reminds me so much of my trip to Positano, Italy. It makes me want to travel there right now!   Here's a close up this beautiful skirt...love! It's on sale 40% off with the code MOM at checkout here: Beautiful Skirt.   I've always liked a square neck shirt, I find this style neckline to be … [Continue Reading...]

3 Special Table Settings Featuring Beautiful Vintage Tablecloths!

Beautiful Spring Easter Table Setting with Gorgeous Vintage Floral Tablecloth

Welcome to the 762nd Tablescape Thursday! Oh my gosh, it's been a wild week around here! I had planned to complete the work on the unfinished part of my basement at a gradual pace over the next couple of months, but I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to go full-steam ahead. I'm eager to get my workbench and freezer moved back into the room as soon as possible, so that means going ahead and scheduling to have the painting done as soon as the electrical work is … [Continue Reading...]

Such a Big Improvement–Love This Spice Rack Organizer!

Spice Organizer Rack for Cabinet

My spice organization left a lot to be desired. The only place I have near my stove to store spices is inside this relatively narrow cabinet next to the stove. To try and make it more functional, I have a lot of my spices on a little turntable. It's not a great system because when I need a particular spice, I have to spin it around and around searching for the one that I need. Often, the smaller spice containers that I have stacked atop each other end up falling … [Continue Reading...]

How The Epoxy Flooring In The Basement Turned Out & Lighting Is Next!

Epoxy Flooring in Farmhouse Gray

Welcome to the 744th Metamorphosis Monday! The flooring in the unfinished area of the basement is done and it looks a bit different from how I had imagined it would look. You may remember this is how it looked before its makeover.   A previous owner of my home had it painted white at some point. It was pretty scraped up and had some impossible-to-remove stains, so I decided to give it the Granite Garage treatment since I love how the flooring they … [Continue Reading...]

What Do You Think About This Shelving & A Sneak Peak At The New Flooring

Best Garage, Basement, Laundry Storage Shelves

Happy Weekend! I hope you are having a great one! Just wanted to pop in with a brief update. The guys from Granite Garage just finished up with the flooring in the unfinished part of the basement today. You may remember the floor in that part of the basement looked like this. (This photo was taken before I had the drywall added.)   A previous homeowner apparently had it painted at one time. It had definitely seen better days!   Here's … [Continue Reading...]

Did The Tables Inspire The Cakes, Or Did The Cakes Inspire The Tables?

Welcome to the 761st Tablescape Thursday! Recently Warren sent me an email sharing a dilemma he found himself in--his wife had placed him on a dish ban. ;) I'll let Warren explain below. "Recently, I had a problem. I love to create colorful, sometimes whimsical but also functional tablescapes for our frequent dinner parties, however, there are only so many different tablescapes one can set from a limited number of items. The attic storage space for my tablescape … [Continue Reading...]

A Wee Bit Of Luxury, These Make A Beautiful Gift For Mother’s Day

Luxury Lipstick Brands

I purchased a new lipstick refill for a case I bought recently and it arrived today. As I admired the color, I thought about how a beautiful lipstick case would make a great Mother's Day gift, especially with a special engraving inside. Quite a few years back, I fell in love with the bow-shaped lipstick cases from House of Sillage and ended up purchasing quite a few as I caught them on sale over the next few years.   A few months ago, I discovered … [Continue Reading...]

How The Solar Fountain Is Working & An Exciting Basement Update Coming Soon

Updates for unfinished basement

Welcome to the 743rd Metamorphosis Monday! A few days ago I shared an addition I had purchased for the heated bird bath I keep out year around on my deck.   I had ordered a solar fountain for the bird bath. This bird bath see a lot of visitors throughout the day so I thought it would be something the birds would enjoy.   The solar fountain arrived yesterday and I pretty quickly realized my backyard is a bit too shady for it to work at … [Continue Reading...]

My March Favorites + A New Purchase That’s Arriving Today

Happy Weekend! Hope you are having a great one! I didn't want to let April get totally gone without sharing my favorites from last month. Sooo, ya know how Legos can be a bit pricey...when I was shopping for something fun for my grandsons for spring/Easter, I came across this adorable Lego bunny set and was surprised by how reasonably it was priced. This set actually makes into three different animals. I ordered a set for each of my grandsons and they loved it! … [Continue Reading...]

Dining Seaside: A Beachy, Nautical-Themed Tablescape & 2 Adorable Shorebirds

Nautical Napkins, Blue Beachy Flatware

Welcome to the 760th Tablescape Thursday! It was in the 70s yesterday so I couldn't resist setting a table here on the porch. There was a fresh, light layer of pollen on the surface of the table that had to be cleaned away first. Be glad when pollen season is over. I think we're on the tail end of it now.   I started out with plans to use these sunflower napkins I shared recently. In the process of looking for my sunflower salad plates, I got totally … [Continue Reading...]