22 Gifts That Won’t Break Your Holiday Budget

The title of this post started out as, 22 Gifts Under $25, but along the way I kept remembering some pretty great items I wanted to include that were slightly over the $25 mark. So I gave up trying to keep every gift in this list under that set amount, but many of the gifts highlighted below are under that price or close.



If time allows, I’ll try to put together two more “Gift Giving Ideas” posts in the next few weeks: One highlighting items that would make great stocking stuffers and another one geared toward higher end items, in case you’re looking for a special gift for a close friend or family member. I hope these posts will help with your holiday shopping!

Holiday Doors Puzzle
White Mountain, a popular, well-known puzzle company has put together a Holiday Doors puzzle filled with lots of beautiful doors all decked out for the holiday season. Three of my doors were included in the puzzle, can you spot them below?



I circled them in the picture below, did you guess right? 🙂 Some are older pictures from many years ago so unless you’ve been reading BNOTP for while, you may not have recognized those.

If you love pretty doors and porches and enjoy putting puzzles together, you’ll find this puzzle available here: Holiday Doors Puzzle



Glass Honey Dispenser

This is such a genius idea! You know how honey always drips and make the biggest mess? This glass dispenser serves the honey from the bottom.



Then you just place it back into its little  dish which handily catches any messy drips. I think these would make amazing gifts and they are super inexpensive. You’ll find them here: Glass Honey Dispenser


Whimsical Toaster

I purchased this adorable toaster for my kitchen a couple of years ago. I love it! It gets a lot of use and still works great.

Michael Graves Toaster


I love how the little bread display on the front indicates how much toasting time is left. I almost purchased two of them when I bought it because I was afraid they would stop making it and mine would eventually croak. Fortunately they do still make it and it’s available here: Toaster Designed by Michael Graves

Michael Graves Toaster with Power Indicator Ring Aglow


Moose Mugs

I shared these silly mugs from the movie, Christmas Vacation a while back.

Moose Mugs Scene in Movie, Christmas Vacation


I think they would make a great gift for the Christmas Vacation movie fan. You’ll find them here: Moose MugsChristmas Vacation Moose Mugs


I purchased my first pair of these gardening shoes in late spring/early summer. I have three pairs now and I wear them all the time when I’m working in the yard or vacuuming up acorns. lol You’ll find them in a ton of different colors and patterns here: Sloggers

So hard to pick just one design, that’s how I ended up with three pairs! I keep one by the front door, one pair by the back porch/deck door and one pair in the garage near my potting table. Love, love, love them!

Sloggers Garden Shoes


Solmate Socks

I purchased my first pair of Solmate Socks around 3-4 years ago and I’ve been buying them ever since. They are soft, thick and super comfortable. Each year I add 2-3 more pairs to my collection. I’m rough on socks because I’m terrible about running around the house in my bare sock feet, which is never good for socks. These have held up great, haven’t worn a hole in any of them. They aren’t the least expensive socks in the world, but they seem to last forever!

They have tons of great reviews and you’ll find them in more than 30 different colors and designs here: Solmate Socks

The Blue Spruce Socks


Heated Throw

I always have to include this heated throw in any gift giving guide. I love it and couldn’t get through winter without it. You’ll find it here: Heated Throw

Velvet Plush Heated Throw


Projection Alarm Clock

I’m still using my projection alarm clock and love waking up and seeing the time right there on the ceiling in front of me. During the daytime, you don’t see it at all, only at night.

I’ve given it as a gift in the past, so it had to make this list. You’ll find it available here: Projection Alarm Clock


Projection Alarm Clock

LEG Lanterns

These LED lanterns are great for the practical minded person. After ordering my first set, I’ve ordered them twice more. I have them stashed all around the house in places where it’s tricky to see like in my eave storage space, inside deep cabinets, closets and beside my bed in case the lights go out at night.

The price has dropped even more since I purchased that first set. Love these! They are available here: LED Lanterns



I’m always buying little gifts for my grandsons throughout the year and here are a few that have been big hits.

