2 Big Sales: Nordstrom and Talbots Are Doing It Again

Two of my favorite stores have huge sales going on right now. Nordstrom just kicked off their big Anniversary Sale that they only have once a year. The early access started yesterday and you’ll find the sale here: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

If you’re a Barefoot Dreams fan, def check out the barefoot dreams cardigan and throws linked below.

Talbots also has a big sale going on with 40% off any 2 styles and 30% off any regular price item. Their crop pantss are all marked down to $19.99…a steal! You’ll find the Talbots sale here: Talbots Big Sale.


Also, have you noticed how healthy, normal and happy all the models look on the Talbots website? I love how Talbots uses models that aren’t unrealistically skinny and are actually smiling! I don’t know why but I’ve noticed some of the models look so unhappy on some online shopping sites. Talbots is just a happy place to shop and I love their styles!

I’m especially obsessed with this shirt! You’ll find this shirt linked below. Unfortunately, it appears most of the sizes are already gone. I hope they bring it back in all the sizes again because I absolutely love it! It’s these unique styles that I always enjoy so much from Talbots!


Below I’m sharing some of my favorites from the Nordstrom Sale. Below that you’ll find some of my faves from Talbots. I will add a few more to this list as I shop the sale today so if you can, check back again this afternoon to see other items I’m eyeing from both these awesome sales.

Note: Click any picture below to access that item and for more information. Happy Shopping!


Favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale



Favorites from the Talbots Sale

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  1. Jill from Southern NH says

    I love Talbots’ clothes, shoes & accessories! They’re my absolute favorite, and I really enjoy their feel-good website and catalogs too. I’ve noticed their prices frequently go up and down, so I watch the site & email for sales and flash sales carefully. I recently got their Double Breasted Trench Coat in Tan for $45 and the Eyelet Button Down long sleeve top in Navy, which just came today, for $20, both without using rewards points or anything! It’s so fun to shop from a site where I know I’m building my wardrobe with flattering, timeless & quality pieces!

    • Wow, that was a great deal! I so agree, their clothes don’t go out of style because they are classic designs. I have pieces I purchased there many years ago and still love wearing them. I wish I had seen the red shirt before most of the sizes sold out, hope they bring it back. Jill, that is such a great way to describe their catalogs and website…definitely feel good!

  2. Oooh the Nordstrom’s sale!! Thanks for the heads up – I’ve always wanted to get in early on this one! Can always trust you to keep us informed and entice us with your choices! 🙂 Thanks and Happy Wednesday!

  3. Susan, I have 2 Barefoot Dreams throws, and they are so warm. I literally had to buy the 2nd one because my husband hogged the first!. So soft too, just as you’d expect!

    • I’ve always heard great things about Barefoot Dreams, I need to try one of their throws or cardigans. That is too funny about your hubby! 🙂 Love that! Rosie, my son just purchased a GIGANTIC blanket from the Big Blanket Co. for their living room to use while watching a movie. It’s hilarious. It’s the biggest blanket I’ve ever seen! I noticed yesterday that it had a tag on it and I read it. It says: “Warning: You can get lost in this blanket.” My son said it’s true! lol

      • Their sweaters are amazing too…I thought, maybe it is too good to be true, but the minute I put on the circle sweater, it felt SOOO good and fit so perfectly, I really ‘felt wonderful in it’..not just ‘it felt wonderful on’, if that makes sense. It doesn’t happen very often for me, as I am not really into clothes, but this was one of those “I am so glad I bought this’ kind of things. 🙂 Too funny about the Big Blanket. Reminds me of The Comfy, we get lost in those too. We have to have all sorts of warm options here in MN!!!

  4. I love Talbots…and I have a credit at Nordstroms…so thanks for the tip. But…during this stay at home time we cleaned out our closets. I did a big cleanout three years ago when I retired and got rid of a lot of my “school clothes” and got a lot of casual/dressy stuff at Talbots. During the recent clean out I found items that still had the tags on, things I never wore! Same with my husband. We said, “OK, no new clothes till Memorial Day 2021…since we are not going too many places anyway”. Darn…I even shook on it! But perhaps I can hide the bags in the car….

    • I know what you mean, Ann. I got rid of all my “officey” clothes a while back since I just don’t need dressy stuff anymore. I kept a few outfits for the occasional time I do. I’m really focused on comfy clothes these days, always like to add in a few new pieces for the season. This staying home so much seems to have us all cleaning out cupboards, closets and getting more organized.

  5. Fortunately for me, I didn’t see anything at Nordstrom’s that I really need or want to buy. And, I returned the four shirts that I ordered from Talbot’s in the last month because they just didn’t fit me right. I thought they were too long and also didn’t care for the way they looked on my shoulders. Didn’t like the collars either. Oh, well. Maybe it’s just my 79-year-old body!

    • Aww, sorry they didn’t work out Daphne. I like their longer tops since they give me coverage in back. I think a lot of companies are making them longer in back. L.L. Bean does that with some of their sweaters and shirts…Lilly Pulitzer too.

  6. Deb @ Mountain Breaths says

    I love the pants at Talbots, and thanks to you I ordered crop pants that are marked down to $19.99…yes a steal! I am picking them up today curbside. Yay!

  7. I love my Barefoot Dreams sweater! Got it on a huge clearance last year and I’d wear it to work every day if I could. It’s amazing how cozy it feels. I can’t really justify another one right now but they are definitely worth a try.

  8. Our two sons both work for Nordstorms. Different areas and both working from home currently. It is a busy month for all the employees and the guys like the fast pace and taking care of their customers is always number one !
    It has been a long time since I was working and shopping at Talbot’s. Good to be here and say hello. I am at both of my blogs today. Have a great weekend. HUGS across the miles XO

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