Pete the Cat Books

Pete the cat is always a hit! Check out the reviews, he’s a much-loved kitty. lol

Update: I just ordered this cute Pete the Cat Plush Doll to go with the books I ordered for my grandson. Pete’s wearing his mismatched shoes so it’s a perfect match for the books, especially the Pete the Cat book, I Love My White Shoes.  pete-the-cat


Jan Brett Books

I read Jan Brett books to my son when he was little. I’m not sure if I bought the books for him or for me because the art is so beautiful! I love all of Jan Brett’s beautiful books and the sweet stories inside.

This book is a collection of several of her books, I think seven, so definitely a wonderful gift for any child. You’ll find it here: Jan Brett Christmas Treasury



Bubble Blowers

I just purchased a few bubble blowers for my oldest grandson and they were a big hit. This was one of the ones I purchased for him. You’ll find it here: Bubble Blowers



Professional Bubble Blower

I love this professional bubble blower! You just plug it in, add your bubble solution and let it go! Wish something like this had been available when my son was little. Wouldn’t this be great for a birthday party? It’s available here: Party Bubble Blower


Leap Frog Scribble and Write

This toy had wonderful reviews so I just ordered one for my oldest grandson. A child can trace the letters to practice learning how to write. I ordered it this evening using Prime Now for the second time, so it should arrive in the next hour or two. Hope my grandson doesn’t already have it. You’ll find it here: Leap Frog Scribble and Write


Personalized Pillowcase

My oldest grandson is big time into dinosaurs. I remember when his Dad went through that stage. I just purchased this pillowcase for him and had it personalized with his name. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was, usually personalized items are a lot more! My dil said it’s super soft and that he absolutely loves it and carries his pillow all over the house. 🙂

They have several different designs, including a cute owl. You’ll find it available here: Personalized Dinosaur Pillow Case . I purchased THIS INSERT to go inside.




Whimsical Bluetooth Speaker

I love blue tooth speakers and these are just so cute. I discovered it because it was being advertised as one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things.” It’s available in a variety of critters and you’ll find them all here: Critter Bluetooth Speakercat-bluetooth-speaker

For the BMW Fan

If you know a BMW fan, I found these for much less than what they go for at the BMW website. I gave one as a gift to a friend and he loved it. You’ll find it here: Travel Thermos for the BMW Fan



Travel Adapter/Charger

The one thing that I will NEVER, EVER travel without is this adapter/charger. It’s best thing since air! You can charge numerous things all at once. You can charge a couple of cell phones, a couple of iPads, a laptop, etc… all at one time. It’s amazing!

I often get emails and comments from readers who have purchased it from when I’ve recommended it before and they rave about it, too. If you travel internationally, you need this! It’s available here: Travel Adapter for International Travel

Travel Adapter & Power Converter for 220V to 110V Voltage

Waterproof, Super Comfortable Boots

These are my favorite boots for travel or for everyday wear in the fall and winter. They are super warm, super comfortable and waterproof! They helped me survive many a torrential downpour in Italy, even days when it rained the entire day. You’ll find them here: Suede Teva Boots.  I have three pairs now and always order them a half-size up since I wear heavy socks with them.Teva Boots in Black

Plaid Wool Bag

I’m smitten with this adorable bag. It’s generously sized, made of wool with leather handles and can be monogrammed. It’s currently on sale, reduced from $179 to $54.99! You’ll find it available here: Plaid Wool Bag With Leather Handles



Wool Bermuda Bag

Here are two more really cute bags that can be personalized for the recipient. I love giving monogrammed gifts. It just makes the person receiving it feel special, knowing that you went to the trouble to have it personalized just for them. You’ll find these on sale, reduced from $99 to $29.99 here: Wool Bermuda Bag



Hope this helps with some of your Christmas shopping!

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  1. Hi susan…i purchased that heated throw for my hubby but couldnt wait to give it to him…..i am always hot and he is always cold…..he loves it. At this rate there may be empty boxes under the tree…lol
    Cute handbags….i am into plaid this year…got 5 plaid serpa pillows and a velvety plaid throw for our front porch…..unfortunately, we havent gotten rain for 4 months and the wildlife refugee behind our subdivision keeps catching fire….careless hunters and arsonists… very scary……we are short on water to boot….but the smoke makes ditting out in this unseasonably warm year almost impossible

    • That is so scary about the fires, Nancy! I’ve heard that we have had some around here, too. We haven’t had any rain in ages, either. It’s going to sound really weird when it doesn’t rain, I’ve almost forgotten how it sounds.
      Glad you hubby like the throw, I’m using mine right now!

  2. That should have been sitting out…sorry

  3. Susan, what a fun gifts post. I love that three of your doors are included in the puzzle! I am thinking I might need to order the plaid wool bag, that is a great price! Thanks for sharing all of these! Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. Good grief…I HAVE THE PARTY BUBBLE BLOWER…you are something…I luv it… I sit in my gazebo and watch millions of bubbles skim over the water, etc. The Froggys Fog – HIGH COLOR Bubble Juice – Strong Long-Lasting Iridescent Brilliant for All Bubble Machines and Bubblers (AMAZON) is the best soap we’ve found. franki

  5. Nice gift ideas and decorating tips.

  6. I get more excited seeing your lists than I do Oprah’s!!

  7. My youngest loves Pete the Cat. Great books!


    • I first got hooked on Pete the Cat when I saw some paintings James Dean did of Pete hanging in a verterinary specialist’s office here in Atlanta. You can see the paintings in this post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/pete-the-cat/

      I especially love the one of the van with Pete driving. 🙂

      • Regality (aka The Quing) says

        Poor Pete (Think about it. *L*) Seriously, I’m a puzzle fanatic and am fascinated by doors of all persuasions. And that bubble machine, whooeee! Okay, so now you’ve made my list for me, but what the heck am I gonna get for my loved ones? Oh, yeah, I’ll just invite them over to help put the puzzle together and chase the bubbles. *L*

  8. I’m just so thrilled when you do your “favorites” list! Tonight my poor husband was trying to listen to a football game & I interrupted him constantly as I read each favorite to him! He sort-of cared! Lol! Acutally he liked the honey dispenser idea, as we buy our honey from a friend who has her own hives. I have several pairs of the Soulmate Socks. I love them, but they are on the thick side & made some of my shoes too tight! So many good ideas, so little time!

    • lol That’s too funny about your hubby! I know, best socks ever! I think I’m going to buy a couple more this year…add to my growing collection. 🙂

  9. Thanks so much for the Teva Boot info. I ordered a pair when you recommended then previously. I have not had a chance to wear them yet, but I have worn them in the house to make sure of the fit. They are sooooo comfy. I will be checking out some of your other likes also. My credit card thanks you:)

  10. Did you know your doors were going to be in a puzzle? So cool! I am eyeing that honey dispenser; it looks like a “necessity” to me. (With those warm socks, boots, heated throw etc, how do you know winter is cold? :D) Great gift list again, Susan. Thanks.

  11. Some wonderful ideas, Susan. Thanks for doing some of the legwork and mental work for us!! I love the gray plaid bag and the honey dispenser!! Keep those ideas coming!! Wow! How wonderful to be recognized by a puzzle company. Congratulations!! Rosie

  12. I ordered the Teva boots last May when they were much cheaper in the off season. I was looking for water proof boots and remembered you liking them so much on your Italy trip. Thanks for making the archives so user friendly. These boots are really comfortable! I just ordered the personalized pillowcase for my granddaughter. They have the cutest owl design for little girls! Can’t wait till it arrives. Thanks for all of the fantastic ideas – looking forward to your next list!

    • That makes me so happy Cynthia to know that you’re able to find older posts. I love having all the categories because it helps me when I need to refer back to an older post, too.
      I loved that little owl design and was tempted to order one for my youngest grandson since he’s a little night owl 🙂 and keeps my dil up at night, but he’s still a little too young for a pillow.
      Thanks, Cynthia!

  13. Cyndi Raines says

    Thank you Susan. I like the honey dispenser and the alarm clock especially because our alarm clock is on my side of the bed and my husband will always ask me what time it is AFTER I get nicely settled on my side which is opposite of the clock so then I have to roll over to see what time it is! ha. The boots are a real temptation too, even though I have at least 7 different pair already…yikes, (not counting 2 different snow boots), but a girl in MI has to have her boots! lol. Thanks and congratulations on your door being displayed on the puzzle! P.S Oh, I followed your lead and ordered the Sloggers and LOVE THEM. Maybe I should get a second pair of those too! They are really comfortable and I love the easy on -easy off when you have to run back into the house for more water or potty break.

    • I know what you mean…I have a little boot obsession, too. Can you ever have too many boots…I don’t think so! 🙂
      I really love how easy the Sloggers are to get on and off too. And I love that they are water and mud proof. I really have enjoyed having a pair near each of the doors, keeps me from having to hunt them down elsewhere.

  14. Fabulous ideas susan! I love every one of them, and am seriously thinking of getting a few of these items, especially the honey dispenser. Sounds like a no brainer to me :).

    How cool is that that your doors are in a puzzle! (I got two of them right.)

    • Good going…that you got two! Doreen, do you remember those old topiaries I used to have by the door? They looked nice when I first bought them but boy, did they ever fade. They weren’t the best quality despite being pretty pricey. Now that look is a bit formal for my taste. Funny how what we like changes over the years.

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh, I forgot to say how much I love the hair brush you recommended. I really like it, you need to add that to your list. It’s a great price and easy on your hair. Thanks again Susan.

    • That is an awesome hairbrush…so gentle! I should add it to the list. I’ll put it in the Stocking Stuffer post I’ll create soon. Thanks for reminding me of that!

  16. I purchased the projection alarm clock when you recommended it last year, and I absolutely love it! With two cats that are laying all over me throughout the night, making it difficult to move (because I can’t disturb the cats!), I can always manage to see the time projected on the ceiling. My husband also loves it, and reminds me if I’ve forgotten to turn it on.

  17. Hi Susan~ You give so much thought to everything that I have been meaning to ask you something. All of those doors in the puzzle finally reminded me to! I am about to install a new front door like one that you have circled. It will have two half sidelights as well. From the outside the hardware will be a long vertical handle with a lever you press with your thumb to open the door (I know there’s a better way to refer to this thingy!) as well as a key operated deadbolt. The question is what to do about the inside. The inside of the long vertical handle will have a horizontal lever type handle with no locking mechanism. The inside of the deadbolt will have a little knob that turns. That’s it! I know that someone could break the glass of a sidelight and reach in, turn that little deadbolt knob ( which will be perfectly reachable) and they’d be in! What have you done as additional security from the inside? A friend suggested another key operated deadbolt on the inside only but I don’t like the idea of having to find the key to get out. Leaving the key in it wouldn’t look nice. Would you use a sliding bolt, and if so where would it go so that it would be out of reach from a broken sidelight? Having read every word of your posts for a long time, I have a pretty good idea of how your brain works And I’m pretty sure you have this all figured out!! Thanks for your help! Maybe we can open this up for discussion! I can’t be the only person to ever struggle with this. (I hope I’m not ‘cuz that would mean I’m overly paranoid and over-thinking this!)

    • Mary Anne, you bring up a very good point. I’ve read that it’s best to have the locking kind on the inside, too, but I’ve always been worried about a fire and needing to get out in a hurry.

      But here’s the thing, most folks that have the locking kind, just end up leaving the key stuck in the lock all the time because it’s inconvenient to have to go get it every time you want to open the door.

      Some folks put a key nearby, but I think most folks just leave it stuck in the door, which kinda defeats the purpose because if someone broke out the sidelight, they could just turn the key or pull it out and use it to open the door.

      If you get the kind that doesn’t require a key and that you just turn, I would consider adding a dead bolt on the inside if you’re concerned someone might break out a sidelight. They have some pretty fancy deadbolts these days, not the typical ugly kind

      Also, I highly, highly recommend a security system. I have Ackerman, they may be native to the Atlanta area, not sure. Anyway, they are super reasonable, it’s like $18 a month. That’s a low price for peace of mind.

      • Mary Anne, I just realized I said dead bolt but that’s not what I meant. I meant one of those slide bolt things or the kind that you flip over to latch, like you see in some hotels. I don’t know what they are called, though. Hopefully you know what I mean.

      • I leave my key in the lock and it was an excuse to buy a cute Brighton key chain! When we leave the house, or at night, we remove the key and just are able to hang it on the hinge on the other side of the door. So it is always handy for a quick exit.

    • Okay, here’s one…it’s called a Swing Bar Door Guard. http://www.homedepot.com/s/swing%2520bar?NCNI-5
      Maybe you could add something like that or a slide type lock.

  18. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Re leaving the key in the lock on the inside: You could attach some sort of farncy tassel to the key and then it would be a decorator statement.

  19. OK, Susan, I am sorry to say this but I must stop being friends with you!! You are costing me $$$$$$$. I just ordered 3 honey dispensers!! How cute are those!!! Got 1 for me and 2 for Christmas gifts!!! Love it! Sloggers – bought a pair just like the ones on your potting bench when you first posted about them. Love my Sloggers!!! Susan Branch – had to buy the dang cookbook with the biscuit recipe after eating your biscuits!!! You are a very expensive friend, Girl!!!!! But love ya anyway!!! Oh, it finally got cold at night and I am wearing my cupcake PJ’s every night. I am wearing out my washing machine keeping them clean!!! lol

    • lol! You are so funny! 🙂 That is a great book, though! 🙂
      We need to get you a second pair of PJs! I have three pairs now of that particular brand, they are just so thick and soft! I should add those to my next Christmas list, shouldn’t I?

  20. bobbi duncan says

    All your “finds” are great, but I have to watch my pocketbook because they are all so tempting. I must get the ones for the grands, though. Thank you for sharing–know Dylan will flip over the bubble blower ( his 9 month old sister will get a kick out of them as well) and the dinosaur pillow case is perfect (seems all the little ones we know are into dinosaurs now). I keep saying I’m going to order more Susan Branch books for myself, and today is the day. My cousin is in England this week, so “A Fine Romance–falling in love with the English countryside” will make a great birthday gift for her. I got her the travel journal you mentioned before, which is so awesome because she goes somewhere new every year. Hugs!

  21. Susan, thanks for such a great list! Already ordered two of the Wool Bermuda Bags (one for each of my granddaughters). However they are down to one color @ $29.99 price – blue/gray/burgundy plaid. First 2016 Christmas gifts purchased…feels good!

  22. Susan, how funny that you posted about a Sunbeam Heated Throw. I am due to buy another one this week. OMG, I LOVE my throw so much I have actually had it on my bed and use it all year round. Well after 2-3 years, it just wore out. Not bad considering I used it practically every day of the year. Honestly, it is so nice to just push the button to turn it on, get ready for bed and once you turn in for the night your sheets are just so warm and cozy to lay in. I LOVE IT!! It is like getting a towel right out of the dryer before you take a shower. Anyway…I purchase my Sunbeam Heated Throw’s at Costco. They are a little less expensive than Amazon, so for your Costco shoppers now is the time to get them. They are just the best!! I hope that helps 🙂

  23. Love all your suggestions…tried to purchase the plaid bag but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore…they have it in Navy but I had my heart set on the plaid one…guess your blog got a lot of folks heading over to buy it!!! 🙂

    • Sorry, Nancy. I always hate it when something I want sells out. You may want to check back tomorrow to see if they just need to update their site. I remember once Williams Sonoma was showing out of something, then the next day, more magically appeared. I called and ordered over the phone and asked about that and she told me that sometimes things will show sold out but they have more and just have to update the site. So it may be worth checking again tomorrow.

      • Tried again but all that is available is the solid navy one…but thanks for the suggestion to try again tomorrow…will let you know how I make out!!

    • Nancy, it looks like it’s available when I click through the link, and it appeared to let me put it in my cart. Try again…maybe they updated it or something. Hope it works!

  24. The big wool bag in the plaid is gone. DRATS! Only plain blue is left.

    • Sorry, Robin. Hate it when that happens! Check the site tomorrow to see if they just need to update it. Hope more appear on there tomorrow.

    • Robin, both bags looked available just now when I clicked the link. Try again. Maybe they updated it or something. I was able to put the small Bermuda bag in my cart. The other larger bag looked available, too.

  25. Susan, I would like to buy that clock for my husband who has been complaining about not being able to see what time it is in the night. I could not find an answer to this question. what are the dimensions of the clock (not the screen)…..thanks ever so much.

  26. Love reading your list. Ordered the Teva boots as a Christmas gift for me!

  27. Susan, you have given me some great ideas for Christmas gifts. You always come up with cute things to buy for myself or give as a gift. Thank you

  28. I have the honey dispenser and think it is so cute. Our son, 53 years old, started keeping bees when he was 13 and I have collected honey containers since. I have my mothers Gorham crystal bowl with the honey been on the lid, one of my favorites. I have seen one other dispenser like you showed, bought it and gave it to our son. The only mystery at first was figuring out how the thing worked. We finally did. I like to keep a jar of honey with honeycomb on my counter. Looks pretty. Hard to find but Abbotts near Spartanburg, SC always has it. Good stop on the way to Charleston. I think Ingles Grocery out of Asheville carries honeycomb honey, also. Love your posts.

  29. THX Susan for your list! You just filled a couple of holes on my lists
    I have to say the clock was a BIG hit last year.
    The travel socket, Christmas vacation glasses, toast shaped toaster and honey pot are already on the Amazon list for purchases

  30. Melissa Parish says

    GREAT gift ideas! I have already put three of them in my Amazon cart! Thank you for sharing.

  31. Fabulous ideas Susan and always appreciate your suggestions. That said; most of my shopping is already completed and am just working on Stocking Stuffers at the moment but did add some to my ‘idea Amazon list’ for future reference. -Brenda-

  32. Hi, Susan, thank you for all your great holiday gift ideas. I was wondering about the travel adapter. When I went to purchase an adapter/converter to charge my cell phone, iPad and lab top for when am I in Europe, I was told I didn’t need it.

    I only need an adapter (meaning the plug that goes into the wall socket). All tech devices have converters/transformers built into them so no need to buy one. I was even told that I could damage my devices if I run them through a converter since it was not necessary to do so.

    I have not traveled in decades — (Your travel posts have been invaluable to me, by the way) — I’d hate to “fry” my tech devices.

    Note: however, this is not the case for hair dryers, hair curlers or shavers. Those do need a converter. Since I do not travel with those items, do you think I would need a converter?

    When I called Apple Support, they said technical support would get back to me. When I ask friends, some say I do and some say I don’t need one. What do you think? Thanks. -Irene

    • Hi Irene,
      I’ve heard that about phones and computers, too…but there was no way I was taking a chance with my phone or computer. I absolutely love the travel adapter I’ve recommended in this post. It will always go on every trip I take. It’s awesome and you can charge so many things at once. I’ve heard back from several readers who said that they loved it and were the envy of their travel buddies because they and their spouse could charge phones, laptops, iPads, etc… all at once and didn’t have to share or wait on each other to charge. On my Italy trip, a very savvy airline attendant who travels extensively was coveting mine. She said she was going to buy one as soon as she got home. I highly recommend it!

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